At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 525

When Zhang Lianxiang wanted to go, no one could stop her.

Neo also went along.

Neo already felt sorry for Zhao Si Si, and seeing all these family matters on Zhao Si Si, he felt even more sorry for himself, thinking that maybe he could help in some way.

It was just that Neo had never heard of a place like Jiang Yang City, he had no idea where it was, how far it was from Tiandao, whether there were any family members nearby or anything.

“Jinling City, ah, that’s a big city, it’s far away from us.”

On the road, Zhao Si Si said.

“Then have you ever heard of the Lu family?” Neo asked again.

“No. There doesn’t seem to be a Lu family among the big gentry in Jiang Yang City.” Zhao Si Si thought for a moment and said.

Neo nodded his head and didn’t ask any further questions.

It seemed that Zhao Si Si had indeed never heard of the Lu family, and she even thought that the Lu family was only a powerful family in Jiangyang City.

If she hadn’t heard of the Lu family, then it seemed that her own family’s tentacles might not have reached out to places like Jiangyang City.

Although Jiang Yang City looked okay too, it was undoubtedly just a small place compared to the nation’s metropolises, and it was normal for the family not to want to waste manpower on such a place.

But the problem now was that if he wanted to help Zhao Si Si’s family, the most important thing was to contact the family as soon as possible, except that Neo was having a hard time remembering the family’s contact details now.

After all, he had left the Heavenly Island and gone to the world of the Immortal World, so many things had happened, although only a few months had passed in time, Neo felt as if he had experienced life once, and naturally he would forget many things from before.

The Coastal Restaurant, the restaurant where Zhao Baoliang used to work.

The restaurant was still of a good grade and there were quite a few diners inside, but there were also quite a few empty tables.

“Call your manager out!”

Zhang Lianxiang shouted as she slapped the table.

Although she had been humiliated in the Zhao family, in this kind of restaurant, Zhang Lianxiang could of course still be majestic, not to mention that she was indeed in charge of things.

“Sorry, our manager is in a meeting, he’s not available right now, if you have anything to do, you can talk to me.” In front of Zhang Lianxiang, a restaurant waitress, her attitude was polite without losing a kind of arrogance.

“Talk to you, are you worthy?!” Zhang Lianxiang gritted her teeth, this waiter she also recognized.

In the past, when Zhao Baoliang was the foreman, Xiao Gao was under Zhao Baoliang’s command. At that time, occasionally when Zhang Lianxiang brought people here to eat, Xiao Gao would call out to Sister Xiang with enthusiasm, and all kinds of services were extremely subtle, and he would also ask the back kitchen to send some desserts and fruits for free.

At that time, Zhang Lianxiang was extremely dignified in front of her sisters.

But now, this Xiao Gao, surprisingly, had completely changed her face, especially from the former humble to the current cold and arrogant, which naturally made Zhang Lianxiang extremely annoyed.

“Just say what you have.”

“Okay, my husband was originally the foreman here, what gives you the right to fire him outright, you are violating the labour law, either reinstate my husband or compensate us for the loss!”

“Sorry, this can’t be done.” Xiao Gao’s attitude was still cold and arrogant, “We fired Zhao Baoliang for a legitimate reason, we didn’t violate the labour law.”

“You just heard that our family was kicked out by the Zhao family and fell on the well to fire my husband, and you still say you didn’t violate the labour law?” Zhang Lianxiang got excited and grabbed Xiao Gao’s collar.

“We investigated, Mr. Zhao Baoliang used a forged ID card and name, the address and surname on Mr. Zhao Baoliang’s ID card were wrong, so we had the authority to fire him.”

“What are you talking about?!” Zhang Lian was so fragrant that she was just about to jump up, but suddenly, something occurred to her, and then she sat down on her butt, and the anger on her face turned to sadness all of a sudden, unable to get angry anymore.

Yes, her own family had been expelled from the Zhao family, so of course the address on Zhao Baoliang’s ID card had changed, and even the surname could be completely taken back by the Zhao family.

With the Zhao family’s ability in Jiangyang City, this matter would definitely be immediately dovetailed with the local police station.

So, now one can only eat this dumb loss.

Not only is there no hope for his reinstatement, but he will not even get the compensation.

Of course, Zhang Lianxiang became distracted at once.

“Hey, we have to open this restaurant, don’t sit here and affect our business.” Xiao Gao waved his hand impatiently.

With this, Zhang Lianxiang exploded again.

What kind of person was Xiao Gao, just a broken waiter, he used to flatter himself so much, and now he dared to step on his face?

“Fine, we won’t sit here, we’re here to eat today!”

Zhang Lianxiang instantly came back to her senses, tilting her head and saying.

“Hey hey, it’s very expensive here, you know?”

“Mom, let’s just go.”

Zhao Baoliang and Zhao Sisi were both startled, of course they both knew Zhang Lianxiang’s temperament, that is, they wanted to save face and suffer, but the coastal restaurant was not low in consumption, now that their own family had suffered such a change, the money saved was not necessarily enough to spend, how could they still eat here.

“What are you going to do? We’re eating here today! I’ll see if you still dare to be rude to the guests, and if you still dare to be condescending, just serve us!” Zhang Lianxiang pointed at Xiao Gao.

Xiao Gao’s face also became a little embarrassed at this moment.

Seeing him like this, Zhang Lianxiang became more and more comfortable.


Zhang Lianxiang had made up her mind at this moment, not to steam steamed buns for breath, today she was going to be extravagant!

“Wait, wife, do you know that this restaurant charges a table fee for each table, let’s share a table with someone else, so as to save some money.” Zhao Baoliang said.

Zhang Lianxiang nodded.

It didn’t matter what table she sat at as she was only going to have Xiao Gao serve her family anyway.

She looked around.

The people around were all rich, and from the way they were dressed, they were all rich people, so I guess there weren’t many people who wanted to share a table, after all, rich people weren’t short of a few bucks to share a table.

There were only two men in the corner who looked like civilian workers.

Although it was quite humiliating to share a table with such people, they were probably the only ones who would agree to share a table.

As soon as Zhang Lianxiang went over to them, the two migrant workers agreed.

Zhao Sisi’s family and Neo also sat down.

Neo looked at the two migrant workers and saw that they had worn out woven bags at their feet, and that they had big bags and small bags.

It was estimated that they had entered the restaurant by mistake. Looking at their table, the dishes they ordered were the most common and cheapest in the restaurant, and there were even some dishes in plastic bags that they had brought with them, which were directly opened and placed on the table.

“Order your food!”

Zhang Lianxiang shouted proudly.

At this moment, Zhang Lianxiang’s status became that of a guest, so of course Xiao Gao did not dare to be arrogant anymore and respectfully trotted over.

Zhang Lianxiang was very happy in her heart, no matter what, it was worth the money spent.

“Husband, daughter, you all order, today, let’s have a good meal!” Zhang Lianxiang said.

The matter had come to this, there was no choice, Zhao Baoliang and Zhao Sisi both had to order the food, but of course they would just order the cheap dishes.

“You’re hungry too, so order one you like.” Zhao Si Si handed the menu to Neo.

“What is he, who is he to spend our money to order what he likes to eat, it’s even his blessing that he followed us to dinner.” Zhang Lianxiang snatched the menu.

“Mom, why are you like this.” Zhao Sisi was very unhappy, but there was nothing she could do.

Neo didn’t say anything, he was only searching in his brain at this time, whether he remembered anyone’s mobile phone number or something, so he didn’t mind this.

And at this time, the Cui family in Jiang Yang City.

“Today is really the most humiliating day for my Cui family!” The head of the Cui family, Cui Yongtang’s grandfather, Cui Lianke slapped the table, splashing tea all over the entire table.

“I heard that the Zhao family has kicked Zhao Baoliang’s family out of the house.” Someone said.

“Hmph, Zhao Tianhong still has some sense. It’s just that they haven’t done nearly enough.” Cui Lianke said.

It was at this time.

“Grand Master, there is a secret report!” A man from outside barged in, and looking at the look, it looked very urgent.

Cui Lianke immediately picked it up, tore it open and read it.

The others were also staring at Cui Lianke, curious and nervous.

The secret report was in red, which meant that the rank was still very high.

Cui Lianke’s face, however, became whiter and whiter, and when he finally saw it, he raised his head sharply and looked at the Cui family in front of him.

When the Cui family saw Cui Lianke’s face, they were all startled as well, for the Grand Master’s face looked urgent and panicked, something that the crowd had never seen before.

“What’s wrong, Grandpa?” Cui Yongtang asked, “About what’s going on?”

“It’s a message about the controllers behind the world.” Cui Lianke said.

“Huh? Could it be ……”

“That’s right, it’s the most mysterious force in the world, and the biggest and strongest, and now they have arrived in Jiangyang City.” Cui Lianke waved the envelope in his hand, “This secret letter tells where it is now.”

“Then we must hurry over there! This is a blessing for Jiangyang City!”

“Prepare the car!”

The Cui family immediately got busy.

At this moment, inside the Coastal Restaurant, Zhao Sisi’s family’s food had been served, and Xiao Gao was standing next to them respectfully pouring wine, so Zhang Lianxiang finally let out a breath and felt a little bit more comfortable.

At this moment, there was a sudden movement at the door.

A few women, all in their forties or fifties, but dressed in fancy clothes, were the kind of middle-aged women who had some money at home and liked to wander around and play when they had nothing better to do.

“Oops, isn’t that Lianxiang?”

One of them suddenly said.

“It really is Lianxiang, I can’t believe our sisters have met again.”

Several women automatically gathered around.

Zhang Lianxiang, who had just been in a somewhat happy mood, immediately became a little nervous when she saw these women.

In the past, when Zhao Baoliang was still the foreman here, Zhang Lianxiang also brought them here to eat, after all, her husband was the foreman here will be discounted, several people relationship can not say how close, but also counted as plastic sisterhood, or good.

Of course, that was before, and now their own family so, these few people will be what, Zhang Lianxiang heart is very apprehensive, of course, also very nervous.

I wonder if they have heard about what happened today.

Nor did she know whether they were coming over at this time with good intentions or ill intentions.

“Lianxiang, I heard that Si Si got married today didn’t she? He’s married to Cui Shao, congratulations. This is Cui Shao, isn’t he? He’s really a talented man, look at this designer suit, he’s really handsome, he’s a perfect match for Si Si!”

A woman pointed at Neo and said with a smile.

When she heard these words, Zhang Lianxiang’s heart sank at once.

Yes, these people seemed to be coming from a bad place.

This was clearly sarcasm.

Anyhow, how could they not know Cui Yongtang, the well-known big young man of Jiang Yang City, who didn’t know?

What’s more, this country bumpkin who came out of nowhere is not wearing a suit. He’s just a hanger-on. These people are saying the opposite of what they want to say, and they’re doing it on purpose.

“Yo, Lianxiang, how come the food is so ordinary? There’s no hard dishes, how can this work? Someone said.

“Sister, your visit to our shop makes our shop shine, you want to send someone else fish, we’ll give it to you, but it won’t be on the bill, you’re an honoured guest in our shop, we can let you send the dish once for free.” Xiao Gao immediately said, not forgetting to look at Zhang Lianxiang as he spoke, finally finding a chance to strike back.

Sure enough, Zhang Lianxiang’s face was red and white, feeling doubly humiliated at this moment.

Especially when these former sisters were talking about Cui Shao, it made Zhang Lianxiang’s heart hold fire.

The fire was towards Neo.

She glared fiercely at Neo, if it wasn’t for this occasion, she would have wanted to come up and blast and hammer Neo, the guy who had ruined her daughter’s marriage to Cui Shao and ruined her family’s bright future.

“Lianxiang, these two are your relatives, right? They’ve rushed here to drink the wedding wine, tsk, they’ve brought quite a few gifts, ah, really the relatives of rich people are also rich people.”

Several women pointed at the woven bags at the feet of the two civilian workers and said with another cheeky smile.

Zhang Lianxiang’s face was even redder and hotter, the kind of face that could not wait to die right away.

What should she say at this moment?

She couldn’t say that she was here to share a table, could she?

“That, young Cui, we are also Lianxiang’s friends, and you will be Lianxiang’s son-in-law from now on, so for Lianxiang’s sake, can you do us a favour?”

“Yes, Cui Shao, you are very capable, I have a shop where the rent has gone up, can you help me talk to the landlord so that he doesn’t raise the rent?”

“Young Cui, I want to be the sole agent of a weight loss product in Jiang Yang City, can you see if you can help me talk?”

These few women, at some point, had gathered around Neo again, you saying one thing and me saying another.

Obviously, this was all intentional.

Zhang Lianxiang understood this very well, and at this moment, she was so angry that her lungs were about to explode.

Previously, when she was with these women, to be honest, at that time, although Zhao Baoliang was not treated well in the Zhao family, he was still a member of the Zhao family after all.

So she herself was in the position of the head of the dragon within these few people, and these people had always treated her with respect and listened to her.

But now, the people who used to be so respectful and even ingratiating to her, were acting out these disgusting scenes in front of her.

Zhang Lianxiang was of course furious to the core.

Much more furious than what Xiao Gao had done to himself just now.

“You useless hanger-on, who told you to pester my daughter, why don’t you get lost!” Zhang Lianxiang vented all her resentment at this point on Neo, standing up and shouting.

“Aiya, Lianxiang, how can you talk to young Cui like that.” Those few women, still squeezing their eyebrows and acting out.

“Who’s talking to me?”

However just then, a voice came.

“Cui, Cui Shao ……” At once, the few women were terrified.

Because, the real Cui Yongtang, at some point, was at the entrance of the restaurant.

Don’t look at these few women just now to Neo a mouthful of Cui Shao, appearing to be cordial, that was only because they knew that Neo was not Cui Yongtang, deliberately squeezing disgusted Zhang Lianxiang.

But now that the real Cui Yongtang was standing in front of them, they immediately gave up.

There was another flash at the door.

Several more people came in.

At the head of them was Cui Lianke, the leader of the Cui family.

This time, the crowd was even more frightened.

Cui Lianke, the Grand Master of the Cui Family, was of course one of the leading figures in Jiang Yang City.

How could he come to the Coastal Restaurant?

Although the Coastal Restaurant was not bad, it was only good, and a big shot like Cui Lianke would not normally come here.


Could it be that the Cui family was still here for their own family?

A thought suddenly flashed through Zhang Lianxiang’s mind.

The Cui family was still nostalgic about Si Si, so they had come to look for her?

It must be, otherwise why else would Cui Lianke have come here? And Cui Yongtang had come along too.

Thinking of this, Zhang Lianxiang’s heart got excited again.

The Cui family had given themselves a chance once, but unfortunately, their daughter had ruined it before.

Now the Cui family was giving themselves another chance, and this time they couldn’t afford to ruin it again.

As expected, Cui Lianke’s gaze surveyed the restaurant for a while, and surprisingly, he came directly towards Zhang Lianxiang’s side.

At this moment, Zhang Lianxiang only felt her heart jumping out of her chest.

Haha, great, this time if the Cui family still wanted Si Si to marry into the Cui family, no matter what, she must make it happen, last time it was Si Si who went and kissed that punk before things went bad.

This time it must not be repeated.

Cui Lianke walked over, followed by the Cui family behind him.

The original guests in the restaurant, who had stopped eating, were sticking their heads out to look over, after all, this was the big head of the Cui family.

Wang Hao, the manager of the restaurant, who had just been in a meeting, also came out, excited to meet Cui Lianke, but he didn’t have the guts to do so in this atmosphere.

Finally, Cui Lianke arrived at the table.

Zhang Lianxiang suddenly felt that something was wrong.

It was because the expression on Cui Lianke’s face was respectful and cautious.

This was certainly not normal, after all, this was the number one person in the Cui family, so what kind of person was there here that would make him respectful and make him cautious.

Just when Zhang Lianxiang was puzzled.

Suddenly, Cui Lianke’s body drew short, and he, unexpectedly, knelt down?


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