At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 528

These were none other than the people from the Lingnan Institute.

Of course, no one dared to disobey the orders of the Lingnan Institute.

So almost immediately, the people who had been bustling around at the scene suddenly quieted down, and everyone who was standing stood there, and those who were sitting were also sitting where they were.

On the spot, not a single person moved.

“Please don’t be afraid, we are just doing a routine check.” Meng Yang made a gesture to ease the tension, “By checking the tickets, we are actually checking the level of security of the organisers of this gala, which will also be used as part of our inspection of Jiang Yang City.”

With that, Meng Yang led a few people behind him and began to inspect them one by one.

And over here, Cui Lianke’s face became even more ugly, the organiser of this gala was the Cui family, if we let the Lingnan Institute find out that someone didn’t have a ticket, wouldn’t that mean that just anyone could mix in and further indicate that the security was not working, if this left a bad impression on the people at the Lingnan Institute and even affected the future of Jiangyang City, then the consequences would be too serious!

“Zhao Tianhong, you’ve done a good job!”

Cui Lianke squeezed out the words from between his teeth.

Zhao Tianhong’s heart was even more nervous, and his forehead was already covered in cold sweat.

This was the end.

It was too late to get rid of Zhao Baoliang’s family and the boy, no one could move, and anyone who left would be extremely visible.

And if Zhao Baoliang’s family did not have tickets to enter the party, they would definitely be found out.

When that happens, the Zhao family will need to take the blame!

Even if one had said to expel Zhao Baoliang’s family, what would be the use, the bad consequences caused would inevitably need to be borne by someone, and by then the entire Jiang Yang City would be blamed on the Zhao family.

“You’re dead.”

Zhao Tianhong said the same, squeezing a few words out of his teeth, looking at Zhang Lianxiang.

Zhang Lianxiang was not stupid, she had already felt the seriousness of the situation at this point, the immense pressure and threat had almost broken her mentally.

She just wanted to slap herself, what had just happened to her, how could she have trusted that boy Neo so easily.

At this moment, everyone present had their own thoughts in mind, and everyone was anxious.

But no one dared to move, and they could only speak in whispers.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the Lingnan Institute was being inspected, I’m afraid that Zhao Baoliang’s family and Neo would have received their doom and gloom.

After all, both the Cui family and the Zhao family were now looking at them as if they were about to eat someone.

The inspection was unhurried.

But, finally, it came this way.

“Your tickets for the party, please show them.” Meng Yang said as he led the Lingnan Institute crowd to Zhang Lianxiang.

This was someone from the Lingnan Institute!

Zhang Lianxiang was so frightened that she was dumbfounded, her mouth opened and she couldn’t say anything.

“We don’t have tickets.”

It was Neo who spoke up.

“What, no tickets!” Meng Yang’s face instantly just changed, “Both of you don’t have tickets?!”

“And they don’t either.” Neo didn’t hide, and pointed at Zhao Si Si and Zhao Baoliang again.

“What! All four of you don’t have tickets?!” Meng Yang’s face got even uglier, “Four people came in at once without tickets, what’s the point of this inspection, it’s just a big leak!”

“Sorry, sorry, we’ll leave now, can we! Please spare us for once.”

Fluttering, Zhang Lianxiang actually fell to her knees right there.

Yes, she was completely stunned, she had stirred up a huge trap.

“Who is the organiser, you guys watch out!” Meng Yang said coldly, “If you can’t do this basic little thing right, what use is it!”

“Yes, yes.” Cui Lianke wiped the sweat from his head, “We didn’t do a good job, I’ll take care of it.”

After saying that, with a wink, the Cui family’s bodyguards rushed forward and were about to come and arrest Zhao Baoliang’s family, Neo and the others.


Neo, at this time, couldn’t sit down anymore, “I want to see the head of Lingnan Institute!”

“Brat, just by you! You’re nothing!” Cui Lianke was afraid that something would go wrong and urged his men, “Hurry up, tie these people up and take them away, we’ll settle the score with them when the party is over!”

“This kid is really crazy, he wants to see the head of Lingnan Institute, isn’t that Director Wang, is he qualified to see Director Wang?” The crowd also shook their heads.

It was also at this time.


Suddenly a man in his thirties, came out from inside. This man was wearing a decent and expensive suit and looked very dignified.

“Chief Wang!”

The crowd all felt a flinch, the most important big shot at the party had finally appeared!

That’s right, this man, was none other than the head of the Lingnan Institute, Wang Fengtian.

“May I ask, which gentleman had this note sent to me just now?” Wang Fengtian raised the slip of paper in his hand, with a few indefinable expressions of excitement on his face.


Neo certainly wouldn’t hesitate at this time, his voice wasn’t very loud, but it was still very quiet at this time because Wang Fengtian had come out.

“Is that so?”

Wang Fengtian’s gaze was cast to Neo’s side, and he didn’t hesitate as he hurriedly walked down and headed over to Neo.

“What you said on this note is all true?” Wang Fengtian arrived next to Neo, his face looking even more excited.

“Well.” Neo smiled faintly.

“Don’t be in a hurry, please sit down, someone, serve tea!” Wang Fengtian greeted Neo warmly and sat down, himself sitting next to Neo, looking extremely enthusiastic.

At this moment, the crowd looked dumbfounded.

What’s going on here?

Wang Fengtian is the head of the Lingnan Institute, the power of the entire Lingnan region, even Cui Lianke, the number one family in Jiang Yang City, can only kneel in front of him.

Now he even greeted this kid warmly and sat down together as if he was a friend, and even asked someone to serve tea.

“Is it true?” Wang Fengtian remained a little impatient.

“A few of my friends and I were almost kicked out because we didn’t have tickets to the party, shouldn’t you take care of this matter?” Neo said.

“These few people were allowed into the party by my personal order, what tickets are needed, how do you guys work, don’t you even know this, Meng Yang, why don’t you hurry up and come and apologise to this little brother!”

Wang Fengtian bellowed, as he spoke, he didn’t even look at Cui Lianke and the others, because these gentry in Jiang Yang City, honestly, were not qualified to be reprimanded by him.

This time, really, the Cui family and the Zhao family, even including Zhang Lianxiang Zhao Sisi and the others, were completely frozen.

This kid, what exactly was his origin? It looked like he was even on a par with even Chief Wang!

Even Zhang Lianxiang thought that Neo was not simple, but she really didn’t think that Neo was so simple! He could even drink tea at the same table as Chief Wang!

“Forget it.” Neo waved his hand, he was working for his own family, so Neo wouldn’t be too difficult.

“That, little brother, your note said ……” Wang Fengtian still looked excited, “that Seven Star Jade Crystal Bowl, do you really have it?”

“Uh, no.”

Neo finally told the truth.


Wang Fengtian’s face instantly just changed, “You’re just fooling me?!”

“That’s right, I knew that you were looking for the Seven Star Jade Crystal Bowl, so I lied and said that I had it, because I knew that only by doing so would you see me.”

Neo said.

Yes, what Neo had written on the note probably meant that he had a Seven Star Jade Crystal Bowl.

The reason why he wrote this was because the Lu Family had actually been searching for some treasures left over from the ancient times, which was one of the core missions of the Lu Family.

Each of the seventy-two institutes of the Lu Family had a list of ancient relics.

Of course, the Lu Family did not ask all seventy-two institutes to do their utmost to search for treasures, after all, these treasures were not that easy to find.

This is only as a long-term task, a slow search.

If a house could search for the treasures on the list, it would naturally be rewarded very generously.

And the Seven Star Jade Crystal Bowl was exactly the treasure on this list.

Neo was a core disciple of the Lu family, so of course he knew the list like the back of his hand.

Therefore, he knew that by writing this treasure on the slip of paper, Wang Fengtian would definitely see him.

“Do you know what the consequences of cheating Lingnan Institute are!”

Wang Fengtian slapped the table, his face was very ugly.

“I should, I know.” Neo said.

Of course he knew.

“No, you don’t know!” Wang Fengtian waved his hand.

In an instant, and from nowhere, dozens of heavily armed combatants suddenly appeared, each with a submachine gun in their hands, brushing aside, dozens of black-hole gun muzzles, all aimed at Neo.

Even the people of the Cui family and the Zhao family felt frightened by this battle!

And Zhang Lianxiang, even sat on her buttocks on the ground, her teeth chattering.

The b-rank combatants, Neo looked at their dress code and smiled inwardly.

It was still the same recipe, the original taste.


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