At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 529

The whole party scene was silent at this moment.

Who had ever seen so many armed men in peaceful times? Even the so-called worldly Jiang Yang gentry families had never had such an experience.

Moreover, before these armed men appeared, no one had noticed them, no one knew that there were so many armed men hidden at this party.

Perhaps this was the moment when the magnates and aristocrats of Jiangyang City truly saw for the first time the power and terror of the Lingnan Institute.

“I can order them to shoot right now! Do you believe it or not!” Wang Fengtian said.

“I believe they will obey your orders.” Neo nodded, of course he believed this, “But, they will likewise obey my orders!”

“What kind of person are you?!” Wang Fengtian couldn’t help but have his face move as well.

From the very beginning, Neo did not show a trace of panic, even being pointed at by so many guns, he was already amazed.

Now that he heard Neo say this, he was even more shocked.

Could it be that he was?

“Listen carefully, I am the young master of the family behind your Lingnan Institute, Neo, who is the third in line of the Tian family! If you have any questions, you can directly contact the resident General Control Centre on Sky Island!”

The General Control Centre on Sky Island was in charge of the Lu Family’s seventy-two institutes around the world.

Only after Neo finished speaking did he realise that it was actually not a very difficult thing to pretend.

In fact, in the past, he rarely used his family’s name to do things, just because he felt that it was too dependent on his family, and it was also meaningless, making him appear to be a waste of time who relied on his family.

But now that he said his family, he actually had a vague sense of indescribable pride in his heart.

A sense of pride in his family, a sense of gratitude to the ancestors of the Lu family for allowing the Lu family to achieve so much and allowing the descendants of the Lu family to enjoy this glory.

“The Lu family?”

The expression on Wang Fengtian’s face, which was a little tense just now, suddenly became relaxed, “Never heard of it.”


Neo was instantly frozen.

This, how was this possible?

The Lingnan Institute, one of the 72 institutes, the search for the Seven Star Jade Crystal Bowl, the B-rank combatants, all of these things, they all fit perfectly, how was it possible that the Lingnan Institute had never even heard of the Lu Family!

“With all these things happening today, it makes me very disappointed in you guys, and in Jiang Yang City as well, the matter of the Lingnan Institute setting up an office in Jiang Yang seems to have to be put off for a while.”

Wang Fengtian didn’t bother with nonsense at this point, standing up and waving his hand at the Cui family and the others, “I’ll leave this place to you guys, just watch out!”

After saying that, he led the people from Lingnan Institute and walked towards the door.

This time, the entire gentry and nobles of Jiang Yang City were all dumbfounded.

“It’s all because of this kid!”

“And Zhao Baoliang’s family, they’re in cahoots with this kid!”

“Damn it, Jiangyang City could have soared to great heights, now there’s no chance at all, they must be thanked for their crimes!”


The crowd became more and more excited as they spoke, and swarmed up in a flurry.

I don’t know who kicked Zhao Baoliang in the back, Zhao Baoliang’s small body could not stand the kick, and he directly fell on the ground.

“Don’t hit my dad!”

Zhao Sisi hurriedly jumped up and tried to protect Zhao Baoliang.

But by now the crowd was already red-eyed.

“You’re with that kid too!” Someone took the opportunity to hug Zhao Si Si.

Zhao Si Si was so frightened that she hurriedly broke away, but with an eating sound, a large piece of her blouse was torn off her back, revealing the snow-white skin of her back.

This one irritated some lewd ones even more.

“Go on!”

“Punish her properly!”

Zhao Si Si was originally quite famous even in Jiang Yang City, considered one of the well-known beauties in Jiang Yang City, and now with this crazy atmosphere, Zhao Si Si was unable to get any protection.

“Wait a minute!”

Just at this moment, a voice suddenly shouted.

It was Neo.

“Everyone at Lingnan Institute, stop right there!” Neo stood up at this moment and shouted.

Wang Fengtian and his group, who were already about to walk to the door, surprisingly also really stood still.

Once the people from Lingnan Institute stopped, everyone else did not dare to mess around anymore, and the scene was instantly quiet again.

“I didn’t expect you to betray my Lu family.”

Neo stared at Wang Fengtian and said slowly, “However, I remembered. I finally remembered the phone number of Tiandao General Control Seventy-two, do you dare let me make a phone call?”

Yes, Neo finally remembered that phone number.

“Kid, how dare you f*cking ……” Cui Yongtang led the men and rushed towards Neo.

“Don’t move, let him fight.” At Wang Fengtian’s words, Cui Yongtang immediately retreated obediently.

“I’d like to see what you want to do?” Wang Fengtian also seemed to have come to a hint of interest as he threw Neo a mobile phone, “I would like to see how you plan to go against Lingnan Institute, I think, you are afraid that you do not know that there is no power on this earth that dares to go against the family behind Lingnan Institute.”

The family behind Lingnan Institute!

Isn’t the family behind the Lingnan Institute the Lu Family!

Could it be that it had really become another family now?

Neo’s gaze contracted violently, an indescribable anger in his heart!

He picked up his mobile phone, dripped and dialed it out quickly.

This number was the number of the General Control Centre at the Sky Island Residency, and it took Neo a long time to think of it, and he couldn’t be blamed for this, after all, he had experienced so many unbelievable things during this period of time.

As long as he dialed the General Control Centre and confirmed his identity, everything would be fine.

The master control centre would use the highest level of communication protocol to contact all the closest family resources to ensure that they came to support themselves at the first opportunity.

beep …… beep ……

A waiting tone came over the earpiece.

The scene was very quiet, so even the sound from the phone handset was clearly audible to the crowd.

Neo’s heart was also a little tense, and at this point he was just hoping that he would be able to answer the phone in a hurry.

There was a rustle.

“Hello.” Finally, someone did answer.

A woman’s voice, a middle-aged woman by the sound of it.

Neo’s heart skipped a beat.

Taking a deep breath, “Excuse me, is this the seventy-two-resident general control centre on Sky Island?”

There was silence on the other side.

The silence made Neo’s heart even more nervous.


When the opposite party said these two words, Neo felt like he almost cried out, that feeling of sudden relief from the heavy pressure would really make people feel mixed emotions.

The opposite side confirmed that it was the General Control Centre, not just that he could find himself to rely on.

What was more important was that the family was okay.

This was the most important reason for Neo’s peace of mind.

“Good, I am Neo, and my identity is the third young master of the Lu family of the Tian Zi generation ……”

“Ah, you are Neo, Third Young Master Neo!” The voice on the other side, which had been calm, suddenly became very excited, “It’s you, Neo, the third young master! Where are you?”

Not to mention, when Neo heard such excitement from the other side, an indescribable feeling of emotion really welled up in his heart.

“I’m at the Rosebud Villa in Jiang Yang City, there’s a bit of trouble here now, so I need some assistance from the family.” Neo’s voice suddenly became very calm and clear, “I need the family’s A-grade or above combatants to arrive at the scene in the shortest possible time, at least a hundred A-grade or above, if there are higher level combatants, please make sure to notify them to come to reinforce immediately, at the same time, I need ten helicopters to control the air and monitor all units around Rosebud Manor, twenty tanks. Seal off all surrounding streets! Can you do that?”


“I need this as soon as possible, the sooner the better, I want this all met and deployed within half an hour, and the family combatants must be in front of me in half an hour!”


“I’ll be waiting here.” Neo hung up the phone.

His heart was at peace at this moment.

However, at this moment, the people around him all had their mouths open wide, looking at him like an alien.

“This kid is crazy, right, ten helicopters and twenty tanks?”

“This bullshit can be blown, the person on the other end of the phone is probably also looking for someone to act, acting so realistically that he has fooled himself into it.”

After reacting, the crowd was talking, of course none of them believed it.

Neo didn’t care what they said, by the time the family reinforcements arrived, everything would be clear.

It was just that what was going on at Lingnan Institute!

“Within half an hour, no one from Lingnan Institute, is allowed to leave here!” Neo’s gaze sank, he was a member of the family, and now that something had gone wrong at Lingnan Institute, he had to be punished by the family law!


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