At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 538

“The car was already working on and off, and it would be even worse if he, who knows nothing about it, went in there now and ran into something random and the car got completely messed up.” Haruka frowned.

“It’s infuriating, it’s a unique and irreproducible sports car, and it would really be disgusting if it was ruined in the hands of someone like that.” Zihan echoed.

“If he dares to leave a single fingerprint on the inside of my car, I’m going to cut him into pieces.” Luo Wen was so angry that fire was spewing from her gaze.

As she was talking, suddenly a dazzling light shot out of the night, shining directly on Luo Wen’s face.

“The headlights are on!”

Someone exclaimed.

Sure enough, the glow was none other than the Ferrari’s taillights.

With the tail lights of the sports car all turned on, the entire street outside the bar was as bright as daylight at this moment, and all the people standing behind the sports car were all shot unable to open their eyes.

At the same time, a circle of blue lights around the body of the sports car lit up, and along with the blue lights, the low roar of the engine also pounded on the eardrums of everyone around.

At this moment, the whole Ferrari, it was as if it was alive.

“Crap, the car started!” There were shouts of astonishment from the crowd.

“Wow, the way the car started up was really bunker!”

“Yeah, it’s so handsome, all sports cars are dregs in my eyes from now on.”

Indeed, Neo’s Ferrari was one of the world’s top sports cars, and just by the way it started up, it had conquered everyone there.

The attention of the crowd was focused on the car, as if they had forgotten about Neo.

Luo Wen and the others were also stunned.

“Wen Wen, the car, it’s starting! God, how is this possible!”

“Not only did it start, but the lights seem to be on much brighter than when Wen started it, look, the badge is now lit up! It’s so cool! When Wen used to start, the badges didn’t even light up!”

Qing Qing pointed at the badge on the back of the Ferrari.

Yes, at this moment, the markings lit up in a soft white light, looking extremely eye-catching and giving a very flamboyant feeling.

“This, how is it possible …… clearly I am the only person in the world who can start this car, how could ……” Luo Wen squeezed the keys to the sports car in her hand, completely all looking dumbfounded.

All the way until the car door opened and Neo stepped out of the car, she did not react.

“The car is starting, you can go up.” Neo said calmly.

“Huh?” Luo Wen couldn’t believe this, until she sat in the driver’s seat and saw the engine speed on the tachometer, she only reacted a little and looked at Neo dumbly, “You, how did you do that?”

“That you don’t need to know anymore, I just hope that in the future, you will treat it well.” Speaking of this, Neo only felt his heart flush with a hint of bitterness and sadness.

What used to be his own car was now serving someone else.

He had wanted to drive the Ferrari away straight away, but he did not do so.

He couldn’t be so reckless, after all, anything could happen after these twenty years, maybe the family had eventually sold the car, maybe Loman had got it through the proper channels.

Then it would be illegal for him to take the car away now.

So, despite his reluctance, Neo had to give the car back to Luo Wen.

But he knew in his heart that this car carried a lot of memories, and that in the future, he would have to return it to his hands in a dignified manner again.

“Get in.”

Behind him, Luo Wen suddenly said.

Neo was stunned and looked at her hesitantly, not knowing what she meant.

“Get in, you can follow me from now on, and when the car breaks down later, you can help me start it.” A smile appeared on Luo Wen’s face, an inviting smile.

“No need.” Neo shook his head.

Yes, there was no need for that, he was now looking for traces of his family and didn’t want to get involved with unrelated people.


At once, Luo Wen’s face changed.

What was wrong with this kid?

He even tried to hit on me inside the bar just now.

Now that I took the initiative to invite him, he was even pretending.

Besides, a rich girl like myself, who isn’t grabbing to get close to her, how come this hanger-on isn’t on board yet?

“Hey, stop right there! I’m telling you, today you have to get in the car even if you don’t, do you want to offend the whole Luo family!” Luo Wen was really moved with anger.

Not only was she rejected, but she was rejected by a hanger-on, and in front of so many people.

She couldn’t accept it.

What’s more, her family was a top existence in the whole of Yanxia, and no matter where she was, even in the super metropolises like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, she could do whatever she wanted, and no one could stop her.

And how could she allow herself to capsize today in such a small and unknown place like Jiang Yang City?

It would be too humiliating if word got out.

Offend the entire Luo family?

Neo laughed in his heart, with his own strength, even if he offended the whole Yanxia, so what? Who could do anything about it?

What’s more, Neo knew very well in his heart.

Cao Feng’s illness had not yet healed, and Zhao Si Si was still working in the bar, and her situation was extremely difficult, so she could not leave them.

Neo’s eyes looked at Zhao Si Si, who was standing in the crowd.

At this moment, Zhao Sisi was standing at the edge of the street, and she was also looking at Neo.

Neo could tell that her gaze looked nervous and uneasy.

Neo knew very well that Zhao Si Si was definitely worried that she would say yes to Luo Wen at this moment.

But please don’t worry, Neo said in his heart, I won’t leave you so soon.

Perhaps she could see what Neo was thinking, the uneasy tension on Zhao Si Si’s face disappeared, and in her gaze, there was a more caring and joyful look.

“Alas, forget it, Wen Wen, ignore him, let’s go, didn’t you say you wanted to hurry back to Jinling to celebrate your grandfather’s birthday? Let’s hurry back, we can still pick out a present.”

“That’s right, Wen Wen, this is a crucial time, although it’s basically confirmed that you can go to the Sky Island this year, but you have to behave well during this period to be more secure.”

“Then we can follow you to the Sky Island, wow, it’s so nice to think about.”

“Come on, Wen Wen, don’t delay, if you’re late, maybe your grandpa will get upset and cancel your chance to go to Sky Island, it’ll be more than worth it!”

Qing Qing and Zi Han, the two of them pulled Luo Wen and persuaded her.

Neo was ready to leave at this moment.

But their conversation suddenly came to his ears… Sky Island! His heart immediately thumped.

This Heavenly Island, could it be the Heavenly Island of his own clan?!

“Okay, I promise you.”

Neo suddenly turned around and agreed almost immediately.

Yes, wasn’t what he had been longing for was to go to the Heavenly Island and find out what it was all about, how could he miss such a good opportunity at this moment.

Luo Wen smiled.

Everything was as she expected, as long as the name of the family was brought out, who would dare to disobey?

“Neo ……”

Seeing Neo get into the car, Zhao Sisi, who was in the crowd, couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Sisi, I’m sorry, I have to leave, I hope you can understand, just ……”

Neo’s heart was also sour.

He quickly stepped in front of Zhao Sisi.

“I understand.” Although Zhao Si Si said so, her eyes were red, “You have worried about me and mum still so much, and you even send me home everyday, in fact, you have helped us a lot, we shouldn’t drag you down, you should go and live a good life, following Miss Luo, it will be good for you.”

Neo let out a bitter laugh in his heart.

He knew that Zhao Si Si would not understand all of this, and there was no way to explain it now.

“Don’t worry, I will come back for you guys, wait for me to come back.” Neo said.

Yes, he would be back soon, as long as he followed Luo Wen and the girls to mix with the Heavenly Island and figure out everything about the family, he would come back to look for Cao Feng and Zhao Si Si, no matter what, one of them was a friend he once knew and the other was his friend’s daughter, he had an obligation to help them.

“Mm, I’ll wait for you to come back.” Zhao Sisi nodded her head.

She watched as Neo got into the car and the Ferrari left in the dust.

Zhao Si Si only felt extra special sadness in her heart.

Yes, for some time now, Neo had been by her side to help her, waiting for her outside every night and taking her all the way home.

Now Neo was gone.

“Neo, with you gone, how can I go home alone as a girl after work at night from now on?” Zhao Sisi said sadly.

“Si Si, I’ll see you off from now on.” A hoarse voice came.

“Ah, dad? Why are you here?” Zhao Si Si froze.

It was none other than Zhao Baoliang in front of her eyes.

“I’ve always been around here.” Zhao Baoliang’s gaze was a little evasive, “Actually, for a while now, I’ve been on the other side of the street from the bar, watching you and Xiao Lu, and every night when Xiao Lu drops you off at home, I’ve actually been following behind you.”

“Ah, why is that, Dad?”

“I’m worried about your safety and Xiao Lu’s, Xiao Lu protects you and I protect you and Xiao Lu.” Zhao Baoliang said.


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