At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 489

Neo grabbed the cable interface.

An Yuying gave Neo one last look and stepped out of the transmission device.

The panel that Neo was strapped to slowly rotated, and finally the panel flattened out.

“Are you ready to travel to that world?”

Outside the device, An Yuying’s voice came in softly.

Neo calmly lay on the panel and took a deep breath, he knew that he didn’t know what the future would be like after this trip, and whether he could really come back again, everything was unknown.

Was he really ready for this?

“Miss An, I would like to make one last call.” Neo thought for a moment and said.

“Young master!”

The call was answered and Zhang Jiu’s voice seemed a little excited, perhaps since the last time they had separated, Zhang Jiu had never thought that Neo would call again.

“Zhang Jiu, I am ready to go over, that, before I go I want to confirm once again, Cai Wei, is she, okay?” Yes, one had promised Tian Xuan to take care of Caiwei.

“Young master, everything is fine with Miss Caiwei, don’t worry! On Heavenly Island, she is very safe!” Zhang Jiu said.

“What about my family’s affairs?” Neo asked again.

Yes, originally, of course Neo did not need to care about this, but it was just that these incidents of explosions appearing in Qingzhou made him worry a little bit more.

“The opposing forces have already landed on Heavenly Island, we can finish it today, young master, don’t worry, I have full assurance, I guarantee with my life, as long as I, Zhang Jiu, am here, Heavenly Island will be here!”

“I believe in you.” In Neo’s heart, he let out a soft breath.

He was at peace.

Zhang Jiu’s strength was certainly clear to him, and even though Zhang Jiu sometimes appeared slippery, as long as he said to himself that he was certain, then he must be certain.

“Young Master, Master Lu Zhuang is not far ahead of me, do you want to have a few words with him?” Zhang Jiu asked again.

“…… No, there’s no need, hang up.”

After a moment of silence, Neo said.

After hanging up the phone, Neo was silent for a while, how could he not want to speak to his grandfather? Of course he wanted to, only, he knew very well that if he heard his grandfather’s voice, he might not be able to control crying out.

This would inevitably make Grandpa’s heart feel even worse.

Grandpa, don’t worry, I’ll definitely come back, and when I do, I’ll come back to see you!

“Miss An, let’s begin!” Finally, Neo calmed down a bit and said solemnly.

Caiwei and the family were all fine, then this world, one could already feel completely at ease!

Zhou Yun, here I come!

“Okay, 3,2,1 …… Coordinate order stacking complete! Energy activated!”

An Yuying was still executing each step very carefully.

The moment she said energy activation, a huge white light suddenly radiated out from the transmission device, as blinding as if steel was burning.

At that instant, they almost fainted from the ear-splitting high hertz sound waves and the dazzling white light.

It was hard, when everything calmed down.

“Neo, are you all right! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, the equipment might have malfunctioned just now, you ……”

An Yuying didn’t care about the discomfort in her body and rushed towards the transmission equipment, she was extremely self-condemned in her heart, if the malfunction just now caused harm to Neo, it was all her own fault, why didn’t she check the equipment carefully beforehand!

However, as she and her assistant rushed to the six-sided column transmission equipment, they suddenly stopped.

The transmission device was empty, the straps on the panel were still there, but Neo had disappeared.

“Professor An, this, this ……”

The assistants were all stunned, all of them looked at this incredulously.

Boom ……

A low but seemingly infinite energy sound came from the direction of the head, it was so low that the crowd didn’t even seem to hear it, but felt it in their hearts.

“Everyone get out and look, the sky is burning!” Someone ran over in panic.

An Yuying’s heart was jumping very hard at this time, her mind was a little dazed, and she couldn’t help but run with the crowd to the outside of the test facility.

The whole sky was covered with a layer of pink and yellowish clouds, which looked like fire and clouds, and as if the whole sky was moving away from the earth.

In the midst of the clouds, there was a light that led straight up to a higher and more distant place, and a low sound, still rumbling from that pillar of light, struck everyone’s heart.

It was penetrating like a force that no one could hide from.

Everyone seemed to be witnessing something.

Or rather, everyone was being forced to witness something.

Everyone stared up in awe, at the sky, at the light.

Until everything, slowly, faded away.

Sky Island.

Zhang Jiu gently put down the phone, but his gaze, all the time, was fixed on the east.

When a blurred pillar of light suddenly appeared in the farthest reaches of the eastern sky, at that moment, the corners of Zhang Jiu’s eyes also became a little moist.

He looked at the blurred light with rapt attention, knowing that it was the last image of the Young Master before he left.

The light had finally disappeared, the young master had succeeded!

He closed his eyes gently and exhaled softly, “Young Master, may you succeed.

Here, leave it to me!

Zhang Jiu opened his eyes abruptly and walked forward.

“Hey, that Neo, tell him to come out immediately!” Guan Qiushui pointed at Lu Beique, “I’m telling you, stop thinking of yourself as the number one family in the world, now as long as we, the Hell Legion, want to, your Lu family will become the lowest and most inferior group of people in the world!”

The moustache didn’t drink Guan Qiushui off.

Not only did he not drink, but he watched all this with glee.

Watching the former Grand Master of the world’s number one family being reprimanded by a nameless woman in his own legion, his heart felt very comfortable and had an indescribable feeling of unrestrained pleasure.


Out of nowhere, a slap came and hit Guan Qiushui’s face fiercely.

The force of this was so tigerish that Guan Qiushui directly fell backwards and his entire body almost flew out.


The moustache was furious, looking at the old man who suddenly appeared in front of him, “Old man, what are you!”

Of course he was angry, Guan Qiushui was on his side, and suddenly being beaten up was the equivalent of hitting his own face, the little bearded man at this point in his mind thought to himself that he had conquered the Heavenly Island and should now be looked up to and worshipped by everyone.

And this old man, obviously, had offended his own dignity.

But the little bearded man also muttered in his heart, who was this old man, even Lu Bei Ke didn’t dare to show anything, this old man came up to fight, could it be that he had some strength?

“I… I know him, he’s that punk Neo’s henchman! This old man is crazy, how dare he hit me!” Guan Qiushui sobered up at this moment and looked at Zhang Jiu with gritted teeth.

The little bearded man laughed in his heart, he thought that this old man had some origins, but it turned out that he was just one of Lu Bei Ke someone’s henchmen to his wasteful grandson?

What kind of thing is this?

“Old man Lu, your men beat up my men, this is a challenge to me, fine, since you want to start a war, then come on!”

The little bearded man didn’t wait for Lu Beiq to reply, he himself dodged away first and made room.

The Hell Legion men behind him also moved aside a little.

The crowd gave way, leaving a path in the middle.

At the end of the path was the sandy beach on the Tiandao seashore, and on the beach, ten thousand sabre slaves, neatly lined up, their sabres glinting with a cold aura.


Moustache spoke up.

“Wait a minute!”

It was at this moment that Wan He hurried over, his face ugly, “No, no! My men weren’t injured by three, they were injured by four!”

“Three and four isn’t even close.” Moustache frowned.

“A lot worse! Every saber slave is my heart and soul, remember that, every single one, and in the future you use my men, you will have to count every single loss!” Wan He’s face turned red with anger.

“Yes, yes.”

Seeing that Wan He was moving with real anger, the moustache didn’t dare to be perfunctory.

“Every sword slave, too, is a human being, a life, all must be worthy of respect, they cannot be treated as mere tools for killing!”

Wan He still seemed to be unforgiving, still red-faced, and said.

“This is a good statement from Wan Lao, only an expert like Wan Lao can have this kind of comprehension and perception.” The little bearded man hurriedly echoed again, only hoping to hurry up and get Wan He to put out the fire.

“Oh, this is not a statement from me.”

Wan He’s face straightened and his gaze was abruptly filled with a reminiscent hue, “These words, they were said by my master.”


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