At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 485

“You are?”

Caiwei froze for a moment.

The other party’s whole body was shrouded under a wide cloak, so he couldn’t see his appearance at all, which made Caiwei panic a little.

The other party did not answer, nor did he speak, and only stopped when he came to a place no more than four or five metres away from Caiwei.

Caiwei could not see his eyes, but could feel that his gaze seemed to be fixed on himself, as if he was looking himself up and down.

“You’re Neo’s girlfriend?”

Finally, the other party spoke up.

“I …… am not.” Cai Wei blushed slightly and lowered her head.

Yes, of course she wasn’t.

“Then he must like you.” The other person added.

“That, isn’t necessarily true.” Caiwei thought for a moment and said, “But he’s been very kind to me, has helped me many times, and it’s his care that I’m here this time.”

“Very good to you, well, that’s right.” The other person seemed to be savoring the meaning of the words to himself, and then added, “And what about you, do you like him?”

Having said that, that aggressive, measuring look from the other party seemed to hit Caiwei in the face once more.

“This ……” Caiwei blushed and panicked even more, “I hadn’t thought about that.”

“Whether you like it, or not.” The other party seemed extremely forceful and pressed once more.

“I… I don’t know.” Caiwei said with difficulty.

“You don’t know, let me say it for you. You like him, but it doesn’t seem to be that kind of like, you sometimes suddenly feel like you like him, but then when you think about it you feel like there is something missing in him, you feel as if you have a little connection with him, but always feel that there is no way to get to the end with him ……”

“You, how do you know that so well.” Caiwei, this time, her face was no longer red, her heart was no longer panicked, and she looked at the black-cloaked man in front of her with wide eyes, unable to believe it, because what the other party said was exactly right, and this seemed to be exactly what she had been thinking all along.

Although her own origins were far inferior to Neo’s, and it seemed that she was not qualified to have anything to do with him.

But it wasn’t that Caiwei hadn’t thought about this, she quite liked Neo, but did feel that there seemed to be something missing from him, something she liked the most, sometimes she felt as if she had some connection with Neo in the dark, but it was always just a little bit less meaningful.

“You seem to know me well.” Caiwei suddenly had a few moments of curiosity in her heart, curious about who the person in front of her, really was.

“Of course I know you very well.” Not only do I know you, I also know Neo very well, and I not only know Neo, I also know every woman he has ever liked, every single one.”

When he said “every one” at the end, the black cloak’s tone increased a bit.

“Ah, then who are you?” Caiwei was even more curious.

“Very well.” The black cloak apparently ignored Cai Wei’s question once again as he muttered to himself, “Very good, you are different from those other women he likes, as long as Neo likes a woman, there is no woman who does not like him, but you are different, very good, very good …… ”

Speaking of this, the black cloak surprisingly turned around and walked away directly, and the pace was surprisingly relaxed for a few moments.

At this time, the city of Qingzhou.

“Master, I toast you, first congratulations in advance after we drive to the sky island tomorrow, horse to success!”

In the luxurious box, the large table was filled with all kinds of delicacies and seafood, Liu Xing respectfully poured a glass of wine for his master, unable to restrain the look of excitement on his face.

“Don’t know the rules!”

Liu Xing’s master, that thin under old man, however, did not appreciate the situation, instead, he loudly scolded, “Do you know that we are here today, waiting for a very important and important person, he has not yet arrived, how can we eat and drink casually!”

“My disciple knows that I am wrong.” Liu Xing was so frightened that he fell to his knees.

The old man raised his hand to let him get up and ignored Liu Xing again, but carefully adjusted the wine cups and bowls and chopsticks on the table again.

It was as if he was afraid that those cups and chopsticks would not be neat.

As Liu Xing watched, he was curious in his heart.

I didn’t expect him to be so respectful today.

“Master, who is the man we are waiting for, Wan He? Is the status very high?” Although Liu Xing was also a member of the Hell Legion, he was naturally not very familiar with the people above him.

“Nonsense, although Mr. Wan is not a member of our Hell Legion, he is friends with the heads of our Hell Legion, do you think he has a high status? Moreover, we were able to destroy the Lu family this time thanks to Mr. Wan’s help! You must be respectful when you see him, kid if you don’t do the proper etiquette by then and spoil the big event, don’t blame me for being merciless!” The old man said with a cold look on his face.

“Yes, yes, don’t worry Master!” Don’t look at Liu Xing’s arrogance in front of others, but in front of his master, of course, he obeyed like a dog.

But the more the old man said this, the more curious Liu Xing’s heart actually became.

“But Master, I don’t see that the Lu family is not that great, we can completely finish off the Lu family by using the sword slaves, we shouldn’t need Wan Lao’s help either.”

“What do you know! Do you know that the Blade Slave is Mr. Wan’s henchman.”


“Mr. Wan He is the 199th generation heir to train the saber slaves, these saber slaves are all personally selected and trained by him, under Mr. Wan, there are tens of thousands of saber slaves in total, this time, to be on the safe side, we need all the saber slaves to follow and go to Sky Island together, when the time comes, if the Lu family dares to put up any resistance, we guarantee that Sky Island will bleed into a river! ”

As the two men were talking, there was a clang at the door.

An old man wearing a brocade robe walked in.

The robe was obviously made of brocade of excellent quality, with immortal cranes of various forms embroidered with needle and thread on a purple background.

The old man was long and thin, and his face shone with a fine light, appearing extremely competent.

“Mr. Wan!”

The old man hurriedly led Liu Xing to stand up and salute.

“Duan Changshan, I’ve already agreed, so there’s no need for you to specifically invite me to a meal.”

Wan He called Liu Xing by his master’s name, clearly not putting the old man in his eyes.

“Mr. Wan, inviting you to dinner this is all from the top of our Hell Legion to show our respect for you, if it were me, how would I be qualified to invite you to dinner.” Duan Changshan respectfully invited Wan He to take a seat and poured the wine himself.

“I’m all counting on Mr. Wan for tomorrow.” Duan Changshan respectfully raised his glass of wine.

“Don’t worry, there is no clan, nor any power on this planet, that is a match for 10,000 sword slaves, that is a profession that has been passed down from ancient times, they practice sword techniques that have been passed down for tens of thousands of years.”

The next day came quickly.

On Sky Island, it was also clear and bright, with a blue sky and a few white clouds floating far away, looking pleasing to the eye.

“Master Lu Zhuang!”

“Zhuang Master Lu has come out!”

“Master Lu, help us!”

“Master Lu, do us justice!”

On the outside lawn of the Sky Island Manor, the crowd finally looked forward to Lu Beiq coming out and immediately swarmed up.

“Please rest assured, everyone, my Lu family will never sit idly by and do nothing about your affairs!” At this moment, Lu Bei Ke, his face has long gone from the kind of sadness at the beginning, now is a confidence and relaxation, “I am here to give you all a guarantee, with my Lu family’s thousand-year reputation, and the glory of my Lu family’s thirty-six islands and seventy-two houses, to give you a guarantee, I will let you lose, all get back, I will let those who do evil, get punished! ”


“Long live the Lu Family!”

The crowd cheered with excitement, yes, many days of expectation had finally come to a satisfactory conclusion.

Lu Beike asked the servants of Tiandao to prepare the banquet food and drink for the crowd again.

The mood on Tiandao was also swept away from the gloom and gloom, and it looked happy and vibrant.

“Mr. Zhang, it was your arrival that gave me the confidence to say those words, so what is our first step in the plan now, and if necessary, I can have all of our Lu family combatants assist you.” Lu Beike came to Zhang Jiu’s side.

“Master Lu, I don’t want any assistance, I alone, will be enough.” Zhang Jiu said with a faint smile.

“But, can you really deal with so many sword slaves by yourself?”

“I don’t need to deal with so many saber slaves, I only need to deal with one person.” Zhang Jiu said.


“Wan He.” Zhang Jiu said.

“This person, who is he?” Lu Beique thought about it but didn’t have an answer, in this world, powerful people knew themselves more or less, but, never heard of this name.

“It’s my disciple.”


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