At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 514

“Ling Miao, seeing you makes my heart feel better at last, finally I see someone I can talk to.” Inside the Allied Hall, the Queen Mother and Immortal Mother Lingmiao sat together like sisters and sisters.

“As soon as I heard about Chong Kui, I rushed over here, how dare someone commit such a treacherous act, if I find out who it is, I will definitely kill him alive!” Immortal Mother Ling Miao was extremely sad and angry, pounding her chest in anger, tears flying in the air.

“It’s not hard to find out who it is, there aren’t many people who can kill my son, let alone annihilate my son’s soul.” The Queen Mother’s face was dreadfully gloomy, her grief having been replaced by hatred at this point, “I can almost guess which immortals it might have been.”

“Perhaps, it wasn’t the Gods.” Fairy Mother Ling Miao said.

“What do you mean! Could my son have been killed by a demon creature?!” The Queen Mother was shaken.

“Perhaps, it wasn’t a demon creature either.” Immortal Mother Lingmiao added.

“Could it be a mortal?! How is that possible!” The Queen Mother’s eyes went wide at this point.

“Mortals, it’s not as if they don’t have that kind of power, Queen Mother.” Immortal Mother Ling Miao’s gaze took on an air of reminiscence.

Yes, how could Immortal Mother Ling Miao forget that one battle in the mortal world on the Heavenly Island more than a year ago.

In that battle, she had lost forever the greatest treasure of the Immortal World, the Heaven-opening divine weapon, the common master of the world’s famous swords, the Feng Ming Sword.

And if she did not have the Feng Ming Sword, I am afraid that she would have died before the heavy kui.

Immortal Mother Ling Miao could not help but think again of the mortal youth who had taken the fatal blow of the Feng Ming Sword with his body and called himself Tian Xuan.

The thought of Tian Xuan brought an unexplainable panic to her heart.

Under the chanting of the Phoenix Calling Sword, there were not even many immortals in the Immortal World who could resist that vast power, but Tian Xuan had not only caught it, but had completely knocked it away, which was simply too terrifying.

How could there be such a genius in the mortal world!

It was always the gods who defied the mortal world, but how much did the gods really know about the mortal world.

“Tian Xuan, a mortal, and you’re saying he has the power to kill Chong Kui? If it’s true, this thing is too odd!” The Queen Mother stared at Immortal Mother Ling Miao, she was clearly suppressing her anger, even if her son was dead, she would never allow anyone to insult him!

The son who was in charge of the immortal world died at the hands of a mortal, this would never be possible!

“Queen Mother, the odd thing has already happened a long time ago.” Immortal Mother Lingmiao said, “The sword refining furnace on my Penglai Immortal Island, the furnace burns with the divine fire of the Immortal Realm, which is sufficient to melt all things, but now there is an ordinary sword that cannot be melted in any way.”

“How could this happen?” The Queen Mother couldn’t help but be shocked too.

Of course she knew the Penglai Immortal Island very well, there were many famous swords on the island, and the Spirit Miao Immortal Mother was even a sword refining expert, moreover, the sword refining furnace on the Penglai Immortal Island could even melt the Feng Ming sword, if there was any sword that could not melt, it was absolutely impossible.

“It’s true, and this sword, it’s one of the two swords that that Tian Xuan once stole from me!”

“It’s Tian Xuan again, you mean?” The Queen Mother abruptly heard Tian Xuan’s name once again, and at that moment her face couldn’t help but change.

“I believe that it is Tian Xuan who has been protecting that sword, his power, has exceeded our knowledge, and he is full of hatred for the Immortal World, I guess that the only one who has the ability to kill Chong Kui and has the motive to do so is Tian Xuan!”


There was a crunching sound, and the armrest in the Queen Mother’s hand was, to her surprise, crushed alive.

“Where is that sword?!” The Queen Mother’s voice was suddenly sharp and trembling.

“I brought it long ago!” Immortal Mother Ling Miao clapped her hands.

Soon two young girls, escorted by a group of attendants, walked in through the doorway.

These two maidens, one dressed in light yellow and the other in blue and white, were both extremely beautiful looking, except that the two looked dull, obviously having been imprisoned for a long time.

“Sword Spirit.” The Queen Mother gritted her teeth, fire burning in her gaze.

“They are just ordinary sword spirits, not exactly high ranking in the sword category, but even though I put her in the hottest sword refining furnace on Penglai Immortal Island, I couldn’t damage her one bit.” Immortal Mother Ling Miao pointed to the young girl in the light yellow dress, “Look at her, she is intact, there must be some mysterious power protecting her, it must be that Heavenly Xuan. Tian Xuan’s power is beyond our perception, he is also powerful enough to defeat Chong Kui.”

“As a sword spirit, she does not belong to the gods, but is willing to be a mortal b*tch!”

With that said, snap!

With a raised hand, the Queen Mother gave the young girl in light yellow a fierce slap.

The young girl stumbled and hurriedly held onto the wall before she could stand still, and in just an instant, blood oozed from the corner of her mouth.

The young girl did not bother to wipe the blood from the corner of her mouth, perhaps because she did not feel the need to, or perhaps because she was indifferent to her fate.


The Queen Mother laughed wildly, “Bleeding, hahahahaha, wasn’t she secretly protected by Tian Xuan, how come she bled with a slap, that murderer of my son, how come she didn’t come to protect your b*tch anymore?”


The Queen Mother raised her hand again and smashed it heavily on the pale yellow maiden’s head.

“Let Tian Xuan protect you!”

“Let the murderer of my son come!”

“Let him come!”

Besides, at this moment in the square, after the Queen Mother had gone to receive the Immortal Mother of Ling Miao and left, the matter had come to an end for the time being, and the immortals slowly all retreated.

Neo could only watch as he watched Chu Hong being dragged away.

However, he was relieved that because of the words of the Great Commander, Chu Hong would not die, at least not until the Great Commander had finished putting together the glazed marble.

At this moment, Neo’s heart was in turmoil and he didn’t know what to do for a while.

“Save the Moon Goddess, please, sign it.” A voice suddenly sounded next to him.

It was the Goddess of Wind.

The blood on her face had dried and her clothes were in tatters, and she was holding a huge piece of cardboard with the words “Goddess Moon is innocent, please let Goddess Moon go” written on it.

“Sign it, please, if you have enough people to make a hundred, you can petition the Queen Mother.” The Wind Maiden knelt down in front of Neo, tilting her face up, her thirsty eyes staring at Neo in a daze.

Perhaps she was so sad and eager that she did not even see that Neo was just a mortal.

A divine being, kneeling before a mortal like this.

Neo did not know how long she had been kneeling here, perhaps a long time, for her knees had long since worn out.

Perhaps it had only been a while since she had knelt, for the place where Neo had found her signature was still blank now.

Neo lifted her head, and not far away, the stunningly beautiful first beauty of the Immortal World was still tied high up on the immortal binding pillar, her head already slowly hanging down, her long, flying hair, messy around her.

Somehow, Neo felt heartbroken, not that natural sympathy, but a deeper kind of heartache.

She didn’t deserve to suffer like this, she wasn’t to blame for the death of the Queen Mother’s son!

If he had told the Queen Mother how his son had died, wouldn’t he have been able to save the Moon Goddess?

Thinking of this, Neo’s heart suddenly beat very hard.

Yes, one knew.

At that time, when the Queen Mother’s son died, he himself was beside him. Although one was not sure exactly who had killed him, one could provide many clues to the Queen Mother.

Perhaps these clues could then be exchanged for the freedom of the Moon Goddess.

Neo was of course aware that the Queen Mother might take it out on herself, or even kill herself.

However, as long as he could get the Moon Goddess back her freedom, Neo didn’t seem to be afraid of that kind of outcome.

“Sign this, I’ll kowtow to you!” Goddess Wind, really began to kowtow to Neo with a thud.

She wasn’t trying to hang on to Neo alone, but Neo’s attitude at that moment was the most promising attitude the Goddess of Wind had seen for an autograph.

The other gods, when they heard they wanted an autograph, were all scared and instantly shapeless.

Neo, on the other hand, did not have an autograph, but at least stood his ground.

“You, please don’t go, please don’t go, save Yue!” The Goddess of Wind suddenly sat down on the ground again, looking at Neo who had turned his head and walked further and further away, her heart was suddenly filled with desolation and despair.

The only person most likely to sign had walked away, what hope could there be?

Neo did not sign.

He knew that an autograph would be useless at all, nothing more than a desperate act by the Goddess of Wind to help her sisters.

There was only one way that would work, and that was to go and see the Queen Mother herself.


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