At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 540

When his feet stepped on the grass of Sky Island, a warmth rose in Neo’s heart.

After all, it was his homeland.

But what surprised Neo was that everything was the same on Tiandao, almost exactly the same as when he left, whether it was the garden lawn or the manor building, nothing had changed.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the lawn outside the manor was littered with people he didn’t know at the moment, Neo would really think that the family was still the same as before.

“It’s so beautiful.”

Luo Wen and the others were captivated as soon as they arrived at Sky Island.

It wasn’t that they hadn’t been to other islands on holiday, but naturally Sky Island was Sky Island, unique.

“Let’s get inside, I can’t wait.” Qing Qing Zi Han couldn’t wait to pull Luo Wen towards the manor gate.

With a different mood, Neo followed behind.

At this moment, quite a few people had gathered at the gate, all coming in helicopters, and judging from their dressing aura, they were all from similarly wealthy families as Luo Wen.

It seemed that Sky Island had really become a holiday resort.

The gates of the Sky Island estate hadn’t changed either, they were still the same as Neo remembered, except that they were tightly closed at the moment.

“Welcome, everyone, please.”

The gates opened.

Inside the door, two rows of service staff standing neatly in suits and gowns greeted them respectfully.

However, to Neo’s disappointment, he did not know any of these people.

Inside the manor, nothing had changed either, the fountain, the pond, the flower beds, the statues, were all exactly the same as before, and the housing inside the manor was also the same as before.

Only, there were no more people who used to be there.

“Wen Wen, you’re here too!”

Neo followed behind Luo Wen and the others, and at this time, someone next to him suddenly shouted.

It was a typical rich second generation, wearing a handsome suit, only the circles under his eyes were a bit dark, looking rather frail, he should have overdrawn quite a lot of energy in his life in general.

“Yang Fei, I didn’t expect you to come too.” Apparently, Luo Wen and him knew each other as well.

“Wen Wen, let me introduce you to someone.” Yang Fei said as he pulled out a man behind him, a foreigner, in his fifties, with a pair of glasses, looking like a tech geek.

“Who is he?” Lo Wen didn’t quite understand what Yang Fei meant.

“His name is Mike, he is a senior engineer in the maintenance department of the original Ferrari company, and he is also said to have participated in the design of that Ferrari of yours, didn’t you say that you often have problems with that car, let Mike follow you around in the future, he is guaranteed to help you out, this is a talent that I have spent a lot of effort to find easily.” Yang Fei’s tone carried a bit of pride and complacency, after he finished, he looked at Luo Wen with an expectant face.

“Oh, no need.” Luo Wen waved her hand, appearing not to take it seriously at all.


He had heard that Luo Wen had been looking for someone with good car repair skills, so he had found Mike through various connections, thinking he could take advantage of the opportunity to please Luo Wen, but what was the situation now?

“I’ve already found someone to help me fix my car.” Luo Wen pointed at Neo, “So, no need for that now, thank you.”

“What? Just him?” Yang Fei took a look at Neo.

He didn’t feel comfortable with this guy, he was in his twenties, he didn’t know how to fix a car, he was dressed like a hanger-on, he didn’t look like someone who could fix a world class sports car.

Compared to Mike, he was nothing.

“Yes, that’s him, let’s go, Neo, carry the luggage, let’s go up.” Luo Wen also stopped paying attention to Yang Fei, she was going to go and get herself settled first.

Neo also hurriedly followed with her luggage, and this led her all the way to the guest room.

When he arrived at the guest room, Neo’s heart was a little sad again. The guest room was still in the same style as before in Tiandao, but the guest room no longer had the former Tiandao service staff, which used to be Xiao Cang and Xiao Cui, but now, it had been completely replaced by people Neo did not know, people who had nothing to do with the Lu family.

“Wen Wen, what are we going to do later.”

“Let’s go to the swimming pool later, then we’ll check out the gym, I heard there’s a golf course here and a beach bonfire at night.”

Several girls were excitedly discussing.

Neo wasn’t interested at all, he hadn’t come to Tiandao for fun, he had his own agenda.

What was going on here? What happened to the family?

Anyway, there might be answers to be found on Sky Island, he had to check around.

“Oh, anyway, there’s nothing for you here now, so feel free to go wherever you want, but remember, I heard from grandpa that there are some places on Sky Island that you’re not allowed to enter casually, so you have to be careful, and also, you have to come back at night time because I’m going to take the car to the beach and I might need you then.” Luo Wen said.

Neo nodded and left the room.

Neo was certainly very familiar with Tiandao.

He avoided the crowd and walked towards the island.

“Hey, Young Yang, look, isn’t that kid the one who fixes cars beside Miss Luo?”

Not far away, someone pointed at Neo’s back and said.

“Damn, it really is, damn, this is the kid that made me get off the stage just now, if it wasn’t for him, Wen Wen wouldn’t have refused my kind offer, grass, you guys, hurry up and follow.”

Yang Fei was in the swimming pool, hugging the right and left, when he saw Neo, his heart was on fire.

For one thing, he resented Neo’s presence, which had kept him from pleasing Luo Wen.

He was jealous that Neo was always with Luo Wen. Although Luo Wen definitely didn’t see this hanger-on, Yang Fei was jealous too, because after all, he didn’t have the chance to be close to Luo Wen, but this hanger-on could be with the beautiful woman all day long.

“What the hell is this kid up to, why does he keep going to remote places?”

Yang Fei a few people quietly followed behind Neo, follow follow follow, the surrounding gradually no one sound, the surrounding also more and more remote and quiet.

“It’s better this way, we’ll teach this kid a lesson later, it’s better to make this kid crippled, then Luo Wen won’t be able to use him, then I can use Mike instead of this kid. You guys, get your guys ready, when the opportunity arises, go straight up and f*ck him.”

“No problem, Young Master Yang, there are less people here, why don’t we just do it here!”

A few of Yang Fei’s men were eager to do it at this point, after all, who would want to miss the chance to make a mark?

“Wait! Wait a minute!” Yang Fei suddenly had a strange expression on his face, “This kid actually went there!”

At this moment, Neo had arrived in front of a secret cave, he had been to this place, it was here that Elder Xiong had once given him a sword, and it also held many of the family’s secrets.

If he wanted to find the answer to his family’s disappearance, this place was undoubtedly a clue.

The door of the secret cave was tightly closed, but Neo knew the way to open the lock, and after a moment of gentle manipulation of his hand, the door opened, and Neo dodged into it, and the door closed again behind him.

Yang Fei, who was hiding in the shadows, witnessed Neo enter the secret cave and couldn’t help but slap his thighs in excitement, “Damn, this kid is dead now!”

“What’s going on, Young Yang? What is that secret cave?”

“You guys don’t know, that secret cave is a top secret place where the big heads of the four big families discuss things, my grandfather is in there right now, having a meeting with the heads of the other three families, it’s a top secret absolutely forbidden place, even I can’t go in, this kid dares to break in.”

“Then if he goes in, should we report to the Grand Master right away?”

“No, don’t you think about it, my grandfather and the others are in there, naturally they will bring their personal experts with them, it can be said that now that secret cave is filled with the world’s first class experts, this kid will definitely be dead if he goes in. This is great, I don’t have to do it, this kid will be dead.”

“But it looks like he’s got some skills, otherwise how else would he have gotten in and unlocked it so casually.”

“Isn’t this kid a car mechanic for Wen, of course he knows how to break it, but this is useless, he should die inside. Well, let’s go back now and tell Wenwen the good news, hehehe.” Yang Fei said, very excited to lead the crowd back again.

Besides, Neo entered the secret cave.

He didn’t take a few steps.

“What man, stand still!” There was a clattering sound, and several men in armed clothes suddenly appeared in front of Neo, with the barrel of a gun in their hands, dark against Neo’s head.

Neo raised his hands.

He did not make a move, but waited and saw what would happen.

The group of men, forcing Neo with their guns from behind, kept escorting him to the door of the innermost room.

“What’s going on, what’s all the noise?” An old man came out of the house and said in an annoyed voice.

“Grand Master Luo, someone has broken into the secret cave.”

“Bring them in!” The old man’s face instantly changed as well, his gaze staring coldly at Neo’s face.

Neo was pushed into the room.

The room was small and bright, a table with three other old men sitting around it, while opposite the three old men, there was a slim-looking man in his fifties, who was currently looking down at some papers handed up by the three old men.

“What kind of person broke in?” The man looked calm as he looked up and asked.

As soon as he saw the man, Neo froze, “Zhang Jiu?”


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