At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 534

For a while, the atmosphere at the dinner table was very depressing.

Neo sat on the side, wanting to say something, but finally said nothing, nor could he.

Thinking about this, Neo was also very sad in his heart.

After the meal, Neo sat with Zhao Si Si on the balcony.

“What should I do, Neo, do I really have to go to that place to work?” Zhao Si Si’s eyes lowered and she looked confused.

“I don’t think so, the uncles and aunties will definitely not let you do that when they come back to their senses.” Neo said comfortingly.

As soon as he finished his words, the sound of Zhang Lianxiang and Zhao Baoliang arguing came from the room behind him.

“No matter what, we can’t let Si Si go to work there.” Zhao Baoliang said in a low voice.

“Why can’t she go? She’s not young, and now that the family is in difficulty, shouldn’t she contribute? There is no negotiation on this matter, mother and brother and sister-in-law have decided.” Zhang Lianxiang said.

“But Si Si is our daughter.”

“It’s not like she’s your own, and don’t forget, you brought her in, I didn’t agree to it at the time.” Zhang Lianxiang said impatiently, “What’s wrong, you want to go against our family, don’t you!”

“I ……” Zhao Baoliang wanted to say something, but apparently, had lost all his momentum.

Outside on the balcony, listening to the bickering in the house, Zhao Sisi looked increasingly sad, “Mom, don’t want me either ……”

“I’ll take you to see your real mother!” Neo took a deep breath and said.

In fact, he originally wanted to let Cao Feng rest for a few more days and take Zhao Si Si over when she was in better shape, but obviously, things had come to this point and there was no room for delay.

“You mean that …… one from that time at the Rosebud party?”

“Yes, the woman with mental problems.” Neo wasn’t going to glorify Cao Feng, it was the truth.

“Is she really my mother?” Zhao Si Si looked at Neo in a daze, “Even if she is my mother, but in my current state, I can’t help her much.”

“Don’t think so much, let’s go.”

Neo pulled up Zhao Si Si and quietly left the place.

Yes, it was true that Zhao Si Si’s current situation could not help Cao Feng financially, but it could help her recover.

But if the two met, as long as Cao Feng could recover, perhaps things would be different.

Soon, Neo took Zhao Si Si to the secluded villa.

“Your mother is inside, go in first, I’ll wait for you outside.” Neo did not intend to go in with Zhao Sisi, he let her go in alone first, and when Cao Feng was awake and normal, he would go in himself.

Zhao Sisi went in.

Neo was a little nervous, not knowing if it would work or not.

Of course, what Neo was more nervous about was that if Cao Feng was really awake, what should he ask her? And what would she tell herself? Would she be able to get any information about her family?

Although he was nervous, and although he had some urgency in his heart.

But Neo tried to restrain himself from waiting quietly at the door.

Because he knew very well that if Cao Feng came to her senses, they would have a lot to talk about.

Before he knew it, half an hour had passed.

“Neo, come in!” Zhao Sisi’s voice, came from the room.

Neo’s heart twitched and hurriedly entered the room as well.

At this moment, in the room.

Zhao Sisi was sitting on the bed, facing the door of the room, and Cao Feng had his back to Neo.

Although I couldn’t see Cao Feng’s face, but looking at Cao Feng’s back at this moment, it was much more stable than before, and it didn’t have that nervous-like shaking anymore.

“Neo, my mother is well.” Zhao Sisi lifted her head and looked at Neo, she had a smile on her face, but Neo could clearly see the tear marks on her face, it was evident that Zhao Sisi must have been crying just now, “She, really is my real mother, come here quickly.”

Neo let out a long breath of relief in his heart.

Sure enough, he had succeeded.

At the same time, he was excited in his heart, Cao Feng had gotten better, and, this was the first real former acquaintance he had met since he came here from the Immortal World!

“Mom, let me introduce to you, this is my good friend, Neo.”

Zhao Si Si came to Neo’s side and naturally took Neo’s arm.

Yes, for such a long time, how could Zhao Si Si not see that Neo had been helping her all along.

Before, Zhao Si Si had been very sad in her heart, but she couldn’t show it either.

And now that she had finally been identified with her real mother, Zhao Si Si had a hint of happiness in her sadness and was certainly able to show her good feelings towards Neo.

“Lu …… Neo ……” Cao Feng seemed to be stunned, slowly recalling the two names and turned his head.

“You ……”

As soon as he saw Neo, Cao Feng was instantly as dumbfounded, his face looking extremely shocked.

“You guys ……”

Cao Feng looked at Zhao Si Si who was holding Neo’s arm again and was even more shocked in his gaze.

Then, before Neo could react, Cao Feng’s gaze instantly became lax again and she sat down paralyzed on the bed.


Zhao Sisi was shocked and hurriedly pounced over.

Only at this moment, Cao Feng’s mouth was talking nonsense again, and she looked like she was mentally disturbed.

“Woo woo woo, what’s going on.” Zhao Si Si cried as she hugged Cao Feng, “Mum was fine just now, talking to me so much, why has she suddenly turned into this state again ah.”

“Maybe, blame me.”

Neo said with chagrin, hating himself in his heart.

Was he brain-damaged, why did he walk in so suddenly, how did he forget how he looked now, Cao Feng was now in her forties, suddenly seeing herself in her twenties, she must have been unable to react at once. And she had just recovered mentally, this stimulation, it was over again.

“Right, what did your mother say to you just now?”

Neo steadied her mind and asked.

“Mom said that she didn’t abandon me, but when she strayed to Jiangyang City and gave birth to me, she passed out, and when she woke up, I was gone. Later she left Jiangyang City and never forgot me and came back to look for me again, for years, in fact she was looking for me all the time ……”

Zhao Si Si said and cried again, “It’s my bad, I always thought that my mother abandoned me, I know now, my mother has been looking for me, she is also because of looking for me that she lost her mind, I, must take good care of her, earn money and take her to see a doctor!”

At this point, she suddenly stopped crying, and her face looked determined, “I, have decided to go to the Huangjin Bar!”

Neo sighed and didn’t say anything.

There was nothing more to say now that things had come to this.

He could only sigh that he couldn’t do anything to help now.

If only the family was still around.

He had planned to get some information from Cao Feng, but now it seemed hopeless.

As for Neo himself, he didn’t know how to find out about the family now, after all, he didn’t have a penny, let alone going to Tiandao, even if he went to Jinling, it was impossible.

Take your time.

A week later.

In front of the Huangjin Bar.

A young man hid in the shadow of a street lamp post. It was early autumn and the night was already a little cool, the young man couldn’t help but shrink his neck as he wore a shabby singlet.

There was a battered old bicycle straddling him, one man and one bike, looking a little lonely.

“Who is this guy? Why is he squatting here every day, it’s been almost a week, shouldn’t he be asking for food here?”

“Not a beggar, it seems his girlfriend works in a bar, late the night before last, I saw a woman come out of the bar and follow him all the way home.”

“Fuck, how can he have a girlfriend with that poor look? Pushing a broken bike to pick up his girlfriend? I don’t even have a girlfriend in a Land Rover, she must be a brainiac.”

“Who’s to say it’s not? Both men and women are brain-dead. Anyway, if it were up to me, I wouldn’t have the face to pick up my girlfriend on a bicycle.


The two roadies spat at the youth and cursed as they walked past him.

The youth didn’t care about their words, his attention was all focused on the inside of the bar.

Although he was outside, he could still see everything inside the bar clearly through the glass wall.

Inside the bar, Zhao Si Si carried a tray full of various high-class drinks and carefully weaved through the crowd. When he came to a table, a customer with a cross face reached out to touch one, Zhao Si Si dodged it in a panic and the customer laughed.

When the youth saw this, he couldn’t help the light contracting in his eyes, only, he could only endure it.

Yes, the youth was, of course, Neo.

Zhao Si Si had no choice, on the one hand, she had to call the rent for her grandmother’s house, on the other hand, she needed money to take care of her own mother who was suffering from mental illness, naturally.

There was no place for her in Jiang Yang City, no place that dared to give her a job.

She could only come here.

There is nothing Neo can do. He wants to help Zhao Si Si, but at this moment, there is nothing he can do because he does not have any power or wealth.

Zhao Si Si works as a waitress at the Huangjin Bar and doesn’t get off work until twelve o’clock every night.

Of course she couldn’t afford to take a taxi, but it was too dangerous for a girl to walk at night, so every night, Neo would come here to wait for her after work and go home with her.

While waiting at the door, Neo would also look at Zhao Si Si from the outside, sometimes feeling guilty when he saw her being molested or whatever, but there was nothing he could do about it.

A bar of this calibre was not a place he could go into.

Suddenly, a snow-white light shone, a harsh braking sound, and a Lamborghini Supreme stopped in front of the bar.

A man, surrounded by many sultry women, got out of the car and walked straight towards the bar.

At this moment Neo happened to look up and just happened to collide with the man’s gaze.

Cui Yongtang!

Neo sighed in his heart, why did this guy come here?

And naturally, Cui Yongtang recognised Neo.

His gaze, with a bit of hatred and a bit of contempt, glanced up and down at Neo, swept his gaze past the tattered clothes on Neo’s body and the bicycle next to him, hummed, and there seemed to be a bit more deep meaning in his gaze.

Retracting his gaze, he walked towards the Huangjin Bar.

“Young Cui is so generous, bringing us here to drink.”

“Young Cui, if people get drunk, you’ll be responsible oh.”

The few sultry women, surrounding Cui Yongtang, squeezed desperately towards Cui Yongtang and entered the bar.

“Young Cui!”

“Young Cui is here!”

“That, a bottle of Sui Wendi Kaihuang Three Years for young Cui, on me!”

In the bar, as soon as they saw Cui Yongtang coming, the people took the initiative to greet each other.

This was of course, although the Huangjin Bar hid dragons and crouching tigers, Cui Yongtang was after all the number one young man in Jiangyang City.

Zhao Si Si was busy working in the bar, when she suddenly saw a large group of people coming in from Cui Yong Tang, she too had a tremor on her body and her heart immediately got nervous.

This was for sure, after all, the past feud was there, and now her own status and identity was not even as good as an ordinary citizen in Jiangyang City.

In front of Cui Yongtang, it was simply not enough to look at.

She hurriedly lowered her head and hid behind the bar, hoping that Cui Yongtang would not see her.

“That, you, go and serve the table of young Cui.”

Fearing what was coming, she was expecting Cui Yongtang not to see her when the manager on duty came to give the order.

Zhao Si Si resisted in her heart and was a little scared in her mind.

But there was nothing else to do.

With as professional a smile as she could muster, she made her way to Cui Yongtang’s table and stood there, steadying her mind, “Welcome to the Huangjin Bar, I will be serving you this time, so please do let me know if you need anything.”

“Yo.” Cui Yongtang crossed his legs and swayed his body to look at Zhao Si Si, “Didn’t all of Jiang Yang City used to say that you were very innocent and pure, why are you working at this place now? You want to open up now? Or have you become more flirtatious than before?”

Zhao Si Si lowered her head, and although she felt doubly humiliated in her heart, she knew she couldn’t say a word.

“Wine, pour it all out!”

Cui Yongtang ordered.

Zhao Si Si could only obey, and poured wine all over the table, into the cups in front of each person.

“Give it to me, drink!”

When Zhao Si Si had finished pouring, Cui Yong Tang pushed all the glasses of wine in front of Zhao Si Si.


Zhao Si Si froze for a moment.

“Nonsense, I’m here to have fun, you’re here to serve me, do whatever I tell you to do!” Cui Yongtang said with a fierce smile as he looked at Zhao Si Si.

Zhao Si Si knew the rules of the Huangjin Bar.

At this moment she had no choice but to reluctantly drink a cup.

“Here, and there, all of them must be drunk!”

Cui Yongtang pushed all the other glasses of wine over.

Zhao Si Si was ruthless and drank them all, one after the other.

She hadn’t had any wine, and by the time she had finished, her face was red and her stomach was churning, and her face was already in great pain.

“Pour more!”

Cui Yongtang ordered again.

Zhao Si Si forced her body to endure the discomfort and continued pouring the wine.

“Keep drinking!”

When she had poured the wine, Cui Yongtang said again.

“Really, you can’t drink any more.”

Zhao Si Si pleaded, at this moment, her eyes were tearing up from the pain.

“Damn it, I came here to have fun, do whatever you’re told, drink it for me!” Cui Yongtang said angrily.

Zhao Si Si had no choice but to force herself to hold back, picking up a glass of wine, ready to hold back and drink it down.

However, when she lifted the glass, the nauseous feeling surfaced as soon as the wine gas rushed into her nose.

Zhao Si Si’s hand shook and the glass fell directly on Cui Yong Tang, but she couldn’t care any more and rushed away, running to the bathroom and vomiting frantically.

She almost vomited out her entire internal organs.

Zhao Si Si only felt that she had no energy left at all.

At this moment, she seemed to lie down and rest for a while.

“You, come here now!”

At some point, the manager came to Zhao Si Si in a rage, pulling her hard and coming to the side of Cui Yong Tang’s table again.

“Damn it, my tens of thousands of dollars of clothes have been soiled by the drinks, what do you think should be done, it was someone in your bar who soiled them, you have to pay me for it!”

Cui Yongtang shouted.

“Cui young master calm down.” The manager first comforted Cui Yongtang, then looked at Zhao Si Si, “This will be deducted from your salary!”

“No, manager.”

Zhao Si Si cried, this is more than 10,000 yuan, if it was deducted, he would almost be working for nothing for two months ah.

“Then you plead with Cui Shao, don’t plead with me.” The manager said.

Zhao Si Si was dumbfounded.

“Either get down on your knees and beg me, or pay for my clothes.” Cui Yongtang said smugly, “Now, you know the benefits of marrying a rich man, now you know that being rich means you can do whatever you want, huh, you chose that poor boy, this is your retribution, let me tell you, now that poor boy is out there watching me bully you, what can he do?”

Zhao Si Si suddenly felt a pang of bitterness in her heart.

Yes, of course she knew that Neo was watching all this from outside.

For the past week or so, Neo had been waiting outside to pick her up.

“Let her go!”

It was at this moment that Neo finally rushed in.

Yes, he was outside and couldn’t look away.

“Get out!”

The manager, with a few bodyguards, stopped Neo, “The minimum spend to enter the bar is a thousand dollars, do you have it! No get out!”

Neo was dumbfounded, he indeed didn’t have a thousand, not even a hundred.

“Get out!”

Neo was pushed out and could only watch as Cui Yongtang bullied Zhao Si Si.

“A punk is a punk, and a poor punk will always be a poor punk, so tell me, what should you do now! If you don’t get down on your knees, you’ll just have to pay me back!”

Cui Yongtang smiled smugly and looked at Zhao Si Si.

It was at this moment.


There was a loud bang from outside.

“Young Cui, your Lamborghini was hit by someone!” Someone outside shouted.

“Crap! Who’s so bold!”

Cui Yongtang was in a hurry and hurriedly led his men out of the bar.

At this moment, outside, sure enough, a sports car was crashing into the Lamborghini.

Neo looked at the sports car, “My Ferrari?”


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