At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 498

“Everyone has many different versions of themselves living in their hearts, but they are all ordinary people, they will always be just the same person, but we are different, our powers allow us to be separate people, and now is the time for us to officially separate!” The woman’s voice, suddenly, had a soothing quality to it.

It was as if she had been holding back for many years and had finally reached the day when the clouds were lifted and the sky was clear.

At this moment, she was like a cloud crane that had been wounded on the ground for a long, long time because of the wound, and today she could finally go straight up to the clouds and the crane roared to the sky.

Yes, at this moment, the woman, gently embracing Caiwei, really looked so radiant.

Neo listened dumbly to everything the woman said.

An inexplicable sadness welled up in his heart, believing that Tian Xuan really did not exist, and that feeling was as if his own faith was beginning to gradually disintegrate.

How many times had Zhou Yun been his motivation and hope when he could not hold on, but how many times had he also thought of the same figure of Tian Xuan who had met the Fairy Mother between the clouds for him when he felt that he could not.

How could such a real Tianxuan not exist?

So real to the touch, it was as if he could still feel Tianxuan’s convulsions in his arms, and remember that last mouthful of hot blood that Tianxuan had spat out.

How could it be fake!

“You’re lying.”

A voice, calmly, said.

It was Zhang Jiu, who had also froze at first, but slowly, he had calmed down.

“Why should I lie.” The woman said with a cold smile, “Could it be that you still don’t believe that Neo and I are the same person now? If you don’t believe me, you can check my blood DNA and Neo’s, it’s an identical 100 percent overlap, a 100 percent overlap that no two people in the world can do.”

“Maybe you’re not lying about all of it.” Zhang Jiu has completely calmed down at this point, his gaze deep again began to flash with his style of cunning and shrewdness, “I have begun to believe that you and the young master are indeed the same person from a certain point of view, but, Tian Xuan is by no means non-existent, nor is it simply a combination of you and the young master, Tian Xuan exists is real, killing the ancient jade into the demon race to learn the Book of Heaven to obtain Tian Xuan It was all done by Tian Xuan alone, he did it! Not you, not the young master, and not you and the young master!”

“You don’t understand anything!” The woman’s gaze suddenly turned cold as she looked at Zhang Jiu.

“Of course I understand, I once personally served under Tian Xuan, Zhu Ce Lan Huo and I were his most powerful men, I personally experienced the pain of him joining the demon race, I personally saw his tragic death at the hands of the factions, I personally heard his last words before he died, I may not understand you, but I understand Tian Xuan! Tianxuan is a living being, and you are not. You are just a part of Tianxuan, just the most spiteful part of Tianxuan, you are not even worth mentioning in front of Tianxuan! You are not even worthy to be compared to him either! You are even less qualified to speak of him!”

At the end of his sentence, Zhang Jiu’s emotions also rose.

Yes, how could he not have feelings for Tianxuan?

“You lie! You lying liar who is full of lies!”

The woman’s face suddenly changed and she suddenly became agitated as well, “Tian Xuan has no right to spit on me! I am the essence of Tianxuan, the only essence, the rest of Tianxuan is rubbish, Tianxuan houses that rubbish so he is rubbish too, I am the best! Tianxuan deserved to die, he deserved to die a long time ago!”

“Is that why you killed Tianxuan?” In Zhang Jiu’s voice, there was a coldness that was abruptly added to it.

“I didn’t kill him, it was the Spirit Miao Fairy Mother who killed him.” The woman said, only when she spoke of Tian Xuan’s death, not only did the woman not show a trace of sadness, but instead there was a bit of joy in her voice again.

It was as if she had remembered something happy again.

“But it was you who designed to kill him, you schemed the whole plan!” Zhang Jiu’s gaze twitched, a kind of wisdom fire that suddenly burst into flame in his pupils, “I understand, it was you, you did everything!”

“The young master took a helicopter back to Heavenly Island and exploded over the Yangtze River, it was you who did it wasn’t it?” Zhang Jiu’s tone at this point was as if he was questioning!

Yes, when these things happened, although Zhang Jiu was not by Neo’s side, but later, many things, of course, Neo had told him.

“With his ability, how could a helicopter explosion kill him.” The woman coldly snorted.

“That’s right, the helicopter explosion won’t kill the young master, but it will put him into a coma. And at that time, I believe that you, who are hiding in the shadows, have already known that Tian Xuan has been summoned into your body by the young master, so your purpose is just to put the young master into a coma so that the young master and Tian Xuan can meet in their consciousness once again, so that the two of them can really get to know each other, and this is also the first step for you to plot against Tian Xuan in the future!”

“Huh ……” The woman was noncommittal, but her face seemed to start to change.

“After the helicopter exploded, the young master went to Neon to look for me because of Tian Xuan’s trust, and you took this opportunity to go all the way to Tiandao, and on Tiandao, you used that woman, Zheng Hyunya, to force Miss Zhou Yun, with the aim of making Miss Zhou Yun lose faith in the young master and thus commit suicide in despair, and you already knew at that time that Miss Zhou Yun was the woman the young master loved the most, so Once Miss Zhou Yun commits suicide, the young master will definitely be so distraught that he will even commit suicide then as well, and if the young master commits suicide, the Tian Xuan that exists in the young master’s consciousness will also lose its reliance!”

“Humph.” The woman grunted.

“And the fact does go in the direction you want, Miss Zhou Yun jumped off the cliff in despair, but you just didn’t expect that Yao Guang appeared to save Miss Zhou Yun, and later Miss Zhou Yun and the young master were the ones who met in the Heavenly Island, and a lover finally became a couple, this one is really out of your expectation!” Zhang Jiu continued calmly.

“You are wrong.” This time, however, the woman had something to say, “You are wrong, Zhang Jiu, I already knew at that time that Yao Guang would save Zhou Yun, so I did not plan for Zhou Yun to commit suicide thus making Neo commit suicide, I knew that Zhou Yun would live and Neo would meet him, and the reason why I used Zheng Hyun Ah’s child to bully Zhou Yun into committing suicide was to make Zhou Yun suffer and thus make Neo feel guilty, so , when Neo returned to the Heavenly Island, originally thinking that Zhou Yun had died, under that incomparable self-blame and regret and pain, and suddenly under the leadership of Yao Guang, when he found Zhou Yun inside the Heavenly Island cave, that’s why he was immediately ready to marry Zhou Yun in the first place.”

“That’s right!”

Zhang Jiu thought for a moment and immediately understood, he stared at the woman, his gaze was one of hatred, “You let the young master marry Miss Zhou Yun only because you knew that Miss Zhou Yun was originally the sword spirit of Immortal Mother Ling Miao, when she got married at that moment, that great happiness in her heart would cause fluctuations in the Phoenix Sword, the common master of Immortal Mother Ling Miao’s world famous sword, thus giving Immortal Mother Ling Miao a clue to find Miss Zhou Yun girl’s clue, so on the day of the wedding, Fairy Mother Lingmiao would come to Heavenly Island!”

“Huh.” The woman continued to sneer.

“And you also knew long ago that Fairy Mother Spirit Miao must take away Miss Zhou Yun, and the Young Master would definitely not give way, and at the same time you also knew that the Young Master would never be a match for Fairy Mother Spirit Miao at that time, so you also guessed long ago that at the final moment, Tian Xuan would definitely leap out from within the Young Master’s body and carry the final zheng of this battle! Because at that time you already knew that your plan to explode the helicopter had succeeded, and you also knew that the Young Master and Tianxuan had a tacit and transcendent bond, so you knew that Tianxuan would definitely die for the Young Master!”

“So, although it was the Spiritual Muse Fairy Mother who killed Tianxuan, in fact, the real culprit behind it was you!”

“You are the murderer who killed Tianxuan!”

Zhang Jiu had been calmly recounting all this, but by the end of his speech, he had become so enraged that he even appeared to be a little bit mad.

Although he was loyal to the young lord, how could Tian Xuan not carry any weight in his heart.

Thirty-five thousand years ago, Zhang Jiu had followed Tian Xuan all the way.

Neo’s hand, for a moment, also squeezed tight.

His gaze, gradually becoming calm, looked at the woman in front of him.

Tian Xuan’s death would always be a wound engraved in his heart.

The name of Immortal Mother Ling Miao had long been written on his heart’s list, a name that must be crossed out in the future!

And the woman in front of him should bear a greater responsibility for Tianxuan’s death!


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