At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 486

“Honey, what’s taking so long to get there, are you lost?”

Guan Qiushui muttered.

At this moment, her face showed a tired look, much worse than the excited and thrilled look she had when she first boarded the helicopter in Qingzhou City.

At that time when it took off in Qingzhou, it was an unprecedented spectacle.

Countless crowds gathered in the square to watch the spectacle.

People passed messages to each other by word of mouth, all knowing that they were heading to the Lu family on Sky Island.

It was under the eyes of the crowd that Guan Qiushui boarded the helicopter.

At that moment, her heart was bursting with satisfaction, and she saw in the crowd the envy of many of the young girls from the gentry families in Qingzhou City, the kind of envy that was not just envy of such vanity, but also something more realistic.

Yes, after that explosion in Qingzhou City, basically the ZF function has been abolished, Qingzhou City is now controlled by the Hell’s Army, and the major magnate families are just like the landlords of yesteryear, beaten down and raided, in a wretched state.

But thanks to the relationship between Guan Qiushui and Liu Xing, the Guan family had survived.

Therefore, the envy of those former thousand-golden ladies towards Guan Qiushui was more than simply vanity.

Guan Qiushui also saw her grandmother Xie Chunyang, who had come to see her off, in the crowd. For the first time, she also saw in her grandmother’s gaze, a real admiration for herself, not just approval, but even some ingratiation.

Yes, even her grandmother, who had always been strong, even the grandmother who used to look down on her, was now pleasing herself.

The excitement and pride in Guan Qiushui’s heart was unparalleled.

Of course, she would not forget who had brought all this, it was Liu Xing, who had brought herself all this glory and glory, who would give all that she wanted and more, bigger, as long as she grabbed the man by her side.

Now, he was taking himself to Heaven Island again, to be the mistress of Heaven Island.

Guan Qiushui held Liu Xing’s arm tightly and boarded the helicopter.

Hundreds of helicopters took off from Qingzhou at the same time, casting shadows like dark clouds on a summer day, and flew straight to the southeast amidst the shouts of the crowd.

Only now, Guan Qiushui was really a bit tired.

It had been several hours of flying and still there was not even a shadow of Sky Island in sight.

“I don’t know either, but it is said that the Lu Family’s Heavenly Island is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, an island that is independent of all continents, and it is really worthy of being the number one family, the islands are hidden so deep.” Liu Xing said.

“Hmph, it will be ours soon anyway.” Guan Qiushui said smugly.

“Watch what you say in future!” Liu Xing glared at Guan Qiushui and lowered his voice, “What soon will be ours, who do you think I am! I’m just a team leader of the Hell Legion, I still have my master above me, and there are big brothers of the Hell Legion above me, besides, Mr. Wan He is also with us this time, he has the highest status here, even if we take over Tiandao, it will be Mr. Wan He who has the final say, the most I can do is to share a few gardens and houses on Tiandao, don’t flatter me too much, if Master or Mr. Wan He hears about this, I If Master or Mr. Wanhe hears about this, I’ll be in trouble.”

Guan Qiushui was so frightened that her face turned white, and she immediately did not dare to say anything.

But after a while, she hugged Liu Xing again and said excitedly, “Even if we share a few gardens and a few houses, that’s still a big deal, how many people in the world can have properties on Tiandao?”

As she was talking, Liu Xing suddenly pointed, “Here it is!”

Guan Qiushui was also shaken and hurriedly sat down to steady her body and looked in the direction Liu Xing was pointing.

Sky Island, she said silently in her heart, it was a place she knew since she was a child, and she also knew as a child that it was the most expensive and best place in the world.

All she could see was a small black dot looming over the turquoise waters below the helicopter.

As we got closer, the dot became bigger and clearer.

It was a small, lush green island.

It was floating quietly on this vast seawater, and at this time the sky was clear for miles, the wind and waves were calm all around, and the seawater was blue and calm, the sky island was like an emerald.

“It’s so beautiful!” Guan Qiushui said with heartfelt emotion.

Such an oasis-like island that had suddenly appeared on such a vast ocean was simply everyone’s dream. This kind of beauty, if not experienced first hand, could not be imagined even by imagination.

The island came even closer.

Now, Guan Qiushui could see more clearly.

She could almost see the buildings on Sky Island, the gardens, the swimming pool, the orchard, the lawns, the pier, the golf course, the beach ……

“It’s really a fairyland on earth.”

Guan Qiushui’s gaze straightened, “I really wonder, that Neo, he was originally the son of the Lu family, how could he spare such a nice place and not stay there, instead of running around like a hanger-on?”

“Yeah, I’m also wondering, if I had such a great family and such a nice place, I would definitely enjoy it every day.” Liu Xing said.

“That guy is really sick, but it’s too late even if he wants to enjoy it now, this Heavenly Island, is soon to be occupied by us, from now on, this is our place too.” Guan Qiushui’s face showed a kind of excitement like a hangman touching a rich white girl, “Speaking of which, I really want to see the expression on Neo’s face when he suddenly sees us appearing on Tiandao.”

Somehow, the thought of meeting Neo later and having Neo see the destruction of the Lu family later on, an indescribable feeling welled up in Guan Qiushui’s heart.

There was excitement, cruelty, and revenge?

She didn’t know, but she did look forward to that moment.


“Helicopters, so many!”

On Sky Island, after Lu Beike’s reassurance, everyone was in a much more reassuring mood, and a banquet had been prepared on Sky Island, which was naturally very rich.

It was at this time that someone suddenly looked up and exclaimed.

The crowd looked up and was stunned.

Yes, there were many helicopters, not many, really, too many.

There were so many of them, like locusts.

There were at least a few thousand helicopters, flying unhurriedly towards Sky Island.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere at the banquet, which had been heated, suddenly fell silent.

The tense air, too, slowly began to tense up.

Although it was not yet clear who was on board the helicopters and what their origins were, no matter what, the sudden appearance of thousands of helicopters was a fact that made people nervous.

Besides, it could never be the rest of the Lu family, nor could it be the major clans.

Even though Lu Beike was a man who had seen the world, he couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous at this moment. Thousands of helicopters, almost covering half of the sky in the west, were like a net ready to catch the entire Sky Island.

It made his breath catch a little.

“Don’t worry, Master Lu, I’m here.”

In Zhang Jiu’s gaze, he looked calmer instead, as he calmly looked at the thousands of helicopters in the sky, his heart thinking about his promise to Neo.

This promise made him even calmer instead.


Suddenly, there was a kind of breaking sound in the air.

“Ah, someone’s fallen!”

Someone shouted.

With the shout, sure enough, a black figure fell from one of the helicopters.

“What’s going on?”

The crowd looked at each other, not knowing for a moment what was going on, but everyone knew that at this height, this person who had fallen was bound to die.

“Another person has fallen!”

“There’s one over there too!”

Another person shouted.

Sure enough, there were a few more shadows in the air.

But, before the crowd could figure it out, more shadows fell from more helicopters.

For a moment, as if a huge firework had exploded in the air and blossomed into more countless smaller fireworks, countless figures suddenly appeared in the air.

Snort! Snort!

Countless figures, falling dramatically from the air!

“These people, they’re dead ……” the crowd looked up at the sky and muttered.



The figures falling in the air fell with great speed, but these people did not die, they landed on the lawn of the sky island and landed around the crowd, they wore black robes and landed on the ground in an elegant and sharp posture, the swords at their waists were sharp and cold.


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