At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 493


A long shadow, flying into the air, the shadow spun in the air as if it were a huge blade, and finally, with a pang, the shadow crashed into the sea, stirring up huge white waves.

Yan Luo looked at his empty hands in astonishment, and then at the halberd that had plunged into the bottom of the sea in the distance, revealing only a section that was still swaying in the sea breeze, and looked as if he could not believe it.


Another loud bang.

A black shadow fell heavily from the air vertically and smashed into the ground, splashing the mud all much higher.

“Young Master!”



The crowd rushed over in shock.

Zhang Jiu was the first to rush to Neo’s side.

“Young master, young master!”

Zhang Jiu picked up Neo’s head and allowed Neo’s heavy head to rest on his lap.

Blood was flowing from the corners of Neo’s mouth in strands, his face was pale, his breathing slow, and for the first time he looked truly so powerless and debilitated.

Yes, no one would be well after falling from a height of dozens of metres and hitting the ground.

“Young master, how could this happen? You, how ……”

Zhang Jiu was in pain and shock at this moment, he couldn’t believe the scene he had just seen.

When the Yan Luo sect master’s halberd swept over, the young master didn’t dodge, of course he didn’t need to dodge, just that, the moment the halberd touched the young master, the young master’s person was like a sack, directly picked up into the air, simply without the ability to fight back.

Zhang Jiu really couldn’t believe it, this wasn’t the Young Lord’s strength at all!

“I don’t know …… I don’t seem to be able to gather my strength ……,” Neo murmured, his gaze held a sadness that made everyone who looked at it unable to look away. “I think I used up all my energy in that transmission and I don’t have a single ounce of strength left ……”

When he said this, his eyes had a kind of desperate tears in them, “I used up all my strength, and now I can’t even protect my family, yet I’m not even one step closer to Zhou Yun ……… Maybe, this is destined ……”

“Kid, just look at you so tough, unexpectedly dare to catch my halberd with your bare hands, thought you how powerful, so I did not dare to be merciful, used ten percent of the force, did not expect you really a waste, unbearable, caused my strength completely can not be retracted, halberd are thrown out by me …… ”

Yan Luo sect master’s voice, interrupted Neo’s words.

The halberd that he picked up from the sea water, once again stood tall and pointed at Neo.

“This time, let’s see who dares to stop me from taking that woman away!” With that, Yan Luo Sect Master’s body came together and he was about to rush over.

“No, Caiwei ……”

Neo’s hot blood instantly rushed to his head, he was still alive, how could he watch Caiwei being taken away in front of him!

How could he watch Tian Xuan’s woman, fall into the hands of these people!

He tried to stand up, but just as his body moved, fresh blood spurted straight out of his mouth.

“Young master!”

At this moment, Zhang Jiu’s eyes were crimson red.

He bit his lips tightly and turned around violently, staring at Yan Luo, “Let me meet you!”

Zhang Jiu couldn’t care less now, even if he died, he would have to die in front of the young master!

That’s it for today, even if I die, let it be a painful death, let it be a good death!

“You still dare to go on?”

Yan Luo Sect Master looked at Zhang Jiu, a cold smile surfaced at the corner of his mouth, “You are bold, but your boldness may be due to your ignorance, your ignorance of us, perhaps you really don’t know what kind of an opponent you are about to face.”

“No matter what you are.”

Zhang Jiu said in one word.

“We, are the Demon Race.”

The voice of the Yan Luo Sect Master became steeply calm, and although it was calm, it seemed to seem even more powerful, a calmness that defied all things.

As the words of the Yan Luo Sect Master fell.

The huge black fog behind him slowly began to recede, as if a breeze had blown away the mist, or as if the sun shone on the earth and drove away the haze.

What was in the black mist was fully revealed.

It was a thousand armies and horses.

Countless devils, riding on all kinds of mounts, were looking down on the sky, countless devils lined up from the near shoreline of Heavenly Island, all the way to the far side of the sky, as if they were endless, as if they could line up to the clouds beyond.

The devils?

Zhang Jiu was instantly frozen.

In Neo’s heart, there was also a sudden tingling and fluctuation, the devil race?!

“We are the most powerful kings of all the worlds, and when we descend on your continent, our iron hooves will tread on every inch of the continent, and all of you will have to submit to us, the Demon Race! Those who submit will live, but those who stand in our way will die!”

The voice of Lord Yan Luo was terrifyingly calm.

“We submit to the Demon Race, we will be loyal to the Demon Race!”

Moustache Guan Qiushui and the others, once again, prostrated themselves on the ground and kowtowed frantically in worship.

“The Devil Clan?” Zhang Jiu still had a few moments of disbelief as he muttered, “But the Demon Race doesn’t have the title of Yan Luo Sect Leader.”

“That’s right! Yan Luo Sect Master is just a name given to me by these insightless vulgar people, of course I am not any Yan Luo Sect Master, I am one of the gold medal guardians of the Demon Sect, I am the Evil General!”

Evil General, Zhang Jiu laughed in his heart, so this guy was an evil general, one of the four gold medal protectors, tens of thousands of years had passed and the evil general was actually assumed by such a person.

“Since you are of the Devil Clan, then do you know, your Devil Clan Young Lord Tian Xuan!” Zhang Jiu’s heart, which had been filled with clouds and fog, knew at this moment that the sunlight, at last, had shone in.

This time, at last, there would be no more problems!

It was over, it was over!

“Young master!” The evil general’s face abruptly changed dramatically, his eyes spewing fire, his anger, almost directly into Zhang Jiu’s face, “How can you casually mention the name of the Young Lord! If you dare to mention the name of the Young Master at will, I will behead you today in honour of the Young Master!” The evil general was truly furious.

The halberd spun in the air as if a hurricane was coming from the sky.

“Finish this kid, for the sake of the demon race, everyone go!”

Suddenly, the people of the Hell Legion over there, seeing that the Evil General was starting to get really angry, also then led by Little Beard, rushed towards the Lu family here in a swarm.


At this moment, the people of the Hell Legion rushed forward as if they had been hit by chicken blood.

After all, at this moment, they had the Demon Race behind them, so of course they were not afraid of anything.

Liu Xing took the lead, his gaze fixed on Neo, his eyes flickering with excitement and madness.

“Kill for me!”

The evil general, perhaps stimulated by Zhang Jiu, was in a complete frenzy at this moment, his halberd carrying a fierce wind as he smashed into Zhang Jiu.

“Do you know, where your young master is!”

Zhang Jiu was not afraid at this moment, and he didn’t need to be afraid at all anymore, he raised his head, and his domineering aura, too, emanated out abruptly!

This aura was too powerful, for it was true confidence, a confidence that completely overrode the evil general, a confidence that overrode the entire demon race!

For, he knew that he was the number one henchman beside the young lord of the devil clan!

He had that confidence!

“Where is the Young Lord ……?”

The evil general actually did stop, and the halberd just crossed in the air without sweeping down.

When the evil general stopped, all those people from the Hell Legion also stopped at once, and no one dared to move again.

The air, too, seemed to freeze for a moment.

The entire Heavenly Island, tens of thousands of people, but dead silence, at this moment, there was not a single sound.

“Over here.”

A voice, in the crowd, rang out calmly.

It was not loud, if it was that noisy just now, absolutely no one would have heard this voice.

But at this time, everything was so quiet, this voice, stood out.

The voice was calm, without a tremor, and even contained a kind of confidence, an indefinable confidence, not so aggressive confidence, only a faint confidence.

But it was this faint confidence that made people feel that it was real confidence and not pretence.

All eyes turned to the place where the voice was coming from.

There was a man there.

A man shrouded in a black cloak.

His person was all submerged beneath the black cloak, and the huge cloak made him look even a little thin, but no one could see his appearance, no one could see his figure.


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