At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 488

The room was a mess, littered with cables and wires of different colours, various circuit breakers and electronic instruments.

But the most noticeable thing was the huge six-sided pillar-like device in the middle of the room.

The six sides of the device looked like virtual projections and real ion images, constantly changing into strange symbols, and arm-thick cables led out from the device to a huge computer cluster.

On the body of the computer cluster were the words “Galaxy II” inscribed in ancient Chinese script.

“Professor An, the coordinate equations have all been entered into the Galaxy computer!” Several young men had been sitting in front of the computer for more than half an hour, and finally had a chance to wipe the sweat from their foreheads.

Their voices seemed to have a few moments of excitement, a few moments of nervousness, and a …… few moments of stifled laughter.

“Neo, I, I still don’t understand.”

Inside the six-sided pillar, An Yuying gently fastened the alloy buckle on Neo’s waist, and once again carefully checked the integrity of all the connections on Neo’s body as she carefully did every single thing she had done before the transmission.

But despite this, her heart was still full of doubts.

When at first Neo had told her to use the energy from Neo’s own body, An Yuying had not understood what it meant, and although Neo had also explained it to her, An Yuying still did not understand too well.

But apparently, at that time, Neo was so excited about this idea that he did not intend to, nor did he have the time to, explain it to An Yuying properly.

All Neo wanted to do was to hurry to the transmission device.

He certainly got what he wanted.

After all, it is the man who invested a billion, it is not too much to say that he is the father of 903 test institute, father wants to do something, who will stop it?

What’s more, An Yuying also has an indefinable submissiveness to Neo, it seems that no matter what Neo does, she can’t bear to do it and won’t try to refuse.

“Don’t worry, the energy in my body is enough to supply this transmission.” Although Neo was standing at this moment, he was carefully fastened to a vertical panel by An Yuying, from his forehead to his neck, to his chest to his waist and abdomen, to his thighs and ankles, Neo was held tightly in a kind of high-tech alloy.

“But, do you know that the energy needed to transmit once, it takes a nuclear power plant covering an area of five hundred square kilometres to emit all the electricity ah, this moment of power is enough to keep the world’s electric lights on for two hundred years, you are just a person, the human body’s bio-energy burning up, but also can only maintain a 100-watt light bulb for three hours, I just think ……”

An Yuying didn’t say anything further.

Even though her heart decided that Neo was a bit of a fiend, and even though she thought Neo’s behavior was very naive, she was still mentally ready to accompany Neo in his antics for once.

Nor did she know why.

She was a scientist, a top scientist in the world’s most advanced scientific field, and yet she was accompanying Neo to do something that would seem ridiculous to a primary school student.

Even a few of his own assistants, they all found things ridiculous, although they didn’t dare to laugh in front of An Yuying, whose authority was here after all, but An Yuying could see what they were thinking in their hearts.

Yes, from any point of view, what Neo was doing at this moment was as if he was a child having a tantrum and insisted that his parents climb a ladder to pick the moon for him.

But An Yuying still obeyed him and did it with him, and even when she did it, An Yuying did not look perfunctory at all. Despite knowing that the result was absolutely impossible, An Yuying still had her assistant carefully input the coordinate system, and An Yuying still did the best she could with every step of the transmission.

An Yuying knew that it was not just because Neo was an investor, not just because Neo had invested one billion.

Because with her character, with her respect for science, even if you were to invest ten billion dollars, she would never waste time accompanying you in something meaningless or even anti-scientific.

What’s more, the preparation of this transmission is going to take up a lot of her time doing research, and for An Yuying, time is really more expensive than anything else!

An Yuying understood that the reason why she would accompany Neo to do these pointless things even though she knew it was impossible.

It was because she felt something from Neo.

Something that moved people.

An Yuying couldn’t say, but when Neo said he wanted to use his own energy, An Yuying could see that it was not the type of excitement of a mental illness, but a sincere outburst of emotion.

Neo did all these things, his behaviour seemed crazy, but An Yuying could see from his eyes that he was not crazy at all, not nervous at all, the eyes were touching and made people even have some yearning.

In those eyes, there seemed to be a beautiful world hidden in them.

And now, An Yuying once again saw that look in Neo’s eyes, this time, more yearning than ever, at this moment, An Yuying even felt that she was enchanted by Neo’s eyes.

For An Yuying, Neo did not know about all this, because his mind now seemed to be all set on another world, another world he would go to.

From the moment he thought of using the energy in his body to transmit, hope at once surrounded him once again.

He was convinced that the energy in his body, the energy that shook heaven and earth, how could a nuclear power plant be the same as his own?

This energy, back then, had summoned back tens of thousands of years ago the Heavenly Xuan!

And it seemed that everything began to change, everything began to be predetermined, after that time on the Ascension Platform, after Tian Xuan was summoned within himself.

Since this energy, could make everything begin and end.

So now this energy, too, can make everything, once again, begin!

It was destined!

Destined to see her again!

His mind was completely occupied with the memory of that figure.

He seemed to feel that thin but soft body in his arms again, to feel that silky hair on his cheek again, he even felt the scent of vanilla on his breath.

This time, he would never miss her again, he would never miss her again, this time, even if he made the other world bleed, he would step over the gorgeous fur clothing of those noble immortals, step over the glorious clouds and jade halls, find her in the darkness and filth, take her into his arms, and roar to the whole immortal world, THISISmygirl!

Never again will I let you suffer, never again will anyone snatch you away from me.

No one, no one will ever keep us apart again.

“Lu, Neo ……”

A voice that seemed to be calling its name softly from a distant place.

“Miss An ……”

Neo finally returned from his thoughts, and An Yuying was staring blankly at himself.

Yes, An Yuying’s gaze, all sunk into Neo’s eyes just now, the eyes that made her feel for the first time that there must be something in the world that was really that beautiful.

She also saw the demented wetness in the corners of Neo’s eyes.

It was in no way what an epileptic would have, it was the kind of wetness that only comes from an emotion that is hidden deep inside, that no one would understand.

In any case, for the first time, An Yuying really felt that accompanying Neo to do this seemingly ridiculous thing was even happier and more meaningful than applying for the right to use the particle collider at the National Quantum Laboratory in the continent.

Even though she knew it would never come to fruition, this experience had brought out so many more emotions in her that she had never appreciated before.

“Neo, let’s get started.” An Yuying gently grabbed Neo’s hand and put it inside a cable box, “This is the power system interface, it was originally connected to the nuclear power plant, now, if you grab this, you can feed your own energy into the transmission device, and then ……”

Speaking here, An Yuying smiled gently, “Then you can transmit to that world.”

She said it so gently, so seriously, as if everything was true.

Although An Yuying knew that it was impossible, she just took it all as if it was true.

She felt like she had come to the bedside of a small child with a terminal illness, doing her best to fulfil the little boy’s wish to see the real Wonder Woman, and at that moment, she really thought of herself as Wonder Woman.

At least, for that short time at the little boy’s bedside, she really did think of herself as Wonder Woman.


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