At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 490

“Ah! To be Wan Lao’s master, your master must be an extraordinary person, it’s just a pity that I can’t look up to your master once in my lifetime like Wan Lao, what a sigh and regret.” A look of longing showed on the moustache face.

“He was the most respectable person I have ever met who helped me the most, he brought me into a new stage of my life, without him, I would not be where I am today, and I would not have trained these 10,000 top swordsmen. Where and how is his old man, Master.”

“After only three months of teaching Wan Lao, he had such an achievement, your master is really a great mentor!” Moustache exclaimed.

“I’ve been grateful to my master all my life, I’ve taken every word he said to heart, so from now on, if you ever renew the number of casualties of the guaranteed sword slaves, don’t blame me for flipping out with you!” Wan He looked at Moustache again with a gaze that seemed to be filled with fire.

“Yes, yes.”

The little bearded man’s attitude at this point was more respectful than before, nodding frequently, then steadied himself and said carefully, “Then, Wan Lao, is it time to let your men on?”

Wan He didn’t say anything and nodded indifferently.

He didn’t have much dealings with the Lu Family, nor did he have any dealings with them, his whole life was drunk on the matter of training sword slaves, and everything that many people in the outside world cared about, didn’t mean that much to him.

“Attack on the Lu family!”

The bearded man, having received Wan He’s promise, came to life, his gaze sweeping over the black, ravenous but appallingly intimidating crowd of sabre slaves behind him, and then pointed forward with the aura of a god of death descending.

“Wan Lao, the chief, and this old pipsqueak who just hit me, even though he’s not a member of the Lu family, I’ll get him killed!” Guan Qiushui covered his face and pointed viciously at Zhang Jiu.

“Whatever you guys, just this battle, no matter how many casualties, you guys don’t make any more false reports!”

Wan He casually glanced in the direction Guan Qiushui was pointing, turned around and prepared to walk away.

Yes, he himself was not willing to get involved in these disputes, it was only because for some reason, he himself had ceded his subordinate sword slaves to work for the Hell Legion.

Therefore, he was only very concerned about the casualties of the slaves, but he didn’t bother to ask about other matters at all.

It was only that his heart suddenly moved and he was ready to turn around and walk away, but he couldn’t help but turn back again.

If he had only had a movement in his heart just now, at this moment, he had a tremor in his heart.


He let out a loud, abrupt shout.

At this moment, the several hundred pre-emptive sabre slaves, their men had already leapt high into the air, their cold light in the air, as if they were shooting stars in the daylight, just a few more seconds, the sabres in their hands, could cut a bright peach blossom on Zhang Jiu and the Lu family’s men.

But with this loud cry from Wan He, the sword slaves leaping in the air, as if suddenly and abruptly unplugged, instantly lost their momentum and fell in droves.

Throughout the sky, the hundreds of sabre slaves who had launched themselves first were like geese shot by bows and arrows, plummeting along a straight line from high in the air directly to the ground.

The order was forbidden!

No matter what these sabre slaves were doing or what state they were in, as soon as they heard Wan He’s order, they would immediately stop, in whatever way they could, even if it would kill them if they stopped, they would stop immediately!

Because this was trained by Wan He, and Wan He was their absolute master!

“Wan Lao, you’re …… completely frozen, seeing as the Lu family was about to be destroyed, which one was this Wan He suddenly playing?

“Wan Lao, why did you tell them to stop!” Guan Qiushui was also depressed, she covered her still hot face and looked at Zhang Jiu reluctantly, after all, if Wan He hadn’t shouted to stop just now, Zhang Jiu would have already been divided into countless corpses by the sword slaves, “Wan Lao, it’s that old man, let’s get rid of him first, okay ……”

Guan Qiushui didn’t finish her words because suddenly, her eyes went round, her mouth grew, and her head, at once, was dumbfounded.

Because only a fluttering sound could be heard, and Wan He involuntarily knelt down.

“Master, Master?”

Wan He looked at Zhang Jiu in disbelief.

For a long moment, he still didn’t dare to be sure.

It was no wonder he didn’t dare to be sure, after all, he and Zhang Jiu had been separated for more than thirty years, and Zhang Jiu was still the same as he remembered, not changing at all.

“The bright moon is out of the Heavenly Pass.” Zhang Jiu said without haste.

“Between the pale clouds and the sea!”

Wan He couldn’t help but blurt out, and then it was as if everything in his memory became vivid all of a sudden, and he was completely caught up in excitement, “Master, it’s you, it’s really you! Master, when you left my apprentice, my apprentice didn’t even have time to kowtow to you to say goodbye, today, my apprentice can finally make it up to you!”

With that, Wan He knocked his head without hesitation.

“You’ve really succeeded, I told you that you would succeed.” The corners of Zhang Jiu’s mouth showed a few moments of relief, in fact, ever since he knew that the sword slave had appeared, he knew that Wan He had succeeded, but now that he saw Wan He standing in front of him, he truly felt relieved.

“All thanks to Master’s cultivation! Master has a great deal to do with my apprentice being able to achieve what he has today!”

“Back then I just happened to pass by Kunlun and only casually enlightened you a little, it is mainly your perseverance and enlightenment, get up.”

“Master, do you know that those three months of yours were the source of achievement for my apprentice’s whole life, my apprentice looks back carefully on what I learned in those three months, I really can’t finish studying it in a lifetime!”

Master and disciple, you and I were talking endlessly here.

Everyone beside them looked stunned.

Especially Little Beard and Guan Qiushui, the people from the Hell Legion.

What, what?!

Wan He was actually this old man’s disciple?!

What, what?!

This old man was the master that Wan He had just said?

The one who deserved his respect the most and helped him the most, the master he would always remember for the rest of his life?!

And this old man, still, still just one of Neo’s henchmen?

One of Neo’s subordinates was actually Wan He’s master?

At that moment, the people of the Hell’s Legion, including Moustache Guan Qiushui and the others, all began to feel their hands and feet go cold.

As for Lu Beique’s side.

In Lu Beique’s heart, there was also an indescribable shock.

Even though Zhang Jiu had said that he was completely sure, Lu Beique naturally couldn’t believe it until he saw the final moment.

But now that he really saw how respectful Wan He was in front of Zhang Jiu, his heart had finally put down that big stone.

Neo’er, this time, grandpa really wants to thank you.

It was you who saved our Lu family.

At this moment, Lu Bei Ke truly understood that when Neo went to the other world, his heart must have been calm and peaceful.

Because he had entrusted everything to Zhang Jiu, because he also knew that Zhang Jiu was sure to be able to do it.

“Wan He, today you and I are reunited as master and disciple, it is truly a day to celebrate.” Finally, Zhang Jiu spoke, “But I have a small request for my master, and I hope you can agree to it.”

“Master, just ask, my apprentice will do it even if my liver and brain are in the ground!” Wan He said and was about to kneel down once again to show his loyalty, when Zhang Jiu hurriedly stopped him.

Next to him, Little Beard, Liu Xing Guan Qiushui and the others, at this point, looked at each other with faces a little white, and their feet could not help but slowly start to retreat.

But this was the Heavenly Island, surrounded by sea on all sides, even if they retreated, there was no way to retreat.

“Disciple, do you know that your master, is a servant of the Lu family.” Zhang Jiu spoke up with a serious face.

He was certainly not a servant of the Lu Family, but in a sense, it was not wrong to say that he was a servant, after all, he was under Neo.


Wan He’s face couldn’t help but twitch, clearly extremely shocked.

This was reasonable, after all, they were all about to destroy the Lu family just now, so in Wan He’s heart, the Lu family did not occupy any position at all, but he had never expected that the master he had always admired would still be a servant of the Lu family, and this moment, he was certainly shocked.

“Therefore, you must immediately have all the sword slaves stop their attacks on the Lu family!” Zhang Jiu’s voice steeply raised, and his gaze also lifted all at once, looking at Moustache and the others in front of him, looking at the people of the Hell Legion who were arrogant as hell just a moment ago, his voice, like a bell and drum, resounded loudly, “Not only that, I want you to lead the saber slaves and take down the people of the Hell Legion, all of them!”

Buzz buzz buzz! At once, the ears of Guan Qiushui and the others were rumbled with shock, and their entire brains, the feeling of being down.

The feeling of being all finished.

“Master, Master.” Wan He swallowed hard, “Please forgive my disciple, there is nothing I can do!”


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