At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 520

“Buddha, you’ve come too.”

Beyond the clouds, a lotus flower, slowly opening and closing, and on top of the lotus, a clear and elegant man.

“The Bodhisattva of Compassion has also come because of this, I believe.” The Buddha said.

The Bodhisattva of Compassion nodded, his face still a little moved, “What power is it that is so powerful that I felt it in the South Sea.”

“A lost power.” The Buddha said seriously, “A power gained after losing what is most precious to you. If this power is allowed to flood, the entire Immortal World will collapse.”

“But you already have a countermeasure?” The Bodhisattva of Compassion asked tentatively.

“Don’t you too?” The Buddha’s words were profoundly meaningful.

Bodhisattva of Compassion smiled, “My countermeasure comes after you, Buddha, and I can only succeed when you succeed.”

Buddha nodded his head.

The two of them stopped talking and headed side by side towards the heavenly court.

On the square, a figure was running wildly.

No one dared to stop it.

Although they all knew he was a mortal, at this moment in the entire Immortal Realm, no one dared to step forward to stop him, after all, the strength of breaking ten thousand swords in one second was obvious to anyone who saw it.

“Zhou Yun!”

Neo only felt his heart begin to break in pieces, just like the sword that had just roamed the sky.

After working so hard for so long and going through so much trouble, did everything really turn into clouds again at this closest moment?

“Follow it!”

The corner of the Queen Mother’s mouth showed a vengeance-like pleasure as she followed closely behind Neo, she wanted to see Neo’s pain at seeing the result.

Yes, you have killed my son, and I want to see the one you love most die in front of you.

All the other gods and immortals, too, hurriedly followed behind to see what was going on.

The crowd surged towards the Taikou Monarch’s alchemy room.


Neo barely stopped before he crashed through the door of the room.

A group of people just swarmed in.

Then, everyone froze.

“Oh, my God! How could this happen!”

The Ancient Monarch also rushed in, and at once he crouched down in pain, clutching his head.

The room was a mess, all the alchemy furnaces had all fallen to the east and west, furnace ashes were all over the floor, and the gourds holding the immortal pills on the wall had been smashed to pieces.

A man, with his back to the crowd, was crouched over the largest alchemy furnace.

In his hand, he was holding a cigarette, which had burned to the end of its life and reached his fingers, but it was as if he did not feel a thing.

“You …… you ……”

The Queen Mother’s body was also shivering with anger as she pointed at the man’s back, “You ……”

“Pilgrim, you lowly official, how can you appear here! Come and help!” The Queen Mother shouted.

The man finally turned around.

He was not tall, but his face had that untamed look that even Neo found shocking.

The man was in no hurry, he slowly took out his tobacco leaf box and knocked it in his hand, “Little sister, you guys lend me another piece of cloth.” He shouted at the two young girls standing in the corner.

The two young girls, one wearing a pale yellow dress, were only missing a piece of fabric from the hem of the dress.

The other, a young girl in a blue dress, looked down and tore off a strip of cloth and threw it to the man.

The man skillfully used the cloth from the maiden’s skirt to roll up the tobacco leaf, then lit the cigarette in front of the fire of the alchemy furnace which had not been completely extinguished, squinted his eyes and took a deep breath, gently exhaling a puff of blue smoke.

The light blue smoke drifted down the roof into the sky and slowly dissolved into nothingness.

“Don’t call me Pilgrim! I’m the Great Sage of Qi Tian! Fuck you, I thought you guys really respected me enough to let me come to the Heavenly Court to be a real god, but who knew you’d trick me into becoming a classless little official!” With a casual kick from the man, the alchemy furnace next to him was kicked straight away without a trace, disappearing into the distant sky.

“My furnace censer.” The Ancient Monarch’s face turned white with anger, and his heart nestled in pain.

“You, you, you rebel!” The Queen Mother stomped her foot.

“That’s right, old me rebelled! I ate all your coiled peaches, drank all the fine wine in your storehouse, ate all your immortal pills, knocked over all your furnaces, and saved those two sword spirits by the way, hahahahaha, what can you do to me.”

The Great Sage of Qi Tian laughed loudly, only there was a sadness in his laughter that perhaps only he understood, “I just wanted a respect, why did you guys lie to me?”

“You ruined my banquet, you ruined everything for me!” The Queen Mother clapped her hands and jumped up like a shrew.

“You ruined me, why shouldn’t I ruin you, all I ever wanted in life was to be respected like a human being, that was the most important thing I had, but you ruined it! I have the Qi Tian divine power, yet I am being played by all of you in Heaven, being treated like a joke, like a monkey, ha ha, monkey, ha ha, I am being treated like a monkey, ha ha.”

“Come on!” Qi Tian Da Sheng jumped up violently, and he suddenly had a long weapon in his hand, “Come on, fight!”

The gods and immortals were so frightened that they all clutched their heads in fear.


A muffled voice from outside.

“It’s the Buddha!” The Queen Mother rejoiced.

“The Buddha is here!” The crowd was greatly reassured.

“Fight!” Qi Tian Da Sheng waved his weapon in his hand and charged towards the Buddha.


Between the clouds, there was a flash of lightning and thunder.

A wave of light pranced and shifted over the Hall of Luang.

“Buddha will win, right. He’s the last guarantee of the Immortal World.”

“That Qi Tian Da Sheng is too fierce, maybe the Queen Mother really should have given him a real official position then.” The immortals watched the great battle in the sky nervously, whispering.

It was not clear how long had passed.

Finally, all was calm again.

The two figures fell back to the ground.

“Take a break, take a break before you fight.” Buddha bent down, huffing and puffing, and waved his hand.

“Good, too tired. Take a break.” The Great Sage’s forehead was all sweaty too, and he sat down on his buttocks.

“There’s no end to this fight, so how about this.” Buddha frowned and held out his hand, “Let’s make a bet, if you can flip out of this palm of mine later, you win and you can do whatever you want, if you can’t flip out, you lose and have to accept the punishment voluntarily.”

“Good!” The Great Sage remained brash.

When he finished, he pulled out his tobacco box again, knocked a few leaves, tore off a strip of cloth from the leg of his trousers and rolled the leaves.

“Don’t smoke that one, smoke this one from me, a good one.”

A fine cigarette with a filter was handed to the Great Sage, the Buddha’s face was smiling and the cigarette case in his hand looked extremely magnificent.

“Smoke it, fighting is fighting, resting is all old iron.” The Buddha shook the cigarette in his hand again.

Without hesitation, the Great Sage took it, snapped it, and lit it up.

“Good smoke indeed ……”

That was all Great Sage said, and bang! The man fell asleep on the ground.


The Buddha beckoned hurriedly.

Already, there were various gods and goddesses, who brought in tables and brought in pens and ink.

“Quickly, on my middle finger, write eight words ‘Qi Tian Da Sheng came here’, yes, write it in an ugly, crooked way.” The Buddha said as he rushed to the deity with the pen.

“You, did you get the horse urine, smear a little on my little finger and under my ring finger.” Buddha said as he nervously looked at the soundly sleeping Great Sage next to him, while covering his nose and rushing to the other divine being.

“I win!”

Qi Tian Da Sheng jumped up and shouted as soon as he woke up.

“Oh, how did you win?” The Buddha sat upright with no anger on his face.

“We made a bet that if I flipped out of your hand, I would win, and I have just flipped out.” The Great Sage said as he held his head.

“You flipped out there?” Buddha said coldly.

“I remember just now, I flipped to the end of the world, which must be the edge of the world, because there is nothing there but bare mountain peaks, and the peaks are that strange, you never see that anywhere else.” The Great Sage shook his head, as if trying to remember.

“Ridiculous, a load of nonsense! You didn’t even tumble out of my grasp!” Buddha said.

“Hey, hey, I knew you old thief wouldn’t believe it.” The Great Sage laughed heatedly and coldly, “So I left evidence!”

“What evidence?”

“I carved ‘Qi Tian Da Sheng came here’ on that middlemost mountain peak and pissed under the small peak, hehe, if you dare to go over there with me and look for it, you will surely find the mark I made! You’ve lost, Buddha! Don’t deny it!” The Great Sage jumped up, majestic!

“Oh, you mean this?”

The Buddha suddenly let out a cold laugh and extended his own palm.


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