At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 512

“My glazed marble!”

The Queen Mother of the West gave up decency at once as she flung herself to the ground and cupped her hands around the pile of glazed shards in front of the fairy in yellow, “My beloved glazed marble!”


She raised her hand and the fairy in yellow was sent stumbling, tumbling to the side and blood seeping from the corner of her mouth.

“Pull it out and chop it up!”

“Lord Queen Mother ……” The fairy in yellow was instantly scared out of her wits, so scared that she, couldn’t even argue.

“It was me who broke it, don’t punish the innocent.”

A voice came from the ugly fairy, calmly walking up.

“It’s you!”

The Queen Mother’s expression instantly became more vicious, and her gaze contracted violently.

“It’s him? I can’t believe he was the one who broke the glazed shard, this is going to be a good show.”

“I’m afraid the Queen Mother will be even more furious!”

The surrounding deities caused a commotion as soon as they saw that ugly deity.

“Why? Who is he?”

Some of the gods who had come from far away, not understanding the specifics, asked curiously.

“He, it turns out, is also a famous fairy, except that he had offended the Queen Mother over an incident before, which caused her to become furious and dismiss him directly from his position.”

“A normal person would be careful not to offend the Queen Mother again because of this, but what’s wrong with this guy, he broke the Queen Mother’s glazed marble again this time. He has offended the Queen Mother twice, can he still live?”

“Ah, then it’s really over.”

“The first time he offended the Queen Mother, he was already a dead man, but he was spared death because he had a good official position and someone begged for mercy. ”

“And what did he offend the Queen Mother for the first time?”

“I’m afraid you don’t believe me, you know that the Queen Mother has a niece called Fairy Xiang Yun, not as beautiful as the Moon Goddess, but quite good looking, and back then, this guy and Fairy Xiang Yun were engaged to be married, which means that if not for those things, we might have been drinking the wedding wine of the marriage between Fairy Xiang Yun and this guy. ”

“And then what?”

“What else then? This guy and Xiangyun Xiangyun have blown it off. Xiangyun Xiangyun is still single, you guys don’t know that.”

“Did Xiangyun Xiangyun turn back?”

“No, it’s this guy who broke the engagement.”

“No way! Xiangyun is a beautiful fairy, and she is also the niece of the Queen Mother, a typical white rich beauty. How dare he take the initiative to break his engagement with Fairy Xiangyun?”

“I also think so, but what can be done, the situation is that he will not marry Xiangyun fairy, must break the contract can not, Xiangyun fairy also took the initiative to find him several times to get back together, the results of what people, not even open the door, later the queen mother also know, but also personally took Xiangyun fairy to find him, but still can not, even the queen mother’s face not give! ”

“So you offended the Queen Mother and got screwed?”

“That’s not true, the Queen Mother is the head of the immortal world, and Xiangyun is her niece, her family has a prominent position, but now this guy let him off the hook, and was dumped from the engagement, they will definitely not bypass him, so he was dismissed and investigated, and directly expelled from the Heavenly Court. Seriously, it’s good that he wasn’t killed, why is this guy so unlearned? If it were me, I would definitely flee far away and never go near the Heavenly Court again for the rest of my life, but how come he’s still here? Moreover, he broke the Queen Mother’s glazed marble, which is too strange.”

“If what you say is true, this guy probably took it upon himself to beg for death. It’s just that I kinda doubt the veracity of the story you’re telling.”

“What, you think I made it all up? I’m f*cking sick, what good would it do me? Besides, where would I make up a story like that? If you don’t believe me go ask the others, all the gods around Heaven know about this.”

“No, I’m just curious, this guy is so ugly, how did Fairy Xiang Yun fall for him? And he rejected Fairy Xiangyun, who is still crying to get back together, how is this possible?”

“Oh, this ah, I almost forgot to mention, this guy actually did not look like this before, he used to be very handsome and looked graceful, not to mention Xiangyun Fairy, I damn well looked at him at that time and thought that a man could look like this, I was a bit moved. As I said earlier, he had offended the Queen Mother by refusing the Xiangyun Fairy, and was not only dismissed from his post, but in order to punish him, the Queen Mother used the Thunder God and the Electric Mother to destroy his appearance. What the Queen Mother meant was that since Fairy Xiang Yun couldn’t have this man, she couldn’t let anyone else have him either.”

“Crap, too bad, right, he would rather have his face ruined than marry Fairy Xiang Yun, what’s up with this guy?”

“No one knows, no one is sure, and to be honest, this guy and Xiangyun Fairy’s relationship, although not very close, is actually not bad, or else they wouldn’t be engaged. Of course, the reason why he was engaged to Xiangyun Fairy was also because of some pressure exerted by the Queen Mother. When he was engaged to Xiangyun Fairy, he said he had to go out for a break, no one knew where he went, only that when he came back, he immediately had to break the contract, ironically, so those things happened.”

“That’s too bizarre, going out for a trip and coming back with a change of heart, could it be, could it be that while he was out for a break, he met someone he really liked?”

“That can’t be right, if he really met someone he liked, why didn’t he marry that person after he broke his engagement with Fairy Xiang Yun later?”

“Maybe he was afraid of irritating Fairy Xiang Yun and thus attracting trouble to the person he liked, or maybe he felt that his handsome self was no longer there and had become ugly and not worthy of the person he liked?”

“Who knows? But anyway, this guy is really a tragedy, and now that he’s broken the glazed marble, I’m afraid he won’t survive.”

“Yes, the Queen Mother has just lost her son Chong Kui, she was already in a bad mood, and now she has come across this, she will definitely take it out on him, we can only say that this guy is unlucky.”

The gods stopped talking and all stretched their heads to look into the field.

Only no one had noticed that two people, a man and a woman, had been listening intently to their conversation next to each other.

And the woman, long ago, had listened with tears streaming down her face.

“It’s him, so it’s him, Xiaodie.” The female was none other than Chu Hong.

At that time, after that ugly fairy took the initiative to stop the responsibility and was taken away by the fairy in yellow, although Chu Hong was extremely disgusted with him in her heart at that time, Chu Hong was not the kind of person who dared not take responsibility, so she hurriedly brought Neo with her and followed along quietly.

Although here, mortals are not qualified to come.

But at this moment, Chu Hong couldn’t care less, no matter how much she hated that god, but she didn’t want someone else to take the blame for her mistakes.

“Sister Hong, could it be that, he really is ……” Neo had also heard the conversation of those few gods around him just now, and now, hearing Chu Hong say that again, he also remembered what Chu Hong had told himself once.

The reason why Chu Hong was so eager to come to the Immortal World was that she was holding on to even the faintest hope that she could meet the divine being she had met on one side outside the Zhuri Pavilion back then.

“He’s the one I met.” Chu Hong looked miserably into the field, looking at the ugly divine fairy who was being scolded by the Queen Mother, “It was for me that he broke his contract with Fairy Xiangyun, and it was for me that he became what he is now, I, I even loathed him so much, I deserve to die.”

“No, Sister Hong, didn’t you still tell me before that he had always coveted you? Moreover, just now in that hall, he was also approaching you step by step to plot against you, ah.”

“I understand now, he recognized me, he still likes me, but he doesn’t dare to tell me the truth, he doesn’t dare to admit who he is, so he can only look at me secretly, I misunderstood him, he has done so much for me, suffered so much, yet he is disgusted by me just for looking at me a little longer, and just now in the hall, he shouldn’t have wanted to plot against me to plot against me, he probably wanted to explain to me, but he was afraid that I would be disgusted with him now if I knew the truth, and that’s why he seemed so conflicted.”

“He still loves me, so it was for my sake that he took it upon himself to lie and say that he had broken the glazed marble.”


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