At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 518

“Where did I take advantage of you?” Tian Xuan frowned, and his gaze wasn’t on the woman, he looked, in all seriousness.

“You pounced on me, isn’t that taking advantage of me? And it’s just a few bats flying past, you’re deliberately exaggerating, and it’s just an excuse for you to take advantage, if there was real danger, you’d be the first to escape on your own, I’m afraid. You just see me as beautiful and want to take advantage of me, don’t be sophomoric.” The woman’s face was still flushed.

“Where do you look beautiful?” Tian Xuan said in disbelief.

“I’m not beautiful?” The woman almost jumped up in anger, “Do you know who I am? I am the Moon Palace Palace Master, the 300 Upper Immortal Flower Chief, the number one beauty in the Immortal World, the Moon Goddess, and you are calling me unattractive.”

The Moon Goddess was really angry, damn mortals, indeed the fleshly eyes are mortal, they can’t even tell beauty from ugliness.

“You don’t have someone you love, do you.” Tian Xuan suddenly said.

“What?!” The Moon Goddess retorted loudly as if she had been bitten, “How is that possible!”

“If you had someone you loved, you wouldn’t care if you were beautiful or not, if you were the number one beauty, because you don’t have someone you love, that’s why you care so much about how you look, it’s really heartbreaking.” Tian Xuan looked at the Moon Goddess, there was a seriousness in his gaze.


The eyes of the Moon Goddess, who had been high and proud, suddenly dimmed, and that pride, too, seemed to have disappeared all of a sudden.

“Get lost!”

The Moon Goddess crouched down powerlessly, as if she had been struck in the vitals.

Tian Xuan didn’t move.

A hint of indescribable joy actually flooded the Moon Goddess’ heart.

“Get lost! Or I’ll kill you!”

The Moon Goddess raised her hand fiercely.

Tian Xuan still didn’t move.

Even though she didn’t want to admit it to herself, the Moon Goddess still felt the happy emotions pulsating in her own heart.

“Why don’t you leave yet? What is there for you to stay here ……”

The Moon Goddess felt her heart, thumping, begin to beat.

“Someone is coming.” Tian Xuan’s gaze, calmly gazed at the darkness in the distance, “I feel a great force coming over.”

“Oh.” The Moon Goddess’ face sank again, “Are you afraid?”

“Stand behind me!” Tian Xuan didn’t look at her.

“You’re no match.” The Moon Goddess said.

“Get behind me!” Tian Xuan’s voice was calm but with an unquestionable command, his gaze, completely focused on that darkness.

In the darkness, finally, a figure slowly stepped out.

A huge figure, majestic and tall, the moonlight casting a huge shadow beneath him.

In a flash, the air seemed to be filled with energy.

Tian Xuan looked so insignificant in front of that gigantic figure.

The Moon Goddess was standing behind Tianxuan at that moment, and Tianxuan was the only barrier in front of her to block that huge figure.

For a moment, the Moon Goddess just looked at Tian Xuan’s figure with fascination, it was so steadfast.

He probably didn’t really mean to take advantage of me just now.

It was also true, thought the Moon Goddess, that he was brave, and that he would protect me whether it was a bat or something else that came.

The huge figure, slowly raised his hand.

Energy was turbulent around his arm, as if the air was being torn apart by his arm.

A strong killing intent was spreading.

Tian Xuan was still as steady as an old dog, but his whole body was already tense.

“Tian Peng, stop.”

Suddenly, the Moon Maiden’s voice came from behind him.

In a flash, the killing intent in the air instantly melted away from the ice and snow.

“Yue, why, I just heard you shout ‘get out’, isn’t it this kid who is bullying you?” The huge figure said, his voice, surprisingly, had a tense feel to it.

“No, Tian Peng, we are friends, I asked him to stay here with me, I, we just had a fight, now we are making up again, go back.” The Moon Goddess said.

“Ah, yes, sorry, I, I’ll go back now.” Tian Peng’s voice was stuttering and dry, as if he wanted to say something else, but in the end he said nothing at all, as if he was afraid that Goddess Yue would be upset, and immediately turned around and left.

“He loves you very much.” Tian Xuan finally spoke up.

They were the only two left here.

“Yes, but I don’t love him.” There was a faintly apologetic tone in the Moon Goddess’s voice.

“Thank you for relieving yourself just now, that man is very strong and I would have struggled if I had fought.” Tian Xuan said and nodded, “Perhaps, I should go now.”

“Why do you want to go to Penglai Immortal Island?” The Moon Goddess said, “The Spirit Muse Fairy Mother cannot be said to be a good person, she is dangerous to you.”

“I’m going to find someone.” There was a steely determination in Tian Xuan’s gaze.

“The one you love.” The Moon Goddess only felt her heart sink.

“No, it’s not.” Tian Xuan seemed to think with his heart, “Not the person I love, but someone very important, someone who will make this world a better place, someone he will love the most in the future, and I must find that person for him in advance.”

“Who is he? A friend of yours?”

“No, no.” Tian Xuan thought carefully again, “But I can’t say it’s not, it should be considered a friend, just, a very special friend, like myself.”

“So do you have someone you love?” The Moon Goddess suddenly felt bold.

“I …… might have …… but ……” Tian Xuan’s expression suddenly became odd and difficult.

“What is her name!” The Moon Goddess’s voice steeply raised a little, startling even herself.

“Caiwei, her name is Caiwei.” Tian Xuan looked a little pained, “But ……”

“You go, Penglai Immortal Island is in that direction, I can lend you a section of moonlight to ride on, so you will arrive soon.” The Moon Goddess didn’t wait for Tian Xuan to finish.

She no longer needed to wait for Tian Xuan to finish, as she was already feeling her pain.

She did not want to look at Tianxuan again, but in the end, she could not hold back.

Tian Xuan walked away, his back already far away, looking a little forlorn in the moonlight.

It was then that the Goddess of the Moon suddenly felt her heart ache.

For the first time, she really cried.

That night, the moonlight seemed to be fogged up and much hazier.

Every night after Tian Xuan left, the Goddess of the Moon would go to that place.

But there was no longer that steely and forlorn figure.

Until one night.

A figure, suddenly stumbling, came barging through.

As soon as she saw that figure, Goddess Moon’s heart pounded.

“Tianxuan ……”

The Moon Goddess tenderly picked up Tian Xuan, but in a month’s time, it was as if Tian Xuan had changed his appearance, his clothes were torn and tattered, and his body was dirty and stained.

“Have you gone to Penglai Immortal Island?”

“Yes.” Although his face was tired, Tian Xuan smiled, “I… I got it.”

With that, he pulled open the lapels of his coat, and there, two spirit swords, carefully wrapped and protected, were placed neatly inside.

“Spirit swords?”

“Yes, although they are swords, they both have souls, he will love her, I know, I know.” Tian Xuan smiled as if he saw the future, “She’ll fall in love with him too, I’m really happy to be able to do a little something for him.”

“Oh, you went and did so much for the happiness of others, your own Caiwei, just throwing it out there like that?” The Moon Goddess’s attitude suddenly became much colder.

“Caiwei ……” Tian Xuan’s gaze couldn’t help but feel a little more pain, “Yes, I love her and she loves me, but I also know that it’s not me she loves… …I also just …… you don’t understand ……”

“You are a mortal, how dare you say that the gods do not understand, huh, I think it is just that you are philandering and sorry for others.” The Moon Goddess said.

“No, it’s not ……” Tian Xuan became even more distressed, he suddenly grabbed the hand of the Moon Goddess, “Do you, do you believe, I’m not actually a person who really exists, I’m not myself… …”

“You’re tired.” The Moon Goddess’ body shuddered, but did not draw back her wrist.

“No, I really don’t really exist, I’m just the outside of two souls gathered together, I don’t have a real soul, and it’s not me that Caiwei loves, it’s one of my souls, I went to Penglai Immortal Island to look for the Spirit Sword for the other soul, I shouldn’t have existed in the first place, I’m just an unreal existence… …” Tian Xuan’s gaze was filled with a pain that could not be described.

“Murphy, you are ……” The Moon Maiden only felt her heart shake as she said the word softly.

“Yes, that’s it.” Tian Xuan nodded his head with difficulty and pain.

“I like you.” Tian Xuan looked into the eyes of the Moon Goddess, “It has nothing to do with my two souls, I like you, you know? But, I have no way to like someone because, I have no future, I am not a real being, I am just two souls in a state of existence.”

“I know.” The Moon Goddess’ gaze was filled with a kind of helplessness and sadness, but the corners of her mouth smiled slightly, she was so happy at that moment, she was truly happy at that moment.

“As you know, it is not your two souls that I love, it is you that I love, now.” The Moon Goddess lowered her head and gently planted a kiss on Tian Xuan’s forehead.

“I’m going to die ……”

Tian Xuan closed his eyes and lay in the arms of the Moon Goddess, at that moment, he looked so soft and weak.

“I won’t, even if Fairy Mother Lingmu comes after me, I won’t let her kill you, I’ll protect you!” The Goddess of the Moon’s steep gaze was awe-inspiring, and for a moment, the moonlight around her seemed to have turned into white blade light.

“No, no one is after me.” Tian Xuan murmured, “I will die, I must die, my soul will separate and be reborn, it is destiny, so I must find this spirit sword, for I know he will meet her eventually, only when they meet will he become strong enough to suppress my other soul.”

“I don’t want you to die, I am a divine being, I can inform Yin Cao and not let you die!” The Goddess of the Moon hugged Tianxuan, and there were drops of water falling on his face; it turned out that, behind the sadness, even the gods would shed tears.

“It’s useless, my death, the immortal world can’t even do anything about it, it’s the control of another power.” Tian Xuan lay in the arms of the Moon Goddess, hugging her tightly, and tears wetting her bodice.

“Don’t you leave me, don’t leave me.” The Moon Goddess also understood what Tian Xuan meant, and she knew that she was only comforting herself in vain, she could only hold Tian Xuan tighter.

The moonlight shone on the two of them, still as eternity.

“Thirty-five thousand years from now, I hope that on that day, you will be able to manipulate the Moon Palace and shine the moonlight in the direction of the Heavenly Island on the Continent of Origin; at that time, he will be waiting there, and he will wait for the power of the moonlight to come to the Immortal Realm, and by then, you will see him too.” Tian Xuan said.

“I don’t want to see him, I just want you.”

“He is me, the real me.” Tian Xuan gently caressed over the face of the Moon Goddess, “Promise me, okay? You have to do this.”

“I promise you.” The Moon Goddess wiped her tears, “Thirty-five thousand years later, I promise you.”

“I’m leaving.” Tian Xuan stood up wearily and once again carefully touched the sword in his arms as he looked at the Moon Goddess in front of him, his gaze filled with deep love.

It was not the same as the love for Caiwei, the love for Caiwei was the feeling of one of the souls in his body.

It was also not the same as the love for those hundreds of women in the three continents, the love for those hundreds of women was the feeling of another soul in his body.

And looking at the Moon Goddess, for the first time Tian Xuan had that true love, a love that was his own.

But, he knew that he could never have it.

“What about Tian Peng, he is, in fact, very good to you.” When Tian Xuan said these words, his heart was in immense pain, but he knew he had to say them.

If he was not able to love and protect the one he loved the most, then he had to let the one he loved the most, have a good home.

“That day, he was actually nearby the whole time, and should have been secretly protecting you.” Tian Xuan said, “He is good to you, and also has the strength, he is very strong in battle ……”

As Tian Xuan said that, tears came down.

Yes, pushing the one you love, into the arms of someone else, is really the most painful, right, but what can one do, and there is no way to be with the Moon Goddess.

“Tian Peng he ……”

In the Moon Goddess’s voice, she took on that faint apology again, “The day after the one night we met, Tian Peng he, he destroyed the immortal registry himself.”

“Destroyed the immortal registry?” Tian Xuan froze.

“Yes, he destroyed his immortal registry and went to reincarnate on earth again, he, he was reincarnated as a pig.”

“Ah, a pig? Why?” Tianxuan froze even more.

“Maybe because, pigs don’t need to have love, or think, just eat, drink and shit, no worries, just muddle through ……” The Moon Goddess sighed deeply, and it was clear that she seemed to understand something too.

“He, he is because of you.” Tian Xuan said dully, “He always liked you, so he always protected you from the shadows, but that day you hinted at our relationship, so he knew you had someone you loved, and he knew he didn’t need to wait any longer, but he couldn’t bear that pain of losing you, so he chose to be reborn as a pig, and he wanted to forget all about that pain, because he really couldn’t bear that pain, how much he loved you, and how much pain.”

“I, too, I want to be reborn as a pig.” The Goddess of the Moon looked at Tian Xuan and suddenly said, her tears brimming down, “You understand, you know the meaning.”

Yes, how could Tian Xuan not know.

He himself was leaving, he was going to die.

And with his own death, the Moon Goddess was still alive.

He himself died, he was free of pain, and the Moon Goddess had to endure the pain.

“But I won’t, never, and not just because of the promise I made to you.” The Moon Goddess looked at Tian Xuan tenderly, “Because I love you, and even if I would be in pain, I will keep the memory of being with you again.”

Yes, even if it was painful, that hint of sweetness in that love would always give a glimmer of strength to live.

“I will appear again, although it will be another me, but after 35,000 years, he will return, and when you see him, it will be like seeing me, and he will protect you, just like I did.”

Tian Xuan’s figure, at last, slowly disappeared.

“Thirty-five thousand years, I will wait, for you to come to me. You must come.” The figure of the Moon Goddess, bathed in moonlight, was unbelievably beautiful.


Here I am, I am coming.

“I’m coming!”

A violent shout, came out from the ground, and the Yellow Scarf Rexes who were pressing on Neo, along with the violent shout, were instantly bounced away, and the many gods, dodged.

Neo, slowly stood up.

His pupils became blue, blue as if it was the purest sky, blue as if it could break time and space.

But, no one was paying attention to him now.

For he was only a mortal, a mortal who could not run away from the ordinary.

And there was someone more important, more interesting than him who deserved the attention.

“What a b*tch, indeed she is related to Tian Xuan!”

The Queen Mother pointed at the Moon Goddess tied to the Immortal Pillar and cursed madly.

“Kill her, ten thousand swords through the heart!”

The Queen Mother shouted, her command was the authority of the Immortal Realm.

There was a whistling sound in the sky right away, and the gods and immortals looked up as a shadow was cast in the sky and countless spears with a windy sound shot at the Moon Goddess on the pillar.

The gods and immortals all grew their mouths, staring in awe at the shocking image.

The number one beauty of the Immortal World would die under such a cruel punishment in a flash like this?

At this moment, some people’s eyes showed a colour of excitement, while others felt a great pity in their hearts.

“Ah Yue!”

The Goddess of Wind knelt on the ground and fainted.

On top of that sign in her hand, it had remained empty until now, without a single signature.

“Tian Xuan, where are you?”

The Moon Goddess had long been tired by now, her gaze was already lax, and her eyes were no longer on the Immortal World, but on that figure from 35,000 years ago.

That figure, which was so blurred, gradually blurred.

“It should be because I’m dying.” The Moon Maiden smiled sadly.

But suddenly, that figure seemed to become clear again, clearer and clearer.

“Stand behind me.”

A voice suddenly sounded next to her.

That voice, with a bit of familiarity.

Then, it stepped in front of her.

“You ……” The Moon Goddess finally came to her senses.

All she could see was that countless spears were coming from the sky, overwhelming the sky.

And a human figure was standing in front of her, just as it did that time 35,000 years ago.


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