At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 533

What had happened in the past twenty years?

Neo was eager to find out.

The Lu Family had existed in the world for thousands of years, and for thousands of years, it had been in charge of the world, and for thousands of years, the seventy-two institutes, including the Lingnan Institute, had been under the control of the Lu Family.

How could it be that now, in just twenty short years, control would be lost?

“Of course I know.” Di Huang said.

“What has happened?” Neo asked eagerly.

“Oh, you have to ask me even about this little thing? Since when have you become so useless? If you really want to know, then you should find out for yourself.” Di Huang looked at Neo indifferently, “Thanks to the fact that you were once a Heavenly Xuan as well, I’m really ashamed to be one with you.”

“Neo, you go for it.” Seemingly feeling that Di Huo’s words were too heartless, Cai Wei suddenly spoke up as well, looking at Neo with a bit of affection in her gaze.

After all, Caiwei was also very clear in her heart about how Neo had once taken care of herself.

“Caiwei, don’t talk to him in the future, let’s go.” Di Huang pulled Cai Wei and left.

“Anyway, thank you for your help just now.” Neo said.

“You don’t need to thank me either. Maybe the next time we meet, we’ll be enemies of each other again.” Di Huang’s voice came from afar.

Neo was stunned for a moment, not knowing what Di Huang meant by this statement.

But he didn’t think about this much anymore.

“Let’s go, Cao Feng.”

Neo picked up the still mad Cao Feng and looked at the corpses all over the ground, and in his heart, he could not help but feel the killing and inhumanity of Di Huang again.

The two of them had just taken two steps when the bell rang ……

Behind them came the ringing of a mobile phone, coming from the man’s side.

Neo’s heart twitched.

He remembered that mobile phone, when he was at the Rosebud party, he thought he was calling the contact number of the family’s resident general control centre, but it turned out to be the very same phone that he had actually called.

And the mad Cao Feng took the call while the man wasn’t looking.

Because Cao Feng was mentally ill, no matter what Neo said at the time, Cao Feng was cooperating with Neo, so that Neo also mistook the call to the family’s resident master control centre at the time.

This man, how could he have the number of the General Control Centre?

Or rather, how did the number of the General Control Centre come into this man’s hands?

And who could it be that was calling now?

Who else would be calling the family’s master control centre number?

Ringing ……

The phone was still ringing.

Without further hesitation, Neo picked up the phone from the man’s corpse.

“Hello ……” Neo listened quietly.

The phone came with a grating current sound, then “Hello Mr. Zheng, thank you for using China Telecom for three years, you are specially given a 5G traffic package of 100GB, can I give it to you now?”

Neo was instantly disappointed, it was the operator’s customer service calling, it didn’t make any sense.

But, wait.

“That, are you sure this number has been used for three years?” Neo asked with a twitch in his heart.

“Yes, sir, you have used it for exactly three years until today.”

“Then can you check the information about this number three years ago?” Neo asked.

“Three years ago, this number was used by a Mr. Zhang, and then after he cancelled it, the number was taken back by us, and then by you, Mr. Zheng.”

“Then check further back, yes, twenty years ago, for this number.” Neo asked hastily.

“Twenty years ago, this, uh, twenty years ago, the owner of this number was a gentleman surnamed Lu.” Customer service said.

Neo only felt a warmth in his heart, surnamed Lu, that’s right, twenty years ago, this number still belonged to the family.

“Then why was this number later withdrawn from Mr. Lu’s hands by you?” Neo asked.

“Because of the unpaid shutdown, it was shut down in 2021, so we took back the number and started reassigning it.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Hanging up the phone, Neo stood in a daze for a moment, he understood, yes, the mobile phone number of the General Control Center had long been recovered, and after a turnover in the hands of multiple people, now it just happened to be handled by that man.

And 2021 was down, that was exactly one year after he had left this world.

What had happened in just one short year that would have caused all the mobile phone numbers in the family department to go down in arrears, something that simply wasn’t possible in the past.

I wonder how everyone in the family is doing now.

Neo’s heart was even more preoccupied.

But for now, the more important thing was to take Cao Feng and get her out of here and settle down.

However, this was not an easy task.

Originally, I wanted to take Cao Feng to Zhang Lianxiang’s mother’s house, but when I thought about it, it was extremely inappropriate.

But Neo did not have an inch of standing room in Jiangyang City, nor did he have any money on him, so there was nowhere to put Cao Feng.

At this time, Neo truly understood that without a family and without money, it was really hard and difficult.

“You stay well here, don’t go anywhere, I’ll bring Sisi to see you later.”

In the room, with its high-grade solid wood floor and soft lighting, Neo managed to put Cao Feng to sleep.

It was no easy task to put a mental patient to sleep, thanks to the clean and tidy Simmons bed in this room, which was much better than the one Cao Feng used to live in.

Only then did Neo gently leave the room.

Then he went down the stairs and came outside.

Looking back at the villa behind him, Neo couldn’t help but feel a little bit in a trance, this place was a little bit similar to his own villa in the former Teng Wang Pavilion.

Not only did it look alike, but there was no one in this villa.

Yes, Neo found an isolated villa community, one of the villas, which had been unoccupied for a long time, and it was just the right place to temporarily house Cao Feng.

Of course, it was unethical to use someone’s house casually, but at this time Neo had no choice but to do so, so he would have to wait until he had fixed everything in the future, and then he would definitely compensate them.

Leaving the villa, Neo went back to Zhang Lianxiang’s mother’s house.

If it wasn’t for Zhao Si Si, he wouldn’t have come here.

Before, because of himself, Zhao Si Si’s family had fallen on hard times, Neo’s heart had already felt guilty, so he had been following Zhao Si Si’s side with the intention of making amends.

And now, after knowing that Zhao Sisi was Cao Feng’s daughter, Neo was of course even more unable to leave Zhao Sisi.

After all, Cao Feng was someone he had a relationship with, and no matter what, he had to help them, mother and daughter.

“Neo, where have you been, hurry up and wash your hands, it’s time to eat later.” Once she saw Neo come back, Zhao Sisi said.

Neo was only thinking of talking to her about Cao Feng at this moment, Neo remembered very clearly that at the Rose Party, when Cao Feng saw Zhao Sisi, she seemed to have sobered up a lot at once.

Then, if he let Cao Si Si and Cao Feng meet, perhaps Cao Feng would be better.

At that time, one could also find out from Cao Feng’s mouth what had happened in the past twenty years or so, right?

“En, let’s eat first.” Neo intended to talk about it later.

It was a large family, eating at a table.

To Neo’s surprise, it was still sumptuous, roast chicken and duck in sauce, stewed elbows and steamed crabs, a table full of them, although it was not as good as the dishes in a luxury hotel, it was very sumptuous for an ordinary people’s family.

“Thank you grandma, thank you aunt and uncle for entertaining us, this table of dishes, it looks delicious.” Zhao Si Si picked up her chopsticks, a rare smile on her face, and her thanks were very sincere.

Yes, it was not a good feeling to be a hostage, especially if one suffered blank stares and indifference from others.

But judging from this table of food, it was a warm treatment.

Zhao Si Si was grateful in her heart, one would undoubtedly be touched if one could feel cared for in the most difficult of times.

“Don’t move your chopsticks!” Wang Meifeng suddenly shouted sternly, glaring at Zhao Si Si in annoyance.

“That’s right, what are you busy with, Hui Hui hasn’t come back yet.” The old lady’s face also showed a few moments of disgust, “The elders haven’t even moved their chopsticks yet, how uncultured.”

“My family Hui Hui got a promotion and a pay rise today, this table is for us to celebrate her, Hui Hui is not back yet, you are treating yourself as the main character, you are really making yourself look good, you just picked up the chopsticks and are ready to eat, what kind of thing do you think you are?” Wang Meifeng was extremely nonchalant when she spoke.

Zhao Sisi’s face immediately turned red, and her head was lowered in shame, as if she was no longer embarrassed to lift it up.

Zhang Lianxiang sat there, smiling with her, seemingly not feeling anything about her daughter being humiliated.

Zhao Baoliang, on the other hand, looked very embarrassed and awkward. He took a quick glance at his daughter’s side, as if he wanted to say a few words of comfort, but he was already a coward, and on such occasions, despite his sadness, he dared not do anything.

In the end, he just sat there with his eyes blank, his heart full of worries and a kind of sadness written all over his face.

A table of food, a large family, just sitting and waiting.

“I’m back.”

Finally, there was movement from the doorway.

A young woman came in, dressed in a dry professional outfit, her short hair looking spirited too, her lips painted red and her face powdered white and white.

It was Zhao Si Si’s cousin Zhang Hui.

“Hui Hui is back, you’re exhausted, you’re hungry too, sit down quickly.”

Grandma and Wang Meifeng’s family greeted the princess like she was a princess.

“Hui Hui, how did it turn out today?”

As soon as Zhang Hui sat down, the Zhang family’s family stretched their necks and poked their shoulders around, waiting nervously.

“Don’t mention it, it’s yellow!” Zhang Hui slapped the table in depression, “The leader said before that I could have been promoted to manager and my salary could have gone up to over 10,000, but now it’s all over!”


Grandma and Wang Meifeng and the others, instantly sat back on their asses in their original positions, all showing a dishevelled look.

“Not only that, I’m afraid it will be difficult for me to behave in the company in the future. The hope of promotion and salary increase in the future is even lower.” Zhang Hui’s face became even gloomier.

“Ah! What the hell is going on? Hui Hui?”

“That’s right, Hui Hui, what’s going on, didn’t you say before that the boss of your company thought highly of you?”

The crowd gathered around anxiously again.

“It’s not because of their family!”

Zhang Hui suddenly stood up angrily and pointed at Zhao Si Si’s side.

“Huh?” Zhang Lianxiang smiled curtly, “Hui Hui, what do you mean by that, how is it related to our family now?”

“You guys are still pretending to be confused?” Zhang Hui hummed, “It’s because your family made a fool of themselves at the Rose Gala, which made the bigwigs at Lingnan Institute disappointed in our Jiang Yang City, thus Jiang Yang City lost the opportunity to be governed by Lingnan Institute, because of this, Jiang Yang City lost a lot of development opportunities all of a sudden!”

“Originally, if things hadn’t gone wrong and Jiang Yang City had come under the jurisdiction of the Lingnan Institute, then our company would have been well developed, it would have grown immediately and I would have been promoted and given a pay rise, but it was because of you that Jiang Yang City lost its chance, our company lost its chance and thus I lost my chance too!”

“Not only did I lose the chance of a promotion and a pay rise, but everyone in the company knows that I am a relative of yours, so they all resent me, and I can’t behave properly in the company, you know!”

“You guys are really a bunch of rubbish, do you know how long Jiang Yang City has been preparing for this chance to get this favor from Lingnan Institute, but it’s because of you guys that this chance was completely lost.”

The more Zhang Hui spoke, the more agitated she became, looking as if she was about to rush over.

“Hui Hui is right, Lingnan Institute, I heard that it was simply like the emperor in ancient times, it was so easy to have a chance to please, but you guys even spoiled it.”

“Yes, Lingnan Institute is like the sky in South China, I heard that the lifeline of various industries are firmly controlled by them, now Jiang Yang City is abandoned by Lingnan Institute, it will definitely be a hard time in the future.”

“It’s good enough that we’re taking them in now, and they still don’t know how to be grateful at all.”

Grandmother and Wang Meifeng, you said one thing and I said another, the more you said the more disgusted you sounded.

Zhao Si Si bowed her head, and it was clear that she must have felt doubly humiliated.

“Take them in, and not for nothing!” Zhang Hui said with a sneer, “Why should they be allowed to live in our house for nothing, then they have to go out to work to earn money too!”

“Right, you family, don’t stay idle either, hurry up and find a job.” Wang Meifeng echoed her daughter.

“But where are we going to find a job?” Zhang Lianxiang’s face was bitter, “Now our family is blocked by Jiang Yang City, in the morning Zhao Baoliang and I went out to look for work, no matter what job, even if it’s a waitress cleaner, as soon as they saw us, they all said no ah, no one dares to give us a job opportunity now.”

“I’ve thought about this a long time ago!”

Zhang Hui sneered, “You can’t find job opportunities, but she can, since you are living with us, let her go out and work to pay our rent!”

Zhang Hui suddenly pointed at Zhao Sisi.

“Hui Hui, I’m afraid you don’t know that Si Si is blocked just like us ……,” Zhao Baoliang said.

“The ones who blocked you all did so because they were afraid of the big families in Jiangyang City, but there was one place that even the Cui family couldn’t control because it was said that the background of the owner of that place was a big family from out of town. In the whole of Jiangyang City, there’s only that place that the big families of Jiangyang City can’t control, so she can totally go to work there!”

“Ah, where is that?” Zhao Baoliang said in a frozen voice.

“Huangjin Bar!”

“Huangjin Bar ……” Zhao Baoliang’s face instantly changed, he had never been to that place, but he knew what that kind of place, in general, was like.

Especially the Huangjin Bar, because it was said that the forces behind it were so powerful that even the Cui family didn’t dare to ask about anything that usually happened, so it was also the most degenerate place in Jiangyang City.

After all, if even the Cui family didn’t dare to interfere, who else would dare to interfere?

So it is simply like a worldly utopia where no one is in control and where you can do whatever you want.

It was also the most mysterious, depraved and indulgence-filled place in Jiang Yang City.

“I don’t want to go there.” Zhao Si Si finally lifted her head, her gaze looking flustered.

“Don’t go? Then what do you want to do? Be a big lady at home while we feed you? We work our asses off all day outside and you enjoy yourself at home?” Wang Meifeng’s mouth dropped as she said.

“That’s right, if you want to work, you have to work, you have hands and feet at home to nibble on old age? I think this matter is settled, according to Hui Hui said, go to work there, you still do not quickly thank your cousin Hui Hui, she for your matter, also worried about.” The old lady also said.

“Yes, how can we not go?”

“If you should go, you have to go!”

The others, too, said.

“I’m not going, I’m really not going.” She looked at the table full of people, there was not a single kind and trustworthy face, at this moment she was like a little lamb falling into the wolves, “Dad, mum, I don’t want to go, I don’t want to go.” Zhao Si Si’s voice was all tinged with hurried sobs, at this moment, the only one she could rely on was her parents.

“Yes, Si Si can’t go there.” Zhao Baoliang also hurriedly shook his head.

“Dad ……” Zhao Si Si choked out with a sudden burst of warmth in her heart, at such a time, Zhao Baoliang was still standing by her side, making her very touched.

“How come you can’t go.” Suddenly, Zhang Lianxiang spoke up, “If she doesn’t go, you can’t find a job, I can’t find a job, who will earn money to support the family?”

“Mom ……,” Zhao Si Si froze for a moment.

“It’s also time for you to take responsibility, you can’t spend your life thinking you’re a pampered young lady!” Zhang Lianxiang glared at her daughter, “Besides, if you had married Cui Shao honestly in the first place, wouldn’t there have been nothing at all, you had to get involved with this hanger-on, and don’t you cry to me, this matter, it’s a deal!”

“Dad!” Zhao Sisi cried and flung herself into Zhao Baoliang’s arms.

“You, how can you let your daughter go to that kind of place ……,” Zhao Baoliang looked at Zhang Lianxiang, who had always been a coward, but at this time, he finally had a bit of anger on his face.


A slap, fiercely slapped on Zhao Baoliang’s face.

“Do you have the right to speak?!” Zhang Lianxiang’s gaze seemed to carry fire, spraying on Zhao Baoliang’s face, “Marrying you is my blindness, I have never lived a good day, in vain you are a member of the Zhao family, a dog would be better than you, you give me honestly!”

This slap was really effective, Zhao Baoliang covered his face and was instantly distracted.

“You are my daughter, if I tell you to go, you have to go! Don’t cry and whine!” Zhang Lianxiang glared at Zhao Sisi.


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