At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 536

“Is the last name Lu?” At this point Neo looked so eager that his body was leaning over to the side of the young girl with long chestnut hair, “By the way, what’s your father’s name?”

This doesn’t mean that Neo is too furtive, after all, the family has no news at all right now, so who wouldn’t be furtive to anyone?

“Fuck this, when did this poor bastard sneak in again, what’s with the security guards, press it down for me!”

Before the maroon girl had time to reply, someone next to her let out a loud shout.

At once, four or five burly security guards rushed up and roughly held Neo down.

“Damn it, is this the place you come in? You’re a poor bastard, are you qualified to come in? You’ve just been kicked out once, and you come in again, why are you such a b*tch? Poor and cheap, low-life shit, born trash, throw me out!”

The manager had a look of contemptuous anger.

“Miss Lu, are you all right?” Turning back, the manager immediately changed into another pleasing smiling face, “It’s all because our security didn’t do its job properly, allowing such lowly people to approach you and insult your eyes, I’m sorry, please forgive me!”

“Oh, it’s okay, I didn’t take it to heart in the first place.” The long chestnut haired girl shrugged indifferently and leisurely picked up her glass of wine, looking as if she didn’t take Neo seriously at all.

“Throw it out! Throw it out into the street!” The manager let go and turned back towards the security guard and shouted, as if to put on a good show in front of the long chestnut haired girl.

“Rubbish, just this hanger-on, still trying to hit on a Ferrari-driving young lady, and not looking at what kind of role you really have.” Cui Yongtang led a group of people and gloated looking at Neo, “Do you think every woman is as brainless as that b*tch Zhao Si Si, only that brainless b*tch would hang out with trash like you.”

“Wait a minute, wait a minute.” Neo was in a hurry at this moment, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, this young girl in front of him might have some connection with the family.

But who would listen to him, these few strong men were roughly dragging him towards the door.

Seeing himself getting further and further away, Neo was almost desperate.

He looked up and around him, and by now he was surrounded by people, all with jeering eyes; after all, it was inevitable that all this had happened and not everyone would be drawn to him.

He didn’t care about any of this, but there was one gaze that instantly touched his heart.

The gaze of Jo Si Si, who was standing in the crowd, still holding the tray with the drinks in her hand, and was looking at it all with astonishment, looking at herself.

She was the only one there who did not have contempt in her gaze, but had the same astonishment and dismay that Neo could not bear, mixed with some disappointment.

Neo only felt his heart ache, didn’t he? He must have disappointed Zhao Si Si at this moment, his current appearance must have destroyed her image.

That’s why she felt surprised and disappointed.

At this point she must have thought, like everyone else in the scene, that she had come to hit on that young girl with long chestnut hair.

But despite this, she didn’t show contempt like everyone else, she only showed a kind of shock and disappointment, but this disappointment made it even harder for Neo.

“My surname is also Lu!” Neo shouted with all his might, not daring to look at Zhao Sisi’s gaze again.

“My name is Neo, you must have heard of this name, think hard, have you ever heard of the name Neo, yes, I am Neo.” Neo shook off the security guard who was grabbing him with force, and once again rushed to the young girl with long chestnut hair.

“I’m not here to hook up with you, my surname is also Lu, my name is Neo, we’re family! We’re from the same family! Take a good look at me, does it look familiar!” Neo almost roared out.

There was not much time or opportunity left for him.

The young girl with long chestnut hair finally turned her head, her gaze, fixed on Neo’s face.

“That, my surname is not Lu.” Finally, the young girl with long chestnut hair spoke.


Neo froze at once.

“They call you Miss Lu ……,” Neo was dumbfounded.

“Not Miss Lu whose surname is Lu, it’s Miss Deer, that’s my nickname, understand? My surname is Luo, my name is Luo Wen, I’m not even a family with you, don’t know you and don’t want to know you, now, it’s time to get lost!”


Neo was completely frozen, and all of a sudden his whole body froze.

He didn’t even feel anything when those few security guards rushed up to grab him again.

Not someone from the Lu family?

Neo was completely dumbfounded, not being from the Lu family, this would make no sense at all ah.

What had happened to the family that this car had fallen into the hands of others?

“Get lost, come in again and break your dog’s legs!”

A few strong men carried Neo and threw him into the street outside the bar, spat viciously and closed the bar door heavily.

Neo was lying on the street.

His heart was full of mixed feelings.

The hope that had come out of him had all gone down at once, and it was too much to bear.

And at that moment, in the bar.

“Wen Wen, you lost, haha.”

“That’s right, you lost Wen Wen, just now we made a bet, the three of us went to the bar, the first man who accosted us, which one was the worst, then whoever lost, the psycho who accosted you just now was thrown out, this time, you lost for sure ah!”

Qing Qing and Zi Han both said with laughter.

“Forget it, all out of the mood by that psycho just now, let’s go.”

Luo Wen drained her glass of wine in one go, stood up and walked out of the bar.

The manager didn’t dare to be slow and hurriedly led the men, following behind to send them off respectfully.

“It’s a shame to leave like this.”

“What’s the pity, you can’t pick up anyone, they don’t see you at all, these are all big city gentry girls.”

“Forget it, let’s go see the sports car.”

“Yes, this sports car should start up, it should also be stylish, we should take a good video to remember.”

The other people in the bar also came out to see what was going on and to learn more about it.

Luo Wen obviously wanted to show off her car too.

So when she left the bar, she stood at the door and waited for a while.

She waited until everyone in the bar had come out and many people had found a good spot, opened their mobile phones and started clicking pictures and videos, before she slowly walked to the Ferrari with the posture of a grand lady.

Standing by the door of the car.

With a sudden wave of her hand, the door of the Ferrari immediately unfolded silently, and all the blue lights lit up in a flash, with a sci-fi effect.

“Wow, induction opening the door, awesome!”

“So smooth and silent, that’s something no f*cking sports car can do these days.”

“Not to mention this is over twenty years old, it’s actually more advanced than any sports car today.”

“There’s no telling what kind of status the person who could order this sports car back then had.”

The crowd let out a roar of awe.

The flashbulbs went off non-stop.

Of course Luo Wen’s face was also very proud, she loved the way these people exclaimed in awe when they had never seen the world, and she also enjoyed the way people around her exclaimed every time she opened the door.

In fact, it couldn’t be said that people in Jiangyang had never seen the world, even if it was in Shangjing, everyone would still be in awe.

“Zihan, Qingqing, let’s get in the car.”

Said Luo Wen, before she slowly got into the car.

The car door automatically closed gently.

Next to the road, Neo watched the scene in awe.

What a familiar scene, yes, once he had gotten into the car just like this, but now the car belonged to someone else.

He suddenly felt the urge to rush up to the car, but he also knew that it was not right, after all, it was someone else’s car, and this was also a society under the rule of law.

Even if you have the power to destroy the world, you must still follow the rules and regulations of society, you can’t just do as you please.

Besides, not knowing the news about his family had hit him hard, so how could he have the heart to care about the car anymore.

It was just the thought that soon the car would have to leave.

Neo had another feeling of loss in his heart.

Originally, when he saw this Ferrari, he thought he would meet someone old, but once again, the heavens had played tricks on him.

But wait, why is this car not leaving yet.

“Why hasn’t it started yet, we’re all waiting.”

“Yeah, why hasn’t it moved, I’m still waiting for a video of the Ferrari starting up and spitting fire.”

“It’s probably brewing, it’s the top of the line car, let’s all be patient and wait, there will be stunning effects coming up in a while.”

The crowd chattered.

“Wen, why don’t you go away?”

“Yes, Wen Wen, there are so many people outside watching us, hurry up and go.”

“Me, I want to go too.” Luo Wen had an anxious look on her face at this point, “But how come the car won’t start?”


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