At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 511

The entrance to the Allied Hall.

“Set out the wine!” The Queen Mother of the West’s face was beaming with joy.

The fairy maidens were carrying or holding up all kinds of jade-like liquor, and the fragrance of wine was gushing out as they came in a stream.

The immortals gulped desperately, looking greedily at the various kinds of wine treasured in the Nine Heavenly Allied Halls that they could hardly see on a regular basis.

They all knew the status of Chong Kui in the heart of the Queen Mother of the West, and this time when Chong Kui returned home, the Queen Mother would certainly be happy, so these wines would naturally be drunk freely.

“Play the music!”

The fairies, dressed up, danced and danced, with their long sleeves dancing, and the entrance to the Hall of Heaven was filled with joy.

“Queen Mother, although it was the Moon Goddess who manipulated the Moon Palace causing Chong Kui to sneak away, but now that Chong Kui has returned and the Moon Goddess has not caused too much damage, please let her go.” The blood on the Wind Maiden’s forehead had not yet completely dried up and she crawled to the Queen Mother again, begging bitterly.

“Not too much damage?” The Queen Mother stood tall and looked coldly at the prostrate Wind Maiden at her feet, “My son has been wandering outside for more than a month, he may not be well fed, he may not be warmly clothed, he may even have lost weight, and his feet may be worn out, is this not called a loss? My precious son, even if he lost a hair, I would be heartbroken to death, and you dare to say that that b*tch Moon Maid has not done too much damage?”

“Someone, drag her away!”

The Queen Mother waved her hand in disgust.

“Why isn’t my son coming in yet?” The Queen Mother looked with displeasure at the jade jade jade held in front of her by the gods’ hands next to her, the point of light on it not moving for some time.

“I think he is being cross-checked by the guards at the south gate, after all, it will be your banquet soon, the security checks must be a little stricter, and since Bodhi opened the correspondence course on the 36 transformations of the Big Dipper and the 72 transformations of the Earth Fury, there are more gods who can change, so even if they are heavy kui, they will have to be cross-checked for a while, right?”

“Who dares to change the appearance of my son! What some waste of guards, kill them!” The Queen Mother’s face was filled with anger.

But no sooner had she spoken than the point of light began to move.

“Chong Kui has entered!”

“Chong Kui has entered!”

The gods all stood up in an instant, and all eyes looked towards the entrance in unison, as if they were saluting on a parade ground.

“Quickly, go and fetch my most precious set of glazed jars, I want to drink a few cups with my son!” The Queen Mother’s brows were full of hidden joy.

Her personal maid in yellow immediately led the way.

The River God practically rolled and crawled to the feet of the Western Queen Mother.

He had spent most of his life as a small River God in the River Yishui, and had only come to the Immortal Realm once in a while to travel with a group, but here, he was never qualified to enter.

Every immortal around him was far above him in status, and the River God was like a lamb that had intruded into a lion’s family; he was so nervous and scared that his legs were trembling and he couldn’t even listen to them.

When he saw the Queen Mother, he could barely speak.

Of course, it was the Queen Mother of the West and the immortals who were even more shocked.

When the River God appeared, they all froze completely, and no one even thought to stop this lowly deity.

“How dare you ……”

The Queen Mother was just about to scold, when she saw the string of necklaces in the River God’s hand.

“What’s wrong with my son! Why is his necklace in your hand!”

In that instant, the Queen Mother’s face changed completely.

“He, he ……” The River God was almost dumbfounded and stammered for a while before he could say a normal sentence, “He’s dead …… ”

The king’s mother sat down in her chair at once, and she clutched the string of her son’s necklace tightly.

She clenched her lips, her teeth clacking inside, she looked fairly calm, but her whole body seemed to shake, as if she were a car that had lifted the clutch while the brakes were applied.

“Lord Queen Mother, as soon as Chong Kui died, Little Fairy immediately rushed to inform you, did not dare to have half a delay along the way, kept rushing, not dripping rice not dripping water, just to be able to let Lord Queen Mother you know the news first, Little Fairy is not claiming credit, just want to show Little Fairy’s loyalty …… ”

At this time, the River God of Yishui River, finally let himself calm down a bit, he certainly knows that this is a rare opportunity.

Himself a little river god, if not because of this matter, may only be able to stay in that Yishui River to manage a mu of land for the rest of his life, and now, the opportunity is in front of him.

“You go to hell! Return my son’s life!”

Before the River God could finish his words, the Queen Mother roared and a bolt of lightning instantly struck the River God, and the fellow died a horrible death on the spot.

“Give back my son’s life, give back my son’s life!”

Like a madman, the Queen Mother actually jumped on the River God’s corpse, scratching frantically, at this moment the Queen Mother, who had always been high above the others, was like a shrew.

“Who killed my son, who killed him!”

The Queen Mother stood up and roared towards the entire audience of gods and immortals.

None of them dared to answer, and none of them knew how to answer.

Neo hid in the crowd, his heart beating wildly. If this informer killed by the Queen Mother was the River God of the Yishui River, then who was the one who died in front of him?

Was he the son of the Queen Mother?

Then, who had killed him?

Neo did not know, he only knew that when he came to consciousness, the indecent man who did not fall down like a man was already dead.

“There are not many people who can kill my son, my son’s skills have been truly passed down by both Taoism and Buddhism, even if it is a Da Luo Golden Immortal, he can handle several by himself, so the person who killed him must be of no small origin, and must also be someone I know.” At last, the Queen Mother calmed down, her face gloomy, but it was certain that her heart was even gloomier.

“Start with all the immortals and investigate them one by one!”

“Also, Tai Bai Zi, you immediately inform Yan Luo Zhenjun to find my son’s soul and hand it over to me; if I nourish the soul with the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, my son might be revived after three thousand years.”

“Yes.” Tai Bai Zi led the order and went away.

Neo also left quietly.

In his heart, he quietly prayed that the Queen Mother would not catch the man who had killed Chong Kui, for that man must have been there to save himself, and that was his saviour.

But he didn’t have time to think much about this.

For as soon as he had left, he realised what he and Chu Hong had just agreed to do!

Sister Hong!

Neo blamed himself and slapped himself on the head, damn it, he had delayed here for so long, Chu Hong was still waiting for him!

Neo ran furiously, his heart in his mouth.

Chu Hong had also told him that the immortal he served had been coveting her, and in a place like the Immortal World, where mortals had no status at all, if that immortal really wanted to do something to Sister Hong, Chu Hong would have no way to resist at all.

Just thinking about it, Neo felt his brain start to pulsate.

“Sister Hong.”

Finally, Neo arrived at the room where Chu Hong was.

But the room was empty, no one was there!

Neo felt a coldness arise in his heart, he didn’t think much about it, and with his heart in his mouth, he went to the room of the gods that Chu Hong was serving.

He gently lifted the curtain and looked inside.

At once, he felt a cold sweat break out all over his body.

There was no one inside!

Neo knew that when he had just left, that deity was sleeping.

Now the person was gone, and Chu Hong was also gone, could it be that that guy had …… been on to Sister Hong

The more he thought about it, the more he felt a chill down his spine.

Neo hated to slap himself twice.

If he hadn’t delayed so long at the square, if he had just come over and swapped with Sister Hong as soon as he took something, then none of this would have happened to Sister Hong!

And if Sister Hong had really been what that ugly god had done to her, she would have been devastated.

For she already had someone she loved in her heart, the god who she had only met once, the god who must have been very graceful and handsome looking.

If she was spoiled, she would no longer have the courage to look for the divine being she loved.

Then she would certainly not want to live either.

It was all her own fault!

No, he had to find her, maybe it was not too late!

Neo went mad and started looking around.

This place was a palace, with horizontal and vertical corridors connecting the rooms of the palace together, like a maze, with rooms everywhere.

Neo searched for a long time, but there was no sign of Chu Hong.

Just when he was about to be disappointed, suddenly, a muffled voice came from within a door in front of him, which seemed to be none other than Chu Hong’s voice.

“Sister Hong!”

Neo couldn’t care about anything this time.

He rushed straight in.

The room was large, with a large table in the middle and long red candles lit around the room.

Chu Hong was indeed in the room.

At this moment, she was full of panic and was backing up one after another.

However, her back was already against the table and she could not retreat any further.

Not far in front of her, the ugly god, was slowly walking towards her.

“Don’t you come over, please, don’t come over ……” Chu Hong’s eyes were tearing up, she was like a helpless lamb at this moment.

Yes, she also knew her situation, in this kind of place, her position and status are the most humble, and the other party is a god fairy, and much more capable than herself, she has no way to resist.

The ugly fairy seemed to want to say something, but didn’t, and just took another step closer.


Chu Hong subconsciously tried to step back in fear, but by now she was already leaning against the table, so when she stepped back, the table was shaken a little by her pushing, and the things on the table fell to the ground with a snap, shattering.

The shattering sound of the fall was also a fall on Chu Hong’s heart.

She finally realised that there was no way out and she could only resign herself to her fate.

Her body collapsed limply, her tears suddenly gushing out uncontrollably, she was no longer prepared to resist.

Seeing this, Neo’s gaze suddenly contracted and his brain buzzed, his fists, too, clenched violently ……

“What are you people!”

Just at this time, suddenly, a delicate rebuke came out.

This cry startled everyone.

At the door, at some point, a fairy wearing yellow clothes came in.

The fairy had a rather arrogant attitude and coldly surveyed the people in the room.

“How dare you all, do you know what this place is, how dare you trespass ……” the yellow clothed fairy rebuked in a stern voice, but suddenly, it was as if she was strangled by something, and her voice came to an abrupt halt.

“This, this ……”

At the same time, her eyes suddenly went wide as if she had seen a ghost, looking above the ground, and a slurred sound came out of her mouth.

Then, as if she had gone mad, she ran to the pile of things that had fallen and broken from the table and knelt on the ground, her gaze filled with an indefinable trepidation.

“This, this is Lord Queen Mother’s glazed marble, the most cherished glazed marble ……”

She carefully held up the completely broken pile of glazed fragments and suddenly shouted hysterically at Chu Hong, “Who broke Lord Queen Mother’s glazed marble, was it you! Tell me quickly, was it you!”

At this moment, Chu Hong was completely stunned.

The Queen Mother?

That was the supreme ruler of the Immortal World!

Not to mention the Queen Mother, even facing these immortals, Chu Hong was trembling with fear.

If she broke her treasure, it would be a great calamity!

“Go, come with me to see the Queen Mother!”

Once Fairy in Yellow took a look at Chu Hong’s appearance, she understood eight or nine points in her heart, and pulled Chu Hong up and was about to leave.

Yes, one could not afford this responsibility at all.

Chu Hong was already completely paralyzed, her body was like mud, allowing the fairy in yellow to pull her.

“She didn’t break it, I broke it.”

It was at this moment that the ugly god, suddenly spoke.

“It was you?”

The fairy in yellow looked at him.

“It’s me, let me go with you to see the Queen Mother.” With hardly any hesitation, the ugly divine immortal followed the yellow-clothed fairy.

As he was leaving, he brushed shoulders with Chu Hong, and his mouth moved as if he wanted to say something, but in the end he said nothing and walked off straight away with the fairy in yellow.

In the room, only Neo and Chu Hong were left.

“Sister Hong, are you alright?” Neo let out a long breath of relief.

“I… I’m fine, Xiaodie.” Chu Hong said dully, her gaze, however, lingered on the direction that the ugly god had left, “Xiaodie, you said he, why did he help me? It was obviously me who broke it.”

Neo did not answer.

He didn’t know either.

Just now in the square, Neo had seen the kind of temper and tyranny of the Queen Mother.

This glazed marble was her most truly loved treasure, and if it was broken, according to the Queen Mother’s temper, that person would definitely be very, very miserable.

This Ugly God Immortal would not be unaware of this.

But he took the initiative to take the blame, why was that?

“No, I have to go over and take a look, I, I can’t let him be wrongly accused either.” With that, Chu Hong rushed out.

Yes, although that ugly god was not a good person and had to plot against herself just now, but Chu Hong was already a kind person, she knew that she had committed such a great crime, and she could not let others take the bullet for her in vain.

“Sister Hong!”

Neo could not stop her, so he had no choice but to follow her over.

At this moment, the entrance to the Allied Hall.

The square at the entrance was black with gods and immortals, but, at this moment, it was solemn.

Everyone knew that the Queen Mother’s son, her most beloved son, Chong Kui, had died.

When the news spread, almost no one would believe it.

Chong Kui, who dared to kill him?

Who in the Immortal World did not know that it was the Queen Mother’s treasure?

What’s more, Chong Kui’s skills were so great that it would have been impossible to kill him silently.

But, no matter what, it was a fact.

Everyone started thinking of ways to write reports on their activities so that the Queen Mother would know that they had nothing to do with Chong Kui’s murder.

It was also fortunate that the place where Chong Kui died was the Yishui River in the land of the Eastern Yi, a place so remote and small that many of the immortals had never even heard of such a place, let alone visited it.

How could someone as powerful as Chong Kui be killed in such a small place?

It was unbelievable.

The Queen Mother sat at the entrance of the Luang Hall without uttering a word, her face ironic.

But the immortals around her had long been busy trying to find Chong Kui’s killer.

“Could it be that old fellow Bodhi who killed Chong Kui, I heard that he was aloof and had not been dealing much with the gods, and that he was extremely capable ……”

“Or maybe it wasn’t a god, maybe it was a demon, now that demons are rampant in the lower realms, many of them have surpassed the gods in their cultivation ……”

“Report, report ……” At this moment, Tai Bai Zi hurriedly came running.

The Queen Mother sat up straight with a jerk and looked at Tai Bai Zi.

The gods around her, too, immediately stopped their discussions and all looked at Tai Bai Zi in the same way as the Queen Mother.

“Queen Mother, I have informed Yan Luo Zhenjun to search for Chong Kui’s soul as you instructed, but, but ……” Tai Bai Zi said, steadily, “but Yan Luo Zhenjun told me that Chong Kui’s soul, is no longer in ……”


The Queen Mother’s eyes instantly glared like bells as she grabbed Tai Bai Zi’s collar, “What do you mean it’s gone! The soul after death, how can it not be there! What nonsense are you talking about!”

“No, no, Lord Queen Mother.” Tai Bai Zi stammered in fear as well, “True Lord Yan Luo said, it could be that the person who killed Chong Kui was simply too powerful, and with the powerful killing intent, even Chong Kui’s soul was directly annihilated, so ……”


At this moment, together with the Queen Mother, all the gods present could not help but shiver deeply.

Chong Kui was also a divine immortal, and the soul of a divine immortal could not be annihilated, which was why a divine immortal could live forever.

Now that the other party could even exterminate Shigekui’s soul, how powerful must that be!

“Not Bodhi, not Bodhi, not even Bodhi can do this ……” someone muttered.

“Then almost no one, except Rudra ……” One of the gods just said that and covered his mouth, yes, although Rudra could do it, but that was certainly impossible.

The Queen Mother was also frozen, and she mechanically made her way back to her chair.

“Whoever it is, I want him dead!” Finally, the ruthlessness in her gaze burst back into the Queen Mother’s eyes, “I want him dead!”

But after she finished, she sat down again as if she was tired.

For a long, long time.

“Will there be one more piece of good news today?” She looked wearily at the gods and immortals around her.

No one dared to look up, where was the good news?

“Little Yellow is here, you’re finally here, bring me my glazed marble, it’s the only treasure that can comfort me.” Just at this time, the fairy in yellow also appeared with the ugly god.

“Where is my glazed marble, quick, bring it to me!” The Queen Mother looked like a child who wanted a snack, her gaze full of desire.

The fairy in yellow did not dare to look up as she flung herself to the ground, “Lord Queen Mother, your glazed marble, was, was broken.”


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