At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 487

“It’s those people, those devils!”

“It’s them, it’s the samurai, the murderous samurai!”

“Killers, they’re those terrible killers!”

When they got a good look at the appearance of the men who had fallen to the ground, the crowd at the banquet cried out in horror, the panic-stricken expressions, the terror-filled faces, all written with a fear that went down to the marrow of their bones.

Yes, of course the crowd had seen these men in black with swords.

Not only in Qingzhou, but also in any city in the world when they exploded, these men appeared almost simultaneously, their unpredictable style, their cruel and swift knife-playing skills, their emotionless behaviour, deeply imprinted on the hearts of the crowd.

Naturally, they did not know that these men, of course, had an ancient name, the Knife Slaves.

So, they just called the swordsmen devils, called the swordsmen killers, and even thought that the swordsmen were warriors.

The children had thought that it was a very safe place to be on Heaven Island.

Now these sabre slaves, to their surprise, were directly parachuted onto Sky Island, which caused the crowd’s mindset to collapse straight away.

Thousands of black-clothed saber slaves descended from the va-va-va-voom air, as if it was a bizarre rainfall, and the entire air and ground seemed to have become a world of saber slaves.

They descended from the air in a straight line, and when they reached the ground, they immediately stood up, without any halt at all.

It was as if a magical wormhole had suddenly opened in the sky at that moment, and these black-clothed sabre slaves had descended to earth from another world, through the opening of that hole.

The helicopter, at last, landed.

Guan Qiushui jumped down first, and as soon as she did, she spun herself around, closed her eyes and took a deep breath, “I need to familiarise myself with the air here first, after all, I’ll be living here from now on.”

“Follow Master, we have to pay our respects to the head of the legion first!”

Liu Xing looked nervous as he grabbed Guan Qiushui and followed closely behind Duan Changshan.

At this moment, people came down from the other helicopters one after another.

Looking at them, most of them were of the same level as Duan Changshan.

“Old Wan, thanks to your help this time, we, the Hell Legion, have to thank you!” In the middle of the crowd, a man with a flat moustache walked quickly towards Wan He and stretched out his hands to hold Wan He’s hand tightly.

“I’ve lost quite a few of my men, too!”

Although the other man was enthusiastic, Wan He frowned.

“Which is not, I have counted, only two knife slaves died, and one was an accident, and three others were slightly injured, but old Wan you also know, this time I bombed a total of fifty-six cities around the world, made such a big accident, only two knife slaves died, it’s nothing, don’t worry, your men lost, I will compensate you! ” The moustache said, showing a few ingratiating smiles.

“I have to go and see the three that were injured.”

A few moments of heartache appeared on Wan He’s face as he piled down the moustache and hurriedly headed over to the sword slaves.

He was not pretending, but was truly heartbroken, although Wan He had 10,000 sword slaves, each and every one of them, he had selected and trained, and he treasured each and every one of them.

“My subordinates pay their respects to the chief!”

As soon as Wan He left, all of them, including Duan Changshan Liu Xing and the others, unanimously knelt down in front of the little bearded man in unison and shouted in unison.

At this moment, the Heavenly Island was quiet.

Those people from the various clans of the world on the previous Sky Island were completely frozen, or rather stunned.

They stared blankly at what was happening before them.

And the Hell Legion acted as if no one else was around, as if they did not exist, as if they were already the masters of Sky Island.

They had come down from the helicopter and hadn’t said a word to the Lu family until now, hadn’t looked this way, but were minding their own business.

“Get up!”

The little bearded man stood proudly among the crowd, enjoying the embrace of his men as he gently waved his hand, and only then did Duan Changshan and the others dare to stand up.

Only then did Little Beard lead the crowd and walk unhurriedly towards Lu Bei Ke’s side.

The people of the Lu Clan had naturally taken everything in their stride long ago.

Seeing the hellish legion beside them like no one else, some of the Lu family certainly could not hold back, but since Elder Lu Bei Ke did not make a move, the rest of the Lu family did not dare to act rashly either.

“Very well, you are conscious enough to come out and accept surrender on your own initiative, in that case, I accept your subjugation.”

The moustache stopped less than two metres away from Lu Bei Ke, his gaze, contemptuous, looked at Lu Bei Ke, and his expression had a few arrogant points.

Without waiting for Lu Beique to speak, he took the initiative to say.

With a single word, the anger on the faces of the Lu family behind Lu Bei Ke increased several times more, these were too bullying!


Lu Bei Ke didn’t even react for a moment.

It wasn’t his fault, after all, in his entire life, no one had ever spoken to him with this kind of attitude, this kind of tone of voice.

Even Murong Ruolan had never spoken to him with such an annoying arrogance.

“That’s right, submitting to my Hell Legion will be beneficial to your Lu Family. Lest your Lu Family’s life and soul be ruined.” The moustache said lightly, as if it was already a fact, a fact that didn’t even need to be discussed.

As he spoke, his gaze passed over Lu Beique’s shoulder and looked at the sons of the Lu Family behind him.

“Eh, those few are quite physically strong, they can work for us as porters and do some manual work when the time comes, those few females are quite pretty, they can be used as my maids, eh, those few are even prettier, if they can perform well then, maybe I will reward my men as wives when I am happy… …”

The moustache spoke leisurely and looked at Lu Bei Ke again, “Of course, all these benefits are based on you submitting to me now, otherwise, all the Lu family members behind you, will be dead!”

With a single word, it caused the gaze of Lu Bei Ke, who had always been calm and steady, to be abruptly filled with anger, and his body, all of which began to tremble slightly.

What was the status of the Lu family? The number one family in the world!

The man in front of him was treating the people of the Lu Family like slaves, even playing with the lives of the Lu Family, and the contempt in his words was like treating pigs and dogs!

“Hey, old thing, what are you hesitating for, why don’t you kneel down and submit to our leader at once!” A delicate rebuke came from behind the moustache.

“You hurry up and submit, then tell that grandson of yours, Neo, to hurry up and get out, I want him to be my servant, serve me to wash my feet, wash my toilet, and be my slave for the rest of his life!”

It was Guan Qiushui, she couldn’t help it.

Ever since she came to Tiandao, she had wanted to see Neo’s expression when she saw her right away.

She thought of the time at the New Moon Hotel, when she first learned of Neo’s identity, when she took the initiative to please Neo, and then Neo refused.

Just thinking about that time made Guan Qiushui’s heart feel uncomfortable and painful.

She also always held a grudge against that moment.

Oh, Neo, at that time, your heart must have been laughing at me and watching my jokes!

Then I’ll show you, I, Guan Qiushui, am standing on your head again today.

This time, I’ll make you have to serve me on your knees for the rest of your life!

Just thinking about this, Guan Qiushui trembled with excitement.

Naturally, as soon as she got off the helicopter, she started looking for Neo, but her eyes kept searching behind Lu Bei Ke, but she never saw Neo.

This also made her anxious.

It also made her finally unable to resist daring to suddenly raise her voice.

Neo, where are you punk?

Yes, Neo, where is it?

Of course Neo was still in Qingzhou.

903 Experimental Institute.

“Young Lu, don’t worry, we’ve already chosen an address for the super power station, it’s a mountainous plain in the Tufan area, there’s about a 500 square kilometre uninhabited area there, it’s just right for a super power station, we’ll speed up the progress, it might not take five years, it might be built in four.” An Yuying had been by Neo’s side for the past few days.

She could tell that Neo was depressed, although she didn’t know why, but that kind of depression made her heart ache to see.

“Four years ……”

Neo sighed in his heart, he simply couldn’t wait that long now.

Whether it was the fact that he needed to, or the desire within himself to see that person he loved the most, he could no longer wait.

“After all, the energy needed for the transmission is too great.”

“Powerful energy ……,” Neo chewed on these words carefully, and suddenly, he raised his head and grabbed An Yuying’s wrist, “What if, using the energy in my body?”


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