At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 537

“Ah, it won’t start again ……”


Zi Han and Qing Qing were both suddenly distracted as well.

There was nothing they could do at all when it came to this kind of thing.

“So what do we do now?” Zi Han pouted, with a helpless and confused face.

“The same as before, we can only wait.” Luo Wen spread her hands out and rolled her eyes, equally depressed.

“Ah, no, so how long do we have to wait, isn’t there no way to tell?” Qing Qing said.

“With luck, it might start after five minutes, with bad luck, it’ll be the same as that time on the Shenhai Expressway, two hours before it’s ready.” Luo Wen said reluctantly.

“Wen Wen, you should have gotten someone to change and fix it a long time ago, every now and then it drops the chain, how uncomfortable is this car to drive.” Zihan said.

“It’s not like we haven’t looked before.” Luo Wen said, “My father found the best mechanics in the whole of China, but they couldn’t do anything about it, there was nothing they could do, the car was too advanced, and after more than twenty years, the information about the car had long since disappeared, no one could fix it.”

“Alas, this only means that our status is really not worthy of such a top-class car. So if we want to ride in this car, we’ll have to put up with some trouble.” Qing Qing burst out with emotion.

“Then, Qing Qing, what kind of status did the owner of this car have to be in the first place, then.” Zi Han suddenly sat up straighter and looked bright in his gaze, “I’ve often wondered what kind of a man the owner of the car would have been, a man who could afford it and be qualified to customize such a unique vehicle, must have been an unparalleled gentry, right, his temperament and poise must have crushed all the young generation of the four big families now. ”

“Yes, if only we had been born twenty years earlier.” Qing Qing suddenly tapped the seat, “Hey, right, you guys, didn’t the former owner also ride in this car, so the place where we are sitting now, maybe it’s the place where he also sat, wow ……”

“Hee hee, Qing Qing, you are too much of a nymphomaniac.” Zihan said with a smile, “But the place where he sat the most is definitely the driver’s seat where Wen Wen sat …… Hey, Wen Wen, what’s wrong with you? Why does your face look unhappy?”

“What’s wrong, Wen Wen?” Qing Qing looked at her good friend, and yes, Luo Wen looked depressed at the moment.

“It’s a shame! Can’t you see that a lot of people are watching us now? There was no one around when the car went wrong, and now it’s in front of the bar, and everyone in the bar is out, and they’re all looking at me to start the car, what am I going to do? Luo Wen was so depressed that tears were falling down her face.

“Yeah, they’re still filming it with their phones.”

“If this gets out, it’ll be too much of a joke, maybe they’ll think our car is stolen, Wen, try starting it again.”

“Still not working.” Luo Wen tried again, the Ferrari still didn’t move at all, the tachometer didn’t show anything.

“What a day of bad luck.” Luo Wen punched her thigh hard, “I was accosted by a hanger-on in a bar, and now the car won’t start, what a shitty Jiang Yang City, what a shitty place.”

“Forget it, take a taxi, get out of here, look, some of them are starting to laugh.” Qing Qing pointed out the car window.

The Ferrari was well soundproofed, and although she couldn’t hear what the people outside were saying, she could see people pointing outside when she looked through the window.

Clearly, someone outside was getting suspicious.

“A taxi?” Luo Wen was simply going crazy, “I never thought that one day, I would be reduced to taking a taxi.”

But things had come to this, so they had to get out of the car.

It couldn’t be possible to wait here forever.

“Ah, what’s going on? Miss Deer, why are you getting out of the car.”

“That’s right, start it up for us.”

When they saw Luo Wen get out of the car, everyone gathered around them at once.

Luo Wen’s face was as red as an apple at this moment.

Although she was still the Miss Luo family, her heart was not strong enough because of this, so she could only say vaguely, “The car is broken, it can’t start for now.”

“Ah, no, such a top-class car broke down casually, huh?”

“It’s impossible, these cars are made of the best materials and I haven’t heard of any breaking down in the past 20 years.

All the people looked astonished.

Luo Wen’s face turned even redder, and her mouth stammered, unable to say anything.

She was so depressed that she used the bag in her hand to shield her face, just wanting to get out of here, if word got out and everyone knew about it, she would lose face.

“This car is not hers, is it?”

I don’t know who suddenly said.

Although the voice was not loud, the words seemed to be a splash that quickly ruffled everyone’s feathers.

Sometimes it is like this, although everyone thinks so, no one dares to speak out.

But if one person said it at that moment, it would be impossible to control it anymore.

“Yeah, is it really hers?”

“I’ve read about this car in a magazine before, it seemed to belong to some mysterious man last year, how come it’s in her hands so soon.”

“If it’s really hers, how come it won’t start? I think there’s probably a ghost here.”

“That’s right, she just said it’s broken, it’s really funny, the magazine said, back in the day Ferrari company for this car, specially invited NASA experts to come together to study, because of this caused the beautiful country’s space program are delayed for months, after the manufacture is said to be within fifty years will never have any failure, this is only twenty years, how can it be broken? ”

The voices of the crowd were getting louder and louder.

At this moment, Luo Wen could only feel her head pounding and she couldn’t help the sweat running down her head.

What bad luck!

As the eldest Miss of the Luo family, she could run amok in the entire Divine State, but she never thought that today, in this tiny Jiang Yang City, the gutter had turned upside down.

“Qing Qing, did you get a car?”

Luo Wen only felt big headed at this moment, she just wanted to hurry up and get out of here.

“Not yet, not yet, it’s peak time for taxi ……” Qing Qing was also feeling the same pressure.

The fact that she hadn’t gotten a taxi meant that she couldn’t get out of here, so did she have to stay here and put up with these people’s suspicions.

I couldn’t stand it!

“This car is, indeed, broken.” Suddenly, a voice said.

Luo Wen’s heart moved, surprisingly a little touched that someone was speaking for herself at this time.

Only when she looked up and saw the person who had spoken, there was an indescribable feeling in her heart.

“Crap, you’re a hangman who can’t even get into a bar, what do you know.”

“Exactly, do you know anything about f*cking cars? You haven’t even touched a Fido, have you, and you’re still talking about Ferraris.” The crowd also mocked collectively.

Yes, it was of course Neo who spoke.

“The car is broken, and I can fix it.” Neo said again.

“Damn, psycho, looking for existence?” The crowd grew even more contemptuous.

And Luo Wen sneered and stopped paying attention to Neo.

It’s strange if you can fix it, the best car mechanic in my family can’t even handle it, and you’re just a hanger-on?

Ignoring the crowd, Neo gently scratched on the Ferrari door and got into the car.

“You’re crazy, get out of the car! Don’t get my car dirty!” Luo Wen didn’t expect Neo to move so quickly, and when she reacted, Neo had already gotten inside the car.

This time, she was furious.

Yes, this Ferrari was a treasure that she usually kept in her mouth for fear of it melting.

Now this hanger-on had gotten into it with a big smile, and Luo Wen was really going mad.

“Get out of the car, get out of the car!”

“Damn, don’t even look at your status, how dare you get into such a luxurious car!”

“This kid is really crazy, if he gets dirty, he won’t be able to pay for the cleaning of the interior of this car for the rest of his life.”

“Damn it, get out!”

The crowd was also dumbfounded, no one expected Neo to go straight into the Ferrari.

The worst part was that the door of the Ferrari was already closed.

The crowd could only tap on the body and shout.

“Come out! Come out! You’re dead I tell you!” Luo Wen glared angrily at Neo in the car, practically crying with anger.

Only Cui Yongtang and the others were standing at a distance, watching all this with satisfaction at the moment.

“This kid is definitely dead now, after offending the Luo family, that’s a thousand lives that won’t be enough to pay for it.”


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