At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 524

“Yes, get lost, disgraceful things!”

“This is the Zhao family, who are you, did our Zhao family invite you here, why don’t you get lost.”

The rest of the Zhao family also gathered around at this point, pointing at Zhao Baoliang and Zhao Sisi.

Where was there any semblance of the pleasing look on their faces just now, they were all fierce and fierce at this moment, looking as if they hated to strike.

“Zhao Si Si, don’t even look at your ghostly appearance, you still want to fly with Cui Shao, are you worthy of it?”

“It’s just that she’s ugly, but she’s still looking for a lover by hooking up with men everywhere, this kind of woman is really disgusting enough, look at this guy she’s looking for, all ragged and strange clothes and messy hair, he’s just a hanger-on, how bad is her taste to be so desperate for food?”

Zhao Si Si’s family sisters, at this time, also skimmed their mouths, a face of disgust.

The Zhao family also came to their senses a little bit, yes, now that they had driven Zhao Baoliang’s family away, they would have nothing to do with the Zhao family in the future, and perhaps the Cui family would not blame themselves.

Having thought of this, of course they could not wait to get rid of Zhao Baoliang’s family now.

“I, Zhao Tianhong, hereby announce in public that you are no longer on the Zhao family’s list from now on! Dear relatives and friends, you are all here to witness that whatever they do in the future, they have nothing to do with the Zhao family, and if they do anything in the name of the Zhao family in the future, you can just report it to me, and I will have a heavy reward!”

Zhao Tianhong’s voice was icy cold, as if it was a sharp sword.

Zhao Baoliang’s drunkenness had also sobered up completely by now.

After sobering up, Zhao Baoliang’s complacency and excitement were all gone, and the original cowardice and inferiority complex in the family had returned.

“Dad, don’t drive us away. Big brother, second brother, third brother, please, speak for our family.”

Zhao Baoliang was quite old, but at this moment he was like a small child, kneeling on the ground and hugging Zhao Tianhong’s legs, begging bitterly, even with a tear in his eye and a snot in his nose.

“What a loser, you’ve been a loser since you were a child, I am also a person, I have given birth to four sons, the first three also look like me Zhao Tianhong, how come when it’s your turn, you don’t look like my seed, you’re such a loser, hurry up and get out!” Zhao Tianhong was disgusted to the core.

“Dad, even if you want me to get out, then you keep Si Si, without the shelter of the family, how can she live in the future, she is a bitter child ……,” said Zhao Baoliang.

“Rubbish, you are no longer a member of the Zhao family now, if you dare to say one more word, I will tell someone to get you killed!” Zhao Tianhong at this time there is not a single point of affection in his gaze, originally this son is not worthy, not to mention also with the Cui family to make such a big trouble, at this time to get rid of Zhao Baoliang family, for Zhao Tianhong, is undoubtedly the most right thing to do.

The Zhao family’s men, standing coldly by, fiddled with the knives and sticks in their hands.

“Dad, don’t be like this, you’re old and your health is not good, let’s go, don’t let them see your joke.” Looking at her dad’s thin and frail body, surprisingly kneeling and begging bitterly, Zhao Si Si’s heart was extremely sad.

If Dad was like a few uncles, he would now be considered a dignified figure in Jiangyang City.

As far as the guests at the scene were concerned, they were all respectful to their uncles.

But for her own father, the guests were all looking at him with a kind of joking and amused look.

This made Zhao Si Si very sad.

But what could be done about it? Her father was a coward by nature, and he did not know how to handle things, and his personality was that of a fearful person.

At one point, Zhao Si Si was devastated. After all, her father was their own uncle, but her nephews and nieces all looked down on her, so she didn’t know how she could bear it.

However, at this time, in Zhao Si Si’s eyes, her dad was still very great, even though what he did was still very cowardly, but the way he looked out for his daughter to protect her, Zhao Si Si felt very great.

“Hurry up and go, don’t be embarrassed here.” Zhang Lianxiang’s face was also white at this time, she knew that staying any longer would really put her life in danger, and hurriedly pulled Zhao Si Si and Zhao Baoliang away from the Zhao family.

“Wait for me.”

Neo rushed up.

Yes, Neo had originally planned to leave, but he hadn’t expected that Zhao Baoliang’s family would suffer this encounter.

After thinking about it, it would be a bit unreasonable if he just walked away.

After all, he had something to do with himself anyway.

“You!” Zhang Lianxiang gave Neo a fierce glare and wanted to say something, but then thought that now was not the time to talk.

Zhao Sisi’s family, who lived in the Clove Community, knew from the name that it was an old community.

Although the Zhao family was not worth mentioning in front of the Cui family, but after all, the Cui family was the number one family in Jiangyang, so in Jiangyang City, the Zhao family was actually considered quite prestigious.

The rest of the Zhao family, too, lived in villa-level homes.

Only Zhao Baoliang’s family lived in this kind of ordinary neighborhood.

“Pisses me off! Pissed off at me!” Once she returned home, Zhang Lianxiang couldn’t help herself, slamming her bowl and plate, furiously making a fuss in the living room.

Looking at her, that was really angry.

“Ever since you got engaged to Cui Shao, I’ve been looking forward to this day for three months, hoping that you would marry into the Cui family and I would be able to live a life where I could raise my eyebrows, talk to your snobbish aunts, and vent my anger.

Zhang Lianxiang looked at her daughter, full of resentment, “Do you think you were born with a cheap name, leaving the likes of Cui Shao out, but hanging out with this kind of person who doesn’t know where he’s from!”

Zhao Si Si lowered her head, and at this moment she pretended not to hear.

“Just cut the crap, the child has her own ideas, no matter what, it’s good that we’re all together as a family now.” Zhao Baoliang said.

It would have been better if he hadn’t spoken, the moment he opened his mouth he directly and completely ignited Zhang Lianxiang’s anger.

“You wimp, how dare you open your mouth! What’s the point of being neat and tidy together, to be poor and despised together! Look at you, what use are you, you didn’t have any status at all in the Zhao family before, now you’re better, you’ve been kicked out directly by the Zhao family, what use do you think you are anyway!”

Zhang Lianxiang pointed her hand hard at Zhao Baoliang’s head and nodded hard as if she wanted to poke into his head, “I was really blind back then, even the people chasing me back then lined up in a street, how come I married you?”

“I’m really blind, otherwise how could I only see your status as the young master of the Zhao family, but not your unproductive character? What’s more, now that you’ve been removed from the Zhao family, I think you’re even more useless!”

“You, stop it.” Zhao Baoliang covered his head with both hands, his face looked a bit pained, he shook his head, “You don’t say anything, you don’t understand, let’s just live our lives properly.”

“I won’t say anything, who am I not to say anything!”

Zhang Lianxiang sneered, “Even if you yourself are wasteful, you used to be a member of the Zhao family, a young master of the Zhao family, why don’t you use the Zhao family’s resources to get us some benefits, even if the Zhao family doesn’t give us money or give you a company, you, a young master of the Zhao family, why don’t you find your own opportunities and use your status to get a better job! So I call you a loser and you still don’t admit it, a foreman of a restaurant, the fourth young master of the Zhao family, and all you do is this, it’s a disgrace!”

“The reason why I’m like this, apart from the fact that I do have a weak character myself, there’s actually another reason, you know.” Zhao Baoliang was finally cornered by his wife and lifted his head, “Don’t you know, because we don’t have any children.”

“What did you say?” Zhang Lianxiang was stunned.

“We don’t have children, this is the one thing that Dad has always minded the most, precisely because we don’t have children, we didn’t leave a descendant for the Zhao family, plus my father already looked down on me, so I had even less chance and even less status in the Zhao family, my father actually stopped treating me as a son long ago because of this, you don’t know this, but those bigwigs in Jiang Yang City all know this matter, so they can give my brothers a chance, but no one gives me a chance, you know?” Zhao Baoliang said bitterly.

“No children, no children.”

Zhang Lianxiang seemed to think of this too as she murmured, and then, her face was filled with fire, “Blaming me for not having children? It’s not because of you, it’s because you can’t have children, isn’t it, and now you’re blaming it on me? If you were able to have children, we would have had our own children long ago, and you would have had a family position, and you still have the face to tell me that!”

“You’re wrong.”

Zhao Baoliang looked hard at this point, but he still said, “The one with the problem is you, not me.”


This time, it was Zhang Lianxiang’s turn to completely open her mouth wide, for a long, long time, finally, she came back to her senses, after coming back to her senses, Zhang Lianxiang jumped onto Zhao Baoliang like a shrew, scratching and scratching, “Fine, you useless trash, you’ve now learnt to accuse people wrongly, has your memory been eaten by dogs? The one with the problem is me? It’s not like we’ve never been to the hospital before, it’s clearly your problem, not mine! Now you’re blaming me, what the hell are you thinking? Where’s the test report? Find it for me! The test report from 15 years ago! I remember it clearly, it’s your problem, why, are you bullying me for not remembering?

“The examination report says it’s my problem, yes.” Zhao Baoliang nodded, “But that is what I deliberately asked the doctor to write, in fact the real situation is your problem, you can’t have children, have you forgotten, after I came back from the examination I told you that I lost my gold watch, you even argued and quarrelled with me for half a day, saying that the gold watch was very valuable, in fact it was not lost, it was me who bribed the doctor with that gold watch. If you don’t believe me, you can go to the hospital and have it checked again.”

The matter had come to a head, and he had to say it.

“Ah!” Zhang Lianxiang’s mouth opened even wider this time, “I, my problem? Then, then how come you didn’t divorce me?”

“Because we had already adopted Si Si at that time.” Zhao Baoliang said, his eyes looked at his daughter again, his gaze was full of fatherly love, “Si Si was only five years old at that time, if I had told dad that you couldn’t have children, dad would have forced me to divorce you, and then let me marry another one, but if dad thought it was me who couldn’t have children, then there would have been no need for me to divorce you. And for Si Si’s sake, of course I can’t divorce you. If I divorce you, who will Sisi live with? No matter who she goes with, Si Si’s future life will definitely not be good and it will not be good for her, after all, at that time, she will treat us as her real parents. I want to give Si Si a future, so I’ll just have to let everyone else think I can’t have children.”


Zhao Si Si threw herself into the arms of the skinny Zhao Baoliang and cried out, “Daddy, for so many years, I’ve wronged you, you’ve sacrificed too much for your daughter.”

Zhao Sisi cried very hard.

She knew she wasn’t born, she was adopted, and her parents had told her after she started high school.

But she had never known her father, who still hid such a secret.

Such a great secret, that for the sake of an adopted daughter, he wasn’t going to have a biological child for the rest of his life!

Back then, as long as Dad was honest, then he would have married another and would have had children of his own. Even if Dad had a weak character, he would have had children and would have been acknowledged by Grandpa, and although he would not have been as glamorous as his uncles, Dad would have had a good life, not as he is now.

Dad had given up a bright future for himself.

“Don’t say that, Si Si, it’s not like daddy regrets it, it’s enough for daddy to have a daughter like you.” Zhao Baoliang wrapped his arms around his daughter, his eyes also tearing up, “You are such a kind and wonderful girl, when daddy sees you, it’s like seeing an angel, now daddy often remembers how you used to grow up, thinking about those, daddy won’t regret, not now, not ever, I just hope you won’t blame daddy for not bringing you a rich family, for not letting you live a luxurious life.”

“Dad, you’re a good father, I don’t want wealth, I don’t want a life of luxury. You are my greatest treasure.” Zhao Si Si said in tears.

Zhang Lianxiang over there, at this time, was also absent-minded, the anger and hostility on her face just now had almost disappeared, and she sat there stupidly, looking at the father-daughter duo in front of her, and did not speak.

She couldn’t get angry at Zhao Baoliang and Zhao Sisi anymore.

“It’s all because of this little bastard from nowhere, hitting on my daughter, and still having the face to sit in my house, you were about to leave just now, why didn’t you leave, you followed us, followed us what do you want? How else do you want to take advantage?!”

Zhang Lianxiang could not get angry with Zhao Baoliang Zhao Sisi, but when she turned her face and saw Neo, she suddenly rekindled her anger, “What kind of person are you, look at you all dirty, you are just a hillbilly who came to the city to work, I knew you poor people from the mountains, you are born with a cheap life, lazy, poor and bad, you don’t work well, seducing my daughter, you kind of trash Why don’t you go to hell? Who are your parents, where are they and what do they do?”

“Parents?” Neo froze for a moment, not thinking too much, “I don’t know where my parents are either.”

“Good, so you’re a wild child that no one wants!” Zhang Lianxiang was nonchalant.

“Mum, stop it! Before you adopted me, wasn’t I also an unwanted wild child? Didn’t I also not know where my real parents were!” Zhao Si Si said with tear marks still on her face.

“Don’t worry, daughter, one day I will help you find your real parents. You’re such a wonderful girl, your parents must be wonderful people too.” Zhao Baoliang said.

“I don’t want to find them, they left me behind, I don’t want to see them, you are my real parents!” Zhao Sisi cried again.

Father and daughter hugged and cried into a ball.

“Okay, don’t cry! Think hard about what to do! Now that you’ve been removed from the family, you won’t even have the family allowance next month, so you still have to live this life, how can you live it!” Zhang Lianxiang said with a dark face.

“Don’t worry, I’ll work more overtime from now on, the foreman overtime pay is still quite high, I’ll work harder and work an extra four hours a day, so I can maybe get more than 10,000 a month.” Zhao Baoliang pursed his lips tightly and said as if he had made up his mind.

“Dad, your body, can it hold up?”

“Don’t worry, daughter, dad can do it!”

Just as Zhao Baoliang finished speaking, his mobile phone rang.

“Shhh …… are not talking, the restaurant manager’s calling, I happen to be talking to him about overtime.” Zhao Baoliang made a gesture of silence and then answered the phone, he spoke in a respectful tone, “Hello, hello, manager.”

“Ah …… what, manager, what’s going on, this …… listen to me, manager ……”

The phone hung up.

Zhao Baoliang froze in place, the phone in his hand was still beeping, apparently, it was the opposite side that hung up the phone.

“What’s going on, what did the manager say to you, say something instead!” Seeing Zhao Baoliang in this state, Zhang Lianxiang was completely anxious.

“The manager said that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow.” Zhao Baoliang said as if he was dumbfounded.


“How can that be! How could this happen, why did they fire you when they were fine!” Zhang Lianxiang’s face changed as she said this, in fact, she understood it all at once in her heart.

Yes, now I’m afraid that the whole Jiang Yang City knew about Zhao Si Si and Cui Shao, and also knew about her family being expelled from the Zhao family.

“No, you can’t be fired, you’ve worked hard to get to the position of foreman, if you work overtime you can get more than 10,000 a month, now that you’re fired, how will you find a job for a while? Even if you find one, you won’t be able to find a foreman job, you know find a waitress job, that way, how can our family still live, no, absolutely not!”

“What then?” Zhao Baoliang said in a cowardly voice, “The manager even said he’s fired.”

“So what if they said it, do they have any reason, let’s go to them!” Zhang Lianxiang said, angrily standing up, which was about to leave.


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