At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 522

“You, be sure to treat Chu Hong well until the future when the Rolling Curtain General returns here to pick her up. If you dare treat her badly, don’t blame me for coming back for you one day.” Neo looked at the Queen Mother in front of him.

“Yes, yes.” The Queen Mother was too frightened to look straight at her.

“Your son did a lot of evil in the mortal world and killed countless innocent maidens, he deserved to die, I believe you also know how your son’s character was, this matter ends here, if you think your son’s death was unjust and you want to get justice for him, you can look for me.”

“I dare not, I dare not.” Wang Mu was honest at this point.

Neo said no more words as he walked towards the Boundary Turning Platform.

Along the way, the gods and immortals avoided each other.

At this moment, the immortals were full of fear towards Neo, and some of them also wanted to curry favour with him, but they did not dare to go forward easily, lest they might offend Neo instead of currying favour.


The Great Sage’s voice came from far behind, “If you need any help in the future, just say the word and I’ll go through fire and water!”

On the transboundary platform, Neo closed his eyes.

One second, but it was like ten thousand years.


Neo opened his eyes with a jolt.

Where was this place?

The white tiles and smooth mirror seemed to be in the bathroom.

Looking at this, it seemed like, it was back in the Original Continent.

At least Neo could be sure that it was modern style.

It seemed that he had succeeded in switching realms. To be honest, suddenly going from the Immortal Realm to here again felt like a big difference, a feeling of dreaming.

Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, there was a violent knock on the door.

Neo was stunned and didn’t react for a moment, not knowing whether he should go out and open the door or wait a little longer.

Who could be outside? What would one encounter?

But before he had time to make a decision, there was a loud bang and the door was slammed open.


The scream of a young woman.

“Si Si, what the hell do you want, you came into the hotel by yourself without a greeting, you didn’t even answer your phone, if it wasn’t for Cui Shao who found out through his contacts that you used your ID card to get a room, we wouldn’t have been able to find you, do you know what day it is today?!”

The middle-aged woman’s voice, was impatient and angry.

“Of course I know.” The voice of the screaming young woman from earlier, who was Si Si, was calm at this point.

“Then what are you doing running here, what do you mean? The wedding car is waiting outside, hurry up, you few, hurry up and change her wedding dress!” The middle-aged woman’s voice was eager.

“Do I have to marry Cui Yongtang?” Si Si’s voice was tinged with tears.

“Of course, it’s today, it’s already been agreed, it’s too late to back out now, not to mention the big celebration at Cui’s house today, if you do this, you’ll have to make people look bad.” The middle-aged woman said.

“Let’s go, let’s go, Cui Shao is waiting anxiously.” The others said.

Si Si didn’t say anything more and was supposed to be pushed out by a group of people.

Neo in the bathroom, exhaled a breath, it seems that this should be a hotel room, fortunately these people did not find themselves, although Neo was afraid rather than afraid, just was found, inevitably a little more trouble.

“The first thing you need to do is to get married to a woman who wants to marry Cui.

“What’s the point of being pretty, can you use it as power? In Jiangyang, the Cui family has the upper hand, even if you are pretty, if you offend the Cui family and are asked to sweep the streets, you will still have to do it.”

“That’s right, let’s not stand here, let’s hurry up and go and help Cui Shao, he will reward us for a good job today.”

Outside the bathroom, there were two people still pressing on.

“Wait, I need to go to the toilet.”

Said on, without any hesitation at all, the bathroom door, directly pushed open.

Neo wanted to hide, but there was nowhere to hide.

The doorway, two young people, both in their twenties, yellow hair, a look is the social people, holding a cigarette, cheeky.

When they saw Neo, the two almost dropped their cigarettes.

“Shit, who’s this?”

The two youths glanced at each other.

Then in the next second, a tacit understanding formed in their gazes, and both seemed to understand what the other meant, “Crap, big news!”

“It’s not what you guys think.” Neo tried to explain, but it was obvious that it would be strange if it worked.

At this moment, in front of the Sheng Tang Hotel.

Dozens of luxury cars lined up on the road at the entrance, the front was a Mercedes G, followed by a sliver of colorful sports cars, and then the back was a variety of Land Rover Grand Cut Mercedes and so on.

Dozens of luxury cars, in a place like Jiang Yang, are already extremely rare.

There were certainly a lot of onlookers as well.

“Cui Shao, Cui Shao, I really didn’t expect you to choose our hotel to welcome your bride at your wedding, it really makes our hotel shine.

In the hotel lobby, the manager was full of smiles, smiling fawningly at a young man in front of him.

It was no wonder that the manager was so excited at this moment, after all, this Sheng Tang Hotel was just a little bit higher grade than a fast hotel, and it was only a second or third-rate level in Jiang Yang City.

The Cui family should at least choose the best five-star hotel in Jiangyang for their wedding.

So, when the manager saw this row of luxury cars parked at the entrance of Sheng Tang Hotel and Cui Shao got down from the car, he still couldn’t believe his eyes.

It was only when he saw that Cui Shao was indeed waiting here with flowers in his hand that he woke up to the fact that this must be the one who came to welcome the bride ah.

The young man was dressed in a purple suit with a meticulous haircut, his face was a bit gloomy at the moment and he waved his hand impatiently.

The manager also hurriedly retreated to the side, but still couldn’t hide the excitement in his gaze, waving his hand for the waiters to carry the cameras to capture the scene.

Yes, as long as the image of Jiang Yang’s first family, the Cui family, welcoming the bride at their own hotel was filmed, it would definitely bring the hotel a huge reputation and perhaps the next upgrade to a three-star hotel would go straight through.

“Young Cui, let you wait for a long time ah, this child, probably knows that he is going to marry young Cui, so he is too excited, so he ran here by himself.”

At this moment, that group of people, also racked Zhao Si Si down the stairs.

The middle-aged woman among them smiled curtly and said to Cui Yongtang.

“Running to a hotel like this to get a room the night before your wedding? What the hell is going on? Is that a person?” Cui Yongtang said coldly.

“It’s definitely a person. Don’t worry, Cui Shao, you don’t know what kind of girl Si Si is.” The middle-aged woman hurriedly said.

Cui Yongtang didn’t say anything more, he still knew Zhao Sisi very well.

“Sisi, why don’t you hurry up and apologise to young Cui.” The middle-aged woman pushed Zhao Sisi.

“Yes, I’m sorry, young Cui.” Zhao Si Si’s voice carried a bit of difficulty, a bit of bitterness, a very reluctant look, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Yes, she was reluctant, but there was nothing she could do.

“Get in the car, the wedding banquet is about to start.”

Cui Yongtang waved his hand and pulled open the car door.

“Yes, yes, let’s hurry over.” The middle-aged woman looked happy instead.

Zhao Si Si’s feet, however, seemed to be fixed, reluctantly, but there was nothing she could do, the middle-aged woman was pushing behind her.

Just as Zhao Si Si was about to get into the car.

“Young Cui, Young Cui, wait a minute!”

“Young Cui, don’t fall for it, you’ve been tricked!”

At the entrance of the stairs, two yellow hairs pushed a Neo and came down.

“Young Cui, this guy, he was the one found in the bathroom of Zhao Si Si’s room just now!” The two yellow hairs took credit and pushed Neo into the middle of the lobby.


At this moment, everyone’s face changed.

Everyone understood what the yellow hairs’ words meant.

Especially Cui Yongtang, his face changed even more in a flash.

The wife he was going to marry today had not only come out to get a room the night before, but there was also a man in the room?

A hat for the Cui family?

“Young Cui, it’s impossible, this is never possible!” The middle-aged woman’s face also went white and she hurried forward, “Maybe it’s a maintenance worker.”

“It’s not our hotel maintenance worker.” The manager shook his head and said.

“Then, then it could also be a thief, who climbed in from outside and Si Si didn’t notice?” The middle-aged woman stammered again.

“We’ve checked, the doors and windows are intact, there’s no sign of any break-in, it’s definitely Zhao Si Si who voluntarily opened the door and let it in!” The two yellow hairs said.

“Check the surveillance!” Cui Yongtang said with a black face.


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