At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 508

“I wish so much that I could pass immediately this night and get to the Immortal World right away!”

In the room, Chu Hong was gathering her accompanying clothes while thinking in pieces.

And every now and then, she looked out the window towards the night sky.

“Sister Hong, why do I feel that the reason why you are so excited is not just as simple as what you said?” Neo sat next to him and looked at Chu Hong.

His face was still calm.

Even though his heart was already full of desire for the Immortal Realm.

“Really, really? Do you really think so?” Chu Hong’s face suddenly turned red, and her words stuttered.

Without waiting for Neo to answer, she opened up the conversation herself, girls were sometimes like that, unable to hide things inside.

“When we get to the Immortal World, we can see him ah!” When she said this, Chu Hong’s face became even redder, showing a kind of shyness unique to girls, “I don’t know if he still remembers me, no, he will definitely remember me, he must remember. Because I’ve always remembered him too.”

Neo was sitting next to him, when he saw Chu Hong talking about those words obsessively, when he saw that glow in Chu Hong’s gaze that flushed with the memory of someone.

Neo’s heart, somehow, suddenly remembered someone too.

He couldn’t recall this person’s appearance, he couldn’t recall this person’s name, but it was as if he knew that there was such a person who was also worth waiting for like Chu Hong.

Was that person, too, in the Immortal World?

If so, would one meet him or her?

With these questions in mind, Neo fell into a deep sleep, and when he opened his eyes again, he had arrived at a square.

The square was vast, with green tiles stretching far into the distance, and in the distance it seemed golden and glorious, but what exactly was there was not clear to see.

The square was very crowded, but all of them were women, not a single man, and everyone looked quite excited and chattering, each one glancing east and west, as if they didn’t have enough eyes.

“Ah, this is the Immortal World, it’s so beautiful!”

“It’s worth a lifetime to come here once.”

The crowd chattered to each other excitedly.

As Neo listened to the voices around him, he knew very well in his heart that all these people, like himself, had been chosen to come up for the birthday of the Western Queen Mother.


A coarse, mineral voice came, sounding as if it was thunder, and everyone’s ears buzzed.

In front of them, at some point, stood a man like a black tower, the man was extremely tall, probably as tall as three or four metres, his face was cold and he carried a dark whip in his hand.

“From today onwards, I, Nam Mun Rex, will train you! Remember, you’re not here to play, you’re here to serve the gods, remember, you’re just lowly mortals, you’re here not to think of yourselves as human beings, but as tools, as implements, to provide the best and finest service to the gods unconditionally! All right, all of you, stand up straight!” Nanmen Rex, said as the whip in his hand swung through the air, and a blast of sound cut through the air.

All the excitement or whatever on the faces of the people just now was gone, and they hurriedly stood up in a disciplined manner.

The next few days, in addition to training is training, and very strict, not only strict training, but these mortals are also very strict control, except for the service of various training, basically can not go anywhere.

In fact, even if they were given a chance to go for a stroll, they would not have gone, simply because the daily training was so intense that everyone was exhausted.

Soon, more than half a month had passed.

The date of the Western Queen Mother’s banquet was getting closer and closer every day.

The number of immortals coming here was increasing day by day.

Neo and the girls finally came to the end of their training and entered the internship stage, where thousands of mortal waiters were sent to the palace of each of the gods and immortals who came to the banquet to wait on them inside.


On this day, Neo was carrying a few bunches of fairy herbs, walking along the rows of corridors. He was serving a fairy who was in need of fairy herbs for a bath, so Neo rushed to fetch them and bring them to her.

Halfway there, a familiar voice suddenly called out to him.

“Sister Hong!”

It was Chu Hong. Seeing Chu Hong, Neo’s heart only felt a warmth, yes, since coming here, he and Chu Hong had been separated, and they had not seen each other for more than half a month.

“How is it, Sister Hong, have you found the person you mentioned?” Neo was kinda concerned about this, yes, because he could still remember that look of missing and, love on Chu Hong’s face the other night when she talked about it.

That’s right, that was the look of love.

“Xiaodie, I finally understand that it’s impossible for me to find him.” Chu Hong’s face looked haggard, hearing Neo ask this, her eyes immediately moistened, “There is no such possibility for me and him, there will never even be a possibility for me and him to meet, the difference between me and him is too great, he is a god, while I, am just a mortal.”

“Maybe, there is still a chance, Sister Hong ……” Neo looked at Chu Hong’s look, he was also sad in his heart.

But saying this, he actually didn’t believe it himself.

Yes, where is the chance?

The mortals come to the immortal world, only to do service, usually the restrictions of movement are very strict, simply can not even run around, and this place is very large, so big to infinity, the gods and immortals are also thousands like the stars in the sky, want to find a person, even more impossible. What’s more, who would care about a mortal who works as a waiter?

“There’s no chance, Xiaodie.” Chu Hong seemed to have resigned herself to her fate, but then she burst into tears again, “But Xiaodie, I really miss him, five years ago, I was practising outside the Bamboo Pavilion and I sprained my foot accidentally, I couldn’t move at all at that time and I was very scared in my heart, just at that time, he suddenly appeared in front of me like a god, no, he was a god, and gently gave He was very good at treating my ankle, he was very good at it, he healed me with a tap of his hand, he was very good looking and gentle, his eyes were bright and his gaze was warm, I only looked at him once, I knew at that moment that I was in love with him, I also knew that he must love me too, it was just a pity that he said at that time that he had urgent business to attend to and he had to leave, he also said that he would definitely come back for me, but since then, he never came back, but I knew that he must have had a reason, and I thought I could come here and find him, but I found out that it was impossible.”

“Sister Hong, it’s not necessarily true, maybe one day he will remember you and come back for you.” Neo said.

“It’s impossible, it’s really impossible.” Chu Hong suddenly cried, shaking her head desperately.

“What’s wrong, Sister Hong?” Neo looked at Chu Hong, suddenly he felt that things were not that simple anymore.

“That, the god I serve, it’s a man, he, he seems to want to misbehave with me!”


Neo’s head just buzzed and exploded.

Having been here for so long, Neo certainly knew some of the untold things that happened here.

The gods and immortals were also human beings, especially those who came to attend the banquet of the Queen Mother of the West, and their quality varied, including some lewd ones.

These immortals had their way with the mortal waiters who served them.

Neo often heard about the waiters who had been treated badly.

After all, mortals are lowly, and in such places, the gods are always above you, bullying you all they want, and looking down on you.

“If my body is tainted, then I’ll never be worthy of his liking again.” Chu Hong cried, “I’ve seen him look at me wrong these past few days, and I think he’s about to get his hands on me.”

“I’ll go with you to your side and see if I can help you.” Neo knew that it was not too late, if that lewd god really did something to Chu Hong, Chu Hong would probably do something irrational and that would be the end of it.

He didn’t care about the fairy he was serving, and followed Chu Hong to her side.

“He, he’s sleeping in there.” Chu Hong pointed to a curtain in the room.

Neo looked over carefully.

At once, a wave of nausea flooded his heart.

That god was indeed ugly enough to look at, with a collapsed nose and wide mouth, and greasy hair.

“What should we do, Xiaodie?” Chu Hong said, her eyes reddening again.

“Sister Hong, wait, I’ll switch with you, you go and serve the fairy, I’ll come here, I’ll get my things.” Neo knew he was a man, so it didn’t matter, saying that, he didn’t wait for Chu Hong to say anything, he darted back on his own.

Neo gave the fairy grass to that fairy, then fetched his own things and was just about to go back to Chu Hong’s side.

Just at that moment.

He suddenly heard a sound like fairy music.

At the same time, it seemed that the sky was flooded with a soft light.

A graceful figure slowly descended from the sky, slowly.

The figure was covered in plain white and her clothes were flowing, looking crowned with grace and divine beauty.

After just one look at the figure, Neo’s heart felt like an electric shock, and he could not take his eyes off the figure.


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