At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 494

Devil …… young Master ……

Almost everyone’s eyes were focused on the man with the black cloak.

The frightening nature of the Devil Clan, which everyone had just seen, and this man, who was actually the Devil Clan’s young master!

This person, then, was the most terrifying and strongest person here!

“You, really are the Young Lord?”

At this moment, the evil general had already dismounted, and even though he wasn’t sure that this black cloak in front of him was the young lord, he wasn’t as arrogant as he had been a moment ago.

Only then, he aggravated his tone and his voice became cold, “Do you know that those who pretend to be the Young Lord will receive the cruelest revenge from our Demon Race!”

“Because the glory of the Young Lord cannot be allowed to be blasphemed in the slightest!”

The evil general’s voice grew colder and more majestic.

He stood in front of the Black Cloak, his entire body more than twice as tall as the Black Cloak’s, his huge and mighty body setting off the already thin and small Black Cloak even smaller.

It was as if with one hand, he could crush the Black Cloak to death.

“A month ago, you were still in the Continent of the Valley.”

“Then you received a holy order that appeared in the Demon Realm, ordering you to travel to the Continent of Origin.”

“Then the Lu family of the Continent of Origin was allowed to perish.”

“The order admonished you not to come forward and cultivate the original power of the Continent of Origin to destroy the Lu family, unless you encountered unexpected circumstances, you could only show yourselves.”

“At the same time the energy gates of the two continents were opened by a powerful force, and it was only then that the Demon army easily entered the Continent of Origin, overnight.”

The black cloak spoke each sentence slowly.

Every time he uttered a word, the evil general’s face changed by a point, from the cautious and intimidating at first, it slowly became eased and became respectful.

Yes, because every word the black cloak said, was completely correct.

How could he know so well if he hadn’t experienced it first hand?

“The Holy Order was issued by me, and the Energy Gate was opened by me, and you are here today because of my orders, only I, can make the Holy Order burn on the light tower in the Devil’s Domain, only I, have the power to make the Energy Gate fully open, I am your young master, I am the young master of the Devil’s Race!”

The black cloak’s voice, steeply raised, his body, too, stood straighter.

Only his face, his body, was still shrouded in black everything.

“Young master!”

Flopping down, the Evil General’s huge body fell violently to his knees, kneeling down with a loud sound, as if it were the sound of a demolished building collapsing.

Standing, the evil general was like a tower.

On his knees, he again resembled a small mountain.

Even on his knees, he was far taller than the black cloak.

Only, the Black Cloak’s might was already unmatched.

“King General, Hades General, Siming, Siming, why don’t you come and pay your respects quickly!”

The black cloak was, at this moment, as if it was a tropical cyclone that had just formed, constantly absorbing the energy around it and was growing at a rapid pace, and at this moment, the aura on his body was even more domineering.

“My subordinate Wang Lai Lai is late to pay respects to Young Master!”

Boom! A man, much taller than the evil general, stood there as if he was a Southern Heavenly Gate, and as he knelt down, the earth seemed to tremble.

“My subordinate, Hades, is late in coming to pay homage to the young master!”

Finally a man of normal height appeared, but his face looked very secretive, and when he walked around, there seemed to be a feeling of black aura around him.

But when faced with the black cloak, he was falling back and worshipping.

“My subordinate Si Xing is late in coming to pay his respects to the young master.”

A woman’s voice, the voice was not that of a silver bell-like girl’s voice or that of a seductive mature woman, but a woman’s voice with a husky tone.

Only, this hoarse voice, to hear it, surprisingly also had a few indefinable flavours, so that people could not help but want to see what such a woman was like, even after listening to it.

The woman was willowy, with a superb figure, only the black eye shadow and black clothes gave a mysterious and evil feeling, especially the black tattoo showing on the left shoulder, which made people know that this was never as simple as a pretty woman.

Naturally, Si Xing knelt down in front of the black cloak.

“My subordinate Si Xing has come late to pay his respects to the young master! Welcome back Young Master!”

The last young man should be the one who looked the most normal.

After he finished the last sentence, he fell to the ground and worshipped.

“Greetings to the Young Master’s return!”

The five gold medal guardians kneeled neatly before the black cloak, and behind them, countless armies of devils, also kneeling in unison and at the same time, the procession of these devil armies, stretching from the beach of Heavenly Island, all the way to the distant heights, seemed endless, as if they were received above the sky.

At this moment, the voices came in wave after wave, as if they were waves of echoes drifting between heaven and earth.

Everyone present had their faces shaken.

Such a scene, no matter who saw it, would probably never be forgotten.

“Long live the Young Lord! Hell’s Army, follow the Young Lord forever!”

At some point, Little Beard, with the men behind him, followed suit and knelt behind the Five Guardians.

For everyone in the Hell Legion, what they had seen today could be described as a lifelong wonder, and the power displayed by the Demon Sect had left them in awe.

Such power is like the autumn wind sweeping away the leaves for anything.

At this moment, everyone in the Hell’s Legion’s heart had consciously made themselves slaves of the Black Cloak.

Who would dare to resist such power?

Who would dare to resent such power?

There was definitely one.

Not only were they discontent, but they were also angry.

Zhang Jiu was filled with rage at this moment.

There was no fear in him at this moment, all he had was anger.

Especially at that moment when the countless multitudes of the Demon Sect knelt down, that moment when the whole sect paid homage, Zhang Jiu was even more furious!

This was the glory of the young master, and it had been claimed and seized by a guy who had appeared from nowhere!

Zhang Jiu had thought of many possibilities, but he had never thought that someone would dare to claim to be the Young Master of the Demon Sect!

“You, you are a fake!”

Finally, Zhang Jiu’s anger made him unable to control it any longer, “You’re not the real Young Master, you’re an impostor!”

With that, Zhang Jiu actually charged up.

He looked at the black cloak with anger, “Who the hell are you!”

“I am the young master of the Demon Sect.” The black cloak’s voice was calm, and even though Zhang Jiu looked angry, the black cloak didn’t seem to be affected at all.

“You are not!”

Zhang Jiu sneered, “If you have the guts, take the cloak off your head and let us all take a look at you! Let’s see if you are the young master or not!”

With that, Zhang Jiu’s gaze was completely fixed on the direction of the black cloaked face.

He wanted to know who, exactly, dared to pretend to be the Young Master.

Whoever it was, this was by no means an ordinary person, nor was it a good person to deal with, never an ordinary person.

But this was rather better, Zhang Jiu knew very well in his heart that with his experience of tens of thousands of years, there was hardly anyone within not only the Original Continent, but also the three continents, that he had not heard of, as long as they were capable.

This guy, who the hell is he!

“Take it off!” Zhang Jiu shouted again.

Even though it was only Zhang Jiu who shouted this, everyone present had a huge curiosity welling up in their hearts.

Yes, what kind of person was this young master of the Devil Sect, the one who commanded ten million Devil Sect members, the five great protectors of the sect who obeyed and bowed down to him, the one who was so powerful and crowned the world, what did he really look like?

At this moment, the entire Heavenly Island fell silent again.

Everyone was looking at Zhang Jiu and the black cloak.

The black cloak’s body was motionless, and no one knew what was going through his mind.

His expression, of course, was not visible to anyone either.

“Do you really want to see what I look like?” Finally, the black cloak spoke slowly.

His voice, was slow, as if it had been well thought out.

“I just want to know who you really are!” The fire in Zhang Jiu’s gaze, burned even stronger, his attention, all focused in the direction of the black cloak’s hidden face, as he spoke word for word, “As long as you dare to take off your cloak, I will be able to recognise who you are! If you are not afraid that I will recognise you, if you really are the young master of the Demon Sect, then you will take it off! If you’re a coward, then you’ll keep it on! But let me tell you, the true Young Master of the Demon Sect is a man who stands tall, a man who will always be true to himself, and never a pussy who hides inside the black shadows!”


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