At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 523

The surveillance room was quiet at the moment.

The manager himself operated the surveillance computer and pulled up the surveillance footage. He was respectful in front of Cui Yongtang, but there was a hint of excitement hidden in his gaze.

If this kid who came out of nowhere was really Zhao Si Si’s lover, the whole thing would be really sensational and interesting.

Who didn’t know that the Cui family was the number one family in Jiangyang City, and the Cui family would definitely not rest on their laurels if they lost face in such a matter.

Zhao Si Si and the middle-aged woman were also there.

The middle-aged woman had an apprehensive expression on her face and looked flustered. She swallowed her saliva and wanted to say something, but in such a serious atmosphere, she said nothing.

Zhao Sisi’s face was calm, a surprising calm.

Neo, of course, could not leave, being grabbed by the arms of the two yellow hairs left and right.

Although he wanted to find out where he had been sent, he was in no hurry to deal with the matter at hand.

He was innocent anyway, and once the surveillance was transferred later, he would know that he had not come in with Zhao Si Si.

“Found it, found it.”

The manager pointed to the CCTV footage on the screen, “This is the footage of Miss Zhao Si Si coming in last night, however, there was only one person.”

“Of course it can’t be all together, let’s see when the boy appears.”

“Okay ……” the manager said as he dragged the progress bar, “Zee …… zee… …ah, what the hell!”

The screen in front of him suddenly flashed white, and it took a while before it returned to normal.

“What’s going on?”

“I’m not sure, it seems like the surveillance in the hotel malfunctioned a bit, at that point in time, all the cameras were interfered with and there was a blank snowflake. We can’t see any footage from that time period anymore.” The manager scratched his head, “It’s likely that the interference was caused by the intrusion of a foreign signal.”

“Needless to say, it must have been done by this kid to cover his tracks.” Cui Yongtang’s face had completely darkened, he turned around and looked at Zhao Si Si angrily, “Fine, your Zhao family is just a small family, what qualifications do you have to climb up to my Cui family, if I hadn’t heard that you are clean, why would I want to marry a woman from a small family like you, today was supposed to be my big wedding day, our family invited all the dignitaries from the whole Jiang Yang city, I never thought that you now do this kind of thing and make me lose face, well, just wait for it!”

“Young Cui, don’t leave, listen to my explanation.” The middle-aged woman was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot, trying to stop, but they simply ignored her.

Watching Cui Yongtang leave with the others, the middle-aged woman had a look of despair on her face.

“I’m so angry, you’ve made a big trouble now, after offending Cui Shao, how can our Zhao family still live? And you little bastard, how did you hook up with our family Sisi, you don’t want to run away either, all go back with me!” The middle-aged woman brought the men with her and pushed both Neo and Zhao Si Si into the car.

At this moment, the Zhao family was also very lively.

There was joy everywhere, with lights and colours, and the guests and hosts were seated and mingling.

“Hey, Brother Liang, here’s to you, today Sisi is getting married to the Cui family, you’ll have a great future.”

“That’s right, our Brother Liang will be the old man of the Cui family, tsk, Brother Liang will have to help out his brothers more in the future.”

“Brother Liang, you drink slowly, come on, have a peanut.”

A group of people, gathered around a thin, middle-aged man, were talking about everything.

The middle-aged man was around forty or fifty years old, thin-looking, wearing glasses, and was surrounded by a large number of people at this time, his face looked a bit overwhelmed with trepidation and a bit excited, he was Zhao Si Si’s father, Zhao Baoliang.

“Old Fourth, Si Si is your daughter and also our daughter, today is your daughter’s wedding, also equivalent to our daughter’s wedding, in the past, a few of us and you have a bit of trouble, you do not take offense, today, we laugh off grudges, brotherhood and affection, all in this wine, come, cheers!”

A few more people came, all of them were Zhao Baoliang’s brothers. The eldest, Zhao Baoliang, the second, Zhao Baofeng, and the third, Zhao Baoying.

“Cheers, cheers.” Zhao Baoliang was as surprised as he was favoured, and hurriedly picked up his glass of wine and drank.

“Fourth uncle, I’ll also drink to you, Juan’er is here to apologise for being somewhat rude to Sister Si Si and you in the past.” Another young woman came over.

“Fourth Uncle, I toast you too.”

“Fourth Uncle, and to me.”

“Fourth Uncle, I’ll pour you a drink.”

More and more people gathered around Zhao Baoliang, ingratiating themselves with one another.

Zhao Baoliang was excited and thrilled, and although he was not a big drinker, he would not refuse anyone who came.

He was certainly in a very happy mood, he didn’t think he would have a day, it was all thanks to his daughter’s blessing, his daughter had really married a good family, his future should be much more comfortable than before.

“Si Si should be coming over with Cui Shao now, it looks like it’s about time.”

“Yes, it should be coming.”

“Auntie and Sister Si Si went over together, they should be at our Zhao house by this time.”

“I heard that young Cui has got dozens of luxury cars this time, let’s hurry up and pull out our phones and get ready to record a video, it’s still a rare sight to see so many luxury cars together in Jiang Yang City, let alone one related to our Sister Si Si.”

With that, the group of young people took out their mobile phones and looked outside, waiting with their heads held high.

They waited and waited, but no car came all the time.

“What’s going on?”

“Yeah, why isn’t it coming yet?”

“Don’t be anxious, maybe the Cui family saw how pretty Sister Si Si was and stayed there a little longer.”

“And I heard that the Cui family invited a lot of people today, the show must be a bit bigger, so it’s no wonder they’ll stay a little longer.”

The crowd was chattering.

Suddenly, “Here it comes, look, isn’t that our family’s car?” Someone with sharp eyes said.

“How come there’s no luxury car of young Cui, how come there’s only our family’s car?”

As these people were talking, the car had already arrived in front of them.

They saw the car door open and the middle-aged woman and Zhao Sisi and the others got out of the car.

“What’s going on, Sister Si Si, why isn’t she wearing a wedding dress?”

“Where’s Cui Shao?”

The crowd’s hearts were full of doubts at this point.

“What’s going on? Lianxiang, how come you and Si Si are the only ones back, how come no one from the Cui family is here?” At this time, an old man’s voice rang out.

It was the head of the Zhao family, Zhao Tianhong, Zhao Si Si’s grandfather.

“Dad, it’s over.”

The middle-aged woman Zhang Lianxiang’s face at this time had long since lost the dryness she had felt in the hotel before, replaced by a sense of trepidation and sadness.

“What’s going on.” Zhao Tianhong asked.

“It’s like this.” The truth was here, and Zhang Lianxiang didn’t dare to hide anything at this point, blah blah blah, and told the whole thing.


Zhao Tianhong’s face turned white and his body swayed a few times, fortunately the person next to him held him up.

“The other side is the Cui family.” Zhao Tianhong was also considered an old-school figure in Jiang Yang, but even his hands were trembling badly at this moment, so it was evident that he was also at a loss inside.

“Dad, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault for offending the Cui family.” Zhang Lianxiang hurriedly said.


Zhao Tianhong smashed a slap on Zhang Lianxiang’s face, “This is not just offending the Cui family, this is humiliating the Cui family! We, a small Zhao family, have humiliated the Cui family, who can bear the responsibility for this?”

“The Zhao House congratulates General Jiang of the Liaohai Group! Safe travels!”

“Zhao House sends its respects to Mr. Yu of the Bao Guang Group! Safe travels!”

“The House of Zhao sends its respects to Mr. Jin of the Jinsha Group! Peace be with you!”

Suddenly, high-pitched voices came out.

The waiters at the entrance of the Zhao Mansion respectfully bowed to send off each guest.

At once, Zhao Tianhong’s face turned even more pale.

“General Jiang, General Yu, General Jin ……” He hurriedly tried to go after them, but in the end, he didn’t go after them.

He already understood, and so did all the people in the Zhao family.

The guests had caught wind of it and were now clearing their ties with the Zhao family.

Yes, this kind of thing was definitely a great humiliation for the Cui family.

So, who would dare to deal with the Zhao family?

“You guys are really the star of death, you’ve ruined the Zhao family, I thought you’d be able to make a mark, but it’s really rotten! You deserve to be poor for the rest of your lives!”

Zhao Tianhong looked at Zhang Lianxiang and Zhao Sisi’s mother and daughter with hatred.

Finally, his gaze rested on Neo who was next to him.

“He’s the one who got our Zhao family into this mess.” Zhao Tianhong was almost spitting fire out of his gaze.

“Who the hell is this kid!” He glared at Zhao Si Si.

“I ……” Zhao Si Si looked at Neo, not knowing how to answer.

She certainly didn’t know who Neo was, let alone what all this was about, and how Neo had appeared in her room.

In her heart, she did not hate Neo as much as the others, not only did she not hate him, she was even a little grateful, but she knew very well that she could not express this gratitude.

For her, she did not want to marry Cui Yongtang, but there was nothing she could do about it, as the Zhao family was a big family after all.

Last night, her mind was in turmoil and she just ran out alone to get a room and try to be quiet.

Thought about a lot of things and even wanted to run away.

But in the end, she resigned herself to her fate.

Who would have expected this to happen the next day, this unexpected guest who appeared out of nowhere and changed everything.

“What! You still want to defend him? You’ve been fooling around with a wild man, and you’ve even gotten emotionally involved! How can my Zhao family have such a disgraceful granddaughter like you!” Zhao Tianhong was even more furious and rushed over to hit Zhao Sisi.

At this moment.

Suddenly, there was suddenly a bit of chaos at the entrance again.

“Ah, someone from the Cui family is here!”

The guests yelled out all at once.

The crowd all craned their necks to look.

It was also true that at this time, when the Cui family was coming, something was definitely going to happen, and with a good show to watch, everyone certainly wouldn’t miss it.

Dozens of wedding cars drove into the venue, one after the other.

“Wow, what’s going on, didn’t they say that thing about the Cui family not marrying, why are the wedding cars still driving in?”

“Yeah, it still looks like they’re here to welcome the wedding, what’s going on?”

The crowd thought that the Cui family must be feeling humiliated, so they came to seek revenge, but if they were just looking for revenge, why did they bring the wedding car?

When Zhao Tianhong saw the wedding car coming, he was overjoyed.

He was about to go up to greet it, but many people got out of the wedding car.

At the head of them was Cui Yongtang, as well as some of the Cui family’s sons and daughters, and also the Cui family’s bodyguards.

“Give me a fight!”

Cui Yongtang waved his hand.

The Cui family bodyguards behind him, all dressed as suits and thugs, with long knives in their hands, rushed over.

At this moment, Zhao Tianhong’s heart, which had just surged with hope, instantly went cold with fear.

The Zhao family members also froze in their tracks, trembling.

But soon, Zhao Tianhong and the others were relieved.

These Cui family bodyguards were not rushing towards them, but they all rushed to Neo and dragged him directly to the centre of the venue.

“This lecherous man, he actually climbed into Zhao Si Si’s room through the window with the intention of plotting mischief, fortunately we were just in time and no big mess happened, how dare he have his way with my woman, give me a beating!”

Cui Yongtang pointed at Neo.

The Zhao family all froze for a moment at first when they heard Cui Yongtang say that.

What was going on, hadn’t the Cui family just felt humiliated and wanted to repent their marriage, how come all of a sudden they were like this.

But after all, Zhao Tianhong was experienced and his brain was quick to turn.

He understood in a flash.

That’s right, the Cui family knew about Zhao Sisi’s scandalous affair.

But obviously, if this matter were to get out, it would undoubtedly be a big damage to the Cui family’s reputation and it would affect the prestige of the Cui family.

So, they are now deliberately saying that someone is plotting against Zhao Si Si, so that Zhao Si Si is innocent, just being missed by a lecherous man, and still innocent.

Both Cui Yongtang and the Cui family’s face was saved.

Yes, Zhao Tianhong’s guess was exactly right.

After Cui Yongtang returned to the family, there was some discussion and the result was that in order to save the reputation of the Cui family, Cui Yongtang had to endure a head of green and marry Zhao Sisi.

At the same time, he had to confuse the facts and not let the people of Jiangyang City know that Zhao Si Si was dating her lover, but instead framed Zhao Si Si’s lover as an indecent man who molested her.

“Yes, hit it, hit it hard! Si Si, my good granddaughter, you must have been terrified, but fortunately this indecent man didn’t touch you, right?” Zhao Tianhong had understood by now and hurriedly played along with the Cui family.

His heart was certainly overjoyed.

It seemed that things could still turn around.

Over here, Neo had not yet reacted to what was going on.

A group of men, fists, kicks and sticks came up in full force.

Bang, pop, bang!

If it were an ordinary person, I guess this beating would have left him half dead.

But of course, Neo was not an ordinary person.

He was not physically hurt by the beating, but his face was always ashen, bleeding and coloured.

“Don’t fight, don’t fight!”

A woman rushed in.

“Don’t fight!”

Zhao Si Si stood in front of Neo and looked at the crowd angrily.

“Si Si, what are you doing, this lecherous man almost molested you, isn’t it good to let Cui Shao take revenge on you now, do you see that Cui Shao is protecting you? In the future, young Cui will also protect you for the rest of your life.” Zhao Tianhong said to Zhao Si Si in a gentle voice, of course he was also old in the world, so his words were more or less hinted and ingratiating.

Zhao Si Si suddenly felt disgusted, disgusted with her grandfather’s face.

Yes, just a moment ago grandpa had come to beat himself up and complain that he had brought disaster to the family, but in the blink of an eye it was someone else who was being all nice to him.

“No, he’s not a lecherous man, I asked him to come, he and I, we’re friends.” Zhao Si Si suddenly grabbed Neo’s hand and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

This sudden blow instantly made everyone freeze.

“Si Si, you!”

Zhao Tianhong only felt his head explode with a buzz.

Even though he was old in the world, he didn’t know how to handle this moment, nor did he know what would happen next, but all he knew was that disaster was definitely coming, maybe even extinction.

Zhao Si Si’s heart was certainly in turmoil too.

She knew that she had gone too far with this one, and was too a bit over her head.

But she also knew that she couldn’t help it.

Looking at the situation, if she allowed the youth to be beaten down by the Cui family, she might be beaten to death alive in front of her own eyes.

Moreover, Zhao Si Si also knew that although this youth had somehow appeared in her room, he had indeed done nothing to herself.

What’s more, Zhao Si Si had some more gratitude towards Neo.

And in a way, when Zhao Si Si saw Neo, she even felt obedient and had an indescribable sense of affection.

Therefore, she had to stand up for herself.

That was all she could do at this moment.

She had to use her own personal actions to prove that Neo was not a lecherous man.

That was the only way to do it.

“Zhao Si Si kissed that guy, holy shit!”

“Really? It’s too powerful, right, could it be that they are really in a lover’s relationship?”

“Even if they really are lovers, to kiss in front of Cui Shao, this relationship is too intimate, how much in love do two people have to be to do this.”

“Yes, after all, the price of this kiss is just too big.”

The crowd was stunned and sighed.

Everyone’s mouths grew.

“Good, very good, you Zhao family people are ruthless enough, wait for me!” Cui Yongtang’s face was completely pale by now, no human colour left, he said nothing more, led his people, and left straight away.

So decisively left, as if nothing had happened, but it was the most terrifying kind.

A fierce revenge, surely, was still to come.

Flutter, flutter ……

After Cui Yongtang left, the Zhao family were all paralyzed with fear, not knowing what to say for a moment.

“Thank you.”

Neo wiped the dust and blood from his face, he didn’t really take it to heart, after all, although he had done it unintentionally, he did bring trouble to others.

He looked at Zhao Sisi, the girl was pretty, with big, bright eyes and a bit of baby fat on her face, with just the right amount of fatness.

Somehow, seeing her, Neo’s heart had an indescribable sense of comfort.

Neo did kind of want to get to know her, but he knew that he had other things to do.

The Great Sage had let Zhou Yun and Yao Guang go, and he didn’t know exactly where they were, so he definitely had to find them.

With that in mind, he was also ready to leave.

At this moment, there was no one to stop him.

The Zhao family were all scared soft, and no one noticed him for a while.

“Why, what’s wrong, Si Si, why are you here, aren’t you married to Cui Shao, you today.” At this time, a drunken middle-aged man with thin glasses came over and patted Zhao Si Si’s shoulder, “I’m telling you, daughter, I, I’m so powerful today, everyone in the family is giving me a toast, thanks to you, daughter, I’ll have a position in the family in the future. ……”

At the end of the sentence, this middle-aged man with glasses actually cried.

“Get lost! I don’t have a loser son like you!”

A heavy kick came, and the middle-aged man with glasses’ small body was directly kicked away.

Zhao Tianhong stared at the man with glasses and Zhao Si Si viciously, “Listen up, all of you get out of the Zhao family, the Zhao family doesn’t have you people, you don’t have anything to do with the Zhao family in the future!”


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