At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 506

“Enjoy the beautiful bride, Lord River God!”

“Next month, we will find you a new one to come once again!”

As the raft floated ahead, the Daoist priest shouted up from the river in a frenzy, and the others, led by Constable Wang, knelt in unison at the river’s edge, kowtowing incessantly and shouting, “Happy New Wedding, Lord River God!”

Neo was sitting on the raft, and at this point it suddenly all became clear in his mind what was going on.

The girls sitting in the sedan chair had been sacrificed to the river god.

No wonder the middle-aged woman was crying so hard and the girl in the palanquin was scared to death.

And now, it was about to be his turn.

Just now, he thought he was just dealing with some ordinary people, so he didn’t put much thought into it, but now, if the other party was a river god, then things would be big!

But at this moment, it was already too late to get out.

The whirlpool in front of him took up almost half the width of the river, and the raft had by now entered the gravitational circle of the whirlpool, going faster and faster and faster.

Before Neo could react, a powerful suction force came from the depths of the whirlpool, and the raft went straight down, and the river gushed out in huge waves, smashing into the raft in an overwhelming manner.

The raft was smashed to pieces.

Neo also went black before his eyes, and his whole body slid towards the bottom of the river as if he had entered a kind of tube.

I don’t know how long it took, but Neo felt that he had finally stepped on the ground.

Although this was the bottom of the river, there was no water around. Not only was there no water, but there was also light, and I didn’t know where it was coming from.

Neo looked up at the top of his head, and there was water above his head, but it just wouldn’t fall down, and it was still swaying as if it were a huge piece of crystal jelly.

This should be the River God’s habitat.

Since the other party is a river god, he is also considered half a god, and must have two brushes, and he is not even the same as his opponent.

But since he was an immortal, he had done this kind of thing to take over a woman on earth, and Neo could not help but feel a little more angry in his heart.

Especially when he thought of Neo Neo’s severed limbs in the mountain forest, Neo’s heart, then, became even more furious.

He moved forward carefully.

An indescribably unpleasant smell came from him.

Neo covered his nose, gathered his gaze and carefully surveyed his surroundings, this look did not matter, he almost vomited.

In the corners around, there were all kinds of mutilated limbs piled up everywhere.

Some were already rotten and white bones could be seen, some were half-rotten and looked very gruesome, all kinds of flesh and blood were piled up randomly as if they were mud and sand, and there were some skeletons hidden in them.

Neo couldn’t help but vomit.

This, this was no longer just domination, this was mutilation!

No wonder they wanted a woman every month, so they had all been killed!

In Neo’s mind, the expression of the middle-aged woman who had just fallen to the ground and cried in pain came back to him.

Such a river god, death a million times is not too much!

Sand, sand ……

The sound of footsteps suddenly came.

“Beauty ……”

An obscene voice also came at the same time.

Neo only felt his heart beat steeply faster, here it comes!

He secretly clenched his fist, and his mind quickly recalled the gong methods that Chu Hong had taught him.

A human figure appeared.

He was a head shorter than Neo, with a very wide lower body and a very small upper body, looking like a non-inverted man, with pockmarks all over his face and a large nose, looking extraordinarily ugly.

“Beauty, I can’t wait, wow, come and let me enjoy it!” The man said, panting heavily with his mouth and letting out another kind of excited strange scream, and pounced on Neo.

Of course, Neo could not be polite with him at this moment, he came here to eliminate the harm for the people!

He knew that if this river god was not removed, all the girls in this town would suffer in the future, and when Jiuzhu grew up, nightmares would befall Jiuzhu!


Neo concentrated his mind and threw a punch.

This punch was not fast and was very showy, but it had a powerful feeling, exactly what Chu Hong had taught him.


This punch, however, was as if it had struck an iron plate, and Neo himself felt as if his arm was about to break in pain.

Before he could adjust, he felt his body lighten and his entire body flew up.

Then, it fell heavily to the ground.

Neo’s heart sank abruptly.

This was the end.

He was completely no match for himself.

“Beauty, how dare you resist me? Do you know what kind of man I am!” The Unbeaten Man pounced, his eyes red and his mouth dripping with unpleasant saliva.

“Behave yourself and you’ll live a few more days, but right now, I’m going to eat you right now! Ah, the taste of mortals, it’s so good and coming!” The undead had lust in his gaze at this point.

“You’re a god, gods can’t eat people.” Neo was at his wit’s end at this point, and secretly regretted it in his heart.

He had really been too rash, how had he suddenly made a decision.

This River God was a god after all, and the gong methods taught by Chu Hong were definitely unbeatable in front of the gods, ah.

At this moment, he could only stall for time.


After finishing his sentence, Bu Bu Bu Weng looked at Neo, this time he looked satisfied, “Hey, you’re afraid, right? If you’re afraid then be honest.”

“What did you say, baking in the sword refining furnace, that, what is that like ……” When hearing about the sword refining furnace, somehow Neo’s heart suddenly jumped wildly, as if he had something to do with the sword refining furnace, as it were.

“What is that taste, hey, think about it, the temperature inside the sword refining furnace can melt any sword in the heavenly realm, that has to be how high, and the sword refining furnace can set the temperature of each place to be different, so maybe your body is fine, but your fingers, or your heart’s place, happens to be hot, that taste, think about it …… “,”Hey, beauty you’re scared, right, scared, let me take a bite, aww… …”

As he said that, Bu Bu Bu Weng was about to bite down towards Neo’s arm.

However, he was not destined to bite down.

He did not notice that the moment his mouth touched Neo’s, Neo’s gaze abruptly turned blood-red, that blood-red, as if he was the overlord of the red colour, in contrast, Bu Bu Bu Weng’s crimson eyes were all set off into a miserable white.

When Neo heard the sword refining furnace, his heart jumped wildly, suddenly feeling that something had awakened.

When he heard the Invincible Weng’s constant recounting of the cruelty in the sword refining furnace, he could only feel the blood rushing uncontrollably towards his brain, an extreme sadness and anger that instantly filled his brain.

For a moment, he didn’t seem to be himself anymore, he was just a collection of that endless grief and anger.


Something was struck.

A fat body, violently flying away from Neo.

The Invincible looked at his vacated body in disbelief.

Before he could react, however, the swift figure rushed up again… Brush! A stream of blood splashed out from Buu’s body.

Brush, brush, brush!

A continuous stream of blood.

The Invincible’s body fell in pieces and landed on the ground one after another.

His expression remained one of disbelief until his death, as if he simply could not believe it all.

It was all too fast and too strange.

A long, long time.

Only then did Neo slowly regain his senses.

Looking at the miserable state of the unrecovered man, he too froze.

What was going on? He couldn’t remember anymore.

But no matter that much, the river god was dead, this place was over, and no more innocent girls would get killed in the town in the future.

The moment should be all right too.

And he, himself, would be able to soothe Round’s spirit in heaven a little bit while he came.

It was time to go up there myself.

Neo went away.

After a while.

At the bottom of the river, the sound of rustling footsteps came again.

“Brother Li, Brother Li, how is it, have fun ……”

Along with a voice, another tall figure, wearing a long robe and with horns on his head walked in.

As soon as he saw the corpse of the uncrossed man on the ground, the man was scared out of his wits.

“This, how is this possible …… It’s over, it’s over, it’s completely over, the Immortal World is going to see a big earthquake ……” he said in despair as he held his head.


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