At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 500

“What happened to Murong Ruo Lan?” The woman suddenly said the name, and Neo couldn’t help but stare.

This name had not been mentioned for a long time.

And many months ago, the name Murong Ruolan had made Neo feel terrible.

But after such a long time, slowly, the name had faded away.

“Murong Ruo Lan died because of your promiscuous love.” The woman said.


Neo was so shocked that he almost jumped up, “You are wrong, you can say that any other woman died because of my promiscuity, but not Murong Ruo Lan, just because, she was the one who hated and wanted to kill me the most!”

“No, on the contrary, she was actually one of the women who loved you the most!” The woman looked at Neo and suddenly laughed mockingly, “Look at you, you’re so pitiful, you can’t even tell whether a woman hates you or loves you, how can a person like you truly love someone.”

“Impossible, never, how could Murong Ruolan fall in love with me, she was trying to kill me, she just happened to be bumped into by Xiong Lao, who was trying to save me, and her ……”

Neo thought of Xiong Lao dying for his own sake, his heart sank and he could not say anymore.

“Hahahahaha, what a stupid one, I really did not think that I emperor phoenix and this kind of stupid once together!” The woman looked contemptuously at Neo who was completely confused about the specifics.

Yes, this woman who called herself Di Huang was definitely much clearer than Neo.

After all, she had created the helicopter explosion, and Neo who had fallen into the river had been saved by Murong Ruolan, and all of this had certainly been seen by Di Huang.

“Since I’ve found Caiwei, I won’t talk idly with you rubbish, Caiwei, let’s go, from now on the world is everywhere, let us roam!”

With that, Di Huo took Cai Wei and prepared to leave.

“Hold on! Tian Xuan’s death is always related to you, you must not just leave like this!” Neo said.

No matter what, there had to be an explanation for Tian Xuan’s death!

“Oh, Tian Xuan didn’t die, aren’t you him? Aren’t you as much of a waste as he is? You think he’s dead, but you might present yourself in some way, no?” Di Huang said.

Neo couldn’t help but be stunned, as if something had really appeared before his eyes, as if it was a distant image from Tian Xuan’s past memories, but then he came to his senses again.

But that overlap of memories just now still made him feel vivid.

And while Neo was in a trance just now, Di Huang and Cai Wei were already nowhere to be found.

I’m afraid that anyone who could stop them here, other than Neo, would not be able to do so.

After Di Huang and Cai Wei left, a kind of silence fell over the island.

No one spoke for a while.

Thousands of devils stood there in silence. The five gold medalist sects of the devil race were standing behind Neo, and of course, the sects had heard the conversation between Neo and Di Huo just now.

Although they were still a bit confused, they were at least clear that both Neo and Zhang Jiu had a great deal to do with the devil race.

So they didn’t dare to move at this point.

“Demon tribe generals, the young master is here, why don’t you pay your respects quickly!” Zhang Jiu turned around and shouted in a stern voice.

“Greetings to the Young Master!”

The five gold medalist guardians already had it in their hearts, and now when they heard Zhang Jiu’s loud shout, they immediately worshipped.

The thousands of devils behind them also knelt down to pay their respects.

But at this moment, Neo obviously didn’t dare to be interested in any of this as he waved his hand and gave the order for the devils to all retreat back to their original continents.

He was still engrossed in those few words of talk with Di Huang just now, it was so unexpected that Tian Xuan could differentiate himself and Di Huang.

And what Caiwei liked turned out to be just Di Huang, it was only 35,000 years ago that Di Huang was still part of Tian Xuan, that was why Caiwei had fallen for Tian Xuan.

And now that Caiwei had found someone she really liked, those promises she had once made were simultaneously null and void.

When he thought of this, Neo’s heart shook violently.

Now without Caiwei’s protection, wouldn’t that mean that whenever Zhou Yun suffered another bit of punishment, it would have to be inflicted entirely on her tender body!

Leaving Zhang Jiu to assist the Lu family in sorting out these matters on Tiandao, Neo got into a helicopter and headed straight for Qingzhou.

Now that everyone knew that the third young master of the Lu family was the young master of the Demon Race, everything was simple. The Hell Legion bent over backwards to be subservient, and the Blade Slave Legion brought by Wan He was even more disciplined, but in the battle with the Demon Race, the Blade Slave Legion was almost completely wiped out.

Qingzhou City, 903 Experimental Institute.

“Young Lu, I’m really sorry, it was my poor consideration and I made a mistake in my calculation, the energy needed for the transmission was actually much larger than I calculated.”

When An Yuying saw that Neo had returned safely, she breathed a long sigh of relief in her heart.

After all, once the transmission made a mistake, it was likely that the entire transmission body would be split into countless pieces as well.

“So that means that five hundred square kilometre super power plant, even if it’s built, is useless?” The curve of Neo’s heart instantly landed to the freezing point.

If there wasn’t enough energy, it couldn’t be transmitted, and if it couldn’t be transmitted, then who would save Zhou Yun?

“Yeah, the energy made by humans is really insignificant compared to the universe, for now, it’s still possible if we can use the energy from when the sunspots explode violently.” An Yuying said, after all, the enormous energy of the sun, that is unimaginable.

“It’s just that according to the statistics, the next major sunspot eruption will take ten years later.” An Yuying added.

Neo’s heart sank again at once.

Not to mention ten years, even if it was ten days, he was afraid that he would go crazy waiting.

“Young Lu, this is for you.” This is a miniature transmission receiver, as long as enough energy is supplied to the bracelet, the organism connected to the bracelet will be transmitted, the production process of this bracelet is extremely complicated, the laboratory has only produced one so far, you are our investor, and I think you also need this bracelet, so I’m giving it to you.”

“Thank you.”

Neo said gratefully.

Although he knew that this bracelet would not be useful for the time being, after all, he had used the maximum energy of his body before and still ended up not being able to succeed.

Leaving Qingzhou, Neo returned to Heavenly Island.

Although it seemed that he had failed Tian Xuan, Neo felt that he had done the right thing when he saw the happy look on Cai Wei’s face as she followed Di Huang.

Without Caiwei as a concern, the only thing Neo was thinking about now was Zhou Yun.

Without Caiwei’s protection, Zhou Yun would undoubtedly be in more danger.

But energy, where to find that huge amount of transmission energy.

Neo had no clue.

Every day, he pondered over it.

Unknowingly, three months had passed.

During these three months, Neo had locked himself up almost entirely in his house, thinking about how to find or create the huge energy, yet he still came up empty-handed.

This evening, after eating the meal brought in by Tenjima’s servants, Neo finally stood up for the first time and prepared to take a bath, the first in three months.

When he passed by the mirror in the shower room, he could hardly recognise himself.

He hadn’t had a haircut in three months, his hair had grown to his shoulders, his beard covered his chin, his whole body was dirty, his gaze had a tired and haggard look, and he smelt kind of sour.

Too tired and too desperate.

Neo couldn’t be bothered to take a shower, so he carefully shaved cleanly first.

When he was about to take a shower.

When he heard someone outside shouting, “Come out and see, there’s another once-in-a-thousand-years lone star with the moon.”

Neo was so moved that he stopped bathing and followed him out.

After spending so much time in the house, the air outside felt very fresh.

Sure enough, the sky was high above the island, and on the dark blue night curtain, under the curved moon, hung a shining star.

A lone star with the moon!

Neo’s heart suddenly had a sense of familiarity, remember the night when Zhou Yun and Xiong Yao got married, did he not also see the lone star accompanying the moon on the Wujiang River Bridge?

The moon was shining brightly, just like himself, and the star was next to the moon, although it was not as bright, it was extremely stubborn, and it was a symbol of Zhou Yun.

Now once again the lone star accompanies the moon, does it have any deeper meaning?


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