At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 513

“No, I can’t let him do that. I can’t drag him into this, he’s already offended the Queen Mother once, and now she definitely won’t let him off the hook.”

Chu Hong’s brain was hot at this point and she was about to rush over.

“Sister Hong, you’re crazy! You’re a mortal, let’s not mention what will happen if the Queen Mother finds out it was you who broke the glazed marble, just your presence here is a capital crime! Let’s wait and see exactly what happens!”

Neo hurriedly hugged her and whispered a warning in her ear.

Luckily, at this moment, the attention of the surrounding immortals was focused on the field, and no one was paying attention to Neo and Chu Hong.

“Drag them to the Immortal Beheading Platform and behead them!”

With a wave of her long sleeves, the Queen Mother turned around and left.


Just at this moment, a woman’s figure, violently rushed onto the field, startling everyone.

“Lord Queen Mother, it doesn’t matter about him, the glazed marble, it was me who broke it, it was me who broke your glazed marble, it was me who was guilty!” Chu Hong knelt in front of the Queen Mother.

In the crowd, Neo stared dumbly at Chu Hong who had rushed into the field.

At that moment just now, Chu Hong seemed to have burst out with the greatest strength in her life, and Neo had not even been able to stop her.

Yes, when she heard the Queen Mother give the order to behead him, Chu Hong no longer had any scruples, she must not let him die just like that for herself.

“I broke it, it was me ……”

Chu Hong’s tone was excited and eager, it was as if she was afraid that people would not believe her.

“Queen Mother, don’t listen to her, it’s none of her business, she’s just one of my maids, she doesn’t know anything ……”

The Ugly God Immortal also did not expect Chu Hong to appear here, and he seemed to be trying to hide something.

“I, I know everything …… I know that you are ……” Chu Hong looked at him, seriously, although he was so ugly now, Chu Hong’s gaze was full of love.

“You ……”

The gods also understood in a flash, and his body could not help but tremble, just like all people who have hidden secrets deep inside, when their that gave everything for the one they love was finally learned by the other, the shock of that burst of love, each could not control it.

“You! You are mortals!”

The Queen Mother looked at the two divine beings and Chu Hong in shock, and she seemed to have understood something.

“You, you actually fell in love with this mortal, you fell in love with this mortal to break your engagement with Fairy Xiangyun! Fine, die, all of you, pull them out and suffer the punishment of ten thousand swords!” The Queen Mother shouted.

“You, why did you run in here? It’s enough for me to die alone.”

The divine immortal looked tenderly at Chu Hong, the Queen Mother’s order, as if he had not heard it anymore.

“If you die, I won’t live either, I have nothing to fear if I can die with you, the reason why I went up to the Immortal World this time is to find you.” Chu Hong’s gaze was also all on the divine immortal before her now.

Although she was a mortal, although she was now the smallest person here, she was no longer afraid, the feeling of being with the person she loved the most made her forget her fear.

“You still love me, and I thought you didn’t remember me at all.” The gods smiled back.

“I always remember you, I remember the way you landed next to me that day, the way you talked to me and the way you left, I would look up at the sky every day afterwards and imagine what you were doing.” Chu Hong said looking at the gods with heartache, “I also thought you didn’t remember me, but you tore up your engagement for me, you preferred to lose your looks, you did so much for me, why didn’t you tell me, why didn’t you come forward and tell me?”

“Since I saw you, I have no more thoughts about other women.” The gods looked at Chu Hong, “This time I saw you and I was thrilled, but I also knew I wasn’t what I used to be, I didn’t dare tell you, I was afraid you would be afraid of me and stay away from me, but I still loved you, so I had to pick you to be my waitress so I could watch you …… ”

“You’re so stupid. If I knew it was you, I’d still love you no matter what you became ah.” Chu Hong smiled and scolded, at this moment, they really wanted to be a little couple in love.

Only, as Chu Hong smiled, tears came to her eyes.

They both knew that this was the last moment to be together.

“Hurry, don’t you hear me! Let them both, be tortured by ten thousand swords! Once a day, for ten thousand days before they can die! Take them away quickly!” The Queen Mother roared at the top of her lungs.

“That, wait a minute!”

Tai Bai Zi hurriedly trotted and met the Queen Mother, “Queen Mother, have mercy!”

“Tai Bai Zi, do you want to plead for mercy for him? It’s not easy to start the Ten Thousand Swords Execution on the Immortal Beheading Platform once, and punishing only two people at a time is a bit of a waste of resources ……,” the Queen Mother grimaced.

“The Queen Mother is not angry!” The only thing I know is that the glazed marble is your favorite treasure, and if it is broken, it can only be put back together by the person who was broken, so if you kill them, there will be no one else in the world who can put it back together. ”

The Queen Mother’s face turned from green to white one moment, and then from white to green the next.

“So, who exactly broke the glazed marble!”

The king mother looked at the gods and Chu Hong viciously.

“It was him!” Chu Hong pointed at the divine fairy.

“It was her!” The Divine Fairy also pointed at Chu Hong.

A moment ago, they were desperately arguing that they were the ones guilty of breaking the glazed marble, but now in a flash, they were both pointing at each other as the ones who had actually broken the glazed marble.

Yes, whoever broke it would be able to live to fight for the glazed marble.

It’s instinctive to give the person you love the most a way out.

The Queen Mother looked at the Gods and Goddesses for a moment, and then at Chu Hong for a moment.

Her teeth clacked in anger.


A sudden flash of light!

A pair of things suddenly flew up into the sky.

It landed in front of the Goddess again with a thud.

It was a pair of hands, Chu Hong’s hands.

“I’ll leave you a dog’s life, you take these hands with you so that, no matter which of you broke them, you can put the glazed marble back together!”

“Only from now on, you no longer belong to the Immortal Realm, and from today onwards, you are relegated to the Golden River’s Quicksand River, where you will spend your days and nights until you have pieced together this glazed marble!”

The Queen Mother raised her hand, and the fragments of the glazed marble fell towards the ugly god, landing all around him and all over his body.

As the pieces of the glazed marble fell, Chu Hong’s miserable screams also lingered in the Allied Hall Square.

“Kill her.”

The Queen Mother glanced in disgust at Chu Hong, who had broken her hands, and ordered.

“Kill her and I’ll kill myself immediately!” The divine Immortal suddenly shouted violently, no longer kneeling, he suddenly stood up, his eyes wide open as he stared at the Queen Mother in grief and anger.

“So that your glazed marble will never be put together!”

“I want you to promise that she can live and I will put together your glazed marble even if I have to use it for the rest of my life, and on the day it is put together, I will take the glazed marble and come and exchange it for her!” The divine Immortal looked at the Queen Mother, and there was no longer any fear in his gaze.

“Why should I trust you?” When that aura erupted from the Ugly God Immortal, even the Queen Mother was startled, and the tone of her voice even trembled a little.

“Just because of my title of Great Commander of the Rolling Curtain who once commanded 80 million war gods in Heaven!”

How much pride and glory was interspersed in this cry.

At that moment, this ugly god seemed to have gone back to the old days, the old days that he couldn’t go back to.

Then he squatted down and picked up the glazed fragments on the ground piece by piece, carefully putting each one away, and he didn’t know how long he had been picking them up.

When he had finished, he knelt down in front of the fainting Chu Hong, in front of all the immortals, in front of the Queen Mother, and gently gave a hickey to the one he loved most, then stood up and left the Heavenly Court without looking back.

Neo stood in the crowd and watched the last act of this great commander of the curtain, and his heart could not help but feel a little moved.

He was once so glorious, the great commander who commanded 80 million immortal war gods.

And then his careful action of picking up the glazed fragments, was it not like giving up everything for the woman he loved the most, returning to his family and living an ordinary life of loving his wife and children without contention?

Neo looked at the broken hands of Chu Hong on the ground, his heart was incomparably distressed.

However, what was the use of going up there at this time?

“Immortal Mother Spirit Miao has come to pay her respects!”

Just at this time, suddenly, the sound of an announcement was heard from afar.


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