At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 521

“Qi Tian Da Sheng came here, did you write these words? And this urine stain, smell it, does it smell like that?” Buddha said and reached his hand under the Great Sage’s nose, “Smell it, smell it ……”

The Great Sage, at this point, was like being petrified.

“No, it is impossible ……” his face was shocked beyond words, as if the fact before him struck through his soul, “I can be more than 100,000 miles with one instantaneous movement, I have turned out for so long, I don’t know how many billions of miles, how could not even turn out of the palm of your hand ……”

“As the saying goes, there are people outside of people, there is a heaven outside of heaven, Buddha said, a flower is a Bodhi, a leaf is a world, you think you have heavenly skills and abilities, in the eyes of others, it is only as weak as dust.” The Buddha’s voice was calm and with a touch of seriousness.

“You have lost, you have to accept the bet you just made, no resistance.” Buddha said again.

“I, have lost …… It turns out that I am not as powerful as I thought.” The Great Sage sat on the ground in dismay, his face ashen.

In his current state, there was no need to accept or not to accept the bet, in his condition, someone could have come and finished him off.

“Fei Lai Feng!”

The Buddha didn’t delay half a second, his mouth immediately chanted the Dharma hymn.

In the sky, a huge shadow was abruptly cast, and a huge mountain range came in response, the mountain range stretched for nearly a hundred miles, rocks and mud rustling down the slopes and smashing onto the Luang Hall Square.


The dust rose steeply and covered half the sky.

When the dust settled, everything was clear and distinct.

The body of the Great Sage was crushed beneath the huge mountain range, revealing only a head. Under such circumstances, even if he had divine power, he would not be able to move.

“Hahahahahaha! Buddha’s divine power is Qi Tian, thanks to you, you were able to restrain this shrewish monkey!” The Queen Mother laughed loudly.

“Just let him stay there honestly!”

“Eat, drink and shit in one place, never to be released!”

The gods and immortals cheered.

“This guy smashed my alchemy furnace and ate my golden pills, and he can’t be spared just like that!” The Ancient Monarch gritted his teeth as he hated the Great Sage to the core.

He was holding a Heavenly Palace imperial horse in his hand and came all the way to the Great Sage’s head which was being pressed by the mountain range, “Pilgrim, you’ve been in charge of an immortal horse for so long, you haven’t tasted horse urine, have you? Today I’ll let you have a taste.”

The ancient monarch pinched the horse and a stream of hot water shot out from beneath it, majestically and majestically nourishing the Great Sage all over his head and face.

The poor Great Sage tried to dodge, but his body was completely pressed by the mountain range, so he couldn’t hide at all.

“Hahahahaha.” The ancient monarch’s laughter was filled with the pleasure of revenge, “Well, you actually didn’t dodge, it seems that you like this taste, then every day from now on, I will have someone bring an immortal horse here to let you taste this taste, hahahaha.”

He laughed with pleasure, but did not see the Great Sage’s originally dishevelled and confused eyes gradually become serious and then shocked, finally, the Great Sage raised his head with difficulty and looked angrily at the Buddha in the distance, “This horse urine, how come it tastes the same as the one on your hand?!”



The Buddha laughed.

The Queen Mother laughed.

The entire Heavenly Court of Gods and Immortals laughed.

“Of course it’s the same, because I originally have horse urine on my hand, and I wrote the words on my middle finger myself.” Buddha said.

“How, how is it possible, how do you know the writing I wrote and also that I peed under the mountain ……” said the Great Sage in disbelief.

“There is no need to know, because you didn’t even write the words, you were just dreaming because you smoked the cigarette I gave you, so you just had a dream that I designed.”

“You, lying to me?!” The Great Sage’s gaze suddenly filled with intense anger, and the dishevelment in him vanished in an instant.

“That’s right, it was a trick, so what?” The Buddha said, “Buddha said, “Do whatever it takes.”

“Hahahahahaha!” This time it was the Great Sage’s turn to laugh, he lifted his head so hard that the veins on his neck blossomed, he laughed wildly while his face was furious, “You haven’t defeated me, no one has defeated me yet, I’m still the same powerful me! I will fight you again!”

“Come on.” The Buddha laughed easily.

However the Great Sage could not get up, he braced his arms and tried to stand up but could do nothing, the huge mountain range completely overwhelmed everything he did, he tried desperately to shrug his body but it was all in vain.

His face was red and sweat was wetting the ground around him, the mountain range remained motionless, and he didn’t know how long it had been before his movements finally became slow.

“Oh, don’t try to break free, this mountain range was born with Pan Gu the Great in the most ancient times, sealed with the most primitive power since the opening of the heavens and the earth, the power that separated heaven and earth, not to mention you, even all the immortals in the whole immortal world, can’t move this mountain range one bit, I was able to summon it just now, only because of that one magic word, only that one magic word can only be used once, use After that, I don’t have the power to move this mountain range, so from now on, you will stay here for generations to come, this is your destiny.” As the Buddha said this, he raised his palm and leisurely recited, “Amitabha Buddha.”

The thick and neutral Buddha’s hymn rang through the heavenly court, and for a moment, it was as if there was Buddha’s light shining through.

“I don’t believe in this fate! I am the Great Sage of Qi Tian!”

The Great Sage suddenly let out a violent cry, and in that moment, his whole person seemed to take on a haze of light as he once again braced his arms with all his might ……

However, he failed once again.

He failed completely, the haze disappeared from him, and he seemed to become thin and dry, really like a monkey. That untamedness also seemed to be gone for a moment.

“Don’t struggle, monkey! Haha!” The Ancient Monarch pointed at the Great Sage as if he was looking at a clown.

“Just be your Qi Tian Da Sheng under this mountain range! Haha!” The Queen Mother was also overjoyed.

Then they suddenly stopped talking.

It was because they saw a figure, landing under the mountain range, next to the Great Sage.

“It’s him!”

“The mortal who saved the Moon Goddess!”

Yes, that figure was none other than Neo.

“And who are you? You also want to take revenge on me like the ancient children of Tai Gu? Come on!” The Great Sage laughed coldly.

“It’s not revenge, I’ve come to repay you.” Neo said, “You saved the person I love the most, so I’m going to save you once too.”

“I haven’t saved anyone.” The Great Sage still smiled coldly, “You can’t save me either.”

Neo didn’t say anything more.

He bent down and grabbed the base of the mountain range.

“He’s crazy, what’s he going to do!”

“Could it be that he wants to move the mountain range?”

“Out of his depth! This is the mountain of Pan Gu!”

The gods looked mockingly before them.

The Buddha sat steadily in the clouds, gently sipping the hot tea that was handed to him, smiling and looking down at Neo with contempt.

“Get up!” Neo bellowed.

Bursts of sound spread rapidly from the ground, as if the ice was exploding, and a huge sound rumbled past the feet of the gods.

“The mountains have moved!”

“It’s being lifted up!”

The gods were all shocked, watching the lofty mountain range, tilting a little, and eventually, being lifted up.

“It was, surprisingly, possible to lift it up!” The gods’ eyes went wide.

The tea was shaking in the Buddha’s hand, spilling all over his hands.

“Go on!”

With another violent shout, the whole mountain range actually flew up, into the clouds, and flew without a trace.

The Buddha jerked to his feet, looking in disbelief at what was before him.

“Not only can it be lifted up, but it was even thrown into flight, what kind of power is this!” The gods looked on in horror at this godlike operation.

Even the Queen Mother felt her legs start to tremble.

“Brother, thank you!” The Great Sage stood up in surprise and looked at Neo, and the brashness on his face had disappeared quite a bit.

But Neo didn’t look at him.

It was because his gaze crossed the layers of gods in front of him and kept landing on the pair of maidens.

Those two maidens, one was wearing a light yellow dress and the other a light blue one.

Although a lot had just happened, these two maidens still stood still and did not move, as if they were frightened.

That was none other than Zhou Yun and Yao Guang ah.

When Neo’s eyes fell on Zhou Yun’s body behind him, he couldn’t move anymore, that familiar brow, just one glance was enough to melt away all the tenderness within Neo.

All the tiredness, all the restlessness, all the pressure he was carrying, all the burning emotions, all disappeared in this instant, at this moment, only wanting to sniff her hair and embrace her.

“Zhou Yun.”

Neo called softly and walked towards the young girl.

The gods scattered of their own accord, bowing their heads and not even daring to look at Neo.

The Queen Mother retreated several steps in panic and even hid behind Tai Bai Zi, as if she was afraid of being seen by Neo, who finally knew that the power of all the immortals in the entire Immortal World was no match for this mortal in front of her with one hand.

“Zhou Yun.” Finally, Neo came to the light yellow maiden, his voice so gentle that the surrounding fairies’ eyes burned as they all looked at him with fascination.

The pale yellow maiden bowed her head as if she had not heard, looking only at the surface of her own feet.

“Zhou …… Yun ……” Neo suddenly had a violent sense of uncertainty in his heart, he gently lifted the maiden’s face, the maiden’s gaze also looked at him, only, in that gaze, there was not a trace of divinity .

“Zhou Yun, you, how could this happen?” Neo was frozen.

A hand patted on Neo’s shoulder.

“Brother.” At some point, the Great Sage came behind him, “They’re not real.”

“What?” Neo froze.

“They’re all fake.” Great Sage scratched his head, “I used a stone pillar to change them, the real ones, they’ve been released by me.”


“I hated the Queen Mother for looking down on me and making me a Pilgrim, and the banquet list didn’t include me, so I made a big fuss in Heaven, and fought all the way to Tai Lao Er, ate his golden pills, smashed his furnace, and saved those two sword spirits, I took pity on them, so I secretly sent them away, and deliberately changed two fake ones here.” The Great Sage looked a little embarrassed, “Brother, I really didn’t know they were your acquaintances.”

“Where did they go?” Neo asked hurriedly.

“They said they were going to the Continent of Origin, I sent them away.” The Great Sage pointed to a pure white round platform in the distance, “That’s the Boundary Transfer Platform, which can randomly go to any place on any continent.”


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