At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 501

Compared to the Lone Star Accompanying the Moon that we saw last time in Wujiang City, the Lone Star Accompanying the Moon that appears on Tiandao now appears brighter and clearer, and the sky on Tiandao appears more vast than in Wujiang, so this pair of Lone Stars Accompanying the Moon also has a more companionable feeling.

You know, there is still pollution such as haze in the big cities, while Tiandao can be considered as a paradise like place in the whole earth.

It is located on the eastern side of the Pacific Ocean, and there is not a single piece of land around for a thousand miles, all of which is the vast ocean. The air here is extraordinarily bright, and everything is reflected as if it were in a mirror.

There is no dust in the sky, and the moon is as bright as a flower in the sky, and the sea and sky are filled with white moonlight, which seems to be singing with the gentle sound of the waves around the island.

As the saying goes, “The tide of the spring river is even with the sea, the bright moon on the sea is born together with the tide, rippling with the waves for millions of miles, where is the spring river without a bright moon.

Neo stared blankly at the bright moon on the sea, the moon that symbolised himself in his heart.

The moon was a radiant light that gave people a feeling of purity and beauty.

But what was it!

Neo’s gaze coalesced deeper and he saw the other half of the moon.

Yes, although the moon looked bright, if one looked closely, one could see the other half of the moon hidden within the light of half the moon.

It was shadowy, almost unnoticeable.

But it is there too.

The other half of the moon, the shadowy half, can even take away from the bright moon.

It is like the end and beginning of each lunar month, when the night sky is dark without the light of the moon, when the whole moon is completely controlled by the dark part.

Of course, there are times when the brighter part of the moon prevails, the full moon, when the sky is at its brightest, when many people’s favourite night is full, when the most joyful and happy moments occur, when the moon is at its best.

And more often than not it is neither full nor moonless, but a time when the bright moon and the dark moon each occupy a part of the sky, sometimes more of you, sometimes more of me, seemingly forever at war with each other.

Is this, then, not the life of Tianxuan?

Isn’t Tianxuan just like the moon, with its bright side and its dark side?

Neo suddenly realised that perhaps Tian Xuan’s life was just like the moon’s, where his light and his darkness were always fighting.

When the light prevailed, he would do something, and when the darkness prevailed, he would do the opposite.

That is why he gives the impression of never being able to see clearly, of being both good and evil.

Think how painful it is for a man to be forever struggling with his inner self, or between his inner selves!

He can never really know himself, and he can never achieve peace of mind.

His beliefs are set up one moment and then collapse the next, and this flip-flopping can really shatter a man’s soul.

He will always be in self-recrimination, remorse and pain.

When he thought of this, Neo’s heart had an even greater sense of heartache and respect for his former self.

So who is the bright moon and who is the dark moon.

Once again, Neo looked steadily at the curved moon in the sky and the stars beneath that curved moon.

If the bright moon was himself, then the star was undoubtedly Zhou Yun, and if the bright moon was that emperor phoenix, then the star was definitely Cai Wei.

So, which pair was this lone star accompanying the moon?

Was Di Huang really the bright moon? And he himself was the dark part?

“Look, the stars have disappeared!”

“What’s going on? Something’s wrong again! How come every time the lone star accompanies the moon, something strange happens!”

“Yes, remember last time the lone star with the moon turned into a double star with the moon, and now the lone star with the moon has turned into a lone moon without stars, quick, go and take your newly bought Lamborghini to my room and bring my Leica camera, this time it must be filmed!”

The servants on Sky Island chattered.

Neo also hurriedly looked, and sure enough, the star was fading at a speed visible to the naked eye, and slowly, it literally merged with the night and could no longer be seen, as if it didn’t exist at all.

The only thing left in the night sky was the lone moon, shining lonely on the sea level.

“Surely, I, am the bright moon.”

Neo murmured, yes, only when the bright moon was itself, would the stars disappear.

Now Caiwei and Di Huang, the two of them would be together forever, right?

Thinking of this, Neo looked at that moon again, his heart somehow had a more intimate feeling, always feeling that he had some kind of indefinable relationship with that moon.

“Hey, there’s no need to use the camera to take pictures, here’s a clearer one, look!”

At some point, someone had hung up a projection screen outdoors.

Just above the screen, there was a huge sphere that was hanging in the dark night background, and the sphere still looked pockmarked with puddles.

“What’s this?”

“This is a live feed transmitted from the lunar orbiting aerial camera satellite, it’s being broadcast live on national television right now, because celestial events like the lone star accompanying the moon are extremely rare, so several major countries have jointly launched this lunar orbiting aerial camera satellite, specifically to capture this lone star accompanying the moon spectacle up close, and broadcast it live worldwide, you see, this satellite is almost right over the moon’s orbit, simultaneous filming You’re basically looking up at a magnified version of what you’re seeing right now, handsome!”

“Wow, this is awesome, you can really see it better!”

“It’s spectacular to see it up close like this!”

The servants gathered again in front of the projection screen, looking at it for a moment and then up at the sky, shouting with excitement.

“Hush, all of you keep your voices down, the Third Young Master is over there too, don’t disturb him.”

“Right, right, the Third Young Master has been in the house all this time and hasn’t come out, now he’s finally in the mood to come out for a break, let’s all pay attention and not distract him.”

“Alas, the third young master is really pitiful.”

“Yes, I heard that his favourite girl has disappeared, he must be missing that girl as he looks at the moon now.”

The servants whispered while looking up at Neo, who was not far away on a huge piece of rock high above the mountain, except that when it came to Neo, the excitement of the crowd was somewhat diminished at this point.

“Ah, why is the screen moving, why is this moon spinning!”

Suddenly someone stared at the screen, exclaiming.

“Nonsense, the moon is supposed to be spinning on its own.”

“No, it can’t be, it’s a circumlunar synchronous satellite, it’s basically in sync with the moon’s rotation, so the picture taken is very stable, the images of the moon we saw just now were stationary.”

“So how is it spinning now, and it’s spinning to what seems like quite fast!”

The man was right, and sure enough, the image of the moon on the screen was spinning fast.

“…… Well, we’ve had a lot of viewers call us just now, all talking about the anomaly with the moon, and according to the experts, this is most likely due to a problem with the circumlunar satellite itself, going too fast or too slow, thus causing a situation that cannot be synchronised with the moon, and the experts advise viewers not to Don’t worry too much, readjust the satellite command in a moment and it will be fine, now we switch to another distant satellite screen …… ah, no, it’s not right ……”

The presenter’s voice suddenly became a little alarmed.

At the same time the screen, at this point, switched to another distant lunar screen.

In this image, the entire moon could be seen.

And at this point, to everyone’s dumbfounded surprise, the moon was indeed spinning, but it was the other half of the moon that was spinning!

It was as if the moon had been divided into two hemispheres, and the brighter hemisphere was turning inwards, and the outside was turning in and the inside was turning out!

“The centre of the moon, is actually empty?!”

The crowd looked at the live feed on top of the screen in amazement, and by now half of the moon had turned completely around, and the inside was indeed empty.

If the moon was like two bowls snapped together opposite each other to become one ball, the moon was now like two bowls stacked on top of each other.

“Not only is it empty, but the inside is so smooth? It’s as if it’s paved out of Chinese white jade.”

The crowd was completely stunned by the never-before-seen appearance of the moon at this point.

And just then, a white light suddenly shot out from the hollow interior of the moon, a white light so intense that the picture was instantly all brilliantly white!


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