At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 530

“Third Young Master, Third Young Master ……”

In the quiet Rosebud Villa, an urgent shout suddenly came.

At once, everyone was startled!

Even those including Wang Fengtian and the rest of Lingnan Institute.

Really, someone was coming!

After Neo had made the call just now, Wang Fengtian didn’t say anything, just sat down and waited with a faint smile of disdain on his face.

Wang Fengtian wasn’t afraid at all in his heart, he knew what the power behind him was, so he certainly didn’t believe Neo’s words either.

He was waiting to see what kind of tricks Neo was up to.

When the others saw that Wang Fengtian was like this, naturally no one dared to say anything else either.

They all sat down and waited.

By now, the crowd had been waiting quietly for ten minutes.

No one took it seriously.

Everyone just wanted to see how Neo was going to act after half an hour.

But no one had expected that someone would actually come!

“Third Young Master, where are you!”

The voice soon came this way.

There was a commotion from the crowd, and it seemed that someone had barged in.

Yes, someone had really come.

“Third Young Master!” A middle-aged woman appeared in front of the crowd.

Seeing this woman, Neo was instantly frozen.

This woman, dressed in rags and tatters, the skin exposed where her clothes were torn also looked dry and grey, her hair was cloaked but withered, and she looked chronically malnourished.

“Third Young Master!”

The woman ran back and forth through the crowd, her mouth repeating her shouting, running to this person one moment and then to that person the next, looking mad as hell.

Neo was completely dumbfounded, what was going on?

Who was this woman?

Although the woman’s long hair was blocking half of her face, even with her face exposed, Neo couldn’t recognize it at all as someone he knew.

He had waited for half a day, but how could he have waited for such a woman, the family’s support?

What was going on?

Neo picked up his mobile phone, hesitated, and pressed the number of the Sky Island’s resident main control centre once more.



Suddenly, the ringing on the crazy woman suddenly rang loudly.

“Hello.” The crazy woman surprisingly stopped and picked up the phone, and her tone became a little more normal for a moment.

Seeing this scene, Neo’s heart jumped wildly, and an unsettling feeling steeply enveloped his heart.

“Excuse me, is this the seventy-two stationed general control centre on Sky Island?”

Neo tried to keep his emotions in check, but even his voice was trembling a little at this point.


The insane woman said after a moment of silence.


The phone in Neo’s hand fell to the ground.

His heart, all of a sudden, sank.

Where was there any Heavenly Island, where was there any General Control Centre, where was there any Lu Family, it was only this crazy middle-aged woman in front of him who had just answered the phone!

Could it be that the family really no longer existed?

Then who was this woman in front of him?

“Third Young Master, Third Young Master!”

The woman heard the phone hang up and raised her head once again, shouting towards the crowd, spinning and spinning, and finally, she rushed over towards Neo.

“Third Young Master!” The middle-aged woman shouted as she came running.

Needless to say, this was someone from the family, who was it?

It didn’t matter who she was or whether she was crazy or not, but since she was from the family, and since she was here to find herself, Neo certainly couldn’t ignore it.

“You are?” Neo greeted him, and at that moment, when he looked at the woman again, he seemed to think that he had seen her somewhere before.

“Third Young Master!” The middle-aged woman ran over, but brushed past Neo and ran towards a group of people behind Neo, still shouting while running madly.

“Get out of the way, you crazy b*tch from nowhere!” The middle-aged woman ran over to the Cui family at some point and was kicked to the ground, barely able to get up.

“Auntie, are you alright.” Zhao Si Si squatted down and helped the middle-aged woman up.

Although she was actually having trouble defending herself at this time, she did what she could to help.

“Third Young Master!”

The middle-aged woman was still acting like a madman, grabbing onto Zhao Si Si and shouting randomly, but suddenly, her eyes rested on Zhao Si Si’s back.

“Ah, this is ……”

The woman’s eyes, which had been confused, had suddenly become a little bit sensible.

She suddenly reached out her hand and stroked Zhao Si Si’s back.

Because a piece of her clothes had just been ripped off, Zhao Si Si’s back was basically naked.

“You’re Si Si! Si Si, is that you!” The middle-aged woman hugged Zhao Si Si, who was already a bit crazy, but at this moment she looked even more frantic, “Si Si, my Si Si Si!”

This startled Zhao Si Si, she tried to break free from the woman’s embrace, but the woman’s embrace was too tight, and she really couldn’t break free.

“You are?”

“I’m your mother, I’m your mother!” The woman hugged Zhao Si Si while stroking her back, “I recognize the birthmark on your back, you are Si Si ah, I’ve been looking for you, finally I found you, my baby girl ……”

Zhao Si Si was dumbfounded.

Yes, she was adopted and she did have a birthmark on her back, Zhao Si Si once looked at it in the mirror and it looked like a flower, very unique.

Zhao Si Si also felt unique for a while.

Was this crazy woman really her own mother?

“This, I still have this.” The middle-aged woman’s expression also looked a bit more sensible at this point, hastily pulling out something from her pocket and waving it in front of Zhao Si Si.

It was a piece of fabric with a green background and red one strawberry flowered on it, obviously it had been a long time and the colour was flaking a bit.

“This is!”

Zhao Baoliang next to him saw the piece of cloth and his expression changed, “Ah, Si Si, a piece of cloth like this, I saw it in your swaddling clothes at that time!”

“Could it be, you really are Si Si’s real mother?” Zhao Baoliang looked surprised and happy.

Yes, although Zhao Si Si was his own adopted daughter, brought up single-handedly, Zhao Baoliang didn’t mind if Zhao Si Si went looking for her real parents, and if he could let his adopted daughter meet her real parents, Zhao Baoliang’s heart would be happy for Zhao Si Si.

“Impossible, she’s just a crazy old woman, how can she be our daughter’s biological mother! Get lost, stay away from my daughter!” Zhang Lianxiang wouldn’t do it.

If Zhao Si Si’s birth mother was a rich noblewoman, of course Zhang Lian Xiang would not be like this, and would use Zhao Si Si’s relationship to take advantage of the opportunity to climb into a relationship.

But it was this crazy b*tch in front of her, and Zhang Lianxiang didn’t want to have anything to do with such a person.


Just at this time, another man suddenly rushed in in a hurry.

This man, in his forties, wearing slippers and sweatshirt, was rude looking, his arms were covered with black hair, his face was dark and black, and his hands were covered with machine oil and black paint and such.

“Bitch, why don’t you stay at home, why are you here, and steal my phone, see if I don’t beat you to death!” With curses on his lips, the man came over to the middle-aged woman.

He unloaded his slippers and struck the woman’s head with the sole of his shoe.


The woman cried out in pain.

At the same time, all the sanity in her gaze disappeared again at once, becoming confused and listless again.


The man slammed another sole over.

The woman rolled on the ground in pain.

“I’ll beat you to death, let you run around, let you run around!” The slipper in the man’s hand, splitting his head and giving the woman a severe beating.

Zhao Sisi went up to try to stop her, but was held by Zhang Lianxiang.

After the man had beaten her enough, he grabbed the woman’s arm, dragged her on the ground and came to Cui Lianke, and fell to his knees, “Mr. Cui, please spare my life, my wife is a madman, I didn’t keep an eye on her, she came to Rosebud Villa, I deserve to die, please spare my life!”

“What are you, how dare you barge in here, the whole party has been ruined for you.” Cui Lianke said coldly.

“I deserve to die, Chief Cui spare my life!”

The man raised his hand and smashed it hard towards his face, kowtowing as he did so.

Don’t look at him when he was beating up that middle-aged woman just now, but at this moment, in front of Cui Lianke Mi, he was like a pathetic wretch.

“Get lost!”

Cui Lianke said as he suppressed his anger.

Now that Chief Wang of Lingnan Institute was still here, Cui Lianke didn’t dare to make any more trouble, or else in this situation, the pair in front of him would be dead.

“Thank you, Chief Cui.”

The man kowtowed a few more times and dragged the woman away.

At this moment, Neo watched the scene in awe the whole time, his gaze, too, stayed on the middle-aged woman, that feeling of having seen her before growing stronger and stronger.

Suddenly, a name jumped out in his mind.

Neo only felt a shiver run through his body.

“Cao Feng.”

He muttered.


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