At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 543

It is still night on Sky Island.

The crowd on the bustling beach has long since dispersed and gone back to rest in the guest rooms on Sky Island.

Only a few scattered people remained.

Luo Wen sat on the beach with her legs clutched in depression, next to her, was the Ferrari sports car.

“That Yang Fei is really useless, and that foreigner Mike that he found doesn’t have it, and it still won’t start after half a day of work.”

“Just a liar, causing us more shame.”

“Yes, all the good mood tonight is gone, not happy all night.”

“Wen Wen, what now?”

Ching Ching and Zi Han accompanied Luo Wen, both of their faces were also full of depression, this evening, super families from all over the world gathered on the beach, it would have been the best opportunity to show off, only unfortunately this Ferrari sports car broke down again, and the Mike that Yang Fei brought, said he was from the Ferrari repair department, but ended up going up and tinkering with it for half a day, still did not help, causing the crowd to boo everywhere, the three of them were also very humiliated .

“You guys say that Neo, is he sick, where not to go, but to go to the secret cave. He deserves to die!”

After half a day of silence, Luo Wen suddenly said with hatred.

“That’s right, that guy just deserves to die, who told him to run around!”

“People at the bottom like this usually don’t have much insight, so when they arrive at a nice place like Heavenly Island, they are most likely to get hot-headed, and when they get hot-headed, they just wander around, and they can’t help it if they make their own death!”

Both Qing Qing and Zi Han also looked very angry at this time, and echoed the words.

“Ugh, if only he was there, if only he was, I wouldn’t have to worry about this sports car going down at any moment.” Luo Wen raised her head again and said quietly, “Actually that guy is not a bad person, at least when he was with the three of us, he was honest and didn’t glance around indecently like the others.”

“That’s true when you say so, Wen Wen, although that guy is from the bottom, he still has good qualities in this regard, and is more disciplined.”

“Yes, this quality is very rare, men nowadays are really disgusting, whether they are rich or poor hangers-on, all of them are old horny batches, last time those workers in my house even peeped at me when I wasn’t paying attention, making me feel like eating flies inside. This Neo, on the other hand, is not a peeping Ryan, but he doesn’t peep, and he’s still very comfortable in that respect.”

“It’s a pity.”

Luo Wen sighed deeply.

“Wen Wen, why isn’t it so late to go back and rest, today is your first day on Tiandao, what, you’ve had so much fun that you don’t want to go to bed?”

It was at this time that a figure arrived beside them.

“Ah, grandpa!”

Luo Wen jumped up all of a sudden.

The person who came was none other than Luo Bing Wang, the head of the Luo family, who had just left the secret cave and was about to take a walk on the beach when he happened to bump into his granddaughter.

“Grandpa, I want to ask you a question.” Suddenly seeing her grandfather, Luo Wen couldn’t help but think of Neo again, “Grandpa, you were meeting in the secret cave today weren’t you, did you see anyone trespassing in there?”

Yes, Luo Wen was trying to inquire about Neo’s news.


King Luo Bing was stunned.

Immediately afterwards, he waved his hand, “No, what a joke, how could anyone have barged in.”

It was also true that King Luo Bing naturally did not dare to reveal any information about Neo.

Unless they had Neo’s authorization.

Only, Luo Wen’s heart, on the other hand, sank again.

It was also true that she had asked a silly question.

Neo had broken into the secret cave and was definitely secretly executed if he was caught, and the whole thing was also a secret, so of course grandpa would not just say anything.

Now since grandpa was denying it, it seemed that Neo had indeed suffered an untimely death.

“Alright, it’s already late at night, let’s all go back and rest.” King Luo Bing urged, and Luo Wen and the others left.

The night was dark.

A black Mercedes-Benz car was driving fast on the highway.

“Young master, Jiang Yang City is just a small city in the south, why do we have to go to that place?”

“Going back to take care of a little matter.” Neo looked out of the window, his heart was actually still a bit anxious, although he had only been away for just over two days, he didn’t know how Zhao Sisi was doing now.

This time, the main thing is to help Cao Feng’s mother and daughter, not only is she an old friend, but Cao Feng and Zhou Yun also have some blood ties, so of course Neo can’t just sit back and do nothing.

“A small place like Jiangyang, we don’t control many resources, after all, it’s really too insignificant, but the closest to Jiangyang is Lingnan Institute, why don’t we have people from Lingnan Institute rush to Jiangyang now to greet you, young master.” Zhang Jiu said.

“No need, it’s a big night, let them rest.” Neo said, “We are now rushing directly to the Huangjin Bar in Jiangyang.”

At this moment, in the Huangjin Bar.

Zhao Si Si looked at the time, there was still a quarter of an hour left before she got off work.

She habitually looked out of the window, but when she thought that Neo had already left in someone else’s sports car, she felt a little sad.

The days when Neo drove her home together every night would never be the same again.

Although when Neo left, he told himself that he would come back, but even though only two days had passed, Zhao Si Si felt that this was already an impossibility.

Following Miss Luo, Neo would definitely get better and better, and he was going to a big city like Jinling, so how could he return to a small place like Jiangyang.

Besides, where was she worthy of Neo’s return?

Zhao Si Si couldn’t help but look at herself in the bar mirror.

A professional barmaid’s outfit, haggard face, and a listless gaze, she was just a struggling cinderella in a small county with no way out of life.

When I think about Luo Wen and the girls, they drove top-of-the-range sports cars that were the envy of everyone, they spent money like dirt, they dressed up in fashionable and noble ways, and they were worshipped by everyone everywhere they went.

Compared to them, she is simply an ugly duckling and a white swan.

Maybe I’ll just rot in this little place forever.

“Zhao Si Si, upstairs in the vip room, the guest has ordered a set of Blue Supreme drinks, hurry up and send them up!” Someone shouted.

Zhao Si Si hurriedly withdrew her thoughts, honestly got everything ready and came to the first floor.

Standing at the entrance of the private room, she struggled to squeeze out a small smile.

Yes, life is so hard.

Your heart may be confused and sad, but you have to make a smile to others, that’s what you do.

Knock, knock.

She knocked softly on the door.

“Come in you!”

The door burst open and a black-haired arm, roughly stretched out.

Zhao Si Si was caught off guard, and her whole body slanted into the box.


The drinks on the tray fell straight to the ground.

The room was filled with the scent of wine.

“Fuck you, how did you get it, tens of thousands of dollars of wine smashed straight away!” The black-haired arm strong man, the one who pulled Zhao Si Si in, said viciously.

Zhao Si Si was straight up stupid at this point.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” She apologized over and over again.

Zhao Si Si had bitterness in her heart at this time, if he hadn’t roughly dragged herself, these drinks wouldn’t have fallen at all.

But Zhao Si Si was also clear that anyone who could be in a vip room on the first floor and had ordered such expensive drinks was by no means an ordinary person.

What’s more, even if they were ordinary people, Zhao Si Si could not afford to offend them.

At this moment, no matter whose fault it was, she could only apologise first.

“Damn it, sorry and that’s it? How noble are you, a single apology is worth tens of thousands of dollars? Get your manager here and discuss how to pay for it!” The strong black-haired man said.


Zhao Si Si’s head buzzed and she almost fainted.

If this was going to be compensated, then it was really the end.

How could she pay for these tens of thousands of dollars?

What’s more, if the manager found out about this, he would definitely be fired.

In a place like Jiang Yang, in his current situation, if he was fired here, there would be no other place to work.

When the time came, it was possible to starve to death alive.

“Please, please don’t tell the manager, I really didn’t mean it.” Zhao Si Si begged.

“Then you just don’t want to pay for it?” The burly-haired burly man suddenly laughed heatedly as his gaze surveyed Zhao Si Si, “How about you compensate in another way?”


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