At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 491

Wha, what?!

Wan He’s cry of inability to do anything instantly made everyone present frozen, froze, and dumbfounded.

Little Beard, Guan Qiushui and the others were dumbfounded, they had thought they were dead, but who knew that Wan He had refused Zhang Jiu’s request?

The Lu family on Lu Bei Ke’s side were also dumbfounded. They had thought that this was the end of the matter, that everything was over, that the good people lived and the bad people were punished, but who knew that it wasn’t over yet?

What’s more, Wan He is Zhang Jiu’s disciple. Looking at him just now, Wan He should be obedient to Zhang Jiu, how could this happen?

Of course, no one was more puzzled than Zhang Jiu’s heart.

“Master, I’m sorry, my apprentice is really sorry.”

Obviously, Wan He also understood that his words just now were very unreasonable.

At this moment, he suddenly knelt down on the ground, as if he was atoning for what he had just said, and no matter how much Zhang Jiu pulled, he could not get up.

Zhang Jiu was even more baffled.

What was going on here?

Was there something unspeakable?

There should not be ah, things are all laid out in front of him, it is these things, what does Wan He have to worry about?

“Master, leave the Lu family, leave their family’s affairs alone, Master, you’re not really a member of the Lu family anyway.” Wan He basically pleaded bitterly at this point, so to speak.

“Wan He, what the hell is going on!”

At this point, it was obvious that everyone else was still unclear as to what was wrong with Wan He, even the people on the moustache side, and they didn’t understand why Wan He wasn’t listening to Zhang Jiu anymore.

But what kind of person was Zhang Jiu.

A sudden movement in his heart, an unsettling feeling, as if it were a black fog, enveloped his heart all at once.

He did not dare to say that he really knew what was going on, but he knew that something was far more frightening than he had imagined!

In this one moment, a cold shiver actually ran through Zhang Jiu’s body!

“Master, Master ……”

Wan He lifted his head, his gaze filled with a desperate hue, he struggled to gather his emotions and was just about to speak when suddenly, he stopped.

Zhang Jiu then felt as if Wan He’s entire body had frozen.

At that moment, Zhang Jiu himself seemed to feel something.

Involuntarily, he lifted his head and looked towards the western sky.

Dark clouds.

At some point, a large dark cloud appeared in the west of the otherwise clear sky of the island.

The dark clouds were getting thicker and thicker.

It was as if sand and dust had swept up overnight, covering the sky and rapidly growing, a dark cloud that was enough to swallow all mountains, rivers, the blazing sun and the bright moon.

There was a rumbling sound, a rumbling sound coming from the dark cloud.

Something seemed to be churning inside.

The wind had picked up.

On Sky Island, the temperature suddenly dropped so much that what was still clear and warm, even with a touch of heat, suddenly the crowd felt a chill and some couldn’t help but hug their arms.

The dark clouds were getting thicker and more expansive.

It was also getting closer and closer.

There seemed to be lightning weaving through the dark clouds, and it seemed that a storm was forming in them.

Finally, everyone on Sky Island, noticed the anomaly.

And by the time they all noticed the dark clouds, they had already covered the entire western side of the sky, as if they were a wall that divided the whole world into two parts.

The east side of Sky Island was still clear and sunny, while the west side of Sky Island was completely covered by dark clouds, from the sky all the way to the sea.

“What a bizarre dark cloud ……” someone muttered.

“It’s not dark clouds, it’s fog, just thick fog, black thick fog.” The person next to me, under the extreme fear, looked surprisingly calm for a few moments.

Yes, a black fog that completely enveloped the western side of the sky island.


Boom boom boom!

The black clouds and mist, obscured everything inside, and the crowd could not see anything, but from time to time, terrifying sounds came from it, as if something appalling was hidden inside.

Everyone was all frozen, looking incredulously at the huge black mist, as if it could swallow everything and encompass everything.

No one knew what would happen next, all seemed to be frozen in awe.

There was only one person.

Zhang Jiu.

Zhang Jiu’s heart, at this moment, was beating wildly, and on his arms, the veins were slowly bulging out.

He began to exert himself uncontrollably, and he subconsciously began to make preparations.

Because his instincts were telling him that danger was coming.

Yes, he sensed danger, extreme danger, danger beyond his own predictions.


Suddenly, out of the black mist, a loud hissing sound emerged abruptly.

The crowd instantly felt as if their eardrums were about to be pierced, and could not help but all cover their ears in pain.

Only Zhang Jiu’s gaze contracted abruptly!

He was staring intently at the middle of that black mist!

Almost along with a hissing sound, the black fog suddenly bulged from the middle, as if it was a black rubber membrane that had suddenly been pushed from one side with a stick, and the other side became convex.

The black fog bulged more and more.

Finally, whinnying ……

With a hiss, the bulging part of the black mist violently broke free, and a huge figure burst out of the black mist, rushing headlong into the sky, casting a huge shadow on the ground!

At that moment, the crowd, as if they were primitive people seeing an alien spaceship, all froze in their tracks, their rational minds simply vanishing!

It was a giant black horse.

To be precise, it could not be called a horse, it was something like a horse, with a body as big as a dozen ordinary horses, eyes as fiery red as lanterns, but a mouth full of fangs, and a body as black as the bottom of a pot, with a long tail flung into the air, shining with a black sheen, like a tail made of steel.

The horse leapt down from the sky.

With a whistling, cold breath, it came down with a vengeance, and the tremendous draught of its fall brought up a wind and dust!

Just as the horse fell, the crowd could see clearly that on top of the horse, there was a man.

Standing over ten feet tall, with a huge figure that seemed to be black charcoal and a face like a skeleton, he carried a huge halberd in his hand, with terrifying designs carved on it.

The might of this man and his horse was unrivalled in the whole of Heaven Island.

As he stood there, it was truly as if he was the Lord of Heavenly Island!

“Yan Luo! It’s Patriarch Yan Luo!”

Suddenly, the little bearded man let out a loud cry and became so abruptly excited that it was as if he had gone mad, flopping down on his knees and kowtowing to this giant with a thud, “All of the Hell’s Legion, pay homage to the Godfather Yan Luo!”

The people behind him, naturally, all knelt down in unison at this point.

“Sect Master Yan Luo, what is it?” Guan Qiushui knelt on the ground, his heart couldn’t help but burn a little more, and asked Liu Xing beside him in a low voice.

“According to Master, Yan Luo Sect Master is a deity that our Hell Legion kneels to, just like the Three Immortals of Taoism and Sakyamuni of Buddhism. The God of Yan Luo only comes to earth once in three hundred years, and there is a statue of the God of Yan Luo in the altar of our Hell Legion’s headquarters, I always thought it was a legend, but to my surprise, today the God of Yan Luo is actually real.”

The God of the Hell Legion!

Guan Qiushui’s heart suddenly brightened!

“You, how dare you break the promise you made with me! I told your men to serve the Hell Legion, why did you suddenly tell them to stop!”

Patriarch Yama rode up, towering over Wanhe.

“I, I, I’m sorry ……,” Wan He stammered, not knowing how to answer for a moment.

Zhang Jiu finally understood.

It turned out that Wan He had agreed to help the Hell Legion not because he knew Moustache, but because he had been forced by Yan Luo to make a promise.

That was why he had just said with difficulty that he couldn’t do anything about it.

Because he knew that the power behind this was not the Hell’s Legion, but the Yan Luo Patriarch who came out of this black mist!

“The Lu Family must be destroyed today!”

The Yan Luo Sect Master steeply mentioned the reins, and the horse beneath him leapt up high on its front legs with a long neigh, and the crowd only felt a sense of trepidation; this horse alone was five or six metres high, and whoever stood under this one man and one horse had an endless sense of insignificance.

“But before the Lu family is exterminated, that woman must be taken down!”

The horse whip in Yan Luo’s hand suddenly pointed, as if there was a breath that suddenly ran along the crowd, and everyone could not help but look in that direction.

They could see at the end of the horsewhip, a woman dressed in white with a veil and what appeared to be a bandage on one arm, standing there quietly.

“Don’t even think about it!”

Suddenly, an explosive shout came out from the crowd.

It was an explosive cry, full of determination and fighting spirit!

It was Zhang Jiu, and at this moment, he was vengeful and his eyes were red.

“Today, no one can destroy the Lu family, and no one can take Caiwei away!”

Zhang Jiu really didn’t expect, really didn’t expect, that this power would be behind this one incident!

But he had to face it, because it was a promise to the young master!

The Young Master had left, he must give him peace of mind himself!

“Master, I will fight alongside you!”

Another voice said, as Wan He finally stood up and stood beside Zhang Jiu, who was no longer afraid either, his expression calm.

Ten thousand sword slaves, in a flash, instantly drew their swords!

Countless cold lights, converging into a huge light that seemed to cut through the sky.


Sect Master Yan Luo sneered, and in that instant, in the midst of the black fog, there was a sudden rumble, and in an instant, countless black shadows broke through, each one, riding a terrifying horse.

“All those who move will die!” With a short cry, the Yan Luo Sect Master was already rushing out, charging towards Cai Wei!

Ten thousand sword slaves, just as they leapt up, were instantly struck down by the black shadows in the black mist, and this time, they really fell.

For this time the falling saber slaves could no longer stand up.

“But seek a death!”

Zhang Jiu bellowed, rushing towards the Yan Luo Sect Master.

This time he struck with a mighty sweep, and several black shadows that were in front of him were instantly knocked away by Zhang Jiu’s tremendous impact.

He rushed straight towards the Yan Luo Sect Master.

But, suddenly, Zhang Jiu fell hard from the air.

He fell to the ground, like a bee that had been swatted down, struggling, but no longer able to fly ……

A great force, as if it were glue, stuck him firmly, and he only felt that he could not use any strength at all.

“Come with me, woman!”

Yan Luo had already rushed to Cai Wei by now.


Caiwei subconsciously reached out to block.


There was a sudden loud bang.

At the tip of Caiwei’s finger, a huge light suddenly erupted, a super shining light, as if at that moment, that place, was the singularity of the world!

That place, as if there was no more time, as if the energy had piled up to the limit of the universe!


The light from Cai Wei’s fingertips struck the Yan Lo Sect Leader straight away!

The light was getting bigger and bigger!

Everyone looked at this scene incredulously.

This, how was it possible, that a soft woman had struck away the Yan Luo Sect Master?

Zhang Jiu was lying on the ground, also watching this with difficulty.

Miss Caiwei, is it difficult, is it ……

At this moment, he didn’t know whether to be happy or sad.

The light was getting bigger and bigger.

Caiwei also froze and looked at it all.

She saw black shadows faintly in the light.

The light was getting weaker and weaker, and the shadow was becoming more and more obvious.

The light finally disappeared completely and a figure, lying in front of Cai Wei.

“Lu, Neo ……” Caiwei looked at the person in front of her in disbelief.


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