At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 535

How could Neo not have imagined that, at this time, he would be here and see the car that used to be his own?

Yes, this was exactly the custom Ferrari that Neo had, although he hadn’t driven it a few times, and although so much time had passed, the racy styling, the sci-fi lines, and the carefully crafted aura of the famous family it came from, were all unique, and Neo naturally recognised it at a glance.

Looking at this Ferrari now, Neo realised how awesome this car was, because even after more than twenty years, the styling style of this car still hadn’t fallen out of fashion, including the configuration of the whole car, which not only still kept up with the times, but even still beat all the current sports cars.

It’s also true that when it was first customised, Ferrari had actually used all the technology and designs that had been stockpiled up for decades to come, and it could be said that it was a product ahead of its time at the time.

Naturally it would not have been out of date.

After many years, in this case, once again seeing the car that was once there.

Neo had a few more warmth and memories in his heart.

It was as if he had seen his old buddy from the past.

Only, who was driving this car now and who was in it?

This car was not sold by Neo, but was later brought back to Tiandao by his cousin Lu Tianzhi, in short, it was kept by the family.

So now, who could the owner of this car be? Could it be someone he knew?

His gaze, fixed on the car door.

The car door opened.

The first person to come down was a pair of long, slender legs, obviously, a woman.

Who could it be?

Neo’s mood became more urgent and his gaze more focused.

Finally, the owner of the car came down.

However, Neo was also disappointed that he did not recognise it.

It was a young girl, very pretty, a vivid red dress, revealing snow-white shoulders, long chestnut hair that looked charming and attractive, a tall figure, and high-heeled sandals that made her stand out.

She was followed by two other young and beautiful girls.

As soon as the three of them got out of the car, it felt like the whole bar’s weight was tilted towards them, such beautiful girls would be the centre of attention anywhere.

“Wen Wen, I think I just bumped into someone’s car.” One of the girls, said to the one with the long chestnut hair.

“Oops, this car is top of the line but a bit hard to drive, what the heck, what if I bumped into it, who told his car to park in front of mine, come and get me if you can.” The girl with the long chestnut hair looked like she didn’t care.

But her carelessness didn’t seem to be due to her brash personality, but more because she really had the capital to care.

She looked up at the bar in front of her, “It’s not much fun in a little shitty place like Jiang Yang, but I’ve heard that Huangjin Bar is good, Zi Han, Qing Qing, don’t dawdle, let’s go in and have some fun.”

“Let’s go. You’re buying anyway, but don’t forget the bet the three of us made, no cheating if you lose.”

The three of them went into the bar, laughing and giggling like sisters.

“Cui Shao, these three girls are really unscrupulous, they even hit your car, we can’t let them off lightly.” One of the ponies said.

“You’re f*cking trying to hurt me! These three, in no way can I afford to mess with them, if they get hit, they get hit, unless I’m f*cking looking to die and go after them for a claim.”

“Ah, young Cui, you, how do you know they can’t be messed with.” The ponyboy covered his face, which was sore from being hit.

“This car, I’ve seen it in magazines, it looks like a legend in the sports car world, that unique Ferrari, anyone who can drive this car is at least at the level of the Shangjing gentry.”

At this moment, inside the Huangjin Bar.

As soon as the three girls entered, the manager rushed up excitedly, “Welcome! Welcome, is that Ferrari outside yours?”

“It’s mine, what’s wrong?” The young girl with long chestnut hair said.

“Isn’t that Ferrari the legendary one-of-a-kind sports car in the world, it’s said to be over twenty years old and once owned by a very powerful rich kid.”

“That’s right, that’s the car!” The maroon girl’s face also looked smug.

“Crap, it really is that car!”

“OMG, a dream come true, to see this car in my lifetime!”

“It’s too hanging, a dream come true, it’s the rarest car in the world, the only one in the world.”

“The only one, it’s too exaggerated.”

“Not exaggerated at all, I’ve read about it in magazines before, this car is worth 50 million dollars, more than a f*cking space rocket! Back then it was custom made for a mysterious rich kid, so all the bull technology was used, and then the car became legendary, some of the young masters of the top families wanted a replica, however, Ferrari couldn’t build it anymore, so it’s really the only one in the world, and it’s unprecedented.”

“Why can’t it be built anymore?”

“I don’t know, it just can’t be built anyway, maybe that owner’s background was too powerful back then, Ferrari put it all in, and now, there’s no one like that owner in the world anymore.”

“Crikey, that owner must have been a man of great style, it would have been nice to have seen it.”

“Harm, that was more than 20 years ago, they are now in their 40s and 50s, they have a wife and kids, they must be living a peaceful and wealthy life, they don’t come out to show their faces anymore.”

“Yes, it’s a pity that they didn’t live twenty years ago.”

“If I had been born twenty years earlier, I might have been able to have a love story with that car owner.” A woman with an exploding body and a compelling topline said smittenly.

In short, the crowd was talking excitedly about something.

Neo stood in the crowd, listening to the chatter of the people around him, with an indefinable feeling in his heart, as if he was like Father Time, knowing everyone’s secrets, while the people around him, knew nothing.

Yes, he blended in.

Because of the three girls, there was some confusion inside and outside the bar because of the Ferrari, and Neo quietly blended in.

“May I ask what is the name of the beautiful girl?” The manager held up the microphone and asked.

“Me.” The young girl with long chestnut hair thought for a moment and smiled faintly, “Call me Miss Lu.”

Miss Lu?

Neo’s heart twitched.

“Good, Miss Lu, it is our honour for you to visit this bar, so tonight, we will waive the entire bill for your spending here!” The manager said loudly.

“Hee hee.” The maroon girl smiled, “No need for a free bill, it’s not like we’re short of money, but with you guys like this, I’m very happy tonight, so I’ll treat every table present, a bottle of Lafite!”


“That’s awesome, that’s a real rich person!”

“Long live Miss Lu!”

The crowd at the bottom shouted wildly.

The three laughed and went back to their table.

“Hey, Wen Wen ah, tell me, how come no one has come to hit on us yet, is it because we don’t have any charm here?” The three girls chatted as they sipped their drinks.

“How is that possible, look at them, none of them dare to look at us, they all look at us with inferiority complex, where would they dare to hit on us?” The young girl with long chestnut hair said, “Alas, I should have known that I wouldn’t have driven this Ferrari out, this car is so famous that no one dares to be our equal.”

“It can only be said that Jiangyang City is only a small place, if we were in Shangjing, there might still be handsome men who would hit on us.”

Neo stood in the crowd and looked at the three girls, he knew that he had to make a move.


Neo took a deep breath and came to the young girl with long chestnut hair.

“You’re talking to me?” The chestnut long-haired girl’s gaze looked Neo up and down twice, looking a bit disbelieving.

The two people next to her, Zi Han, and Qing Qing, were looking at Neo while exchanging glances, and the two of them ate and laughed.

“Yes.” Neo nodded, “Can I sit down?”

“Can’t.” The young girl with long chestnut hair got a little cold in her attitude.

Neo frowned, this young girl didn’t seem to be someone to get along with either.

“May I ask, is that Ferrari outside really your own, and are you the owner?” Neo said, this question, of course, was important.

“Yes, it’s mine. I am the owner of the car!” The young lady looked a little impatient.

“Your surname is Lu?” Neo only felt his heart pounding as he took a deep breath and asked.


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