At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 542

“The document shows that this is one of the highest and most important documents for the transfer of power at the highest level of the residency, and when the document is opened, it must be required to be witnessed personally by the director of each residency, and all of the top ten people in power at the residency must be present!”

“Quickly, call the director!”

Globally, the once seventy-two residences of the Lu Family began to get busy almost at the same time.

The sleeping station chiefs, rubbing their sleepy eyes lazily, answered the phone and immediately jumped out of bed the next second, put on their clothes and rushed out of their homes.

At the door, the chauffeurs were already waiting outside in their Maybachs.

Each of the residences was transparently lit up at the moment.

Although only the top ten in power were required to be present, almost all the members of each station, above the section level, were present.

No one was willing to miss this great moment.

Standing at the front of the room were, naturally, the number one person in each of the residencies, the director.

The expressions on the faces of these top-ranking figures, who were so powerful at the local level, were very serious and respectful at this time.

“Is everyone here? All quiet, prepare to start opening the documents!”

“All remain quiet and prepare to open the documents!”

“Open the document immediately, all stand at attention, no sound is allowed!”


Seventy-two garrisons, although the orders were different, they all meant the same thing.

Although in different garrisons, they were issued almost simultaneously.

“Open file, five, four ……”

“Countdown to file opening! Five, four ……”

“Start, five, four ……”

“Start file, five, four ……”

Different words, but the same meaning, the directors of the seventy-two institutes, with a final glance at the watch on their wrists and in different accents, gave the last command before opening the file.

The screen flashed and the top secret document on the transfer of power, opened.

“The true master, back.”

At that moment, inside the secret cave of Sky Island.

“Young Master, the Seventy-Two have received and opened the file, and are only waiting in vain for your return.”

“Let me lead, this, is not very good.” Neo was a bit vain, really vain, after all, he had never had the experience of being the head, nor did he have the interest.

“Young master, this is the wish of the Lu Zhuang master, and it was also unanimously voted by the Lu family back then.” When Zhang Jiu said this, there were a few more words in his tone, “Young Master, you should also take up the future of the family, there is no one more suitable for this position than you.”

Neo’s heart twitched.

Yes, the things he had experienced over this period of time had made him understand that the world was really too grand and complicated, although he had heard about the three continents and the Immortal World from Zhang Jiu’s mouth before, and had also seen Tian Xuan who had crossed over, but when he really reached the Immortal World and saw a much grander world, Neo truly understood what the world was like.

The world was not simply the urban life on Earth, not just playing games and watching videos and listening to songs three meals a day, there was too much unknown in the world.

No one else in the family can deal with these situations.

Only he or she can face this complex and diverse world.

“Okay.” Neo nodded.

“Young Master, you have to press here, then your fingerprint information will be immediately transmitted from here to the information bank of the Seventy-Two Institute, after which, you will completely and fully take over the absolute control of the Seventy-Two Institute and all its industries.” Zhang Jiu guided Neo, and on a glass panel, he gently pressed his handprint.

In that very instant, Neo’s fingerprint information was immediately transformed into a light signal, which was transmitted rapidly within the global optical fibres, with Tiandao as the centre.

“Obtain the new owner’s fingerprint information and immediately carry out a synchronised upgrade of all industries!”

The central control computer of the seventy-two residences immediately issued another command at the same time it received Neo’s fingerprint information.

Thus, bars and nightclubs, clubs ktv, hot springs baths, foot massage, internet cafes chess rooms and all other entertainment venues belonging to the Seventy-two Residences.

Teahouse cafes, hotel restaurants, barbecue music halls, water bars bakeries and other food and drink establishments belonging to the Seventy-two.

The city landmarks of the Seventy-Two are also located in various city complexes, major plazas and fashionable consumer centres.

It also includes all types of companies that serve the Seventy-two, including armed centres, mines and pastures, luxury estates, villa communities, stadiums and high-tech developments.

It also includes all airports, terminals, stations, ferry terminals, space agencies, space stations and other transportation hubs around the world that are part of Seventy-Two.

The database of all the industries under the control of the Seventy-Two Institute was updated in an instant, and the top authority that had been vacant was finally unlocked.

In other words.

Neo had the highest authority to manipulate all these industries, a unique authority, he had the power to manipulate any industry at will, all other people’s orders must ultimately prevail if they conflicted with Neo’s orders.

“Young master, it’s done.” Zhang Jiu looked at the glass panel with relief, and couldn’t help but finally let go of his heart for the first time in his heart.

Yes, for more than twenty years, Zhang Jiu had been serving the Lu family diligently and had been waiting for Neo’s return, so to speak, his heart had been hanging in mid-air.

Now that he had finally waited for Neo’s return and everything had been handed over, smoothly handing over all the resources of the Lu family to Neo without half fail, he naturally had a feeling of relief in his heart.

“Greetings to young Lu!”

“The Wang Family wishes to pledge allegiance to Young Lu!”

“The Yang family wishes to pledge their loyalty to young Lu!”

“The Lu Family wishes to pledge allegiance to young Lu to the death!”

“The Luo family wishes to pledge their loyalty to young Lu!”

The great heads of the four great clans of Wang, Yang, Lu and Luo knelt on the ground, respectfully.

They knew very well in their hearts how their family had risen to power, and that was not because the Lu Family had taken a fancy to them twenty years ago and allowed them to manage Yanxia’s resources.

Everything their family had was given to them by the Lu Family.

Not to mention that the real owner had now returned.

“You guys get up.”

Neo was not so prescriptive and waved his hand for them to stand up, “About this matter of my return, you guys should also keep it quiet, just do the same as before and try not to reveal any information about me.”

Yes, Neo still wished to keep a low profile.

After all, if too many people knew about him, with a status like his, he would definitely become the object of attention, which would in turn bring trouble to Neo.

After all, with more people paying attention, Neo wouldn’t be able to do his own thing as he pleased.


The heads of the four great clans replied respectfully.

They were all intelligent people and could naturally comprehend Neo’s meaning.

“You guys should go out, you can have a good time for a few days on Heavenly Island, you don’t have to tire yourselves out too much.” Neo said.

“Many thanks to Young Lu.”

The four of them thanked each other some more, before they exited the secret cave in turn.

“Young master, you haven’t been to the Heavenly Island for a long time, so why don’t you also rest here and recuperate first. Although the Heavenly Island is now open to these few great clans, the apartments of the core members of the Lu Family, which were once closed, are always closed, so you can go there.” Zhang Jiu said.


Neo shook his head, his gaze, it seemed, returned to a distant place, “I have more important things to do now, you follow me and we will leave now.”

“Ah, where to?”

“Jiangyang City.”

As Neo said this, the shadow of Zhao Si Si appeared in front of him.

He saw that sad but struggling to contain Zhao Si Si’s look when he left then.

Although he had only been away for about two days, with Zhao Si Si’s current status in Jiangyang City, I was afraid that every second in that bar would not be a good one.

I don’t know how she got home alone last night without her own company.

And Cao Feng, this time when we go back, we must cure her and hopefully bring her back to normal again properly.

“You go and arrange a helicopter, it’s best not to make any noise, we’ll leave now and quietly leave Sky Island.” Neo said.

“Hey, young master, leaving Tiandao quietly, why do we need a helicopter, don’t we have an easier way out?” Zhang Jiu laughed.

“Right, a submarine.”

With a submarine, there was no need to leave the secret cave gate at all, behind this secret cave, it was directly connected to the back exit of Sky Island, a secret mini-submarine port.

In the deep ocean under the night, a dark shadow, slowly sinking to the bottom of the sea, left Sky Island like an arrow.


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