At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 504

In the mountain forest, Chu Hong lowered her head and carefully searched the grass for herbs to reduce swelling and bruises.

But Neo’s mind was not here at all, the bruises on his face and all, he didn’t care at all.

He ran around in the mountains, looking this way and that, hoping to remember something. He was like a newborn child to this world, full of a desire to understand it, not only by instinct, but also by some invisible directive deep inside.

Not much later, he had already left Chu Hong far behind and disappeared.

Without knowing when, he unknowingly reached the top of the mountain.

The scene in front of him was open and grand.

This was not an isolated mountain, this was a continuous mountainous terrain surrounded by mountains, with a forest of hills in the distance and a green carpet spreading out from here into the distance.

Neo stood at the top of the mountain, looking longingly before him, and slowly, his gaze dimmed.

He still could not recall anything.

The scene in front of him was so unfamiliar.

With disappointment, he slowly walked down to the top of the mountain.

Unlike when he had run around and looked everywhere on the mountain, now he just kept his head down, his heart inexplicably melancholy.

But suddenly, his heart stirred.

Out of the corner of his eye he seemed to see something.

Something that was definitely out of place in this mountain forest, hanging on a branch not far away.

As he got closer, Neo’s face changed, and the next thing he knew, he almost couldn’t hold back his vomit.

It was a hand, a mutilated limb, hanging shockingly from a low branch, with its flesh dangling there, the fracture uneven, it looked as if the hand had been torn from the body, and it seemed that Neo could hear the screams.

The blood had dried up and spots of blood were visible on the grass under the tree.

How could there be severed limbs in such an untouched place?

What had happened here?

Who was the dead man?

Could it be someone from the Takesato Pavilion? That wasn’t right either, no one was missing from the pavilion.

Neo’s gaze moved again, and he carefully reached out his hand, fiddled with the severed hand for a moment, and carefully removed something, a bracelet from the severed limb.

The bracelet was black and bronze in colour and looked rather antique, seemingly of a very old age.

Neo carefully put the bracelet on his wrist and gently stroked it. He felt a sense of sadness in his heart, wondering how much pain the owner of the bracelet had suffered during his lifetime.

Then he took the broken hand off and carefully buried it.

No matter what, it was in the ground.

“Xiaodie, Xiaodie!” Chu Hong’s voice came from afar.

Neo had to leave the place in a hurry.

“Xiaodie, where have you been, I’ve got all these herbs, put them on quickly.” Chu Hong put several herbs in her mouth and chewed them into a puree, then applied them to Neo’s face, she moved very gently and carefully, she looked fully concentrated as she applied the medicine to Neo, “Remember ah, from now on you try to stay away from Yu Yan. I have a feeling she doesn’t like you.”

“She’s like this, why don’t you and Master Qingzhu leave her alone?” Neo said.

“It’s not that easy to control, Yu Yan’s identity is not ordinary.”

“Unusual status?” Neo carefully tasted the meaning of these words.

“She is half immortal.”

“Immortal race?” Neo only felt as if something had been startled in his head, although he had never heard this word before, but as soon as he heard it, it was as if he remembered something.

“I heard that there was a woman from the immortal clan who came down here and gave birth to a child with a mortal, and then the woman’s family found out about it and killed the mortal and took the immortal woman away, leaving only the child on earth, and Master raised her, that is, Yu Yan. So, you’d better stay away from her so she can’t see you and give her no chance to find you.”

“Okay, I know.” Neo nodded his head.

Chu Hong wiped all the herbs for Neo, “Let’s go, we should go back too, you just said you want to see Master and ask her some questions, so I’ll take you to see her.”

The two of them went back to Zhuri Pavilion, and Chu Hong took Neo to see Qingzhu.

“Xiaodie, what do you want to ask me?” Qingzhu asked.

“Master, I’ve forgotten where I came from and who I am, can you tell me?” Neo didn’t hide anything, and asked everything he wanted to ask, in one fell swoop.

“You really don’t remember?” Qingzhu stared at Neo carefully for a while and sighed again, “Poor child, you must have encountered too many dangers on your way here, beyond your ability to bear, so you have lost your memory, it’s not your fault, after all, no one has ever come here from you before, I don’t think you would have come if you hadn’t been forced to, coming from your place to Here, it must have been a very tortuous passage. It’s no wonder you’ve forgotten a lot of things.”

“In this way, Chu Hong, for a while, you can teach Xiaodie some self-defence techniques, and when Xiaodie learns them, you can let her go back to her hometown for a visit, perhaps she will be able to remember.”

“Yes, Master.” Chu Hong also looked very happy.

For the next while, Neo stayed in the Zhuri Pavilion, learning some basic kung fu techniques with Chu Hong.

In this way, unknowingly, a month passed.

“Well, Xiaodie, you have learnt gongfu for more than a month, although you are not so good as to be transformed, but self-preservation is certainly not a problem anymore, you will be more at ease when you go back to Master like this, Chu Hong, you send Xiaodie away from the big mountain.” Qingzhu said.

“Yes, Master.”

“Little Die, after you leave the Great Mountain, keep walking to the east, keep walking until one day you will see a town, you find the most dilapidated house in the town, that is where you came from, when you get there, you will definitely remember everything you once did.”

By this time Neo had separated from Chu Hong.

He set off alone on the path to the East.

The words of Master Qingzhu, when he left the Zhuri Pavilion, kept haunting him.

The path was indeed long, and Neo could not remember how long he had been walking, perhaps a dozen days and nights. In the past ten days he had walked from the undulating mountains to the flat plains, and finally one morning a town did appear before his eyes.

Wisps of morning smoke filled the air above the town.

It looked like a very peaceful and relaxed town.

Neo’s heart was also excited, would he soon be able to unravel his identity?

Although he could not remember anything about his past, he always had a feeling that his identity was a great secret, and once he figured everything out, something big would definitely happen in this world.

Qingzhu had said that his home was the most dilapidated house in this town.

Neo circled around the town and finally identified a straw hut in the southeast corner of the town, the most dilapidated and oldest house in this town.

The hut was very low, with only two rooms in total, and some old tiles and cans were piled up outside, looking as if it was abandoned and unoccupied.

Neo slowly walked over to it.

He could only feel his heart beating faster and faster.

Who could be in this hut?

Was it really possible to unravel his identity?

With a ruthless heart, Neo did not hesitate any longer and stepped directly inside the hut.

It was dark in front of him, after all, he had just come in from a bright place outside, but even after Neo had adjusted to the light inside the hut, it was still very dim inside.

There was not a single piece of decent furniture, not to mention furniture, but not even a single piece of wood in the whole house.

But Neo’s attention was focused on the futon, where an old man was sitting.

“Hara, is that you, Hara ……”

The old man suddenly turned towards the doorway and looked at Neo.

“You ……” Neo looked at the old man carefully, hoping to unearth something familiar in his memory, but he was disappointed, there was nothing, he did not know the old man.

“Come here grandma, let grandma touch it.” The old man said eagerly as he moved on the bedding.

Although he didn’t know her, Neo didn’t resist this request, after all, he had come here to find answers, and by getting closer, he might be able to find out something.

When he got closer, he was surprised to find out that this was a woman who had come here for answers.

Only then was Neo surprised to find that the old man’s eyes were invisible.

He couldn’t help but feel some sympathy for the old man, how on earth did he survive with such poor living conditions and blindness?

“Ah, you, you are not Neo Neo …… your wrist, a little thicker than Neo Neo’s ……” The moment the old man touched Neo’s hand, he was shivering.

Neo’s heart, all of a sudden, sank.

“No, no, you are Neo Neo, you are really Neo Neo …… ah, Neo Neo, my Neo Neo ……” At this time, the old man’s hand, I do not know when to touch Neo’s wrist again that The old man’s hand, somehow touched the bracelet on Neo’s wrist, as soon as he touched the bracelet, the old man’s tears came down, hugged Neo tightly and cried, “Ah, Neo Neo, you are fatter than before, you must have gone to Master Qingzhu, Master Qingzhu must have taken you in, these days you eat well, that’s why you have gained weight, great, child, you can finally live a good life, all these years following grandmother, really suffered. really suffered ……” the old man murmured while fondling the bracelet on Neo’s wrist, “good boy, you still keep this bracelet …… ”

When Neo heard this, he was a little confused at first about what the old man was saying.

But suddenly, his head buzzed and it seemed like everything made sense all at once!

The broken hand in that mountain forest.

The severed hand with the bracelet.

Neo felt so dizzy that he almost couldn’t stand still, and it took him a while to stabilise his mind.

It was because of the bracelet that the old man was sure that he was Neo Neo, so the owner of the broken hand was Neo Neo, which meant that the person the old man had been holding on to was dead!

And the old man also talked about Hara Hara going in search of Master Qingzhu.

And Master Qingzhu had asked himself to come here to find answers.

So Master Qingzhu must have mistaken himself for the girl from this town called Hara, and the real girl had been killed in the mountains, and he happened to be in the Takesato Hall at that exact time, so he was mistaken for Hara.

Of course, Master Qingzhu must have never met Hara, either; she probably just knew that a girl from this town had gone to the Takesato Pavilion to pay homage to her master.

What she didn’t know was that something had happened to that girl halfway across the world and she happened to have somehow appeared at the Takesato Hall herself.

“Neo Neo, why don’t you say anything? You called your grandmother. You don’t resent your grandmother, do you? If it weren’t for those things, grandmother wouldn’t have been able to bear to see you leave.” The old man hugged Neo and burst into tears.

Neo stood there dumbfounded, his mind was filled with the broken hand hanging on the branch of the tree.

It was a girl’s hand. He could imagine that a girl who had been forced to leave her hometown for some reason had walked for more than ten days and nights, overcoming many hardships and dangers, and had finally arrived at the mountain of Zhuli Pavilion, gritting her teeth and holding on, seeing that she was about to reach Zhuli Pavilion.

Perhaps the moment before the tragedy occurred, the girl’s heart had a sense of joy at the prospect of arriving.

Just thinking about it made Neo’s heart ache.

Although he had nothing to do with the death of the girl called Hara, this series of events always made Neo feel that he was involved with that girl.

“Grandma ……”

Neo gently hugged this blind old man.

This old man was already pitiful enough, Neo didn’t want her to know anymore that her granddaughter had been killed, if she was told the truth, I’m afraid the old man wouldn’t suffer such a huge blow and would probably ……

“Neo Neo, your voice has changed ……”

“Grandma, I’ve come all the way from Master Qingzhu, I’m so tired, my voice is hoarse, don’t worry, Grandma, Master Qingzhu is very good to me, and the sisters inside are very good to me, Master Qingzhu even gave me the name Xiaodie ……”

“Ah, great, Master Qingzhu is a god, the god has given his disciple a name, that is an official recognition, I, I will definitely burn incense to Master Qingzhu every day from now on, Xiaodie, this name is so nice, it is exactly like you when you were a child, you are just like a butterfly, so beautiful …… ”

The old man was murmuring, when suddenly, there was another ringing sound from the door.

“Ah, it’s Jyuu coming back, Jyuu, your sister has come to see us, come in quickly.” The old man shouted happily.

Neo’s heart, however, sank in an instant.

This was the end, who would have thought that the poor girl, would have a sister?

At this moment, Neo knew that there was no longer any way to hide it.

He turned around, the young girl in front of him, was only thirteen or fourteen years old, and although her clothes were in tatters, she still could not hide the kind of handsomeness and aura on her face.

At thirteen or fourteen, the girl had already entered puberty, and the girl’s body, that childishness was gradually becoming less and less, and there was more of a vigorous and upward feeling of a young girl.

“Grandma, you said, sister, sister ……” the young girl’s large dark eyes, bewildered at Neo, a little stunned for a moment.

“Yes, Neo Neo has come back to see us, hurry up and call sister ah, it’s only been a month you don’t even recognize, haven’t you been saying that you miss your sister ……” the old man was urging, but his tone was full of a kind of happiness.

The young girl was still a bit puzzled, but when her gaze moved to Neo’s wrist and saw the bracelet, her large eyes, which were still calm, filled with tears almost instantly.

At that moment, she seemed to finally understand what was going on.

Her eyes, completely resting on the bracelet on Neo’s wrist, seemed to be pinned to it, her tears snapped like a broken thread and dripped down both cheeks, her mouth opened wide as if she wanted to cry desperately, but it was covered by her hands, her emotions were so emotional and sad that her whole body was convulsing from crying.

But she didn’t make a sound.

That kind of silent and violent crying was something Neo felt she would never forget for the rest of her life.

“What’s wrong, you child, you still don’t call your sister, grandma is angry!”

Although Toru was crying, no sound came out, so of course the old man didn’t know what was going on.

“Sister, sister, you have finally come back, Jiuzhu misses you so much, sister, you have eaten better than before, haven’t you, you have all grown a little fatter than before ……”

Finally, She spoke up, her voice with a few sappy, not at all sounding different, but when saying these words, Neo then clearly still saw her tears still flowing freely.

“Good, you two sisters go and talk about your hearts, remember, don’t let outsiders see, if people see Neo Neo back, that’s not good either.” The old man finished with a contented smile on his face.

Neo did not dare to delay much, and hurriedly pulled Moment out of the grass hut.

For he knew that if he stayed in the straw hut for even one more minute, it was possible that Jiuzhu would not be able to control herself any longer.

After all, she was only 13 or 14 years old.

Outside, by the creek, in the water meadow.


The young girl knelt on the ground, crying in a generalized way, her tears coalescing into a stream on the ground, slowly merging into the river, the kind of pain that Neo couldn’t even bear to look at more.

He didn’t know what the relationship between the dead girl and the young girl was like, but when he thought about it, the two sisters were living with a blind grandmother, and the two sisters must have helped each other to take care of their grandmother, so their relationship should be much closer than sisters in other families.

Neo did not try to comfort her, nor did he try to stop her.

He just let her cry.

It was like this, and I don’t know how long it took.

The young girl finally got tired and dried up her tears. She sat down by the river, staring straight into the water, not knowing what she was thinking.

Neo finally took the bracelet off and put it on the young girl.

His heart was heavy.

“Sister, you are dead, what is the point of me staying in this world, you said that when you went to Master Qingzhu and learned your skills, you would come back in the future to visit me, take care of me and protect me, now that you are gone, who else will take care of me, there are so many bad people in the world ……” The young girl murmured.

“Don’t be afraid, I’ll take care of you, from now on, think of me as your sister, from now on, it will be my sister who will take care of you and protect you! Sister swear that no one will ever bully you in the future!” Neo gently wrapped his arms around the young girl.

As he said these words, somehow a familiar feeling of strength suddenly welled up in his heart, as if, he had once said such words himself.


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