At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 526

At this, everyone except the Cui family who had come was shocked.

What was this situation?

“I’m sorry, we, the Cui family, have been remiss in welcoming you after the fact, so please don’t blame us.” Cui Lianke knelt down, bowed his head and said reverently.

Zhang Lianxiang was even more shaken inside.

She looked at Zhao Baoliang and Zhao Sisi, knowing very well in her heart that Cui Lianke was not kneeling for his own family.

Then she looked at the two folk who had just put together the table, and at that moment the two folk also looked terrified, obviously not kneeling to them either.

In this way, there was only one person left at the table.

Zhang Lianxiang looked at Neo.

Neo was also a bit confused at this point, did the Cui family know about his identity?

That didn’t seem likely.

“Both of you, please don’t hide your identities, it is an honour for our entire Jiang Yang City for you to visit us, I hope you will give us a chance to properly showcase the development potential of Jiang Yang City.”

Cui Lianke finally lifted his head and looked at the two folk and said.

“We don’t understand what you are saying.”

Those two civilian workers’ faces were still terrified, just the kind of normal expressions of bottom-feeders who had seen a big brother.

But the more the two civilian workers looked like this, the more terrified Cui Lianke became instead.

His face became even whiter.

“The two of you are making a private visit in order to obtain more realistic information about Jiangyang City, but please rest assured, even if you show your identities, how would we dare to deceive and falsify, how could we have the guts to do that, after all, our methods are simply child’s play in front of you.” Cui Lianke said.

The two civilian workers, looked at each other and both nodded.

The trepidation on the two men’s faces from earlier had also disappeared.

In its place was a powerful aura, and although they were still wearing shabby clothes, they no longer looked like civilian workers at all.

“I really didn’t expect that the news would leak out.” The two men laughed bitterly.

“That’s right, my name is Shen Zhou and this is my colleague called Meng Yang, we are indeed here on orders from our superiors to investigate the various situations in Jiangyang City, as we intend to set up an office in the city. Don’t you kneel down, stand up.” Shen Zhou said.

“It’s such an honour! Jiang Yang City can finally reach out to the top circles.”

Cui Lianke’s face looked extremely excited.

The faces of Cui’s family were all overflowing with excitement as well.

Of course they were excited, after all, the Cui family was the boss of Jiangyang City, and when Jiangyang City became better, they would be the first group to get the benefit of that, and the group that would gain the most.

“Actually, we have been here in Jiangyang City for quite some time and have visited quite a few places in Jiangyang City, but with this outfit, we are visiting the lives of the people, so since you have recognised us now, it is just right that we are planning to meet with the famous families of Jiangyang City, to see you and listen to your opinions.” Meng Yang said.

“Excellent! Then I will personally prepare to go and prepare a party, let’s set it at the Rosebud Villa, please don’t worry, we will do our best to make this party a good one!” Cui Lianke rubbed his hands together in excitement.

“Don’t make it too big, and don’t be wasteful.” Shen Zhou said indifferently, “The two of us are just small employees of the institute, we are only here to investigate and probe the situation, we can’t make the decision, the real decision is made by the leaders of our Lingnan Institute, but don’t worry, according to our investigation for a period of time, Jiang Yang City fully meets our standards, as long as there is no trouble at the party, our Lingnan Institute will definitely bring Jiang Yang City into the sphere of influence. into the sphere of influence.”

“Yes, yes.” In front of Shen Zhou and Meng Yang, Cui Lianke was practically nothing.

“Alright then, I’ll see you then.” The two men stopped lingering and stood up to leave.

Neo looked at them, when they said ‘Lingnan Institute’, Neo didn’t react at first, but then he suddenly realised, wasn’t Lingnan Institute one of the seventy-two institutes of the family!

Yes, the Lingnan Institute was not as famous as the Jiangnan Institute, after all, the Jiangnan Institute was considered to be in the first tier of the seventy-two institutes, so Neo did not realise it for a while.

After realising this, Neo felt that he understood it all at once.

Yes, the seventy-two institutes of the family were located all over the world and were responsible for the most important regions of the world, but for geographical reasons, it was impossible to reach any of them.

However, when some places develop, the seventy-two institutes of the family will notice and conduct certain inspections, and if certain conditions are met, they will set up offices in these places.

These two people, then, were undoubtedly the ones sent by the Lingnan Institute to inspect Jiang Yang City.

Seeing his family’s employees, Neo’s heart finally dropped a little bit, and he even had a little bit of excitement in his heart, after all, this was the first time he met someone who really had something to do with him.

If he could find the Lingnan Institute, he could contact his family.

Thinking, he stood up and tried to chase after them, but as soon as the two men went out, a car drove over, and then the two men left. After all, now that they had been recognised by Cui Lianke, the two men no longer needed to pretend to be civilian workers, and naturally they could go in and out in a car.

The Cui family also ignored Neo and the others and left with them, after all they had more important things to do now.

“If we hadn’t been kicked out of the Zhao family, then we would have been qualified to attend the party at the Rosebud Villa by now, the people from that Lingnan Institute are really powerful, even the people from the Cui family are respectful in front of them, this time at the Rosebud Villa, there will definitely be a lot of big shots coming, sigh, what a mess!”

Zhang Lianxiang said with hatred.

At this moment, the family and Neo had already left the restaurant.

“Mom, what does it matter if we go or not.” Zhao Sisi said.

“What do you know, if it wasn’t for you and this kid, alas, how would we be at this point.” Zhang Lianxiang was angry when she said this.

“We can go to the party tomorrow too.” Neo said.

“Oh, do you think that any cat or dog can go to the party? Do you think the party is just a vegetable market with the gate open for you to enter? Just your status, you are not afraid of being thrown out when you go inside.” Zhang Lianxiang looked at Neo with contempt.

“Trust me, I will take you in tomorrow.”

Neo did not argue too much with Zhang Lianxiang.

There was no need to argue, nor did he need Zhang Lianxiang to believe. Because he wasn’t trying to prove anything in front of Zhang Lianxiang, as far as he himself was concerned, he definitely needed to meet with the family’s Lingnan Institute as well.

So, this time for the Rose Gala, Neo definitely had to go there.

That night, Neo stayed at Zhao Si Si’s house, after all, he had no money on him and no place to go.

Zhang Lianxiang, of course, was still not nice and even objected, but she had to give in to Zhao Si Si’s strong request.

At night, Neo slept on the floor of the living room.

It was summer and the weather was very hot, especially in the living room, and Neo was sweating after lying down for a while, but he didn’t feel anything, after all, it was good to have a place to stay.

“Hey, hey, Neo, you can sleep in my room, it’s too hot here, my room is air-conditioned.” In the middle of the night, Zhao Sisi also came into the living room at some point and whispered in Neo’s ear.

“Ah, this ……” Neo hesitated for a moment, after all, if Zhang Lianxiang saw this is certainly not good, and the lonely man and woman is even worse.

But Zhao Sisi repeatedly insisted, and it was really too hot here.

So Neo followed her into the room.

In a girl’s room, there is naturally a fragrance.

It smelt very pleasant.

Neo slept honestly on the floor and Zhao Si Si slept on the bed.

Only after Neo laid down, he heard Zhao Sisi tossing and turning in bed, as if she couldn’t sleep.

“You couldn’t sleep? Is it because you were removed from the family?” Neo asked, not knowing how, he always felt in his heart that he owed a lot to Zhao Si Si, perhaps because his sudden appearance in Zhao Si Si’s hotel room had brought a lot of trouble to their family.

This was also the reason why Neo stayed behind, he had caused them losses, let’s make up for it ourselves.

“No, I’m actually still glad that you showed up so that I don’t have to marry Cui Yongtang.” When asked by Neo, Zhao Si Si sat up and sat on the bed, looking out the window at the night, “I sometimes can’t sleep in the middle of the night and wonder who my real parents really are. Why did they throw me away? Why were they so cruel?”

“Maybe, they had their own hardships.” Somehow Neo’s heart also felt more than a little sad.

“Maybe there is, maybe it’s just irresponsible.” Zhao Si Si said.

“You are so wonderful, your real parents must be wonderful people too. Maybe one day in the future, you will meet them.” Neo said.

“So what if I meet them, they and I are just strangers, and we won’t have any more affection. When I think of them sometimes, I’m just curious about who they really are and what kind of family I really come from.” Zhao Si Si said as she looked coldly out of the window.

“Go to bed early, tomorrow we will go to the Rosebud party, don’t worry, if you really want to find your parents to know who they really are, I will help you.” Neo said seriously.

Yes, it was still very easy for the Lu family to find someone in this world.

The next afternoon, Neo took Zhang Lianxiang’s family and came outside the Rosebud Villa.

“Who do you think you are, that people will let you in?” Zhang Lianxiang did not believe that Neo could take them in at all, but after all, this party was too tempting and Zhang Lianxiang still could not afford not to come.

At this moment, the entrance to the Rosebud Villa was decorated with lights and red carpets covered the entire road. Luxury cars after luxury cars, all of them were Ferrari Maybach and other top luxury cars, what Audi Mercedes-Benz, could only be parked at the very outside.

Although Jiangyang City was not a big city, but for this party, basically all the magnates and nobles of Jiangyang City had come.

“Mr. Li, you’re here too, I heard you’ve been hospitalized recently, why are you here too?”

“Isn’t Lingnan Institute coming to our place today, even if I was hospitalised, I would have to have someone to support me to come!”

Neo listened to these conversations around him, but in his heart he was quite proud, he didn’t expect the unknown Lingnan Institute to turn out to be so powerful.

It could be seen that each of the seventy-two institutes of the family had two brilliance.

“How dare you, how did you come here!”

It was at this moment that a group of people suddenly appeared around Neo and the others.

The leader was no other than Zhao Tianhong, the Zhao family’s eldest leader, and following him were several sons, Zhao Baoliang, Zhao Baofeng and Zhao Baoying.

Behind him were the other juniors of the Zhao family.

Zhao Tianhong was glaring fiercely at Zhao Baoliang at this moment, “What do you want, is this where you come from!”

“You wouldn’t still want to take advantage of our Zhao family’s name to attend the party, would you?” Zhao Baoliang said with a frown.

“I’m warning you, you are no longer members of our Zhao family now, if you dare to act under the name of the Zhao family, I will find someone to break your dog legs!” In Zhao Tianhong’s gaze, there was only ruthlessness at this moment, without a trace of affection.

At this moment, both Zhao Baoliang and Zhang Lianxiang looked extremely embarrassed.

Zhang Lianxiang, in particular, felt scared and humiliated in her heart. Yes, how could she not expect to meet the Zhao family here, and now she was really at a loss for words.

“We won’t impersonate the Zhao family.” Neo spoke up.

“Oh, aren’t you the kid from the hotel, you’re really lucky that the Cui family didn’t get you killed, but I guess the reason why the Cui family didn’t get you killed is also because Lingnan is in the city of Jiang Yang, of course you can’t make a mess.” Zhao Tianhong looked at Neo contemptuously, “Look at your mouth, what are you capable of, and what are you doing here?”

“We’re attending the party.” Neo wasn’t afraid to say it, these people would see it later on anyway.

“Hahahahaha!” Zhao Tianhong and the others all laughed out loud when they heard Neo say that.

Neo didn’t feel anything.

Zhang Lianxiang’s face, however, turned even redder and looked even more uncomfortable.

“What’s the use of you guys even if you want to attend the party, we all have tickets, and these tickets, only the families with status in Jiang Yang City will receive them, and now that you’ve been expelled from our Zhao family, you’re just ordinary people, only worthy of standing outside and watching the fun.” Zhao Baofeng shook the tickets in his hand.

“Besides, how can they go to the party with this outfit, they don’t even have a dress, even if they get in they will be kicked out, you know this is our party to welcome Lingnan Institute in Jiang Yang City, not wearing a dress will definitely be seen as disrespectful, they definitely won’t get in.” A young girl from the Zhao family, looked at Zhao Sisi with contempt and said, she was Zhao Qiqi, Zhao Sisi’s cousin, the two were considered one of the best looking in the Zhao family.

“Alright, no more nonsense with them, we don’t need to waste time on these useless losers, let’s go in! Lao Er, get the tickets ready.” Zhao Tianhong said loudly on purpose.


“Zhao Si Si, I’ll see you inside.” Zhao Qiqi said deliberately as she turned back around.

The Zhao family went inside.

Only Zhao Baoliang’s family, and Neo remained here.

“Don’t stand still, let’s go back, or we’ll be even more embarrassed later! I told you a long time ago that this party is not for ordinary people to enter, and you insist that you can enter, now you know, causing us to lose so much face, this place requires tickets, do you have one?” Zhang Lianxiang felt doubly insulted just now, she felt that it was all caused by Neo, at this moment, she hated to pour out her anger on Neo.

“No.” Neo said honestly, “But I’ll just write a note.”

Saying that, Neo picked up the pen and paper that had been prepared for a long time and wrote a few strokes on it.

“Come on, let’s go over.” Saying that, Neo led the way in front and walked towards the entrance of Rosebud Villa.

Zhao Sisi was the first to follow.

Although she rationally felt that these methods of Neo were unreliable and ridiculous, somehow in her heart she always felt a sense of trust in Neo.

Maybe it was fate, otherwise how else would he happen to show up in her hotel room?

“Well, I’d like to see what kind of tricks this kid can pull.” Zhang Lianxiang stomped her foot in hatred and followed suit, “But remember, old man, as soon as this brat goes too far and gets beaten up, we’ll immediately have to take our daughter away and clear the air with him completely.”

“Oh oh.” Zhao Baoliang didn’t have many ideas and didn’t dare to oppose his wife.

As he spoke, he had already arrived at the entrance of Rosebud Manor.

Once they arrived at the entrance, to be honest, Zhang Lianxiang’s legs trembled a little.

There were ticket checkers at the entrance, which looked very strict, and there were several tall bodyguards standing on either side, making the overall atmosphere very imposing.


Facing the various gentry in Jiangyang City, the inspectors’ faces did not look the least bit flattering, instead they looked very cold and condescending, while the people from the various gentry, too, respectfully handed over their tickets.

“This is a fake! Bodyguard!”

The inspector suddenly checked out the fake tickets, and instantly those few bodyguards rushed over and directly blasted the person with the fake tickets down and carried them away to who knows where.

Seeing this scene, Zhang Lianxiang was so scared that her heart trembled even more.

“Husband, take your daughter quickly, let’s go, don’t go crazy with that boy.” Zhang Lianxiang said in a panic.

But at this moment, Neo had already arrived at the door.


“There are no tickets, only this.” Neo held up the slip of paper in his hand.

A very ordinary slip of paper.


The inspector shouted impatiently.

Zhang Lianxiang almost sat down on the floor.

“Wait a minute! You send someone to take this note and deliver it to the head of the Lingnan Institute! There is very important information in it, if it is delayed, you can’t afford to take responsibility!” Neo said.

The inspector was stunned, but seeing that although Neo was dressed in an average manner, he looked at ease and did not look like he was mentally ill, and the kind of confidence that emanated from Neo’s body even made the inspector feel a sense of obedience in his heart, he just felt that he had to do what this man said.

“Fine. But if you dare to tease us, you will end up miserable.”

A man took Neo’s note and ran in as fast as he could.

“This kid, he can’t be crazy to use this trick without a ticket.”

“Yeah, what does the note say? This kid doesn’t know what status the head of the Lingnan Institute has, right? Even the Cui family, the number one family in Jiang Yang City, has to kneel down and worship him, and this kid just handed over an ordinary note like this. Will he be killed straight away?”

The crowd stood at the entrance, seeing this scene, they all pointed and pointed.

Zhang Lianxiang wanted to leave at this moment, but she had no choice but to wait here in fear and trepidation when Zhao Si Si did not leave.

Not long after, the man who had just entered with the note came out again.

All the people gathered around them.

Zhang Lianxiang’s heart was also hanging in the air.

“But, you can let them in.” The man said.


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