At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 509

What a woman that is.

It was a woman who was sure to be the centre of attention whenever she appeared.

She was so beautiful that it was as if all the beautiful words had been created in her honour.

As she walked she was like light, illuminating every place she passed.

The white sash fluttered behind her, making it seem as if she was walking on clouds.

She was like a fairy, she was the fairy, the prettiest of the fairies.

Neo stared intently at the woman.

He knew that he was not staring at the woman because she was beautiful; he was staring at her only because, it seemed, it was an inner drive.

He didn’t know who the woman was, or where the woman came from, but he suddenly felt that he knew this woman so well.

“Goddess of the Moon, wow, this is the Goddess of the Moon!”

“It really wasn’t a waste of time coming to the Western Queen Mother’s banquet, to see the Moon Goddess herself!”

“It’s really the number one beauty in the Immortal World, compared to her, all those Seven Immortal Maidens are now mortal.”

“If only I could have a word with her, or invite her for a meal or something, of course it would be even better if I could double cultivate the immortal arts, for that I would rather be reborn as a pig in my next life.”

“Don’t be delusional, Goddess Moon is so beautiful, there are dozens of Da Luo Golden Immortals alone pursuing her, and over a hundred Upper Immortals, but she just stays single, how can she look at you.”

“Cut, so picky, maybe she likes women.”

The surrounding gods, seeing the Moon Goddess appear, were all buzzing with excitement.

The Moon Goddess walked slowly along the warm white jade path in the middle of the square, her face calm and peaceful, like a person who had no more worries.

But Neo clearly felt that she seemed to be hiding something in her heart.

“The Queen Mother of the West has come out!”

Suddenly, a message spread rapidly through the crowd.

The eyes of the crowd were all focused on the cloudy, allied hall at the end of the white jade path.

A woman, surrounded by a crowd of attendants, walked out of the Allied Hall.

This woman was round and fat, clad in gorgeous brocade, with a gold hairpin and jade pendant on her head, looking imposing, and was none other than the Queen Mother of the West, one of the rulers of the Immortal World.

“Goddess Moon’s face is so big, even the Queen Mother of the West has come out to greet her.”

“Nonsense, Goddess Moon is an immortal and her status is there, not to mention that she is so famous.”

As the crowd spoke, the Queen Mother of the West had already arrived on the high platform outside the Allied Hall, overlooking the vast crowd in the square below the steps, her gaze passing over the heads of the crowd one by one before finally stopping at the Moon Goddess.

“Moon Goddess!”

The Queen Mother of the West shouted.

“Stand still!”

She shouted again.

The Moon Goddess really did just stand there.

“How dare you come?!”

The face of the Queen Mother of the West was steeped in gritted teeth, as if she was looking at an enemy.

At once, the crowd froze.

What was going on here?

What had happened between the Queen Mother of the West and the Goddess of the Moon, that the two had formed an enmity? How big a feud was it that they would even make it so public in front of so many gods and immortals.

This was a situation that completely tore their faces apart.

“Why don’t you dare?”

The Moon Goddess’ voice was calm, just like her expression.

The words were offensive, but coming from the Moon Goddess’s mouth, they were so natural that it didn’t sound much more rude.

“You ……”

The Queen Mother of the West’s face, blue and white with anger, she tried to suppress her emotions that were about to storm out, “Okay, I’m asking you, Moon Goddess, what did you do a month ago!”

“I didn’t do anything.” Moon Maiden gently lowered her head, seemingly looking at the floating belt at her feet as she said softly, or as if speaking to herself, “Or rather, I just did what I had to do.”

“You, how dare you slyly argue! Don’t think that just because you’re the number one beauty in the Immortal World, I don’t dare to do anything to you! Today I’m going to let everyone know that heaven is heaven, law is law, and as long as you break the rules of heaven, no matter who you are, no matter how beautiful you are, you’ll be finished!”

Seeing the cotton-like soft attitude of the Moon Goddess, the Western Queen Mother’s anger value shot up even more.

This look of the Moon Goddess, not only did she not take herself seriously at all, but the way she seemed to not care at all about the punishment, all of which gave the Western Queen Mother a rage that she had nowhere to vent.

“Men, escort the Moon Goddess to the Immortal Binding Platform!”

With a command from the Western Queen Mother, several yellow-turbaned Rexes, swaying their tall bodies, walked towards the Moon Goddess, their mighty and tall bodies, the muscles on their shoulders appearing as if they were small mountains in the light.

In the square, everyone was stunned.

The Moon Goddess had actually been condemned, the number one beauty of the Immortal World, and now she had become the lowest and most reviled sinner.

“Wait, wait a minute …… Queen Mother ……”

Next to him, a slim middle-aged man, holding a scroll in his hand, hurriedly came out, and he respectfully gave a salute to the Queen Mother.

“What is it, Tai Bai Zi.”

“Queen Mother, the Goddess of the Moon is among the upper immortals, and this time it is only a first offence; according to the regulations of the Heavenly Rule, if an upper immortal breaks the Heavenly Rule and it is a first offence, then as long as she can admit her mistake, she can be exempted from punishment!” Tai Bai Zi held the book as if to imply that it was written in black and white in the Heavenly Rule.

“What, Tai Bai Zi, you want to help her!” The Queen Mother of the West’s face sank with a brush.

“I don’t dare, it’s just that the Heavenly Rule is the Heavenly Rule, a rule that has been passed down from Chaos and Hongmeng, and, again, how can it not be obeyed? The Queen Mother governs the Immortal World according to the Heavenly Rule, so that she can better win respect ah.” Tai Bai Zi’s eyes dodged, as if he was afraid that the Queen Mother would see through his mind, and he stammered.

“Please ask the Queen Mother to rule according to the Heavenly Rule!”

“I ask the Queen Mother to follow the rules of heaven!”

“Please ask the Queen Mother to give the Moon Goddess a chance to admit her mistake according to the Heavenly Rule!”

Hearing Tai Bai Zi say this, the Gods and Immortals in the square, immediately shouted out, and in a moment, the voices of petition seemed to merge into a rumbling river in the vast square.

As the Queen Mother of the West watched the immortals in the square frantically petitioning and shouting for the Moon Goddess, her face turned even more ironic.

How could she not know what these immortals were thinking, and how could she not know why Tai Bai Zi had suddenly jumped in to say such a thing? In the end, it was all because these losers were coveting the beauty of the Moon Goddess!

When she thought of this, her hatred for the Moon Goddess grew a little stronger.

But when the group got angry, she could only hide her true thoughts.

“Good, Moon Goddess, since everyone has pleaded for your mercy and the Heavenly Rule has stipulated so, then good, kneel before me now and admit with your own mouth that you are wrong, and you will be pardoned!”

The Queen Mother of the West held her anger in her heart and said with hatred.

“Goddess Moon, kneel down quickly!”

“That’s right, Goddess Yue, admit your mistake!”

The divine hangers-on, more distressed and anxious than anyone else at this moment, wailed.

At this moment, Goddess Yue slowly raised her head, her gaze was still as calm as water, that calm beauty, as if it could make time freeze.

However, within that calmness, there was at some point a little more haziness.

At this moment, Neo was hiding in the group of gods and goddesses, and his gaze, from the very beginning, had been on the body of the Moon Goddess.

At this moment he had completely forgotten his own identity, the danger of being a mortal mingling here, and the fact that he should never have been in this place.

Only because, it seemed, he remembered something.

He couldn’t be sure yet, something in that memory still seemed so ethereal, as if it could drift away at any moment, which was why he kept looking at the Moon Goddess, because seeing her, that something in that memory, wouldn’t disappear.

She was crying, she was crying, Neo looked at the calm face of the Moon Goddess and suddenly said to himself in his heart, she was starting to cry, she was remembering something, she was crying.

She is smiling again, she is smiling. Neo still looked at the calm face of the Moon Goddess and said in his heart, I know it, she is smiling, I know her.

She was really smiling.

“I’m not wrong ……,” Neo said uncontrollably, softly.

Suddenly the inexplicable words came out, and Neo himself was taken aback.

“She’ll say, I’m not wrong, she’ll say that …… I know her ……,” Neo’s heart, suddenly sank.

“I’m not wrong.” On the white jade striped path, in the middle of the square, in front of tens of thousands of gods and immortals, the goddess of the moon raised her head and said softly but decisively.

And the smile on her face, in that instant, was like a sharp sword, piercing completely into the heart of the Western Queen Mother.

“Bind this b*tch and tie her to the Immortal Terrace for public display! Tai Bai Zi, make it known to the world!” The Queen Mother of the West no longer had any decency and pointed at the Goddess of the Moon as she roared.

“The upper immortal Goddess Moon, for a month ago, privately manipulating the direction of the Moon Palace, moving its orientation, pouring moonlight on the continent of the original, violating the rules of heaven, according to not admitting her mistake, therefore tied and sent to the Tied Immortal Terrace for public display, day and night without stopping ……”

Tai Bai Zi with a certain regret in the sound of the notorious announcement.

The huge yellow scarves, tightly bound to the Moon Goddess, were escorted to the Binding Fairy Terrace.


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