At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 492

“Young master?!”

Zhang Jiu looked at the person in front of Cai Wei in shock, this, how is this possible!

At this moment, that shocking pressure on his body had all dissipated, and the man could finally stand up.

But he really couldn’t believe it.

The vague pillar of light in the east just now was undoubtedly a sign that the young master was leaving this world.

Then, what about the person in front of him?

This person, who was clearly identical to the young master, could never be anyone else either.

The person on the ground, at that moment, curled up, as if in the same position as a newborn baby.

After a while, finally, the man on the ground, slowly propping himself up on the ground with his hands, reluctantly sat up.

With his head bowed, he slowly opened his eyes, and when his gaze fell on the grass in front of him, a look of excitement appeared on his face.

He jerked his head up and looked around.

“Cai, Caiwei?”

When the earthling’s gaze touched Cai Wei, he froze, “Why are you here?”

As if suddenly realising something, he hurriedly looked in other directions again.

“Zhang Jiu? Grandpa? Big brother? You guys …… you guys ……” At this point, the expression of disbelief seemed to shift to his face as he muttered to himself, “Here, it’s Heaven Island …… this, how is this possible?”

“Young master, is it really you?! How did you get here, you’re not ……”

At this time, Zhang Jiu finally completely determined that the person in front of him, without a doubt, was none other than the real young master.

Yes, this person was of course Neo.

During the transmission, his consciousness was blurred and the person seemed to be levitating, but suddenly he felt a real presence around him.

He felt himself touching the ground.

At that moment, he thought he had really arrived in another world, and yet, yet this was the result.

“Xiao Wu, how’s the data being transmitted?”

At this moment, in the 903 Experimental Institute in Qingzhou City, after experiencing the sky spectacle just now, the crowd had long since returned to the computer.

An Yuying had been following all the information of this transmission, asking her assistants from time to time about the situation.

“Professor An, the transmission, there is a deviation!” Xiao Wu had been looking at the screen nervously, and at this moment let out an alarming cry.

“What’s wrong?”

“Here! Professor An, look at the appearance of an offset function of positive curvature here, this ……”

“This indicates that it is not transmitting to the correct coordinates.” An Yuying didn’t wait for Xiao Wu to finish, her eyebrows already locked up, “How could this happen, how could this be?”

She muttered to herself as she quickly manipulated the computer’s shortcuts to check the information.

“It’s not enough energy ……” Finally, she stopped her hand and stared blankly at the screen, frozen.

“No way, Professor An, the energy measured in that moment of transmission just now was more than ten times the limit instantaneous power of the super power station we haven’t built yet, if that kind of energy isn’t enough, then even if the power station is built, it still won’t work, how can this be?”

“Yes, Professor An, haven’t we done the deduction many times, that energy value is enough ah.” The assistants were all confused at this point.

“There must be some parameter that I have overlooked, I was wrong, I was wrong. The actual energy needed must be much larger than what we calculated before, maybe the energy needed is beyond the limits of the earth.” An Yuying murmured, “What does this mean, it might mean that we humans cannot cross at all, it means that maybe there really is a kind of creator, a kind of god, who will suppress our human limits forever.”

Speaking of this, it was as if her scientific beliefs were beginning to crack, and this was simply too much for her to accept, An Yuying’s body swayed and she almost fainted on the ground.

“Lu Shao, you, where have you been transported to?” In An Yuying’s heart, a kind of grief surged out.

She certainly did not know that Neo had actually been transmitted to Heavenly Island.

“The transmission failed.”

Neo sighed and stood up.

Yes, although he did not know what was going on, now even if Neo was a fool, he knew that the transmission just now had not succeeded and that he was still in this world, only that he had been transmitted from Qingzhou to Heavenly Island.

After all the twists and turns, after all the effort, he was still, as a result, stuck in this world.

The kind of fire in Neo’s heart also seemed as if it was already in jeopardy as under a storm.

Yes, how could this happen, why would this happen?

Neo could still feel the moment when he was on the transmission device, when he released his whole body’s energy with all his might.

That was almost the moment when Neo released his own energy most unreservedly, enough to rival that time on the Heavenly Ascension Platform.

Then, almost instantly, Neo felt as if he was floating in a boundless and endless gel, suspended there, wrapped up, without direction or light.

At that moment, he had a sense of calm after a violent movement, just floating there, quietly waiting, to reach the other side.

Neo was almost certain that he could definitely reach it.

Because that great painful yet wild feeling of releasing his energy, and that feeling of calmness afterwards, all made him feel as if everything was destined by the heavens, that the heavens had destined him to find Zhou Yun in this way.

But how could it be like this?

Could it be that there was really no future for himself and Zhou Yun?

“Caiwei, are you alright?” Neo steadied his mind, he couldn’t think about that for the time being, since the word had reached the Heavenly Island, it was better to focus on the present moment for the time being, and the rest, later.

“I’m fine, your family is very concerned about me. Thank you, Neo.”

Neo nodded and turned around again.


Neo arrived in front of Lu Beique in a few steps.

“Neo’er, you’re back again.” When Lu Beique saw Neo, he couldn’t help but cry old tears as well.

Just before the two of them could start to say a few words.

Suddenly, a loud rumbling sound was heard behind them.

The Yan Luo sect master rode a huge horse and came to follow like the wind again.

Behind him followed a dark and intimidating group of cavalry.

“This woman must come with me, those who stand in my way, die!”

The huge body of the Yan Luo sect master, riding on his horse, was like a tower through the sky, the halberd in his hand, reflected in the sunlight, a huge long shadow, a forcing aura, without having to make a move, seemed to make people’s liver and guts split.

“Those who kneel down, free from death!” The voice of Patriarch Yan Luo seemed to come from the air, as loud as a bell.

“Long live the Patriarch!”

Almost immediately, everyone from the legions of Hell knelt down to him once again, crouching reverently to the ground, their heads buried deep.

On the other side, the crowd from all the great clans of the world, you looked at me, I looked at you, and without much hesitation, they too all knelt on the ground, not daring to raise their heads.

In the entire Heavenly Island, only the people of the Lu Family and Master Zhang Jiu and his disciples were left standing.

The Yan Luo Sect Master, slowly raised the halberd in his hand, which was pointed towards the sky, as if plunging straight into the clouds.

The countless cavalry behind him also all drew their weapons almost instantly.

The scraping sound of countless iron weapons mingled together in an instant, creating an indefinable high-pitched shrill sound, the aftershock of which trembled and pierced the heartstrings.

This shrill sound caused almost everyone’s heart to tremble, and they couldn’t help but feel cold all over.

“This is the Heavenly Island, the Heavenly Island of the Lu Family, and in the presence of the Lu Family, no one will be taken away as long as the Lu Family does not allow it.”

Finally, Neo spoke up.

He raised his head slightly and looked at the tall Yan Luo Sect Leader, with no ripples inside.

Although this seemed to be an unknown creature with unknown power, Neo was already ready to challenge the Immortal World, so what other unknown power was he afraid of?

Zhang Jiu looked at Neo steadily.

Although the young master had failed in his transmission, it was not a good thing, because the situation just now, he would never be able to resist.

Now that the young master is here, everything is not a problem anymore.

Guan Qiushui knelt on the ground, her legs almost unconscious, and when she peeked up, she saw that Neo looked too small and ridiculous in front of the tall body of the Yan Luo Sect Master.

She peeked behind Neo at Cai Wei, and somehow, an indescribable irritation flooded her heart.

This trash Neo, for the sake of this ugly monster, he was so insolent as to fight against the Yan Luo Sect Master?

At the risk of losing his entire Lu family’s clan?

This kind of trash, it would be better if he died! The Lu Family is finished, and Heavenly Island is ours!

“Ridiculous gnats! Drink!”

The Yan Luo Sect Master also became furious at this moment and swung his halberd in his hand, sweeping it towards Neo!

The halberd was in the air, carrying a huge gust of wind.

Neo didn’t dodge, he didn’t need to.

“Come on!”

With a loud shout, he met it hard.


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