At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 483

“Before, although I was always convinced that there wasn’t just our world, and according to my theory, I could prove the existence of multiple worlds, I couldn’t get past them even if I could prove their existence, because there was no information. It’s like one can be convinced that there must be many people in the world with whom one can fall in love, but we don’t know where those people are, so we can’t find them.”

“But now with this coordinate, I know the location of that world and I can find it!” An Yuying’s face showed an indescribable gratitude as she spoke, “I really have to thank the energy fluctuations of Tanghua Street, it’s like a beacon of light, pointing us towards that world.”

Speaking here, An Yuying’s face again showed an expression of indefinable awe, “Perhaps, this is God guiding us, perhaps, the end of science is really God.”

“It’s not God’s guidance, and it’s not God.” Neo looked at the complex coordinates on the screen and suddenly muttered.

The scientific terms that An Yuying had said earlier, Neo had heard in a way that he could not seem to understand, but the coordinates that led to that world at the end, the energy fluctuations of that scout street, he understood.

“It’s her.”

Neo remained dumbfounded as he looked at the screen, and for a moment, he felt he saw that glimpse of stubbornness and brightness in that complex equation.

It’s her, it’s her guiding me.

Neo finally understood where the spatial energy had come from. The spatial energy on Tanghua Street two hours ago was not the same time when Cai Wei had been burned.

That energy that was supposed to happen to Zhou Yun, because of the vow Cai Wei made ten thousand years ago, crossed from that world of Zhou Yun, to his own side of the world.

It was all as if it was destined to happen.

Yes, it was fated that one would find her.

“The coordinates are there, so we should be able to transmit it over, right?” Neo pulled back his thoughts.

“Well, that’s what the words say, yes.” An Yuying’s excited mood had also calmed down a lot, but her face still couldn’t help but fluctuate a little from time to time, “The equipment for transmission, I have long designed and manufactured, only that the most important thing now is not the transmission equipment, but the energy needed when transmitting.”

“The energy required for space transmission is enormous, especially at that instant of transmission, which is roughly one millionth of a millisecond, the demand for energy is extreme, from the current technology, the most convenient and realistic source of this energy is electrical energy, only that there is no power plant on Earth that can meet this requirement. ”

An Yuying continued, “So, in fact, the main purpose of the thirsty investment, is to be used to build a super power plant to service the transmission equipment.”


Hearing this, Neo’s heart, again, lifted.

“To build a power plant like that, how long would that take?”

“From design to construction to putting it into use, I think it would take five years at the earliest. Lu Shao, this is my most conservative estimate, I know you want to see the results early, but you should know that this super power plant is unprecedented and will cover a very large area, the initial estimate is that it will be about the size of a first tier city, so ……”

An Yuying did not say anything further, she saw the disappointed look on Neo’s face and was very sad in her heart.

Five years ……

Neo’s heart, fiercely sank.

Really wait another five years, perhaps, everything has changed.

Sky Island.

In the room, Lu Nan was sitting comfortably by the window, holding a glass of top quality Martenet red wine in his hand, sipping it nourishingly, while his gaze was set on the window.

This was the building closest to the coast on Sky Island.

“If Grandpa doesn’t come out again, these people are probably going crazy with anxiety.” Lu Nan said leisurely.

Although those people outside the window were going crazy with anxiety, he looked very relaxed.

Yes, at this moment, the sky island was packed with people.

Moreover, there were new helicopters constantly flying towards Sky Island.

Under the clear blue sky, all kinds of helicopters, as if they were a large flock of dragonflies of different colours, hovered and flew.

The beach outside the gates of Sky Island, on the other hand, was crowded with people wearing all kinds of expensive clothing.

The price of even each button on these people would have startled ordinary people, but at this moment, they were sitting on the ground without a care in the world, like a civilian worker who had just gotten off work from a construction site and didn’t care that they would get their clothes dirty.

“I don’t think your grandfather can actually do anything about it, which is why he avoids it.” Across from Lu Nan, a voice said, a voice that sounded particularly strange, neither male nor female, in short, it just made people’s hearts feel a bit hairy when they heard it.

“How do you know?” Lu Nan said as she turned her head and looked across the room.

Unlike the high and mighty expression he had when he looked out the window, Lu Nan’s attitude seemed much more respectful when he looked across the table.

“After all, your grandfather is their only hope, if they see that your grandfather can’t even do anything, then wouldn’t they immediately collapse? That’s why your grandfather has been dragging his feet.”

The other side said, and then said in a somewhat meaningful way, “So, this is the best opportunity for you to behave.”

“You’re saying that at this time, let me save the family?” Lu Nan’s voice rose abruptly with excitement, “If I achieve this great feat, then I will have great hopes for the family’s successor in the future!”

Speaking of this, Lu Nan looked across the table with even more eagerness, “You, will you help me?”

“Why wouldn’t you?” The opposite side said, “Don’t forget, I’ve been helping you before.”

“That’s right, it’s just a pity that with that incident with Jung Hyun Ah, too many unexpected changes happened afterwards, otherwise ……” Lu Nan looked a little regretful on his face as he said this.

Then, he waved his hand, “Not to talk about that, but this time is different from before, this time I heard that things are particularly big, and the opposite side seems to be really not small.”

“They’ve only bombed a few hundred cities and hired a group of saber slaves, so with your Lu family’s strength alone, it’s naturally a bit overwhelming, but if you add my help, there’s nothing to worry about.”

“Only, I’m worried about one more person.” After thinking about it, Lu Nan added.


“Neo.” When Neo’s name came out of Lu Nan’s mouth, Lu Nan only felt that he couldn’t help but tremble a little bit.

“Lu …… Neo ……” The opposite party also seemed to be disturbed by something for a moment, as he repeated Neo’s name, his tone seeming a little strange.

“That’s right, it’s Neo, I originally thought he was just a useless piece of shit, but everything that happened that day on Sky Island, although it feels vague when I think about it now, but in my memory, the Neo of that day was simply not human!” When Lu Nan said this, his expression couldn’t help but be a little more shocked.

Yes, that battle on Heavenly Island, although not too far away, many people who were there at that time no longer had clear memories, leaving only dream-like vague memories.

It was only because the energy released from that battle at that time was simply too powerful, interfering with many people’s memories.

Of course, the memories of Zhang Jiu, the Sword Immortal and the others who were present at that time were naturally very clear.

But although Lu Nan’s memory was not very clear, that inhuman performance of Neo had always left a deep trace in his heart.

“With Neo’s ability, he will definitely be able to save our family, and there will be nothing left for me.” Lu Nan’s gaze dimmed as he said this, only deep in his gaze, there was an added hatred.

A hatred that was hopeless.

“That battle on Sky Island?” The other side seemed to be slowly reminiscing, “I remember everything that happened on that day very clearly, that day was by far, the happiest day I’ve ever had ……”

Speaking of which. The other side of the conversation turned, “There’s another one of your Lu family back.”

“It’s Lu Cang’s helicopter, he’s back from Qingzhou!” Lu Nan looked back out the window again, a very large green and blue helicopter was slowly landing on the lawn outside Sky Island.

He knew that helicopter, it was Lu Cang’s ride.

“Neo and Lu Cang are both in Qingzhou, they should be back together.” When the name Neo was said, a few moments of awe surfaced once again in Lu Nan.

“Lu …… Neo ……”

The man across the table suddenly got up from his seat and went straight to the window, as if staring straight at the helicopter.

Of course no one could see his gaze, he was dressed in a wide black cloak that covered him completely, not to mention his gaze, not even a bit of his physical appearance could be seen.

In a way, one could even say that his gender was not even visible.


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