At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 527

What?! It’s really possible to get in!

The crowd at the door, one after another, cast astonished glances.

“Are you sure?” The inspector had to confirm once more.

“Very sure, the director of the Lingnan Institute, Wang, gave his nod!” The man said.

The inspector didn’t dare to say anything else and immediately stepped aside and respectfully made the gesture to invite entry.

“Let’s go.”

Neo was unperturbed, after all, he had already guessed this result, he was in front and was the first to walk in.

Zhang Lianxiang was still in disbelief at this point, she looked around, surrounded by the prestigious families of Jiangyang City, but they were looking at all this at this point, their faces were surprised and confused, as if they were dirt bags who had never seen the world.

It wasn’t until Zhang Lianxiang saw that Neo had really walked in without anyone stopping him.

Only then did she have the courage to follow Neo inside.

“What’s written on the note?”

Only after seeing Neo and the others go in did the inspector then curiously ask the person who had just handed the letter.

Yes, this was a situation that no one had ever seen before, so of course the inspector was curious too.

The people at the door, too, were all sticking their ears out and poking their heads in, wanting to hear a thing or two.

“I don’t dare to read it either.” The letter carrier said, “But after Director Wang read the note, his face changed a little.”

When the crowd heard this, they couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath.

Yes, to Jiang Yang City, Lingnan Institute was a god-like existence, a mountain that could not be climbed, and of course, Chief Wang was even more of a human being.

What was the content of the note that could make Director Wang change his face?

The heart cannot help but speculate even more.

“Really, really come in ……”

Inside the Rosebud Villa, Zhang Lianxiang looked at the grand party scene in front of her as if she was still dreaming.

There were flowers and exquisite decorations everywhere, and people coming and going in expensive custom-made suits and dresses, greeting each other and talking elegantly.

Waiters in clean white suits carried trays back and forth delivering all kinds of food and drinks.

The gentry and celebrities of Jiang Yang City were basically caught in a net here.

Even if Zhang Lianxiang had attended some of the gentry banquets before when she was still considered a member of the Zhao family, she had never even seen a banquet of this level before.

After all, this was a banquet that had been opened for the purpose of welcoming the Lingnan Institute.

Standing here, Zhang Lianxiang’s spunky body is all gone, only a shivering sense of awe.

For a moment, she didn’t know what to do.

“Have a seat first.”

Neo did not feel anything, for him, no matter how luxurious and extravagant this place was, or whether it was a country banquet for ordinary people on the street, for Neo, it was all the same.

A few people had just sat down.

Immediately, a waiter brought up wine and cutlet.

“Feel free to eat something, there should be a main banquet later, we’ll have a good meal then.” Neo gave Zhao Si Si a piece of cutlet cake and ate it himself absentmindedly.

He was certainly thinking about things in his mind, this time he came to the party, Neo of course had a purpose, which was to meet up with Lingnan Institute, as long as he was on speaking terms with the family, many things would be very easy to do.

Zhang Lianxiang looked at Neo, especially seeing Neo in this occasion, not at all flustered, all at ease, even talking and acting as if this party is his home, he is the master of this party as the feeling.

Zhang Lianxiang was very surprised.

He had thought that this kid was just a dirtbag, but now he seemed to be hiding a lot of secrets, and this kind of temperament alone was definitely not something that could be casually pretended.

Zhang Lianxiang picked up a piece of cut pudding and carefully took a bite, well, it was quite tasty, but she still didn’t dare to take a big bite, because at this point she was not quite at ease in her heart, still felt like she was sneaking in, she was subconsciously worried that she would be found out and kicked out, and then people would make her pay for the food, and that would be the end.

“Neo, what exactly did you write on your note, why did you let us in so easily?” Zhao Sisi, at this point, had a great curiosity about Neo in her heart.

When Zhang Lianxiang heard her daughter ask this question, her ears also immediately perked up.

Yes, what exactly was written on this kid’s note?

“It’s just a little something unimportant, I can’t tell you now, you’ll know later.” Neo was telling the truth, the content of the note was indeed not that important, what was important was what he said after meeting the people from Lingnan Institute.

“How did you get in here!”

Just at this time, a low voice rang out, and Zhao Tianhong, with a large group of people from the Zhao family, appeared at the edge of the table again, not knowing when.

At this moment, Zhao Tianhong’s face looked extremely shocked.

“How we got in has nothing to do with the Zhao family!” Zhang Lianxiang held her head high and said.

After saying that, she even poured herself a glass of red wine and drank it down in one go in a pose that she thought was elegant.

Yes, she had a bit of confidence at this moment.

Perhaps it was Neo’s every move that gave her confidence.

Yes, this kid looked like a hangdog, but when she thought about it, it was all her own guess, she really didn’t know where this kid came from.

And looking at how calm and collected Neo was, he was able to bring his family in with just a note, this was a bit of real skill.

“You!” Zhao Tianhong was furious, he didn’t think Zhang Lianxiang would dare to speak to him like that!

Not to mention that Zhang Lianxiang’s family had been expelled, even if they hadn’t been expelled, in the past, if she had been given ten guts, she wouldn’t have dared to speak like that!

“Dad, you can’t do anything here!” Zhao Baoliang hurriedly pulled the furious Zhao Tianhong back.

This was a party to welcome the Lingnan Institute, and the celebrities from all walks of life in Jiang Yang City were all here. If he caused any trouble, the Lingnan Institute would blame him, and the Zhao family would be finished in Jiang Yang City.

“Zhao Tianhong, what’s going on here!”

Just at that moment, another voice came.

Someone from the Cui family had also come!

The one who spoke was of course Cui Lianke.

“Didn’t you tell me that you had kicked them out of the clan, how come you are still hanging out together, and you even brought them to the party, are you trying to humiliate our Cui family?!” Cui Lianke glared at Zhao Tianhong with a pair of angry eyes, “Now the entire Jiang Yang City knows about the scandalous things your Zhao family did to our Cui family, and now you’re still like this, are you trying to make a fool of me again in front of the entire Jiang Yang City gentry?”

“The Zhao family would never dare to have such a heart!” Zhao Tianhong’s head was dripping with cold sweat, if he offended the Cui family, then he would be equally dead.

And at this moment, the eyes and attention of many people around him were already focused on this side.

Zhao Tianhong was even more anxious.

If one mistake was not handled properly, the Zhao family would be in a situation where all hell would break loose.

“I give you one minute to get out of here immediately! I don’t know what means you have used to get in, but it must not be the proper way!” Zhao Tianhong stared at Zhang Lianxiang and said in a low voice, a strange coldness coming out of his voice, “If you don’t get out, when the party is over, don’t blame me for laying a black hand on you, don’t worry, in my heart you are no longer members of the Zhao family, I won’t care about anything.”

Zhao Tianhong was by no means joking again, what was the life of Zhao Baoliang’s family for the sake of the family’s fate?

What’s more, a son like Zhao Baoliang had always been despised by himself, this kind of son was not worthy of the Zhao family in the first place.

If Zhang Lianxiang still had a little confidence just now, now hearing this threat from Zhao Tianhong, her heart was also beating a drum, not to mention that Cui Lianke had also come, seeing that things were getting bigger and bigger, she was also panicking.

“We’re not leaving.”

Just then, Neo spoke up.

Yes, of course Neo wouldn’t leave, seeing as he would soon be meeting the people from Lingnan Institute, why leave himself.

“Kid, it’s you again?!”

Zhao Tianhong stared at Neo, his gaze was spitting fire, if it wasn’t for this guy, Zhao Sisi and Cui Yongtang wouldn’t have had this kind of incident.

And now that Zhao Baoliang’s family had even gotten mixed up in the party, maybe it was also this kid who had come up with the plan.

“Let’s go, let’s go.”

Zhang Lianxiang was already panicking at this point, now that Cui’s family had noticed, she felt that she could no longer control the whole scene, and at this point she just wanted to hurry and escape from here.

“Everyone immediately put down whatever they have in hand, stand still and accept the ticket inspection!” Just at this moment, someone suddenly shouted out.

With that, several people came out, and the one in the lead was none other than Meng Yang, who Neo had been sharing a table with in the Coastal Restaurant.


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