At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 499

“That’s right, I’m the one who really wanted him dead, and I’m the one who did it! Because I couldn’t really kill him, I only had to use the hand of the Spirit Muse Fairy Mother!” The woman suddenly spoke.

Neo and Zhang Jiu froze, expecting the woman to deny it, or even angrily scold Zhang Jiu for falsely accusing her, but they had never expected that the woman would admit it so directly.

Both of them didn’t know what to say for a moment.

Neo’s fist was still clenched tightly, a kind of energy lingering and gathering near his fist.

If someone else had admitted to being Tian Xuan’s real killer, I’m afraid Neo would have already rushed up to him.

At this moment, even though Neo wanted to do so, something seemed to be stopping him.

He did not know what it was that was stopping him, but perhaps it was himself who was stopping him, but of course this self was not really himself, because the opposite side was also himself, so the self that was stopping him was in fact the opposite self!

This blockage, which is entirely innate!

One can never kill one’s other self!

And sometimes, not even the ability to strike!

“So what if I kill him, he deserves to die in the first place!” The woman’s emotions flared up, as if she had been holding it in for too long and had finally gotten the chance to let it out, “Because of him, Caiwei has suffered too much, Caiwei will always be hurt around him, will always live in pain, ever since she’s been with him, Caiwei has never had a good time! He is Caiwei’s gravedigger and graveyard keeper! Only by leaving him will Caiwei be happy!”

“You’re wrong!”

At this moment, anger rose abruptly in Neo’s heart, he was not a person who got angry easily, but the insult to Tian Xuan by the woman’s words was too much for Neo to bear.

“Caiwei is the woman Tianxuan loves the most, and for Caiwei, Tianxuan would give everything! In that battle with Immortal Mother Lingmiao, Tian Xuan fought for me, but he was also guarding Caiwei in that battle! He died to protect the one he loved most! The last thing he asked me to do before he died was to take care of Caiwei! His last thought before he died was still for Caiwei! And do you know that in order for Caiwei to be happy, he asked me to never, ever tell Caiwei the truth, to never, ever let Caiwei know that he existed in this world!”

Speaking of this, thinking of Tianxuan’s frail look when he was dying, thinking of the kind of love for Caiwei in his eyes, and thinking of all this today, and thinking of the insult this woman had made to Tianxuan, Neo only felt a kind of grief and anger burst out from his heart, “Your love for Caiwei is possession, you only want to have Caiwei, you actually don’t care about Caiwei, and Tianxuan’s love is the The greatest of all, because all he wants is for Caiwei to be happy, even if Caiwei doesn’t remember him! You can insult anything, but you can never insult Tianxuan’s love for Caiwei!”

“Oh, to love Caiwei, does he deserve it? He’s not worthy of Caiwei at all! Not only is he not worthy of Caiwei, he has Caiwei tightly bound to him, he wants to control Caiwei forever, so Tian Xuan must die, only with his death can Caiwei be freed, so what if I kill him, I am doing what is right, I have no shame in my heart!” The woman said with her head raised.

“You’re worthy of talking about justice, too, you motherf*cker!”

Zhang Jiu was furious beside him, no longer caring about any semblance of image, he pointed at the woman and cursed, “You think you’re great, you think you’re noble? You are a piece of trash, something that Tian Xuan himself detests. You are brutal and bloodthirsty, unpredictable, mean and ungrateful, indifferent to life and morality. And Tian Xuan, for the sake of the world’s safety, he let himself go into the danger of the demons, but because of this the world misunderstood him and hated him, and in the end he died at the hands of those he had been protecting! Even when he knew he was dead, Tian Xuan did not blame the world, and in the end, before he died, he only wanted to retain the goodness and justice in his body, and as for you, you were the thing Tian Xuan felt most guilty about, not guilty about you, but guilty about the world, he felt shame and guilt because of you, you are an utter trash!”

“You’re wrong, Tian Xuan is the trash! You keep saying that Tian Xuan did something for Caiwei, but what was the result? Did he do anything useful? Has he made Caiwei’s life better? No! Thirty-five thousand years ago, Caiwei was locked in a dungeon, hoping every day that he would come to save her, hoping every day that she would see him, but in the end, it wasn’t Tianxuan himself, it was his disintegrated heart! Do you know how Caiwei felt when she saw that! It was because of Tianxuan’s cowardice that this happened. If it were me, I would have killed everyone in the sect! If I could save Caiwei, I’d make the whole dungeon bleed! But Tianxuan was too cowardly, and his cowardice has caused too many people to die!”

The woman obviously wasn’t finished and continued, “Apart from cowardice, Tianxuan’s character is also questionable, he is too promiscuous, there are women with whom he has had unexplained relationships all over the continent, don’t forget that one hundred and thirty-three women once committed suicide for Tianxuan, seeing these bloody examples, do you still have the face to say that Tianxuan is kind? Is a kind person like this?”

“It is because Tianxuan’s character is tinged with cowardice and promiscuity that Caiwei is destined to become a sacrifice by his side. so only I am worthy of Caiwei!” When the woman said this, her gaze was suddenly placed on Neo, “Tian Xuan’s shortcomings are not because of anything else, they are because of you!”

“Because of me?” Neo said hesitantly.

“You are also a part of Tianxuan, and it is because of the cowardice and promiscuity in you that Tianxuan also has these flaws.”

“What you said, I, I don’t have all of them.” Neo denied it.

“Because of your cowardice, that’s why that Zhou Yun is always bullied even when she’s with you, I designed for her to be taken back by the Spirit Miao Fairy Mother, although she will suffer and be punished, it’s better than suffering around you!”

“This ……”

Neo wanted to retort, but his mouth opened but nothing came out, because she was right, Zhou Yun and himself together did still always get bullied, and this was the thing Neo felt most guilty about.

At this moment, when he thought of Zhou Yun’s suffering, Neo’s heart began to ache.

“Cowardice I admit it!” Neo couldn’t deny it, because he couldn’t deny that everything Zhou Yun had suffered, boiled down to the root cause, could only be attributed to his own cowardice!

“But something like promiscuity has never happened to me!”

Neo said categorically.

Yes, he could be very sure about this.

Because he knew very well who he loved the most.

“Is that so, then, what about that girl called Feng Ling, do you really have no heart for her at all? And what about that girl called Ling Lan, you at least showed a good feeling for her, as for the two sisters Cao Qian, you can’t say that you are just completely innocent with them, not to mention that there are so many other girls who have thoughts about you ……”

Neo froze.

What this woman said was not entirely without fault, he was certainly not as in love with Feng Ling and the girls as he was with Zhou Yun, but he did have a bit of a fondness for them in his heart, and it was indeed his own fault.

“But those who like me without me even knowing it, can’t be counted as promiscuous!” Neo said.

“Why doesn’t it count? If you were like me, if you really loved and liked Caiwei and never hid yourself and scoffed at other women’s advances, then other women would have known better and would not have insisted on falling in love with you, but you didn’t do that because you were cowardly and you couldn’t do the act of firmly rejecting a woman, even when faced with a woman you hated like Guan Qiushui, when she took the initiative to stick it to you, you didn’t refuse, it all created the illusion for women and thus caused them pain! This is all promiscuity, your cowardice and promiscuity intermingled and influenced each other, thus forming this disgusting character of yours! And it further affects Tianxuan! Therefore, Tianxuan, like you, is the real trash! Only I, am the purest part of Tian Xuan!”

“No, that can’t be considered rubbish ……” Neo muttered, but although the woman was being sophomoric and seemed to have a point, he didn’t know how to refute it.

“Really, so what if you killed a woman for being promiscuous? Do you still count as trash?” The woman’s voice suddenly rose in pitch and her tone became aggressive.

“No way, I’ve never gotten anyone killed.” Neo said without even thinking about it.

“What about Murong Ruolan.” The woman said.


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