At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 484

On the helicopter, Lu Cang, Zhang Jiu and the others, supporting Cai Wei, came down in a line.

“There’s no such thing as that Neo.” The black cloak said.

“He didn’t come back with Lu Cang.” Lu Nan also looked a little surprised, “But that woman, she should be Neo’s woman in Qingzhou, and since his woman has returned, it means he will still come back sooner or later.”

“She, she’s Neo’s woman?! Are you sure?” The black cloak’s voice, which had always been devoid of emotion, surprisingly seemed to have some fluctuations at this moment.

“That’s for sure.” Lu Nan’s voice was full of certainty, “That woman I haven’t seen before, isn’t from our Lu family, and it can’t be Lu Cang’s woman either, Lu Cang already has a Mei family fiancee, he’s a man who is very devoted to women, so it can only be Neo’s woman.”

“But you can’t be quite sure, can you?” The black cloak said.

“This, I’m only ninety percent sure, you have to say very sure, of course it’s impossible, but what does it matter, who cares who she is.” Lu Nan said indifferently.

“I want you to find out the identity of that woman immediately.” The black cloak said in an almost unquestionable tone.

“Figure out that woman’s identity?” Lu Nan was stunned, not understanding the black cloak’s meaning for a moment.

It was just a woman, why was this black cloak focusing on her? There were a lot of things to be concerned about now.

“Go now.” The black cloak didn’t pay any attention to Lu Nan’s question and once again increased its tone of voice.

“Okay, I’ll go I’ll go.” Lu Nan did not dare to say anything else, although he and the black cloak had a long hook-up, he did not know very much about the black cloak, only that it was a very mysterious and powerful person, although the black cloak did help him a lot, Lu Nan’s heart, for him, still had a great fear.

In the study of Sky Island.

Cai Wei had already been sent to the best guest room to rest, so apart from Lu Bei Ke, there were only two people in the study, Lu Cang and Zhang Jiu.

“Cang’er, where do you think, Neo’er is going?” Lu Beique froze for a moment, not seeming to understand for a moment.

“That, grandpa, it’s better to let third brother’s friend explain it to you, in fact, I don’t understand it very well.” Lu Cang said.

That’s right, Lu Cang certainly didn’t understand much about Neo’s plan, he only knew that third brother had a girlfriend he liked very much, and now he had gone to look for that girlfriend.

As for how to find her, Lu Cang was not sure, after all, like Lu Nan, his memory of the battle on Tiandao had become blurred.

“Young Master Lu is complimenting you, how am I qualified to be friends with the Young Master, I am only the Young Master’s subordinate.”

Zhang Jiu said and respectfully walked up and gave an arch towards Lu Beique, “Master Lu.”

The other party was the grandfather of his own young master, so Zhang Jiu naturally had a little more respect.

“It’s like this, the place the young master wants to go to is not our current world, but a different world.” Zhang Jiu frowned when he said this, he didn’t know if Lu Bei Ke could understand what he meant, after all, this was not really a simple thing to explain to someone who didn’t understand.

“You mean, go to a place like the Valley Continent?” Lu Beique said.

“Yes! That’s probably what it means, except that the world the young master wants to go to is farther and more complicated than the Continent of the Valley, and also much more difficult.” Zhang Jiu was a little surprised, he didn’t expect Lu Beique to know about the Continent of the Valley as well, but this was just right, he saved himself a lot of explaining.

Lu Beique was silent for a while, he didn’t say anything.

“That should be very dangerous. I hope that Neo’er is lucky.” Lu Beique said, his pale face seeming to have aged a few more years, that feeling of an old man hanging on to his junior and unable to do anything about it.

“It’s just that it’s just as dangerous to stay here, and in this world, there seems to be no safe place anymore.” Lu Beique said with emotion.

“Master Lu, don’t worry about this, the reason why the young master asked me to return to Heavenly Island with young Lu is to help the Lu family solve this crisis.” Zhang Jiu said.

“But, this time the trouble is really big, the other party has blown up so many important cities, so it is evident how strong they are, and since the other party dares to be so high profile, it means that they must have come prepared as well.” Lu Bei Ke said worriedly, “Now that the other party is making such a fuss, they are going against our Lu family, they must also be aware of our Lu family’s strength, under such circumstances, they still dare to clash with us, they must have a full grasp of dealing with us.”

“Haha, no matter what, Master Lu, don’t worry, I, Zhang Jiu, already have a plan to deal with it, and, it’s the very stable and steady kind.” Zhang Jiu smiled, a very confident smile.

Yes, he was indeed very confident, after all, what kind of person was Zhang Jiu?

“Then, if it can really be solved, I’m really thankful to Mr. Zhang.” Lu Bei Ke’s expression was a little more relaxed than before, but then he looked hesitant, “Only, Mr. Zhang, according to our Lu Family’s information department’s report, inside the other party’s team, there are some mysterious warriors wearing black clothes, using knives in their hands, their martial arts skills are very powerful, almost beyond human perception, they can kill dozens of people in a second, and such mysterious warriors There are many more, even our S-class combatants of the Lu Family are no match, I wonder if Mr. Zhang knows this, is it really easy to deal with these people?”

“Master Lu, these black mysterious warriors with swords have a very old name, saber slaves.” Zhang Jiu said, “There were once many of these people in this world, they were even very common, it was only later with the changes in society that they slowly became fewer, but that doesn’t mean they disappeared, the knife slaves have been passed down from generation to generation, they have their own set of training methods that are brutal and effective, and can bring the human body’s abilities to its fullest potential. But still, Master Lu, please rest assured, I know them all, and I can guarantee that I will deal with them, easily and effortlessly.”

“Ah ……”

Lu Beique let out a soft breath.

It seemed that Zhang Jiu did know the other party like the back of his hand, and under the fact that he knew them like the back of his hand, he was still so confident, so it seemed that he should really have a solution.

Thinking of this, his face also relaxed a lot.

“Knock, knock ……” Just at this time, there was a sudden knock on the study door.

“Who is it?”

“Grandpa, it’s me, I’m Lu Nan ……” answered the door.

Half an hour later.

In Lu Nan’s room.

“Who is that woman, did you find out clearly?”

As soon as Lu Nan entered the door, the black cloak immediately asked a question.

“I took the opportunity to go to grandfather to discuss these things that happened this time, met Lu Cang, and snooped around to find out.” Lu Nan nodded and said, “Although that woman is not Neo’s girlfriend, apparently, she also has some kind of ambiguous relationship with Neo, and it was Neo who entrusted Lu Cang to take care of her, so I guess their relationship is not ordinary. Oh, I had thought that Neo was also a devoted person, I remember that he had a girlfriend, but I didn’t expect that he would change his mind so quickly.”

“He is also considered a devoted person? Oh, I’m the one ……,” the black cloak said, and then suddenly stopped, as if he felt he had lost his tongue a little.

“I’m going out for a moment.” He went on again.

Without waiting for any reaction from Lu Nan, he had already left the room in an instant.

In the garden, all sorts of colourful flowers competed with each other, and tall trees shaded the clear sunlight on the sky island, spilling a cool shade of trees.

Streams of water murmur and meander along the rockery and ponds.

If you want to talk about the most beautiful places in the world, the garden on Sky Island is definitely one of them.

Caiwei was sitting on a log, looking at all this around her, it was so beautiful.

Her right arm had been carefully treated by Zhang Jiu, and now she was wearing a light top with sleeves that completely covered her right arm, so at least from the outside, it was impossible to tell that it was a ruined arm.

Caiwei’s gaze could not help but return to her own arm.

Somehow, when she looked at this arm, she didn’t feel sad, nor did she feel sad, nor did she even feel sorry.

She even felt a sense of peace.

It was as if this arm should have been destroyed, as if it was a good thing to be destroyed.

It was like the feeling she had when she had suddenly disfigured herself a few years before.

No girl cares about her face, but at that time she didn’t feel very sad, and she also felt at peace.

Caiwei also wondered how she could be like that.

But, that was it.

Just then, she suddenly heard a noise in the bushes behind her.

Looking back, a man, shrouded in a black cloak, was walking towards her.


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