At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 496

Yes, the Young Lord is immortal! The Young Master is indestructible!

The Young Lord has an immortal soul, and no one, nor anything, can kill him!

Tian Xuan is dead, but Neo is still alive, and so remains immortal.

The blinding white light was still shining.

Amidst the light was the battle between Neo and the black cloak.

Of course, in the eyes of the crowd, perhaps it was just a massacre.

Everyone could only wait in awe.

The people of the Hell Legion, with joy on their faces, knew that soon Neo would be finished off, and then the Lu family would be wiped out, and then this entire Heavenly Island would be theirs.

The people of the Lu Family, on the other hand, were grieving in their hearts, but there was nothing they could do. Even though they were the number one family on Earth, there was nothing they could do in the face of these demons and all kinds of unknown things.

Time passed by.

The blinding light, continued to burn.

At this moment, those in the Hell Legion’s hearts had all started to have some question marks.

How could it take so long?

This shouldn’t be.

With that appearance of Neo, a random person could take him out, not to mention the Demon Young Lord, wouldn’t it be a matter of a fingertip to kill Neo.

“Miss Caiwei, you don’t have to worry, the young master will be fine, you know, he’s the real young master of the devil race! He will defeat that black cloak, he will win until the end!”

Seeing Caiwei also staring blankly at the light, Zhang Jiu hurried up to comfort her.


Caiwei suddenly turned her head and looked at Zhang Jiu.

On her face, her expression looked a little sad, a deep sadness that could be seen in her eyes, as if it was a sadness that would never go away.

“Miss Caiwei ……” Zhang Jiu froze at once.

Such an expression on Caiwei’s face was really a bit abnormal.

Zhang Jiu had never seen Caiwei like this before.

Caiwei didn’t say anything.

But suddenly, there were tears slowly falling from the corners of her eyes, and instantly the tears were like a gush of water.

The gurgling tears flowed freely on her face.

She tilted her head slightly, and the tears glittered in the light with a heartbreaking seven-star glow of beauty.

Zhang Jiu was even more dumbfounded.

The kind of sorrow that Caiwei showed was enough to move anyone, even a blade of grass or a tree, would wither because of that sorrow.

Zhang Jiu felt that he was infected, and a kind of sadness quickly enveloped him.

Originally, Zhang Jiu was still elated because he had figured out Master Kurenai’s prophecy, but this sadness of Caiwei’s seemed to be even stronger, directly replacing the kind of elation in Zhang Jiu’s heart, completely.

This sadness of Caiwei’s was too huge, it was something that seemed to be even more terrifying than death.

“Is this …… this …… this …… this ……”

Zhang Jiu looked at Caiwei and muttered.

His face suddenly became extremely pathos, “Could it be that black represents death?! Could it be that only when the young master dies will he be truly liberated? To die means not to exist, and if the young master does not exist, then the young master’s thoughts will turn into smoke and ashes and become nothing, so the young master is relieved ……”

“Otherwise, why would Miss Caiwei be so sad all of a sudden, could it be, that this also foretells that something has really happened to the young master? Miss Caiwei was originally an immortal body, the young master treated her so well, although she didn’t know it herself, she had actually involuntarily felt the young master’s presence, and now the young master doesn’t exist anymore, that’s why she’s so sad.”

Thinking of this, Zhang Jiu was paralyzed again.

Destiny, finally doomed ……

The light finally, slowly began to decay.

The tears on Caiwei’s face became even more exuberant, her gaze, completely looking into the field of light, the light reflected in her pupils, making the tears look even more crystalline.

A figure, slowly, stepped out of the glow.

He, the victor.

The light was fading but still strong, and under the intense glow the figure was nothing more than a black silhouette, no one could see him.

The people of the Hell Legion stirred, their faces still filled with that frenzy and surprise.

Although he did not see the silhouette, he already knew the result.

Caiwei stood up, tears still running down her face, the kind of sadness that she could not control.

She walked towards the figure.

No, to be precise, she was walking towards the glow.

Either way, there was someone she was concerned about in the glow.

Zhang Jiu didn’t try to stop her, he didn’t do anything because he knew that it was useless to do anything now, everything was already set.

There was only one thing on his mind at that moment, how to end himself.

“Greetings and congratulations to the young lord ……”

The five gold medals of the devil race led all the devil crowd to kneel down first, followed by the hellish legion.

Only, before the words could be finished, the voices stopped.

The figure finally stepped out of the place enveloped in light.

The crowd could also finally see his face, which was a little bit refreshing and a little bit rigid.

It was Neo’s face, and at that moment, he was more spirited than ever, it was a spirit of confidence, as if he could control everything.

Yes, it was Neo who had won.

Everyone seemed to freeze as they looked at Neo, time seemed to slow down at this moment, and for the first time, a look of shock appeared on the faces of the Evil General and the others.

Guan Qiushui covered his mouth.

Lu Cang patted Lu Beike’s shoulder and pointed ahead in surprise for his grandfather to see.

Zhang Jiu was even more shocked as he lifted his head and stood up.

At that moment, Caiwei finally arrived in front of Neo.

“Caiwei, why are you, crying …… I won, you can rest easy ……” Neo reached out his hand and gently prepared to wipe Caiwei’s tears.

He knew that Caiwei was shedding tears for herself.

Maybe it wasn’t love, but it was a very warm feeling, maybe beyond friendship, between love and friendship, after all, Neo was also a part of Tian Xuan.

Seeing Caiwei crying like this, Neo couldn’t help but think of Tian Xuan again.

For her own sake, Caiwei had cried to this extent, if she really awakened to know about Tianxuan, what would she suffer like?

“Cai, Caiwei ……”

Neo’s voice suddenly took on a bit more surprise.

His hand, just as it was about to touch the tears on Caiwei’s face, Caiwei avoided passing.

Caiwei’s speed did not slow down, she brushed Neo’s shoulder, but walked straight behind him, as if she did not see Neo.

By now, the light had completely disappeared and everything returned to normal.

Behind Neo, a man was lying on the ground, not moving at all.

On his body, he was draped in a huge black cloak that enveloped his entire body, looking as if it was a piece of cloth covering something.

Caiwei walked around Neo and came to the side of the black cloak.

The eyes of the crowd, all at once, shifted back to Caiwei’s body.

No one knew what she was up to, and no one knew why she was doing this.

Black Cloak’s corpse, was lying there, but none of the people of the Demon Clan or the people of the Hell Legion dared to go up and check it out.

The man who had killed their young master was standing right in front of them, so how could they dare to make a rash move?

Neo also froze, he looked at Caiwei in disbelief, not knowing what was going on.

Caiwei knelt down beside the black cloak, then she reached out her hand and gently helped the black cloak up.

As soon as her hand, touched the Black Cloak’s body, the tears on her face, again, seemed to be like a tap pipe that had been dug up, raging and flowing everywhere.

“Don’t you die, don’t you die!”

Caiwei sat on the floor, she picked up the upper body of the black cloak and crouched in her lap, her hands, holding the head of the black cloak tightly in front of her.

She was literally crying, crying out in pain.

“Why, why is this happening!” Caiwei’s tears broke, falling from her cheeks under her veil like rain, dripping down onto the black cloak’s clothes and quickly wetting a large area.

“Why do you do this to us! We have been separated for so long, tens of thousands of years of waiting and pining day and night, countless reincarnations and torments, why did none of them end well! Why did we just meet and then become parted forever, why!” Caiwei’s face, pressed tightly against the black cloak, tears seemed to connect her to the black cloak at that moment.

If the crowd just felt that Caiwei’s demeanour was strange.

Then in the hearts of Neo and Zhang Jiu, they were already completely shocked.

What was the relationship between Cai Wei and this black cloak?!


A shrill cry with an angry accusation-like sound suddenly pierced the sky.

At that instant, even the sunlight became dim, dark clouds rose from all sides, and raindrops began to fall rapidly.

It seemed that even the heavens did not know how to answer, so they hid.

Caiwei raised her head violently, and the rain was thrown into a mist by her hair.

Her gaze was so painful, and so resentful, pained by despair, resentful of everything because of despair.


A harsh voice, so shrill that the crowd could only feel as if steel claws were raking through the glass in their tympanic membranes, and the whole air was taut as if it were a string!

In the sky, a light veil flew by.

It flew slowly into the distance.

“She, she ……”

Guan Qiushui suddenly looked like she had seen a ghost, pointing at Caiwei, her gaze was filled with shock, more disbelief, and a mixture of jealousy and envy, only a woman, would have that kind of gaze.

“So beautiful.”

Even though they were scared, some people couldn’t help but exclaim, because, it was so beautiful that they could no longer control having to say it!

Neo was also stunned.

He looked at Caiwei’s face in disbelief.

The light veil had been blown away by the wind and Caiwei’s face was now visible, but it was no longer the ugly face of the past, it was a face of great beauty.

It was a face so beautiful that no one on earth deserved to have it!

That kind of stunning beauty is only to be found in mythology!

Hiss, the sound of something bursting open.

The sound of something falling.

Caiwei’s right arm was split open, and the thick ointment applied to her burned arm cured and fell away.

Caiwei’s right arm, as if nothing had happened, was still so soft and white.

At that moment, Zhang Jiu suddenly seemed to understand something, his hands were trembling and his lips were trembling.

“Could it be, could it be ……” his voice was all broken, “that the awakening …… or worse than that, that she had found her true love, that The promise of the past is also invalid ……”

When he said this, Zhang Jiu seemed to be frightened by himself, “Then, does it mean that the black cloak is actually ……”

He didn’t dare to say more.

Because he himself wouldn’t believe what he said anymore.

But even if he didn’t believe it, the truth was right in front of him!

“I won’t let you die in front of me, I won’t, I want you to be with me forever!” Caiwei lowered her head again, the rain completely dampening her hair.

It flowed down the roots of her hair.

Tears and rain, spreading freely across her face.

“I don’t want you to die!”

A cry, even sharper, and even Neo’s face couldn’t help but turn pale.

Throughout Tiandao, countless people covered their ears and rolled all over the ground.

“Caiwei ……”

Neo called out softly, at this time, he could no longer be sure that Caiwei was still the old Caiwei, but no matter what, he had promised Tian Xuan ……

“You, it was you who killed him!”

Caiwei suddenly turned her head and stared fiercely at Neo.

Neo froze.

Caiwei’s stunningly beautiful face made everyone who saw it feel a sense of beauty in their hearts, but the ruthless gaze on that face plucked deep into Neo.

“I ……”

Neo wanted to say something, but he could only admit, “It was me who killed him, but ……”

Neo didn’t say anything further.

But what? But he was just going to take you away, but I was trying to protect you! But then I did it for Tianxuan too!

These words came to his lips, but Neo could not continue.

It was not just that he could not continue, but that it was useless even if he did.

Seeing Caiwei’s painful look as she hugged the black cloak, Neo seemed to have understood something.

Although he couldn’t figure out why it was like that.

“You killed him, so you should ……” said Caiwei.

“I should ……” Neo muttered, “die?”

He suddenly felt so tired and exhausted.

Everything was too exhausting.

He himself was so eager to find Zhou Yun, but he could never do so, and there always seemed to be some force that was stopping him.

He had worked so hard to protect Caiwei, used everything for her, only to have her hate him so much.

Perhaps, one really deserved to die.

Perhaps, it was time to be relieved?

Neo stood there dumbfounded, and the rain poured over him, soaking him to the bone.

Caiwei’s gaze, however, remained cold and even hateful, as if she was waiting.

At some point, a hand slowly crept up to Cai Wei’s face.

It gently rubbed Cai Wei’s cheek.

“I… I’m not dead.”

The hand of the black cloak, gently caressed Caiwei’s face, he was still crouched in Caiwei’s arms, but had taken a few breaths.

“You ……”

Caiwei could no longer care about Neo, the tears in her eyes were still rushing, but they seemed to have become a little more joyful as she hugged the black cloak more tenderly.

“Caiwei, I’m not dead. Although he won, don’t worry, maybe others can kill me, but he can’t kill me, in fact I can’t kill him either.”

The black cloak’s voice was weak, but the voice carried a feeling of happiness, “Caiwei, I finally understand, the person you actually love, is me.”

“Of course it’s you, of course it’s you!”

Caiwei’s tone carried an indisputable tone as she cried, “Of course it’s you, it’s always been you! Why do you doubt this! You’re so much better than him, he’s too sentimental, too cowardly! Compared to you, he’s nothing!”

“Actually, I’ve been scared you know?”

The black cloak said, “I was so afraid that the person you liked wasn’t me, but him. I was really afraid, so I didn’t dare to show up to see you, I was afraid that I would be disappointed, that I would be rejected by you, because I love you so much, I love you alone, from the beginning to forever, and you are the only one in my heart!”

“I won’t reject you, I love you, it’s always been you! I don’t love him, it’s you I love!”

“I know that today.” I couldn’t see the black cloak, but I could guess that he must be smiling at that moment, “I saw it, I saw the string between our hearts that was between each other, I saw that you would be awakened by my death, I knew it, I finally understood it, you chose me and loved me, I’m so happy, I’m really happy.”

“I am also so happy that I have finally waited for you, that we can finally be together, that no one, no power, can ever keep us apart again.”

Caiwei hugged the black cloak tightly, and the two of them snuggled up as if they were the only two people here.

Neo stared at them in awe.

When he saw them hugging together in that loving way, with only each other, his heart, abruptly flooded with lemons, and a thin figure, once again, appeared in his blurred vision.

“You’re not Tian Xuan!”

A voice woke Neo up with a start.

Zhang Jiu had arrived at Neo’s side at some point, and he had just stared at every move, every word, of Cai Wei and the black cloak.

He was not disturbed by any male/female feelings like Neo, his gaze, insightful and keen!

Zhang Jiu stood beside Neo and looked at the black cloak, saying one word at a time.

Both Caiwei and the black cloak, apparently, physically shook for a moment.

They did not speak, and with Caiwei’s assistance, the black cloak slowly stood up.

At this point, there was no longer any need to explain anything at all about Tian Xuan, any young lord, any demon race, any past life, any present life, anything at all!

In this situation, Neo, Zhang Jiu, Cai Wei, and the black cloak, they all knew too much for sure.

“Of course I’m not Tian Xuan.”

The black cloak finally spoke.

Neo’s heart jolted.

In front of him, Caiwei held the black cloak, so gentle, so close, the two of them clinging to each other as if they were supporting each other, which made Neo’s heart feel like it was dripping blood.

Caiwei, that was Tian Xuan’s woman!

How could she have fallen in love with someone else?

If Tian Xuan knew, how painful it would be for him!

For the sake of Caiwei, Tian Xuan had done everything, even sacrificing himself, partly because of Caiwei!

Although Neo hated him and feared him at first, the moment their relationship melted away, Neo really thought of him as a brother!

That was his brother’s woman! He had asked him to take care of her before he died!

Now his brother was dead and buried in the ground with grass growing on his grave, while his brother’s woman, on the other hand, said she loved another man!

“Who the hell are you!”

Zhang Jiu looked at the black cloak with a morose coldness.

He wasn’t afraid, of course he wasn’t, the young master had recovered and now he didn’t fear anyone!

The black cloak didn’t speak anymore.

His hand, slowly, reached for the hood on top of his head, the huge one that enveloped his whole body.

Slowly, little by little, the hood slid backwards.

The hood fell faster and faster.

Finally, brushing, the hood slid completely down to his feet.

Silky and thick hair burst out vigorously under the hood, lifting up into the air, dancing lightly and filling the air with a fragrance of flowers.


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