At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 532

Neo listened to these two old ladies, and as you and I talked about some of Cao Feng’s affairs, he also felt very uncomfortable in his heart.

It seemed that Cao Feng had not had a good time over the years.

“Her husband, how was he treating her, was he good?” Neo said these words with great difficulty.

Because there was really no way he could relate the man he saw at the Rose Party to Cao Feng.

“It’s not really good.” The old lady shook her head, “That man sometimes beats her, and when he does it can be really hard, we can hear women crying out here to the left and right.”

“Sometimes the cries are so pathetic to hear.” Another old lady said, “That man beat that crazy woman with whatever he had in his hand, a coat hanger, a broom, and even a steel bar, and when we talked about it anyway, we all thought that crazy woman would be beaten to death sooner or later.”

When Neo heard this, he couldn’t help but clench his fists.

It had been more than twenty years, Lingnan Institute was no longer part of the family, and Cao Feng had gone through all these encounters, as if the world, was getting worse and worse.

“Why doesn’t she leave?” Neo asked.

“A crazy woman, how can she leave, she doesn’t even know the way, she’s been beaten hard, and she’s escaped a few times, but she’s still been caught and beaten even harder.”

“Yes, besides a crazy person, how to live when she walks out is still a problem, her man beats her, but with that man, at least she can still have enough to eat.”

Neo’s heart couldn’t help but ache again, the once Miss Cao, reduced to being with such a man for a mouthful of food, this is what no one would expect, right?

“Alas, speaking of which, this woman is really pitiful too, mentally challenged, how come she has no family? It’s better to have a family to take her back than to suffer here. By the way, young man, are you her family?”

“Me, a friend I guess, a friend from long ago.”

Thinking of the old days and of the present Cao Feng, Neo had a feeling in his heart that things were not what they used to be.

He stopped lingering and went to the courtyard next to him, which the two old ladies had just told him was the very courtyard where Cao Feng and the man lived together.

It was one of those very large urban village courtyards, surrounded by rows of small, simple three-storey buildings, and in one courtyard, conservatively, a few dozen people could live.

The courtyard was dilapidated, with ground-floor clothes hanging everywhere, and the whole courtyard was filled with the smell of cheapness.

The more I looked at it, the sadder I felt.

How on earth could Cao Feng get to this point?

Neo couldn’t figure it out.

The only reasonable explanation was that after Cao Feng gave birth to Zhao Sisi, for some reason, she lost the child and was so strongly mentally stimulated that she went crazy.

Then she had been wandering outside, a mentally ill person, who of course had no way to contact her family, and later strayed to Jiang Yang City, and then was taken in by that man.


As Neo was thinking, the door to the courtyard suddenly opened and a woman entered.

Seeing this woman, Neo’s heart was instantly pleased, yes, this woman was none other than Cao Feng.

At this time, at this angle, Neo could see more clearly.

Although the woman’s hair was yellow and dishevelled, blocking part of her face, and although her face was also dirty and stained, her eyebrows still revealed a noble beauty, a style that had been cultivated by Cao Feng’s 20-odd years in the gentry during her lifetime.

Cao Feng was carrying something in her arms and hurriedly walked in.

While walking, also while patting the object in his arms, shaking the object in his arms, “Si Si, Si Si ……”

Said and came to Neo’s side.

Neo’s heart couldn’t help but jump up.

He hurriedly looked around, Cao Feng was the only one who came in, no one else came in, nor the man, the opportunity was too good to miss!

He was certainly not afraid of the man, but of course the simpler things were, the better.

Thinking, he took Cao Feng by the hand, “Come with me.”

And with that, he rushed towards the door.

Neo didn’t want anything else now, he just wanted to take Cao Feng away first.

“Stinking b*tch, what have you done!”

Who knew that just as he reached the door, a strong man came in from outside, cursing, and it was the same man Neo had seen at the Rose Party who had come to look for Cao Feng.

This man was so furious that he didn’t even seem to notice Neo, and as soon as he entered, he went straight for Cao Feng, snatching at the things in her arms.

“No, this is my baby, my Sisi!” Cao Feng shouted hurriedly.

“You paralyzed child!” The male was so strong that he violently snatched it away from Cao Feng’s arms.

But at this moment Cao Feng, as if she was a lioness, and not knowing where she got the strength, pounced straight at the man.

The two of them just fought and grabbed each other.


The object in Cao Feng’s arms fell to the ground.


It fell to pieces.

“My child!” Cao Feng sat on her buttocks, looking at the ground and crying.

It was at this time that another stall owner-like person came in at the door, “I say man, your wife snatched the durian from my stall …… ah, it’s already smashed, it’s time to pay for it!”

“How much?” The man grimaced.

“It’s imported from Thailand, and it’s so big, it’s at least two hundred dollars a piece.” The stall owner said.

“Two hundred!” The man’s face grew even angrier and he pulled out two hundred dollars and threw it at the stall owner.

Then, bang kicked Cao Feng fiercely.

“Bitch, you’re a real loser to me, you made me lose two hundred yuan in one go today, all my work today is for nothing, f*ck you, I raised you to break my bank! See if I don’t beat you to death today!” With that, he pulled down his belt and was about to greet Cao Feng.

“Stop it!”

Neo couldn’t ignore this time, so he hurriedly pulled Cao Feng up and blocked him behind himself.

“Who the hell are you! What do you want!”

The man had been to the Rose Villa, but he was so scared when he went there that he didn’t remember Neo.

“I want to take her.” Neo said in a firm voice.

“Fuck, are you here to steal my woman?” The man stared fiercely at Neo and suddenly let out a shout, “Lao San, Lao Si, come over here, there’s a f*cking little punk who wants to rob someone!”

With a shout, a group of men rushed in at the door.

All were bare-chested, with a characteristic hostility and savagery on their faces, and at a glance they were the kind of bottom-feeding mob that was prone to impulsive temper tantrums, and the courtyard was filled up at once.

“This is my woman, you can take her away if you want to f*cking take her, who do you think you are!”

“She’s not your woman, you just saw that she was mentally unstable and took control of her and dominated her!” Speaking of this, a kind of nameless fire rose in Neo’s heart, “You control her personal freedom, treat her as your effort and ownership, beat her, bully her, I must take her away today, after that, she has no more relationship with you!”

“Fuck you, what are you pushing for!” A bare-chested man next to him, cursing under his breath, threw a punch at Neo.


Neo threw a punch at him, hitting him on the cheek.

The guy flew out of the room on the spot and fell, covering his mouth and m*aning. He spat out a mouthful of blood in pain, with two teeth in it.

Neo didn’t want to do it and knew that he had to obey the law and not use violence casually, but being forced to this extent, there was nothing he could do.

The rest of the men were all subdued.

They were all frozen in place.

No one dared to be on.

“Let’s go, Cao Feng.” Neo gently took Cao Feng’s hand, helped her up and walked towards the door.

Holding Cao Feng’s hand, Neo’s heart, finally, could settle down a bit, rescuing Cao Feng today was a beginning for himself after coming to twenty years, he still had a lot of things to do!

And now that he had started, those who were related to him, he had to go and find them one by one and find out everything about them now.

“Hold on!”

Suddenly the man behind him shouted again, “Who are you to her and why are you taking her!”

“I’m her friend.” Neo said coldly, “I took her so she could have a better life, she shouldn’t be here!”

“Oh, really?”

The man sneered back, “You say you’re her friend, is that true please? I’ve been living with her for four or five years, how come you’ve never once come here, may I ask if there are such friends? What kind of friend are you to her like that?”

Neo was stunned.

For a moment, he didn’t know how to answer.

Although Neo knew that he was indeed not to blame for not coming to Cao Feng for such a long time, after all, he had only come to twenty years later by chance. If one went by common sense, one should not have appeared in the world at this time at all.

However, being asked this question, Neo’s heart still felt a little self-condemnation.

No matter what, in these few years, Cao Feng had been living such a miserable life ah.

“Also, you said that you took her away to give her a better life, may I ask how good a life you could give her? May I ask where you were when she was wandering? May I ask if you took care of her while she was collecting rubbish from the bins to eat?” The man continued with a sneer, “You didn’t, but I took care of her, I gave her a warm home, I kept her from wandering, from sleeping on park benches, from sleeping on the street, from eating spoiled food, from being stoned by children, I let her live in my house, I gave her clothes to wear, I fed her every day, every day for the past four or five years, I took care of her. taking care of her, and if it wasn’t for me she would have died out there! So I was her saviour, and it was me who was by her side when she was in the worst of times! Not you, who are you! Who are you to say you can give her a good life!”

“I ……”

Neo was speechless for a moment.

Yes, this man was also right, as far as Cao Feng’s state of mind was concerned, if she wandered outside, I’m afraid she wouldn’t be able to endure for a few years may really have an accident.

Although this man was not nice, he did take care of Cao Feng after all.

“Baby, come on, have some porridge.”

At some point, the man brought a bowl of ice porridge, crystal white porridge, mixed with red dates and wolfberries, with sultanas and nuts sprinkled on top, it looked very cold and tasty.

The man looked at Cao Feng and beckoned.

As soon as Cao Feng saw the congee, her eyes lit up and she suddenly broke away from Neo and ran to the man’s side.

The man used a spoon and fed it to Cao Feng, one spoonful at a time.

“Did you see that? We’re good together!” The man looked at Neo, “This is how I’ve been taking care of her for the past five years or so, and you’ve done nothing! All you think about is coming and sitting back and enjoying yourself! There are things you don’t understand and you can’t see, so please, leave us alone! Compared to me, you are nothing in her mind!”

Neo was completely frozen at this point, his heart, plunged into a painful self-condemnation.

Yes, Cao Feng had led such a long and miserable life, what had he done?

Moreover, was there actually any real connection between himself and Cao Feng? Cao Feng had probably forgotten about himself a long time ago.

What was one really doing?

Was he really doing the right thing?

Was it possible that he was just being presumptuous?

Neo’s heart was in turmoil for a moment, and he shook his head, perhaps he should leave now.

Despite the pain in his heart, an indescribable pain.

Despite the fact that he felt something was wrong, something that he could not say.

Yet, he should leave himself.

Neo sighed in his heart, turned around, and was just about to leave.

At some point, two more people came in at the door, right in front of Neo.

Neo only felt a dazzling confusion in front of his eyes, and a very noble fragrance came from his nose, in front of him, stood two women.

Once he saw these two women.

Neo instantly, directly the whole body stiffened.

“It’s you, you guys …… How, possibly ……” Neo muttered, the shock in his heart, I’m afraid it’s hard to describe it in words.

“You really are as pathetic as ever.”

One of the women looked at Neo indifferently, her gaze filled with an indescribable teasing and contempt. She wasn’t considered an extremely beautiful woman, but she was very tasty looking and had a few mysterious moments.

The other woman was very pretty, her gaze bright and beautiful, her figure slender and elegant, her whole person carried a feeling of fairy aura, she was quietly nestled next to the first woman, she didn’t say anything, she only looked at Neo quietly, as if she was looking at an old friend.

“What do you mean.” Neo frowned.

“Women who are related to you still always end up in tragedy.” The cold woman’s gaze did not leave Neo for a moment, her gaze was extremely oppressive, “That’s why I said you are pathetic, pathetic, negative, dark, you are the dark side.”

“I ……”

Neo wanted to retort, but for a moment he didn’t know what to say.

Perhaps, at this moment, he thought in his heart that the woman was right?

“Watch me teach you what to do.”

Seeing Neo’s head lowered and momentarily speechless, a hint of quick relief and smugness flashed across her face as she stopped paying attention to Neo, took the beautiful woman by her side and walked straight towards Cao Feng and the man.

“Let this woman go.” The cold woman, coldly stared at the man, her voice cold and unusually icy.

“Tsk, two more beauties?”

The man, however, laughed playfully, his gaze glancing over the indifferent woman and the beautiful woman beside her with reckless abandon.

The bare-chested men around them had their eyes agitated.

These two beauties in front of them were too beautiful, and with their status and position, they could not normally come into contact with women of this level, and now, these two beauties, appeared in this courtyard.

Appearing on their turf!

“If you can touch me a little, maybe I’ll consider it.” The man continued to flirt.

With a cold smile on her lips, the indifferent woman suddenly reached out her hand and surprisingly actually stroked the man’s face.

“Tsk, comfortable ……” The man’s face showed an intoxicated expression, however, it was only in that moment that his expression froze completely.

The indifferent woman’s fingers, suddenly surging, five fingers, went straight through the man’s head, penetrating through his cheek and out through the top of his head.


The woman pulled out her hand, her fingers were surprisingly clean, not a single drop of blood, still so white and slender that they looked as if they were a work of art.

The man, on the other hand, fell to the ground with a thud at this point, and blood began to pour from both the top of his head and his cheek.

Clearly, dead for good.

Ah ……

The other few men, as if they had seen a ghost, were so frightened at this point that their faces were deformed, and one by one they screamed strangely and tried to escape.

Brush brush brush!

The cold woman waved her hand, none of these men ran away, directly all heads fell to the ground, the courtyard was instantly full of blood.

It was only a few seconds’ work, all these men were dead.

“Here, didn’t you want to take her away, now you can.”

The indifferent woman took Cao Feng’s hand and put it into Neo’s hand, her movements still carried a cold ice.

“You, you killed them all ……,” Neo couldn’t believe it, this woman, too f*cking ruthless and decisive.

“Why not kill? They stopped you, got in your way, went against you, they had to die, not to mention ……” said the cold woman, pointing at Cao Feng, “she’s your woman.”

“If a woman is yours.” The indifferent woman said coldly, “Please protect her. If someone breaks you together, you kill them, if someone stops you from being together, you kill them too, it’s as simple as that.”

“In this world, only the people you love are the most important.” The cold woman said, gently wrapping her arms around the beautiful woman beside her, “I would make the world an ocean of blood for the people I love.”

“I hope the next time I see you, you won’t be so pathetic and pathetic.” The cold woman finished her sentence raw and cold, turned around and prepared to leave.

“Wait a minute.” Neo only woke up a bit like a dream at this point, “You guys, how, how come you’re here? After the last Heavenly Island ……”

“Hahahahaha.” The cold woman at this time turned her back on Neo and laughed, “Why can’t we be here, I emperor phoenix heaven and earth, ancient and modern travel, everywhere I come and go, now I’m with Caiwei, I’m going to take her, walk through all the places and times of this world properly, see all the scenery with her. Yet you will never know the kind of joy that comes from being with the person you love the most.”

Speaking here, Di Huang thought for a moment and added a heart-breaking sentence, “Perhaps, you will never be able to experience it.”

Neo’s heart ached, and he didn’t say anything.

He also knew that Di Huo was just deliberately mocking himself.

But at that moment, with a movement in his heart, he suddenly asked again, “Then, do you know what has happened in my family, what has happened in the past twenty years?”


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