At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 497

The man who had been hidden beneath a black cloak finally revealed his appearance.

“It’s the …… woman ……”

Everyone at the scene, was really stunned.

Anyone, including Neo and Zhang Jiu, how could the two of them not have thought that the black cloak was actually a, a woman?

Yes, the black cloak was a woman.

Although she didn’t have the kind of stunning beauty that Cai Wei had, she was also beautiful looking, giving people a very comfortable and beautiful feeling, if you were to say which of her features were beautiful alone, you wouldn’t be able to say, but together, they were very tasteful.

In short, although she didn’t have that kind of stunning face, she would give people a feeling that they would never forget, and would always make people feel that this woman’s body was full of stories.

“You, you are?”

Zhang Jiu’s face was, at this moment, completely filled with confusion.

Because, he didn’t know this woman at all.

He couldn’t even guess where this woman came from at all.

The three continents were as vast as smoke and boundless, but Zhang Jiu was more or less aware of all the powers on the three continents.

But this woman in front of him, firstly, dared to pretend to be the young master of the devil race, secondly, she actually fought with the young master who had recovered his energy for so long, and thirdly, most unbelievably, she stole the love of Tian Xuan’s life.

If she could do any one of these three acts, she would definitely be a person of unparalleled fame in the three continents, not to mention the fact that this woman had done all three, so she should be a person of wonder known to everyone in the three continents.

However, Zhang Jiu could not guess what kind of person this woman was and what her background was.

“Zhang Jiu, you’re asking who I am?”

The woman surprisingly smiled, her smile, could not be described as much of a charming smile, but it also had a different kind of femininity.

Zhang Jiu only felt a shock in his heart, this woman actually knew his name.

“I, of course, am your young master.” The woman then added.

She said it so naturally, without the slightest hint of banter or joking, if it wasn’t for the fact that Zhang Jiu knew everything very well, just by looking at the way this woman was talking, he really might have believed her words.

Maybe this woman had said this panic so much that she had taken herself seriously.


Zhang Jiu was furious all of a sudden, he was truly furious, he would never allow anyone to dare to make fun of the young master!

“I tell you, there is only one young lord of the devil clan who commands thousands of clans of the devil clan in heaven and on earth, and that is Neo, the third young master of the Lu Clan, the first clan of the Original Continent, who is standing before me!” Zhang Jiu glared angrily.

“That’s right, I am him.” The woman said indifferently.

Zhang Jiu only felt as if his heavy fist had hit soft cotton, this woman was so shameless!

“You dare ……” Zhang Jiu’s anger had reached its limit.

He was just about to lash out.

Instead, the woman’s gaze had turned to Neo.

Her gaze rested quietly on Neo’s face, there was no sentiment in her gaze, it looked like the kind of feeling of a lonely woman in a deep harem, looking at herself in the bedroom mirror late at night, surveying woodenly.

For a long moment she looked at Neo.

“I am you, you know, Neo?” The woman finally spoke.


Neo looked at the woman in confusion.

His heart, by now, had long been at a loss.

Cai Wei had actually been deeply in love with another woman, and not Tian Xuan.

His heart, feeling sad for Tian Xuan, also felt sad, a sadness so deep that Neo felt he couldn’t help himself.

Even though it was only about Tianxuan, he always felt as if it was happening to him.

After all, he and Tianxuan were one and the same.

The feeling of being betrayed by someone he loved dearly seemed to be real to Neo.

His heart was twitching for a while.

Even more, he seemed to think of that remembered figure, whom he himself loved so much, just as Tianxuan once loved Caiwei so deeply.

Could it be that he himself would share the same destiny as Tianxuan?

“I am you, you are me, we are originally the same person.” What the woman said seemed to go even further.


This time, Neo finally heard it clearly.

His body shook and his gaze finally focused on the woman’s face as well.

What the hell was this woman talking about? What did it mean that he and she were the same person?

She was a living person and he was also a living person, two people who didn’t even know each other, let alone a man and a woman, so how could they be the same person?

But looking at the way the woman was talking, it really didn’t look like she was talking for fun at all.

“You don’t believe me?”

A light smile surfaced at the corner of the woman’s mouth, and suddenly there was a cold flash of light, and she had a dagger in her hand.

“What are you doing!” Zhang Jiu drank in a flash and immediately blocked in front of Neo, but of course he knew that at this moment Neo did not need his protection at all, it was just a subconscious action.

But the woman simply ignored him.

With a flick of the woman’s hand, the dagger slashed swiftly across her white wrist, and an extremely thin bloodstain appeared on her white wrist.

The blood mark grew almost simultaneously, and blood gurgled out of the wound, and in less than a moment, the woman’s wrist was already dripping with blood.

Neo looked at her in a daze, not knowing what she was trying to do.

“Doesn’t it hurt you?”

The woman threw away the dagger and asked, raising her eyebrows at Neo.

Neo hadn’t originally felt anything, but as soon as this woman said that, his heart twitched and his wrist suddenly felt as if it had taken on a mind of its own, a tingling pain instantly coming from his wrist.

“I know you must be in pain, because we are originally the same person, so my pain is also your pain, if I cut my wrist, your wrist will also be in pain.” Without waiting for Neo to say anything, the woman added.

“This, how is this possible?” Neo looked at the woman in disbelief, but the pain on his wrist seemed to stimulate his brain, Neo only felt a little dazed, a kind of thought that he never seemed to have thought of before actually appeared in his mind uninvited, for a moment, something that seemed vague seemed to be surfacing, for a moment, he seemed to remember a lot of things, that kind of thing, buried so deep, as if it was a memory from a previous life, maybe that it was really a memory of a past life.

Looking at the woman again, although he was still clear that he did not know her, he was surprised to have a few moments of familiarity, a familiarity that he could not tell.

“If you and I are the same person, then you and Tianxuan, are, what is your relationship ……” Neo only felt his voice become a little dry and hoarse, he knew that it was caused by nervousness.

“Tianxuan, huh, there was no Tianxuan in the world.”

Somehow, as soon as Neo mentioned Tian Xuan, the woman began to sneer.

“Then the Tianxuan of the war of the gods and demons, the one with red hair, riding a white lion, ruling over all the people ……” Maybe the woman did know something, but when she said there was no Tianxuan in the world, Neo didn’t believe it at all, yeah, how could that be possible The woman said that she had seen Tianxuan with her own eyes, watched Tianxuan struggle to meet the Spiritual Indistinct Fairy Mother, and watched Tianxuan slowly die in her own arms.

How could the real Tianxuan not exist!

“That’s you and me!”

The woman suddenly interrupted Neo furiously, “That wasn’t Tian Xuan, Tian Xuan never existed, Tian Xuan was just a piece of rubbish you imagined, it was you and I, we were one person, we were the ones who killed the Thirteen Ancient Jedi back then, we were the ones who joined the Demon Race with their heads, we were the ones who relied on our great strength to dominate the Demon Race, we were the ones who comprehended the Demon Race Heavenly Book, we have since become the first of the Ancient Jedi to rule the Demon Race ……”

Perhaps the last two words she wanted to say were “Tian Xuan”, but she swallowed them back!


Neo froze, was she right, did Tian Xuan really never existed?

“If we are the same person, why now ……”

Neo didn’t go on, but he didn’t need to anymore.

“We were indeed originally the same person.” The woman seemed to fall into a memory, “We share the same body, flow the same bloodline, feel the same feelings, we are the same person, but there are differences between us, we are not special, the same as everyone else, each individual person, not the same personality, just like some people are sometimes quiet and sometimes crazy, some people are sometimes suddenly very kind but sometimes very violent and cruel, and quiet is also he who is crazy is also he, and kind is also he who is violent and cruel is also he, it’s not the same but it’s all him.”

“So, we are not the same, but we are the same person.”


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