At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 539

“Huh?” Zhao Si Si was stunned, “So you’ve been following us all this time dad, why didn’t you show yourself?”

“I didn’t want to disturb you guys. You and Xiao Lu, two young people, have something to talk about, and it’s not good for me, an old man, to show up beside you.”

Zhao Baoliang said, “But I was worried about you again, so I followed you all the way back home.”

“Dad …… you are so kind to me.”

Zhao Si Si only felt a sour nose and leaned into Zhao Baoliang’s arms.

“It’s dad who is useless and incapable, he can only let his daughter work as a waitress in a bar, and all I can do is to send you home every night, I’m so useless.”

Zhao Baoliang’s eyes were also red, and his face looked self-condemned.

It was real self-blame, and when he said he was useless, he really meant it.

After all, how could he not know his own cowardly character?

“No, Daddy, you’re the best and greatest daddy in the world.” Zhao Sisi snuggled into Zhao Baoliang’s arms and said from the bottom of her heart, “I feel like the happiest person in the world to have a father like you.”

“Good girl.”

Zhao Baoliang was moved and hugged his daughter tightly.

Although he was cowardly, he was also a human being, and as a human being, he had self-respect.

As once the most despised member of the Zhao family, he had suffered much ridicule, even those of his own brother’s men dared to mock him explicitly or implicitly.

Even in his family, he was looked down upon by his wife, Zhang Lianxiang.

No one looked up to him.

Only one person truly respected him as a real person, and that was his daughter, Zhao Sisi.

It was also this respect from his daughter that gave him a happiness of his own in this world, and by relying on this happiness, he could not be crushed by the many ridicule and contempt around him.

“Dad, do you think Neo will still come back?” Zhao Si Si asked dully.

This time spent with Neo, she felt very happy, a kind of happiness different from the happiness she had before.

Although the two of them did not behave very intimately, Zhao Si Si could feel a feeling of affection growing in her heart.

Especially every day in the bar, she felt at ease and comfortable knowing that Neo was waiting for her outside.

“Little Lu has his own life, he will definitely develop better in the future by following that Missy, he has done a lot for our family, and we can’t hold him back.” Zhao Baoliang looked at the distant back of the Ferrari and sighed in his heart.

After all, Zhao Baoliang had lived for 40 to 50 years, so of course he could see that Luo Wen was not an ordinary family girl, but a top class girl.

It was better for Neo to follow them than to be with his own family, who had fallen on hard times.

It is a law that people go to higher places.

Zhao Baoliang understood it very well, and although his heart ached for his daughter’s reluctance to leave Neo, he also understood Neo’s departure.

“But don’t worry, Xiao Lu is a very sincere child, he said he would come back, and he will definitely come back to see you in the future.” Zhao Baoliang added.

“En.” Zhao Si Si nodded her head.

In fact, she didn’t have any hope in her heart, after all, why would Neo want to come back if he was doing well in the future?

Jiang Yang City was just a small shitty place, what was there to come back for?

After all, there was nothing between the two of them, it was just a little fire that came out.

But now that Neo has left, everything has become ashes.

Neo was sitting in his Ferrari at the moment.

There was a strange feeling in his heart.

This was clearly his own sports car, and now, he could only play the role of a passenger.

For leaving Zhao Si Si at this time, his heart was also a bit hard to bear.

After all, how could he not be aware that Zhao Si Si was in a difficult moment.

But there was no way around it, no matter what, the family and family members were the most important thing, so he would go back when he got everything clear.

“How did you get the car started just now?” In the car, Luo Wen asked.

She was curious, and both Qing Qing and Zi Han were equally curious.

Neo frowned as he thought about how to answer.

Of course, it was naturally easy for Neo to start it just now, this Ferrari was custom-made by Neo himself, and for him, he could use many ways to unlock and start it.

Fingerprinting was one of them.

All he had to do was press his fingerprint under the centre console and the car naturally started.

“Used to fix cars.” That was all Neo could say, now was not the time to reveal his identity.

Not to mention that they said they were going to Sky Island, not to mention that they didn’t know if they were enemies or friends.

“Since you know how to repair cars, then follow me in the future, this car doesn’t know what’s going on, it often stalls for no reason, in the future when it stalls you can help me start it, I can pay me a salary every month.” Luo Wen thought about it and added, “By the way, tomorrow at dawn, we are going to Tiandao, this car I also want to take there, so you also go there with me.”

“Sky Island ……” Neo repeated softly, the name came out of someone else’s mouth and Neo had a strange feeling of something being taken away from him.

“It’s a small island in the Pacific Ocean, I heard it’s very beautiful and a great place for holiday and entertainment!”

“Hey, I’d say you’re really lucky to be able to follow Wen to Sky Island, you know, how many rich people can’t go there even if they want to.”

“Yeah, it’s not like you can just go to Sky Island, it’s the first time even for Wenwen.”

“I’ve heard that the sky is blue and the water is clear, and the rooms on the island are very well equipped and luxurious, with better decor than the best hotels in Dubai.”

“I’m going to play there for half a month and then come back.”

Qing Qing and Zi Han talked excitedly about Sky Island.

Neo seemed to have no expression on his face, but in his heart he was keeping an eye on their chat.

Tiandao, had it turned into this?

It had become a holiday mecca?

This was absolutely impossible in the past.

What was going on there, Neo couldn’t wait to get to Tiandao right now.

Jinling City.

This city, for Neo, carried a lot of things.

Only when he arrived at Jinling, it was still night time, so Neo did not feel much.

The Luo family was in Jinling, which was something Neo had not expected.

After all, he didn’t seem to have heard of the Luo family when he was at Jinling University.

Today was Master Luo’s birthday, but by the time Luo Wen and the others arrived, it was already late at night, the guests had long since dispersed and the banquet was nearing its end.

Neo wanted to meet Master Luo, to see what kind of person he was, whether he had met him before or not.

But unfortunately, not to mention Neo, even Luo Wen could not meet her grandfather.

“Grandpa rarely comes out to meet people, even we can’t see him a few times a year.” Luo Wen said, “You should also get ready, and leave for Tiandao with us tomorrow.”

After thinking about it, she called out to Neo, “Don’t run around when you get to Tiandao, and don’t talk nonsense, lest you offend someone, you know that those who can go to Tiandao are people you can’t afford to mess with!”

The next day, sure enough, the helicopter came early in the morning.

The Ferrari sports car was transported by a separate helicopter.

Neo, Luo Wen and the others got into the other helicopter.

Luo Wen and the others were all very happy.

They looked like children who had never been out of town since birth going to the city for the first time.

“Hey, why do you look so calm? How can you be so calm?” Luo Wen looked at Neo and was a bit curious.

Yes, Neo did look calm.

This was normal, after all, he didn’t know how many times he had gone back to Tiandao before, this was just going back to his own home.

Of course, although he was calm on the surface, Neo had something on his mind.

Only, whether calm or not, he couldn’t be happy.

“He definitely doesn’t know what’s so great about Tiandao, and when he arrives, he won’t be like this.” Qing Qing said with a smile.

The three said and stopped paying attention to Neo, instead joking and gabbing about girly things all the way there.

“Here we are.”

Around mid-afternoon, Neo suddenly sat up straight.

His gaze, which had been lazy and listless, also became cohesive all of a sudden.

“Ah, where have we arrived, what are you talking about, you didn’t even see it.” A few people, Luo Wen, also hurriedly sat up straighter and stretched their necks to look out the window at the sea.

But there was nothing to see, the sea was still as clear as blue all around.

“…… that black spot, look, it’s here, it’s really here ……” said Qing Qing, suddenly pointing into the distance.

“You’ve got pretty good eyesight.” Luo Wen looked at Neo with a little disbelief.

Neo didn’t say anything.

He certainly had much better eyesight than the average person, but it wasn’t because he saw Sky Island just now, he just felt it.

He had been back to Tiandao many times before, and gradually, as he approached it, he had a feeling.

Finally, the helicopter, began to land slowly.


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