At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 531

Cao Feng.

At the thought of that name, all of a sudden, before Neo’s eyes, as if a movie was playing, a delicate looking woman with a tall figure, wearing a s*xy tube skirt and a waistless white shirt, appeared in front of him.

Yes, that was how he had looked when he first met Cao Feng in the library.

Once Cao Feng was also a beautiful and noble young lady from a wealthy family, one of those who were sought after by gentry and whose boudoir’s threshold was broken by matchmakers.

At that time, I believe that anyone who met Cao Feng would not believe that she would one day become like this.

A middle-aged woman in rags, with yellow skin and long, messy hair, Cao Feng now looks like a woman who has been ravaged by poverty in the marketplace.

There was no longer a trace of her former charm and grace.

This was why she was the eldest sister of the Cao family, but she had never been married even though she was 24 or 25.

But the man who is now dragging her is a vulgar, low-class man. In the past, such a man would not even be worthy of licking Cao Feng’s feet, and Cao Feng would not even look at him.

What had happened that Cao Feng would be with such a person?

If Cao Feng was like this, what about Cao Qian?

When he was away from Zhou Yun, it was with Cao Qian’s company that Zhou Yun had lived a peaceful life.

He was a young girl who had almost killed herself for him.

So where is Cao Qian now? How is she doing? Who is she married to?

Thinking that Cao Qian had married by this time, Neo felt a sense of loss in his heart.

Wait a minute, Cao Feng was already in his forties, so Cao Qian was also in her middle age, which meant that more than twenty years had passed since the beginning of time!

In other words, he had come to the Original Continent twenty years later!

Thinking of this, Neo’s heart began to thump.

Twenty years had passed, twenty years could change a lot of things.

Could it be that the family had also undergone many changes in these twenty years?

So now Lingnan Institute was no longer under the control of the family?

Also, how was grandfather, what about big brother and second brother Tianzhi and the others? What exactly is the state of the Lu family now?

As well as those friends and girls that one used to know, what are they all like now?

“Zhao Tianhong, what do you think about what happened today!”

Cui Lianke’s low voice came out, obviously implying a strong anger.

That was for sure, the Lingnan Institute was gone, and Jiang Yang City’s beautiful dream of joining in had been dashed.

“General Cui, yesterday, I expelled them from the family in front of everyone, these few people indeed have nothing to do with our Zhao family anymore ah.” Zhao Tianhong looked at Cui Lianke with a sad and pleading face, “As for what Mr. Cui wants to do with them, everything is at Mr. Cui’s disposal.”

It seemed that Zhao Tianhong really didn’t consider Zhao Baoliang as his son anymore.

“Well then, follow my words.” Cui Lianke coldly looked at Zhao Baoliang and Zhang Lianxiang’s family, “You will get out of here now and hurry up!”


Zhao Tianhong’s heart froze, what was going on? According to the trouble Zhao Baoliang’s family and that boy had caused today, the Cui family would be polite if they didn’t get them killed.

How could this mean that they were going to let them go?

“Damn, b*tch, so she’s the daughter of a lunatic… I’m glad I didn’t marry you! Otherwise, wouldn’t you have been snickered at by the entire Jiang Yang City? I never thought that the daughter that the Zhao family had raised for twenty years was raised for a crazy b*tch, hahaha, what a disgrace!”

Cui Yongtang looked at Zhao Si Si and spat fiercely.

“The Zhao family is really something, taking a crazy woman’s daughter as a grand lady.”

“Next time let’s also go find a madman’s child and give it to the Zhao family as a child, haha.”

Some of the people around, at this point, also coaxed laughter and mockery.

Only when Zhao Tianhong saw this did he suddenly understand in his heart why the Cui family had let them go.

In fact, just keeping Zhao Baoliang’s family alive was to humiliate the Zhao family, after all, the scene of that crazy woman just now was in everyone’s eyes.

Whether it was true or not, the matter that Zhao Si Si’s birth mother was a crazy woman would definitely spread in Jiang Yang City.

Once this kind of thing spreads, it doesn’t matter whether it is true or not, what matters is that Zhao Si Si will forever be associated with that crazy woman.

This would be an absolute humiliation for the Zhao family.

Yes, despite the fact that one had expelled Zhao Baoliang’s family and had repeatedly broken off relations with them, declaring that they were henceforth not part of the Zhao family.

But this was actually just one’s own wishful thinking.

For the Cui family and the other families in Jiangyang City, no matter what, what Zhao Baoliang’s family had done would still be counted against the Zhao family, after all, Zhao Baoliang had the blood of the Zhao family flowing through him.

Thinking of this, Zhao Tianhong’s heart itched with hatred for Zhao Baoliang, and he could not wait to go up and strangle Zhao Baoliang, the youngest and most useless son, to death right now.

After all, as long as Zhao Baoliang existed, what they did would always be counted against the Zhao family, and in the future, there was no telling how much trouble it would bring to the Zhao family!

But in front of Cui Lianke, Zhao Tianhong certainly did not dare to do anything out of the ordinary.

Not to mention that now Cui Lianke had said that he would let Zhao Baoliang’s family go.

“Did you hear what Mr. Cui said? Get lost now!” Zhao Tianhong bellowed.

Zhao Baoliang and Zhang Lianxiang, who were holding Zhao Sisi, hurriedly left the party at this point.

Neo also hurriedly followed them.

At this moment, Neo felt a tighter bond with Zhao Si Si, before it was just because he felt that his sudden appearance in Zhao Si Si’s guest room had caused her trouble, but now Neo knew that Zhao Si Si was Cao Feng’s daughter, so of course he could not stand by and do nothing.

No matter what, Cao Feng was also an acquaintance of his own.

“Sorry, this house has been reclaimed by the Zhao family, no idle people are allowed to approach.”

When Zhao Baoliang’s family and Neo, exhausted, returned to the community residence, they were stopped cold by the man at the door.

This time, Zhao Baoliang Zhang Lianxiang was suddenly dumbfounded.

Yes, in fact, the ordinary house they were living in was also the very property of the Zhao family, and now that Zhao Tianhong had sent someone to repossess the house, they had no place to live completely.

“It’s over, what’s going to happen now? Do we have to sleep on the road?” Zhao Baoliang held his head with a helpless look on his face.

“Look at you, you’re so useless, now you have to go to my mother’s house!” Zhang Lianxiang looked at Zhao Baoliang with no goodwill, “What’s the use of marrying you?

Zhang Lianxiang’s mother’s family was not a powerful family.

It was just an ordinary local family living in a village in the middle of town, a self-built house with a large family living there.

“Mum, we might have to stay here for a while.”

When Zhang Lianxiang brought the family to her mother’s house, her family’s face, obviously, was not very good.

They had certainly heard about those things about Zhao Si Si.

“Oh, the family’s place is already not big, how can we live with so many people coming all at once.” It was Zhang Lianxiang’s sister-in-law, Wang Meifeng, who spoke.

“Your sister-in-law is right, it’s indeed not very convenient.” Zhang Lianxiang’s mother, the old lady’s face was not as pleased to see her daughter’s family, but equally impatient.

“It’s not like we haven’t been here before. Wasn’t it also possible to live here then?” Zhang Lianxiang said.

“Was it the same then as now? Back then you were visiting relatives and carrying gifts, and look at you now, it’s like fleeing a disaster.” Wang Meifeng said.

The family’s attitude made Zhang Lianxiang’s family feel suffocated in their hearts.

They had been back to their mother’s house before, and at that time, although Zhao Baoliang was not very good either, he was still a member of the Zhao family after all, so of course the conditions were still much better than the ordinary people.

At that time, every time I went home, I was warmly received, and my wife and sister-in-law were all smiling.

Looking at what is happening now, it is a different story.

But although she was stifled, Zhang Lianxiang could only keep her head up and continue to plead.

“Then your family will stay in that room on the east side of the first floor.” The old lady could not bear Zhang Lianxiang’s pleading and finally gave her a room, “Remember, be quiet and behave yourselves, okay?”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

It was good to be given a place to stay, so Zhao Baoliang and Zhang Lianxiang nodded their heads and went up with their luggage.

“Grandma, auntie, it’s all my fault, I’m the one who made the family look like this, don’t blame mum and dad, if it wasn’t for me, they wouldn’t be like this, grandma, if you want to scold, scold me!” Zhao Si Si said.

“Oh, who’s your grandmother.”

“That’s right, who is you then auntie, you have nothing to do with us at all, you’re just an adopted one, think you’re something! We’ve never acknowledged you either, don’t get close!” Wang Meifeng glared at Zhao Si Si in disgust.

Zhao Si Si’s nose sank and she ran out with her head down.

Neo hurriedly followed and chased after her.

“Ooooooooo ……”

Zhao Sisi ran to an unoccupied corner and squatted down, her shoulders shrugging, looking very sad from crying.

Neo stood quietly next to her, his heart also feeling a few indescribable sorrows.

She let her cry for a while before Neo handed over a tissue.

“Is it true that adopted children are inferior to others? Will they really be looked down upon?” Zhao Si Si said with a sob.

“Not really, your mum and dad treat you well too, right? Especially your dad, he really loves you, and treats you like his own daughter. And for your sake, he didn’t even want his own child.” Neo said, and in his heart he admired Zhao Baoliang for this kind of fatherly love.

“Yes, dad is very good to me. He was the only one who made me not feel like I was an adopted relative.” Zhao Si Si said, “But others, however, always keep reminding me of my status, saying that I am adopted and looking down on me. In fact, sometimes I miss my real parents… Neo, do you think that poor crazy woman today is really my real mother?”

Neo froze.

To be honest, there was no way for him to confirm this.

He could only confirm that the woman was indeed Cao Feng, but of course Neo had no way of knowing who Cao Feng had had the child with, why she had abandoned the child in the first place, and how she had gone mad afterwards.

Moreover, there was no way for Neo to confirm that Zhao Si Si was Cao Feng’s daughter.

But judging from the way Cao Feng looked when he saw Zhao Sisi today, it was a big possibility.


Neo said cautiously.

“Ah ……” Zhao Si Si cried out in pain again when she heard Neo’s words, “How could this happen, how could my real mother be such a person, ah, although I have always resented my real parents in my heart, but always also because they are wonderful people, I really didn’t expect that my real mother would be like this, ooooooooo ……”

When Neo heard this, he could only have another moment of silence.

Your mother is not a crazy person like you think, when she was young, she was a famous white rich beauty in Wujiang City, her beauty, but also how many people bend.

But these words, Neo also did not say to Zhao Si Si.

Now was not the time to say such things, and thinking about it, Neo thought of Cao Feng again.

No, he had to find her.

By finding Cao Feng, Neo could at least ask something, or at least it would be beneficial for him to figure out how the world had changed in the past twenty years or so.

Of course, not only that, Neo also hoped that he could help Cao Feng.

After all, he had seen today that Cao Feng was not having a good time.

With that in mind, Neo comforted Zhao Si Si for a while longer, and when she had stabilised a little, he found an excuse and left the place.

It wasn’t very difficult to find Cao Feng.

After all, Cao Feng had made a lot of noise in the Rosebud Villa, and with the characteristics of a crazy woman, Neo made a little enquiry and someone pointed Neo in the right direction.

“It’s that alleyway in, that’s where they should live, as they can be seen coming out of there every day.” Someone said.

Neo said thank you and went into the alleyway.

It was a very obvious slum, part of an area to be demolished, and when you came in, there were illegal buildings everywhere, low residential houses and dirty conditions.

But there were not many people living here, mostly people who had come to the city to work.

After all, the rent here is cheap.

From the outside, the alleyway looked small, but after entering, it was still very big inside.

Neo could only look one courtyard at a time.

“Ah, young man, you’re looking for another crazy woman, huh? Yes, there is indeed one in here.”

“Yes, that’s right, forty-something, husband and wife, living right here.”

At the entrance of a courtyard, there were two old women sitting in the courtyard, chattering and choosing vegetables, and when they heard Neo’s enquiry, they were very enthusiastic, perhaps because at their age, few young people would take care of them, so when they saw Neo, the old women still talked a lot.

“Oh, young man, how long have you been here? Well, we don’t really know, but it must be at least two or three years.”

“As to whether it’s a real couple or not, young man, if you ask me, we can tell you, but of course we can’t gossip about it.

“But to be honest, like living in a place like this, it’s quite messy in that respect, and there are plenty of dewy couples. Like the other day, a couple who live in this neighbourhood were suddenly approached by a group of people and we realised they weren’t really a couple, the wife, who was brought in by the real husband.”

“But anyway, theirs did stay together.”

“That woman, ah, I won’t lie to you, is really crazy, not pretending, we all know it here in the neighbourhood, of course we know it, that woman is famous.”

“You want to ask how famous, we two old sisters have a lot to say about it.”

“That woman, do you know what she likes to say the most, she says her family used to be very rich, and that she was the number one beauty anywhere, and that she was a big lady when she was young, and drove some kind of sports car, and went in and out of some high class hotel and restaurant, and that there were many many rich and handsome men chasing her and so on, anyway, all these big words.”

“So, we all know her here just because she says these things and it’s a real joke, and everyone teases her with it.”

“But to be honest, this crazy woman is occasionally a little bit better, not that she’s not crazy anymore, but sometimes she’s a little bit quieter, and when she’s quiet, she dresses up, and I have to say, she’s really pretty if she’s dressed up, and she really looks like a young lady. I sometimes think I really believe her.”

“How can she be a grand lady, I think she’s just crazy and talking nonsense. Don’t you know that when she gets mad, she sometimes goes around calling something Third Young Miss. Look at what she says about the Third Young Master, can she be taken seriously?”

“That one can’t be taken seriously. Young man, don’t be curious, she said that the Third Young Master is even more powerful, saying something about the most powerful family in the world, and talking about aeroplanes and cannons and so on, then of course it must be false.”

Neo listened to these two old ladies in front of him as you said one thing and I said another.

In his heart, he probably had some understanding of Cao Feng’s recent situation.

Naturally, she was not wrong, she was indeed a young lady, but to be in this state today was really unbelievable.

“By the way, does she have a child?” Neo thought of Zhao Si Si and asked again.

“That’s right, and she often muttered about this, saying that she had a child, and that it was particularly difficult to have a child and so on.”

“Older sister, that one can’t be trusted even more, that’s what a madman would say.”

“That’s right, you can’t really believe that one, she said that she had a baby, she was pregnant for two years, boy, do you think you can believe that? What kind of person gets pregnant for two years.”

“And, she also said that when she was pregnant, she had to eat a table full of food at one meal, otherwise she would be hungry, and no one believes that either, do they?”

“You can eat more when you’re pregnant, but it’s not that outrageous.”

“So, we all think she made up being pregnant with a baby too, just the nonsense of a poor crazy woman.”

“Yes, after all, a normal pregnancy can’t be like that.”

The two old ladies added.


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